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									You are writing an expository essay today in reading class! You may choose to
write either a cause/effect paper or a problem/solution paper. You may use one
of the sample topics we brainstormed yesterday, or another topic of your own

Cause and Effect – tells what happened and why. Problem and Solution - tells
what happened and what can be done about it.

Possible Topics:

Government, terrorism, prejudice, bullying, injustice, hate, abuse, pollution,
global warming, natural disasters, natural resources, weather, climate, drugs,
smoking, fighting, rumors, wars, accidents, breaking laws, trouble, sports,
exercise, peer pressure, jobs, religion, grades, school, homelessness, poverty,
hunger, pollution, relationships, death, self-esteem, self-confidence, immigration,
fear, etc.

A good essay should have:

      Minimum of 5 paragraphs
      At least 3 supporting details/ideas/examples
      A clearly defined problem and solution, or cause and effect
      Central topic
      Logical order
      Correct grammar and mechanics
      Signal words (minimum of three)
      Smiley face tricks
      A strong voice – watch your word choices!

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