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LA SALLE COLLEGE by cuiliqing


									                                LA SALLE COLLEGE
                                    FORM 5 RS
UNIT VI: Jesus' Passion
Topic: (i) Crucifixion and Death                  (j) Burial
     Mk 15:16-47            Ref: ERS p.156 ED RS CSM p.69
I.       Teaching Aids and Activities suggested:
      (a) Video: Jesus of Nazareth (b) VCD: Jesus
      (c) Teachers may discuss the reactions of different people to the crucifixion:
          The women, the Jewish leaders and the soldiers, the Roman centurion, Joseph
          of Arimathea, the apostles.
II.     Notes/Study Guide:
        1. Crucifixion and Death: ERS p.156
           (i) Crucifixion was a common Roman form of execution. It was a cruel
                form of punishment as death usually occurred through slow suffocation,
                in agony.
           (ii) Jesus’ crucifixion fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and revealed
                God’s forgiveness of the sin of humankind.
           (iii) Jesus’ death on the Cross revealed his willingness to bear the extreme
                 suffering and God’s love to forgive humankind.
            (iv) Compare the reaction of different people to the crucifixion:
                 (a) the soldiers: mocked Jesus
                 (b) Simon of Cyrene: helped Jesus
                 (c) The two bandits: insulted Jesus (one insulted Jesus, one adored
                     him)(different gospels).
                 (d) The priests and scribes: jeered at Jesus’ lack of power.
                (e) The bystanders: some Jews insulted Jesus; an army officer admitted
                    Jesus being the Son of God; some women looked on from a far
         2. Burial: ERS p.160
             (i) Jesus’ burial proved that he had really died.
             (ii) Joseph of Arimathea risked to ask for the body of Jesus. He was a
                  member of the Sanhedrin Council. He wanted to observe Jewish law.
             (iii) Only the army officer’s report did Pilate give permission to Joseph to
                   take the body of Jesus.
              (iv) The women noted the place of burial.
III. Exercises: ERS p156 Questions 6.12 Q1 p.156 Questions 6.14 Q3
IV: Past Papers: 1997 Q5

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