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					Standard                    Knowledge                   Reasoning                   Performance Skill   Product

1.Standard: Demonstrate     Recognize pronouns:         Demonstrate command of      Demonstrate
command of the               Pronoun case:              the                         command of the
conventions of standard     subjective,                 conventions of standard     conventions of
English grammar and usage   objective, possessive       English                     standard English
when writing or speaking.    Intensive pronouns         grammar and usage when      grammar and
                            (myself                     writing                     usage when
                            and ourselves)              I can use appropriate       speaking
                             vague pronouns             grammar and usage           I can correctly
                             shifts in pronoun number   when writing.               use grammar and
                            and person                  Correct shifts in pronoun   usage when
                            I can recognize             number                      speaking.
                            pronouns.                   and person
                                                        I can find and correct      Place pronouns in
                            Recognize variations from   changes in pronoun          the proper case
                            standard English            number/person.              I can place
                            I can recognize irregular                               pronouns in the
                            words/phrases or rules      Correct vague pronouns      proper case.
                            in standard English.        Improve expression in       Use intensive
                                                        language                    pronouns
                            Identify strategies to      using strategies            I can use
                            improve                     I can correct confusing     intensive
                            expression in language      pronouns to clarify my      pronouns.
                            I can identify strategies   language.
                            to improve expression in                                Use correct
                            language.                                               pronoun number
                                                                                    I can use correct
                                                          pronoun number
                                                          and person.
                                                          Use correct vague
                                                          variations from
                                                          English in their
                                                          own and others’
                                                          I can use correct
                                                          pronouns and
                                                          Use strategies to
                                                          expression in
                                                          I can use
                                                          language to
                                                          improve my

2.Demonstrate command of      Apply correct
the conventions of standard   capitalization,
English capitalization,       punctuation, and spelling
punctuation, and spelling     when
when writing.   writing
                I can use correct
                punctuation, and
                spelling when writing.

                Know punctuation rules
                I know punctuation rules
                for commas,
                parentheses, and

                Use commas to set off
                I can use commas to set
                off clauses that could be
                used in parentheses.
                Use parentheses to
                set off
                I can use commas to set
                off clauses that are not
                essential to the
                               Use dashes to set off
                               I can use dashes to set
                               off elements that are not
                               essential to the clause.

                               Recall and apply spelling
                               I can remember and use
                               spelling rules.

                               Identify and correct
                               I can identify and correct
                               misspelled words.

3.Use knowledge of             Recognize conventions of       Apply knowledge of       Use:
language and its               language for:                  language when             knowledge of
conventions when writing,       writing                         writing                language when
speaking, reading, or           speaking                        reading                speaking
listening.                      reading                         listening               knowledge of
a. Vary sentence patterns       listening                     I can apply language     language
for meaning, reader/listener   I can recognize the rules      when reading, writing,   conventions when
interest, and style.           of language for writing,       and listening.           speaking
b. Maintain consistency in     speaking, reading, and         Apply knowledge of       I can use
style and tone.                listening.                     language                 knowledge of
                                                              conventions when:        language and
                             Recognize:                   writing                    language rules
                             various sentence patterns    reading                    when speaking.
                             style                        listening                  Vary sentence
                             tone                        I can use language rules    patterns for:
                                                         when writing, reading,       meaning
                             I can recognize sentence    and listening.               listener interest
                             patterns, style, and the                                 style
                             author’s attitude toward    Determine when to vary      while speaking
                             a piece.                    sentence                    I can vary
                                                         patterns for:               sentences for
                                                          meaning                    meaning, listener
                                                          reader/listener interest   interest, and style
                                                         I can use different kinds   while speaking.
                                                         of sentence patterns for    Maintain
                                                         meaning, and                consistency in
                                                         reader/listener interest.   style and
                                                         Maintain consistency in     tone while
                                                         style and                   speaking
                                                         tone when writing           I can maintain
                                                         I can use the same style    consistency in
                                                         and attitude toward a       style and attitude
                                                         piece of writing            while speaking.
                                                         throughout the whole

