Endur ID Launches New Adult Patient ID Band Product

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					             Endur ID Launches New Adult Patient ID Band Product

Endur ID, one the leading organizations when it comes to hospital patient safety and identification
technology announces a new patient ID band aimed at hospitals, jails or any organization that requires
patient id’s bracelets to be distributed. The new XSA-1-LA and WSA-1-LA adult band is .75” wide with a
double adhesive flap closure leaving this patient ID band virtually indestructible. Each one of Endur ID
patient safety bands has been constructed due to industry and client demands.

Product details:
    ●   Same wristband design as previous Endur ID ID band design SA-1-LA
    ●   Larger format base sheets to expand the models of laser printers
    ●   Patient face printed directly on ID band
    ●   Aesthetically pleasing user design for complete patient comfort
    ●   Ability to print on almost all printers brands & styles
Patient ID Band Durability
Endur ID research & development puts all patient ID bands through rigours product testing including
abuse, showers, bathing, chemical and natural environmental abuse that typically occurs in any hospital
type setting.

For more information please call (978) 686-9700, email info@endurid.com or visit

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Description: Endur ID, one the companies on the forefront of hospital patient safety announces a new surgical site patient band to ensure 100% safety when in the operating room. This is a brand new product developed by Endur ID that has been created to complement their already stellar line-up of color coded surgical hospital ID bands. This ID band has been specifically designed for surgical site marking along with an area for surgeons to write and leave notes detailing the upcoming surgery.