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					June/July 2011                                           Houston Racquet Club


                               Men’s Championship Division   Women’s Championship Division
                                      Robert Collins                 Ria Gerger

                                    Men’s A Division              Women’s A Division
                                     Dave Stablein                  Jackie Busa

                                    Men’s B Division              Women’s B Division
                                     Brian Womac                   Denise Dunham

Club Singles
Champions                           Men’s C Division
                                     Blane Bauch
                                                                  Men’s Senior Division
                                                                      Ron Fisher

                               Welcome to all our new members. And, a big thanks to all
                               members. The word is out and HRC is the place to be.
                                                                                                               HRC Board
                               I hope everyone was able to attend our Open House. It was a great
                               opportunity to “show off” our Club and enjoy great food, beverages              of Directors
                               and camaraderie. The Club facilities have never looked better.                  2010-2011
                               We are in the “heart” of tennis season. We recently crowned all                Paul Peacock - President
                               our new Club Champions. Congratulations to all of them and look               Read Boles - VP & Finance
                               for their pictures in the Trophy Room. In addition, congratulations      Roni Atnipp - Dining & Entertainment
                               to everyone that is representing our Club at local, state and                          TJ Burns
                               national USTA tennis events. The calibre and depth of tennis at                    Meredith Cooley
     Paul Peacock              HRC is unbelievable and getting better every day.                            Lee Ann Coulter - Secretary
                                                                                                               Dan Crawford - Tennis
Your Board of Directors has been hard at work. There are many things happening at HRC. A                           Robert Derrick
recent discussion of your board included a discussion of why HRC is a Great Club. In summary:                   Dayna Erck - Fitness
                                                                                                                    Patty Harris
                                                                                                               Tim Jordan - Facilities
     • The HRC brand of family, tennis and recreation is strong.                                                   Ryan McCleary
     • HRC has proud members that are true “ambassadors” of the Club.                                            Jonathan Mefferd
     • HRC has great tradition that includes being the birthplace of the professional                              John Meredith
     women’s tennis tour.                                                                                        Leland Putterman
     • HRC’s member generational demographics (i.e. voting, junior, etc.) are recognized                     Steven Madden - Ex Officio
     and Club activities are tailored to accommodate.
     • HRC’s management and service teams are member focused.
     • HRC’s outstanding facilities are restricted for the enjoyment of all members and                     HRC Women’s
     their guests.
     • HRC’s board is elected to provide oversight and vision to senior management.
                                                                                                           Executive Board
I hope this summary resonates with each of you. It did with your Board of Directors.
                                                                                                              Jamie Alford - President
I am proud to be a member of HRC and I am very proud to be your President. Please feel                       Allison Groppe - Social VP
free to reach out to me, your Board Members or any member of Club management if you                          Heidi Hedrick - Tennis VP
have any questions.                                                                                          Leslie Brittain - Treasurer
                                                                                                             Vicki Locascio - Secretary
                                                                                                      Sue Bramlette/Cathy Lassetter NSWCCC
                                                                                                              Carolyn Keeble - Bridge
                                                                                                           Marcia Gsell - Parliamentarian

Quick & Savvy Tournament
                                                                                                      A special thank you to the law offices
                                                                                                     of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels,
                                                                                                       Agosto & Friend for their generous,
                                                                                                                 annual donation
                                                                                                           of the t-shirts for the Quick
                                                                                                               & Savvy Tournament.

                                                                                                      1. Quick & Savvy Tournament

 1                                                                                                    2. Quick & Savvy Tournament Winners
                                                                                                      Back Row: Ben Roberts, Danny
                                                                                                      Stephens, Jamie Parker, Mike
                                                                                                      Fadden, Mark Bragg, Brett Von Blon,
                                                                                                      Andy Johnston, Jacky Ralston and
                                                                                                      Bob Hogan. Front Row: Kim & Don
                                                                                                      Richards, Anthony Tarantino, Ron Latta,
                                                                                                     1 Fowler, Tim Jordan, Paul Schiebl,
                                                                                                      Allan Boss, Steve Riner, Nancy Woo,
                                                                                                      Veronica Von Blon, Darren Mast, Heidi
                                                                                                      Hedrick and Leland Putterman. In Front:
                                                                                                      Graydon Oliver

2 Raconteur
                                                                                 *0·V &RPPXQLTXH
                                  The dog days of summer…!

