GPL Beatrix Butterfly Games for Kids

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					Beatrix Butterfly
Help Me Find
 My Garden
                         Word Jumble
                          Circle the items in the GPL Butterfly Garden.

                    B D X          O     L      G      R      A S         S   P
                    E U I          E     K      A      V      J M         Y   G
                    N A T          C     X      I      R      T A         E   B
                    C T S          T     Z      Y      U      F H         P   C
                    H WA           R     E      T      K      R O         E   D
                    T X A          E     U      R      J      L D         M   F
                    Y I R          E     O      I      F      E U         P   Q
                    S E H          S     U      B      B      L H         A   I
                    WT G           I     A      M      C      K I         V   S
                    P A V          N     J      H      S      E Y         E   B
                    A E T          V     F      L      O      WE          R   S
                    O B D          I     A      X      F      L D         S   L
                    Bench Flowers Pavers Trees Bushes Butterflies
                    Mulch Grass Beatrix

    GPL Butterfly

Description: These are giveaway items for the "Animal Odyssey: Marketing With Library Animals" workshop held on November 16, 2011 at the Indiana Library Federation (ILF) annual conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Workshop presenters were Janet E. Buckley, Head of Technical Services, Greenwood Public Library, Greenwood, Indiana; and William R. Buckley, Adult Services Reference Coordinator & Indiana Room Historian, Mooresville Public Library, Mooresville, Indiana.