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					QIC Car PC • High Performance Compact PC for Mobile Vehicle Testing

                                                                          •   Robust
                                                                          •   Flexible
                                                                          •   Reliable

                                                                      Wireless data communication: The new
                                                                      Datalogger of the QIC Family

                                                                      The intelligent Datalogger of the QIC family, the
                                                                      QIC Car PC is capable of recording multiple
                                                                      CANbus and LIN signals and is also the ideal
                                                                      complement to the QIC range of measurement and
                                                                      signal processing modules.
                                                                      Completely in touch: Data communication can take
   High performance Windows® measuring computer for mobile testing
                                                                      place wirelessly via WLAN or by mobile radio using
                                                                      GSM (GPRS).

A new era of mobile PC measuring computers                           Desktop" connection of another PC or laptop with
has begun: The QIC Car PC                                            Windows® XP – to utilize the power of the latest
                                                                     network technologies.
The QIC Car PC is a measuring computer conceived for
in-vehicle testing programs. It is based on the Intel®
Pentium®M processor and offers in its durable
automotive housing the ideal platform for mobile data
acquisition and measurement tasks requiring a high
number of channels. The operating system, Windows®
XP Embedded, is loaded into non-volatile flash memory
to remove the potential shock damage that could occur
to a hard disk drive. Main memory is 512MB or 1GB of
fast DDR RAM. The configuration ensures a wide
range of industry standard software packages can be
used problem free.

Measurement data is stored on a front panel removable
CF Compact Flash® card. CF memory cards are at
present available with capacities up to 8GB giving                   For the on-line collection, display and processing of
sufficient data storage for most long-term investigations.           signals the QIC Car PC offers up to 4 independent
If additional measurement data storage is needed for an              CAN bus interfaces and optionally transceivers for the
application, external removable mass storage devices                 LIN bus. Additional interfaces for data and control
                                     may be attached via             can be used such as USB, Ethernet, RS-232 as well as
                                     the USB ports and               WLAN. Mobile network linking to the control center
                                     later removed and               can be created over the Internet optionally via GSM
                                     the data processed              (GPRS) - so remote access, status and control is easily
                                     off-line.                       realized.

                                 An external video
                                 touchscreen display                 Full diagnostic features are available. The QIC Car PC
                                 and keyboard may                    supports the ETAS INCA environment. Vector and
                                 be connected if                     dSPACE support are also optionally available.
required, however the QIC Car PC can be accessed and
configured wirelessly over WLAN using the "Shared
An option available for the CAESAR µEdition software                travel distance can be simultaneously represented,
range, allows signals from digital video cameras and                based on the available GPS data, on suitable digital map
GPS receivers to be acquired in parallel with the                   material as used on navigation equipment. A symbol,
collection of other measurement data.                               for example an arrow, can mark the current position and
                                                                    heading. If required further information other than the
Ideally, standard commercial video cameras with a                   current position, such as the data from any measured
FireWire interface are used. µLab can simultaneously                channels, can be indicated on the map.
display the video data on-line, during the data
acquisition, along with diagrams, plots and other data              With the QIC Car PC reliable, flexible and durable
objects. In the off-line mode videos, measured data and             measurement data processing during field testing is no
GPS co-ordinates are synchronized and can be replayed               longer a problem. With an operating temperature range
with user selectable speed. Rendering of the video                  from -40°C to +85°C and a supply voltage range from
during browsing is controlled via a cursor in the                   +5V to +36V the QIC Car PC is prepared for the most
measurement graphs: the software automatically points               demanding mobile data acquisition tasks.
to the respective time, matching the fixed image. The

                                          QIC Car PC – Technical Data
Vehicle adapted Windows® Compact PC with integrated CAN hardware for use as a mobile measuring computer

•   Technology: 3.5“ CPU with Intel® Pentium® M 1.6 MHz Processor
•   Operating system: Windows® XP Embedded (Windows® 2000 and others on request)
•   Main memory (DDR RAM): 512 MB (optional to 1024 MB)
•   Data storage: Exchangeable CF (CompactFlash ) memory card with 2 GB storage capacity
                (expandable to 8 GB), plus support for removable media devices
•   Interfaces (Standard):
    -   2 x CAN HS/HS (freely configurable, D-Sub 9-pole galvanic isolation)
    -   2 x USB 2.0 (Host)
    -   1 x Ethernet LAN (10/100 BaseT)
    -   1 x RS-232 COM (9-Pole Sub-D)
    -   1 x PS/2 (Keyboard, Mouse)
    -   1 x VGA (Monitor, 1600 x 1400 resolution)
    -   1 x External Trigger input (TTL, Terminal 15)
    Expansion Interfaces (optional) from:
    -   4 x CAN LIN, MOST, FlexRay (freely configurable, D-Sub 9-pole galvanic isolation)
    -   6 x USB 2.0 (Host)
    -   1 x WLAN by radio data transmission at 11 MBit/s
    -   1 x GSM / GPRS by radio data transmission over mobile phone network
    -   1 x GPS (NMEA 0183 Data format)
    -   1 x FireWire (IEEE 1394)
•   Power supply: 5 to 36 V DC
•   Power input: 14 W (no load), 26 W (typical)
•   Power Standby: 10 mA
•   Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
•   Dimensions: 160 mm x 55 mm x 170 mm
•   Weight: Approx. 600 g
•   Protection: Robust cast aluminum housing (IP 54)
•   Features:
    -   Supports all usual standard measurement software (MLab, MGraph, Xtm, DIAdem, ETAS INCA, CARdiag, LabView)
    -   Operates by remote control over Shared Desktop under Windows® XP
    -   Supports removable media (CD-ROM, HDD, USB-memory stick, etc.) over Standard USB 2.0 (Host)
    -   Modes of operation manual power-on/terminal 15
    -   “Wake-up over CAN” (4-channel version only)
    -   Status indication LEDs

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Description: Car PC is a highly integrated automotive multimedia entertainment center, currently only in the BMW, Audi and other top model was equipped with a similar smart-car system, its main features include car Quanneng multimedia entertainment, the most clear and detailed GPS satellite navigation, information, and failure of professional automotive diagnostics, mobile office and industrial applications.