                                  What does that phrase really mean anyway? Well, you know me. I had to look it up. Here is what I found:
                                  1. The period between early July and early September, when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the
                                  northern hemisphere.
                                  2. A period of stagnation or inactivity

                                     Are you kidding me? Stagnation and inactivity is the last thing that comes to mind during summer at HRC. As our
                                     Club President Paul Peacock mentions in his article, HRC is the place to be and things have definitely gotten a lot
                                     busier lately. I guess it is back to the good old days. Before the economy collapsed in 2008, the Club was very
                                     active. Economic indicators are finally showing signs of stabilization, if not improvement, and Club usage reflects it.
                                     For example, Friday evenings we used to have about 80-100 members dine in the Grill. Now we have an average
   Thomas Preuml                     of 300+ on Friday evenings. The courts are full as well and so is the Fitness Center and the Pavilion. Could it be all
                                     the additional offerings at the Oasis Sonny talks about in his column? The Club is buzzing with activity and I hope you
are enjoying every bit of it. To all tennis players I say PLEASE take it easy. Thomas Cook is absolutely right on point when he says “plenty of water and
sunscreen”. By the way, that includes him as well, so please “let him have it” if you find him on the court without sunscreen or water.

Since it is the busy season I did want to remind everyone about some important Club rules:

     • Parents please watch your children. Not only for safety reasons, but also to ensure your fellow members may enjoy their time at the
     Club as well. Allowing screaming children to run barefoot through a packed Grill during dinner just cannot be tolerated. When we have to
     correct the situation, please be supportive and understand that these rules are your rules. Club staff has the responsibility, and is charged
     by the Board of Directors, to enforce them for the benefit of all members.
     • Please familiarize yourself with the Children’s Code of Conduct. Look for a printed version in this month’s billing statements and online
     at houstonracquetclub.com.
     • Follow all pool rules as safety is top priority. Therefore, lifeguards have final and absolute authority within the pool gates for the sole
     purpose of creating a safe environment. Pool rules are posted at both entry gates.
     • All members and guests must be signed in while at the pools, the fitness center or on the tennis courts.
     • Tennis Courts are for tennis only and proper attire must be worn.
     • No children are allowed in the Grill Bar. Slushies, etc. may be ordered at the Oasis or the Courtside Café.
     • No food or beverage items may be brought onto Club property with the exception of special occasion cakes.
     • HRC is a non smoking facility.

Please do your part to make “HRC - the place to be” for all involved. On behalf of Club staff and members who asked me to remind everyone about
the above…thank you!

Who’s who?
Please check out the group photograph of the current Board of Directors, posted at the entry to the Trophy Room.
Also posted are all senior staff members, at the stairs leading to the Club offices.

MEP Project (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Upgrades):
The Pro shop work is complete. New air conditioners and ductwork are in place. Brenda and the team are happy.
Thank you for your patience during the installation of the large roof top units. Due to the size of the crane, several areas of the parking lot had to be
closed. We also closed the Clubhouse, including the Kids Club, on two occasions for project work. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. The
project is scheduled for completion in August.

Facility Improvements:
Budgeting of capital improvement projects for the new fiscal year (starting July 1st) will be complete by the time you read this. Look for more details
coming soon. Any information necessary to be shared with you in advance of any project implementation will be arriving by mail and/or email.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or other items needing my attention, please contact me at 713.464.5902 or

Thank you for belonging to HRC. My team and I are proud to serve you. Just let us know how we can.

Have a great summer!

