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					                           Lynn Creek Hills HOA
                  Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
                                  September 20, 2010
                                   Grand Prairie TX

Call to Order
The Meeting of the Board of Directors was held on June 28, 2010 at 6:30 p.m., and at
3012 Hideaway, Lynn Creek Hills community.
The President called the meeting to order at 6:42 p.m.

Calling of the Roll
A quorum of Board of Directors was established.

There were present the following Board Members:
       Gary Schmit
       Delano Naylor
       Travis Halfmann

There were absent the following Board Members:

There were present the following Management Representatives:
       Nancy Wright, Association Manager

There were present the following material attendees:

Manager’s Report
   Monthly financial statement was emailed to the board members on September 20,
     2010, 2:30pm.
   2 collection accounts were closed
   New violations were discussed

Old Business
   A. Fountain - Repairs made to underground lines, but the ground continues to stay
      wet. Consensus by the group to have lead detection performed for an
      approximate cost of $300.
   B. DR Horton meeting – Gary and Delano met with Don Allen from DR Horton on
      Tuesday, September 14th.
   C. Foreclosure List – Discussed in detail. Nancy will provide account history for the
      9 properties on the referred for foreclosure list. It was discussed that the board
      may need to adopt a policy and criteria pertaining to when an account should be
      moved to the foreclosure list.
   D. Red Rock Access – Red Rock has given all board members access to the web and
      an email from should have been received by each member
      with details. Delano and Travis reported they did not receive the email. Nancy
      will ask Red Rock to resend the email to them.

New Business
  A. Future plans w/DR Horton – DR Horton is open to two options; 1) LCH
     purchasing two lots from them or 2) LCH purchasing one lot and trading the
     existing HOA Phase II lot for a second lot adjacent to the one that would be
  B. Review of Resident Survey – LCH homeowner satisfaction survey was reviewed
     and a few comments were made on modifications to the questions. Gary will
     update the survey.
  C. Resident Survey distribution plan – Discussion of how to distribute survey for the
     greatest response rate. Nancy will provide report with the amount of homeowners
     with phone numbers in the connect database to determine if a mass dial-out
     should be performed. A meeting at the middle school is being considered to
     receive feedback and create action teams to knock on doors and poll the residents.
  D. Review of comparable HOA sites – Nancy will get information on sites of
     comparable communities and provide to the board. Gary provided a slideshow
     showing other sites around the area with recreation areas.
  E. Budget Planning – Gary said the committees request $3000 for their annual
     budget in 2011. He will supply the details for the distribution of the funds to
     Nancy and the board.
  F. Future Newsletters - Nancy to provide date for next letter date

Next Board Meeting
Monday, October 25, 2010 at 3028 Hideaway

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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