4.Determine or clarify the Identify:                     Determine or clarify the
meaning of unknown and      common context clues         meaning of an
multiple-meaning words and in text                       unknown or multiple
phrases based on grade 6   (e.g., overall meaning of     meaning word by:
reading and content,       sentence or paragraph, a      using context as a clue
choosing flexibility from a   word’s position in a           to the
range of strategies.          sentence, a word’s             overall meaning of a
                              function                       word or
                              in a sentence)                 phrase
                              I can identify context clues    using Greek and Latin
                              in text.                       affixes
                               Greek affixes and roots       and roots as clues to the
                               Latin affixes and roots       meaning of a word
                              I can identify Greek and       I can use context clues to
                              Latin root words and           find the meaning of a
                              prefixes/suffixes              word using Greek and
                              Recognize and use              Latin root words and
                              pronunciation                  prefixes/suffixes.
                              I can recognize and use        Verify preliminary
                              pronunciation symbols.         determination of the
                                                             meaning of a word or
                              Use common reference           phrase by
                              materials                      checking inferred
                              (e.g., dictionary,             meaning in context
                              glossary,                      or a dictionary
                              thesaurus) to find the         I can use the definition of
                              meaning of a                   a word by checking the
                              word                           dictionary definition.
                              I can use reference books
                              to find the meaning of a       Choose flexibly from a
                              word.                          range of
                              Consult print and digital      vocabulary strategies to
                              reference                      determine or
                              materials to:                  clarify the meaning of an
                               find the pronunciation        unknown
                               of a                            word or phrase
                               word                            I can use my vocabulary
                                clarify a word’s precise       strategies to determine
                               meaning                         the meaning of an
                                determine a word’s part        unknown word or phrase.
                               I can consult print and
                               reference materials to find
                               the pronunciation of a word,
                               find the word’s meaning, or
                               the part of speech.

5.Standard:DEMONSTRATE           Identify different types of     Analyze text to locate
     UNDERSTANDING OF             figures of speech (e.g.       figures of speech (e.g.
 FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE,                 personification)            personification) and
   WORD RELATIONSHIP,                                            interpret meanings in
  AND NUANCES IN WORD           I can identify different                context
          MEANINGS                 types of figures of
  a.      Interpret figures of           speech                     I can locate and
speech(e.g., personification)                                     interpret figures of
           in context          Know the different types of       speech used in text
 b.      Use the relationship    word relationships (e.g.       Analyze the relationship
  between particular words      cause/effect, part/whole,      between particular words
      (e.g., cause/effect,           item/category).               (e.g. cause/effect,
 part/whole, item/category)                                    part/whole, item/category)
to better understand each of      I know the different                  for clarity
           the words.                types of word
Distinguish among the            relationships(such as              I can explain the
connotations                          cause/effect,             different types of word
                                     partial/whole).            relationships(such as
(associations) of words           Define the terms                cause/effect,
with similar denotations          denotations and                partial/whole).
(definitions) (e.g., stingy,    connotations of words        Distinguish among the
scrimping, economical,                                       connotations of words
unwasteful, thrifty).              I can define the          with similar denotations
                                   denotations and           (e.g. stingy, scrimping,
                                   connotations of          economical, unwasteful,
                               words.                       thrifty)

                                                             I can choose the most
                                                            appropriate words from
                                                              a list of synonyms to
                                                                 convey the best

6.Acquire and use              Identify general             Make meaning and use
accurately grade-              academic and                 accurately
appropriate general            domain specific words        words and phrases
academic and domain-           and                          important to
specific words and phrases;    phrases that are grade       the comprehension of
gather vocabulary              appropriate                  academic
knowledge when                 I can identify special       and domain-specific
considering a word or          vocabulary and phrases       words
phrase important to            that are grade appropriate   I can use accurate words
comprehension or               Gather vocabulary            and phrases important to
expression.                    knowledge                    understanding academic
                               when considering words       and domain-specific
                               and                          words.
                               phrases important to         Apply and use
                               comprehension or             knowledge of
expression                vocabulary w hen
I can have vocabulary     considering
knowledge when studying   words and phrases
words and phrases         important to
important to              comprehension of
comprehension or          expression
expression.               I can apply and use
                          vocabulary knowledge
                          when looking at words
                          and phrases important to
                          understanding expression.
                          Select appropriate
                          resources to aid
                          in gathering vocabulary
                          I can use appropriate
                          resources to gain
                          vocabulary knowledge.

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