                                           “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability” - Sam Keen

                                                                                                                                     June/July 2011 3
Welcome To Our New Members

          His: Public Relations/                 His: Banker/VP – Comerica Bank               His: CEO – Artificial Lift Company
       Vice President – Golin Harris                 Her: Engineer/Exxon Mobil                    Hers: Marketing Director
  Her: Social Media Marketing/Director         Children: Hunter (3) & Kaelyn (7 mos)       Children: Guillaume (15) & Adrien (11)
              Child: Phillip (7)               Sponsors: Jon Mefferd & Peter Currie        Sponsors: Steve Riner & Mark Bragg
  Sponsors: Vinceanne Mandola-Green           Referrals: Greg Robbins & Chris Halaska
             & Meg Bissinger

                                                                                              MYRIAM & GLENN LEGGE
                                                     LISA SWALM FRANTZ                    His: Attorney/Partner – Legge, Farrow,
               ERIC BOSS                         Private Investor – LSF Foundation            Kimmitt, McGrath & Brown LLP
          Attorney – AJB -P.C.                  Children: Grace (18), Rachael (17),                Her: Attorney/Retired
  Sponsors: Allan Boss & Lenora Wright                      Caroline (15)                    Children: Colin (15) & Sarika (14)
                                            Sponsors: Kathy Ratterree & Cathy Lassetter    Sponsors: Kendall and Richard Rainer
                                                                                                   & Kim Herzog Bonner

            His: Senior Sourcing                  BRIJAL & ANKUR GANDHI
   Specialist – Weatherford International          His/Her: VP – GDesign LLC                  MELISSA & PAUL LUTHER
        Her: Marketing Manager/             Sponsors: Dominic Mandola & Jason Keyser      His: Attorney/Partner – Baker Botts LLP
            Verdande Technology                                                                      Child: Madeleine (9)
      Children: Emily (3) & Gracie (1)                                                            Sponsors: Gabriela Tormo
       Sponsors: Meador Wigington                                                                    & Hemmat Maguire
              & Jan Burroughs                                                                       Referral: Chip Cowell

                                                   LINDSEY & SCOTT GILLEY
                                                     His: Internal Consultant
                                                    – Friedkin Companies, Inc.
                                              Her: HR & Recruiting/Branch Manager
           TIBI & JEFF DEAN                    Sponsors: Jim Gilley & Jean Stinson                 ANDREW MARTIN
 His: Account Manager – Velocity IT Group                                                    President – Sentinel Enterprises/
         Her: Sales – Hotel Sorella                                                              Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Sponsors: Ginny Keyser & Dominic Mandola                                                     Sponsors: Sue and Bob Bramlette
                                                                                                    & Bootsie Le Feuvre
                                                                                                   Referral: Will de Jong

                                                  STACI & TAYLOR JOHNSON
                                             His: Account Manager – Accudata Systems
                                                      Her: Marketing – NYCB
          GINA & JEFF DRDA                          Children: Parker (5), Ally (2),
       His: Crude Oil Trade – Vitol                          Conner (1)
            Child: Tanner (3)               Sponsors: Heidi Hedrick & Bootsie Le Feuvre
 Sponsors: Henry Dixon & Chris Mahoney

4 Raconteur

       ISABEL & LUIS MENDEZ                            ANNE OWEN & HAL PONTEZ                           BARBARA & CLARK SMITH
His: VP/Business Development – AEI Energy                    Her: Investor – ADO CO               His: President/COO – Buckeye Partners, L.P.
             (AEI Services LLC)                        His: Engineer/President – HPI LLC              Children: Frances (20) & Rymer (10)
          Her: Wedding Planner                         Sponsors: Karen and Henry Dixon                   Sponsors: Dayna and Ted Erck
       Children: Valeria (8), Luis (6)                  & Martha and Andrew Kirkwood                            & T. Kemp Jones
 Sponsors: Jane Shavlan & Andrea Ferruzo                      Referral: Jane Mason
           Referral: Laura Fulton

