Death_ Grave and Life after Death by cuiliqing


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Chapter 11

                                Death, Grave and Life after Death

     1) What is death?


Death is that the age of every person is limited and fixed. When the duration completes the
angels come and take out the soul of the person.

     2) What does a person see near his death?


A person views many angels on his right and left side. The good Muslim views the angels of
mercy whilst the bad person views the angel of DOOM. The angels of mercy take the life of
the good person very carefully and with respect. The angels of DOOM take the life of the bad
person with disgrace and pain.

     3) Where does the soul of a Muslim human live?


There are many places where a soul lives. These places are according to the rank of the
person. Some souls live in the grave in earth, some souls live in the 1st sky to the 7th sky.
Some souls of very pious people live in paradise above the seventh sky.

     4) Where does the soul of an unbeliever live?


The Souls of the Unbeliever live under the Earth.

     5) Is there any connection between the soul and body after death?


Yes, the connection between the soul and the body does not finish after death. The troubles
and doom of the body the souls also feel.

     6) Is the soul finished like the body?


The soul is not destructible and it will live a life again. Death is the separation of the Soul
from the Body. Death of the body is not the death of the soul.

     7) What does not destruct after death?


The function of the soul is to see, to hear and to understand, to COME, to GO, Everything
remains. These forces increase after death. They are approved by hadith.
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Chapter 11

     8) What means by Grave?


The meaning of grave is not particular and the people which live after their death in the grave.
Every dead body cannot get a particular place. E.G:

      Some people are eaten by animals their grave is in the body of the animal.

     9) Who are the Munkar and Nakeer?


Munkar and Nakeer are those 2 angels who ask questions in the Grave.

     10) What are the Questions?


The questions that the angels ask are the following:

      Man Rabuka                   Who is Your LORD?

      Ma Deenuka                    What is your RELIGION?

      Ma Kun Ta Kulu Fe Hazal Rajul                    What have you been saying about this
       Holy Person?

     11) What is the reply of a Muslim to these Questions?


The Muslim in the Grave would reply:

      Rabey Allah (SWT)                    My LORD Is ALLAH (SWT)

      Deen Yil Islaam                        My RELIGION is Islaam.

      Huwa Rasulullah (PBUH)                          He is the Messenger of ALLAH (SWT)

     12) If the dead body is not buried where will the questions be asked?


The dead person can be asked questions wherever the body may be situated. He will be
rewarded or punished wherever he is situated. If a wild animal eats a person, he will be
questioned in the stomach of this animal.

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Chapter 11

     13) What do angels say after listening to the answer of the dead people?


When angels know that this person has given the correct answers, they say to him/her “That
you will these answers” and a voice comes from above and is heard by the angels. The voice
says “OPEN THE DOOR OF PARADISE FOR MY SLAVE”. The person then feels the cool
breeze of Paradise. Then the angels say: “SLEEP LIKE A BRIDE”.

     14) What reaction do the angels show to the Unbelievers and Hypocrites?


The Unbeliever will answers the questions completely wrong he will say,
“I do not know my LORD, my religion, and I know nothing about this prophet”
Then the angels will hear a voice saying he is a liar and they will dress this bad person with
FIRE and open the door of hell.

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