                                                                                                     EMILY & MICHAEL SPERANDIO
                                                           KACEY & BRENT RILEY                       His: Real Estate Development – Avera
       ALISON & ALEX MOHR                             His: Sr. Geophysicist – Conoco Phillips                   Capital Partners
  His: M.D./Spine Surgeon – Advanced                Children: Caroline (3) & Charlotte (9 mos)               Her: Attorney – BG LLP
      Orthopedics & Sports Medicine                     Sponsors: Linda and Roy Arterbury               Children: Georgia (4), Grant (3),
  Children: Christopher (7) & Charlie (5)                        & Randy Roden                                  Joanna (3 mos)
  Sponsors: Samantha and Jon Lanclos                                                                Sponsors: Heather and Eric Chenoweth
         & Cherie and Joe Hoepfl                                                                             & Dayna and Ted Erck

                                                            KIM & ROB SELLERS
                                                       His: Director of Finance – Texican
       JENNY & DAVID MOORE                                                                            TIZIANA & ROBERTO VELASCO
                                                                  Natural Gas Co.
          His: Strategy Partner/                                                                       His: Dentist – Clear Choice Dental
                                                     Children: Lily (7), Robert (6) & Alice (2)
         Retired – Accenture PLC                                                                                Implant Centers
                                                       Sponsors: Jane and David Shavlan
Her: President/CEO PenParke Enterprises                                                               Children: Alejandro (7), Enrique (5),
                                                                 & Robert Blevins
   Children: Parker (3) & Penelope (1)                                                                             Daniella (3)
     Sponsors: Gena and David Rush,                                                                        Sponsors: Kathleen Wood
      Jenna Jackson & Tiffany Wong                                                                     & Veronica and Charles Peckham

                            “Hot Time, Summer In The City”
                        Join us at the New Member/Sponsor Celebration on July 21st by
                                 sponsoring or referring a new member between
                                  January 2011 and July 2011! Don’t miss out!
                                                                                                          TERESA & RICK WITTE
                      Grand Prize for sponsors only: Trip for 2 to the US Open including round        His: Attorney – Andrews Kurth LLP
                      trip airfare, 3 night stay at the New York Athletic Club and two tickets           Children: Josh (10), Zach (8),
                      to the Women’s Semi-                                                                    Jacob & Madison (4)
      Cathy           Finals. Great seats! Must                                                         Sponsors: Dayna and Ted Erck
    Lassetter         be present to win.                                                                      & Kimberly Burleson
     Membership       New Members & Sponsors
                                                                                                         WELCOME BACK TO
                      eligible for other drawings                                                     HEATHER & PAUL CAMFIELD!
                      including: 4 tickets to the
                      US Open, dinner by Chef
                      Bernard in your own home,
                      and more!

                                                                                                                          June/July 2011 5
Women’s Association Member/Guest Tournament

                                                                                             Summer Is Here

                                                                                                  Thomas Cook
                                                                                                   Tennis Director
                                                                                             Houston is one of the most difficult places to
                                                                                             play tennis due to the heat and humidity. We
                                                        A Power Hour                         all know that, but sometimes we neglect the
Tennis Events                                 1 hour clinic for A level players • 6:30 pm    simplest measures to make it more fun. Having
                                                                                             grown up playing junior tennis here in Texas, I
                                                         Tuesdays with Randy
                                                                                             have a few reminders for you and your children.
       Cardio Tennis Drill
    Monday & Thursday B Level & Above        Championship Power Hours                        • Drink water: Sports drinks are fine before
            6:30 pm - 7:30 pm                1 hour clinics for Championship level players   and after, but water is what you need while
Thursday A Level Ladies 9:15 am - 10:30 am      6:30 am Mondays with Otis • 6:00 pm          you play. There are several low-calorie sports
  Tuesdays B Level & Above Ladies Cardio                Wednesdays with Randy                drinks available now, so you might want to be
            9:15 am - 10:30 am                                                               aware of that.
        Thursday Advanced Beginners                                                          • Wear white: Light colored clothing is much
             10:00 - 11:45 am                     Summer Tennis Camp                         cooler. Help your children to select appropriate
 Friday B Level Ladies 9:15 am - 10:30 am                   Begins June 6                    colors.
 Saturday Co-Ed B Level & Above 10:00 am                                                     • Wear a hat: Again, white is preferable. Visors
                                             For more information and details on signing     do not protect your scalp from skin cancer.
The Price Is Right (Free) Drill                 up on any of the listed Tennis Events,       When feasible, a full brimmed hat protects your
    Sundays • Check with the Pro Shop          contact the Pro Shop at extension 136.        ears and sides of your face. I suggest www.
         Men’s Night Out                        Kids Night Out In Tennis                     • Play on clay: A clay court can easily be ten to
          Wednesdays 6:45 pm                            June 17 and July 15                  fifteen degrees cooler than a hard court.
                                                                                             • Use sunscreen: Re-apply a sunscreen greater
                                                                                             than 30 SPF at least every two hours. That
  Begin-A-Ginners With Carla                        Wimbledon Junior                         includes YOU, gentlemen!
     Thursdays from 6:00 - 7:30 pm
     Sign up required in the Pro Shop
                                                    Tennis Tournament                        • If you or a fellow player experiences dizziness
                                                        Saturday, June 18                    or nausea, move to a shaded spot and cool off
          (Minimum of 4 Players)
                                                        Singles – Flighted                   with chilled wet towels. Call one of our pro staff
                                                  $20 members $25 non-members                for assistance as we are all trained in this area.
      Informal Friday Night
          Mixed Doubles                                Parent/Child
                                                                                             See you on the courts for a safe, active
             Fridays 6:30 pm                                                                 summer!
                                                    Tennis Tournament
                                                           Monday, July 4

6 Raconteur
2011 National Senior Women’s Clay Court Championship

The 2011 National Senior Women’s Clay Court Championship was another huge success! We want to thank our tournament underwriters:
Gardere, the Houston Racquet Club Women’s Association, Memorial Hermann Southwest, Styles Jewelers, and Tarantino Properties. We are also
grateful to our loyal tournament sponsors, and all of the generous members who contributed to the Game, Set, and Match Club. The tournament
was again able to make a gift back to HRC by contributing $5,000 to the shade structure over the children’s playground coming in July. We also
provided a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior girl, and contributed to the renovation of the tennis courts at Jefferson Davis High School.

We sincerely thank the members and staff of HRC and the tournament committee for making this tournament the outstanding event on the
senior women’s calendar! The food and hospitality drew absolutely RAVE reviews from the players. Thank you!!!!

Sue Bramlette & Cathy Lassetter, Co-Directors

                                              Peter Piper Picked A Peck
                                              Of Pickled Peppers
                                              Pickle Punch, chocolate covered pickles and pickles and brie canapés were just some of the
                                              delicious confections served to the members when the Senior Committee hosted a “Pickleball
                                              Exhibition” to show off pickleball to our members. Dr. Christopher Rampochek and his fellow
                                              pickleball players from The Trotter Y showed us how the game is played. Both young and old
                                              enjoyed the festivities with members trying their hand at this newly popular sport.

                                                                                                                           June/July 2011 7

                  MMER 201
              SUOR TENNIS CAM1
               UN            P                                        S
              J              June 6 - August 19
                         Monday-Friday 9:00 - 12:00
              9:00 - 11:00 Tennis & 11:00 - 11:45 Swim/Snacks
                      12:00 Pick up in the Pro Shop area
                       Please bring snack and swimsuit
                           No camp week of July 4

Some Of The HRC WOTT Winners
More To Come Next Month...

 1                        2                       3

 4                        5                       6

                                                   1. Kim & Don Richards
                                                   2. Scott Johnson
                                                   3. Christopher Betz & Ben Roberts
                                                   4. Drew Cantwell & Steve Smith
                                                   5. Brad & Maude Dawson
 7                        8
                                                   6. Graydon Oliver & Katherine Sullivan
                                                   7. Marshall & JoAnn Eubank
                                                   8. Alex Kosmala & Don Richard
                                                   9. Sherman Hink
                                                   10. Christopher Long, James Broach,
                                                   William Barker & Thurman Andress
                                                   Micahl Wycoff Photographer
 9                        10

8 Raconteur
An Earthshaking Event
The 2011 World Tennis Championships In New Zealand
                                                               Recently I traveled to New Zealand to play in the World Senior Tennis Championships,
                                                               a little bit proud to have been selected for the 6th year in a row to play as a member
                                                               of the United States Team. Sometimes it takes an event of real gravity to remind us
                                                               that there are some things that matter much more in life. The recent earthquake that
                                                               shook Christchurch, New Zealand on February 21st was such an event. That quake
                                                               took place in the middle of the International Tennis Federation’s World Senior Tennis
                                                               Championships, literally knocking some players to the ground in mid-point, with resulting
                                                               bruises and injuries, both physical and psychological, and completely destroying the
                                                               courts. Ultimately, none of the players’ injuries turned out to be serious. Unfortunately,
                                                               the same could not be said for many in Christchurch, as over 300 were killed, and
                                                               thousands injured. Being the second serious quake the city had suffered within 6 months,
                                                               the city was devastated physically. Unfortunately for both Japan and Christchurch, the
                                                               New Zealand quake was knocked from world awareness by the Japanese quake/
                                                               tsunami a week or so later.

I could tell more about our tournament, but the short version is that we took the bronze medal, losing to Spain by a margin of 2 tiny points (11-9
in the tiebreaker) in the semifinals, then, beating Mexico for 3d. But, I would prefer to use this space to testify to the amazing character of the
people of New Zealand. Their courage in the face of disaster, their cooperative spirit, organization, kindness to others (foreign and national), humor,
good nature, and steadfastness, willingness to give, and dozens of other noble traits, are an example to any nation. These things were not just true
during the quake, and in Christchurch, but all over the nation, before, during and after. They deserve our remembrance.

At the risk of sounding like a member of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, my affection for these people compels me to say that one very
pleasant way to help them is to visit. Tourism provides the number one source of income to NZ, and they need it now. After spending 5 weeks there
I can say, its reputation is well justified. It is a very strong candidate for the most beautiful, safe and hospitable country in the world, summer or
winter. It is relatively cheap, easy to get around, especially for English speakers, and the people are charming. It has fantastic mountains, glaciers,
beaches, rain forests, rivers, islands, lakes, waterfalls, hiking, skiing, fishing, sailing, white water rafting, dolphins, whales, penguins, etc., etc., etc.
But they won’t be playing much tennis for a while in Christchurch.

Ross Persons
                                                     Xavier Gonzalez Wins Boys 14
                                                     Championship At USTA National Open
                                                                                         HRC Member Xavier Gonzalez won the Boys 14 singles champi-
                                                                                         onship at the United States Tennis Association’s National Open
                                                                                         played in Midland, Texas back in February. En route to the title,
                                                                                         Gonzalez defeated five opponents without dropping a set. He
                                                                                         triumphed over the number one seed Yancy Dennis (Maryland)
                                                                                         in the quarterfinals, over the number four seed Artem Khrapko
                                                                                         (New York) in the semi-finals, and over the number two seed
                                                                                         Grayson Broadus (Texas) in the finals. Xavier Gonzalez, cur-
                                                                                         rently ranked number one in Texas in Boys 14, is a freshman
                                                                                         at St. John’s School, where he plays on the varsity tennis team.
                                                                                         Way to go Xavier!

                                                     Congratulations To Our
                                                     HRC WHLTA Swing Sisters
        Ranked #1 In US                                                                                   They came in second place in their division
          Singles 30+                                                                                     and were spotted at the Club celebrating
                                                                                                          the win!
   HRC Member Robert Collins recently
   won the San Antonio Clay Court Major
   Zone Tournament, the National Hard                                                                        Gaby Tormo, Rachel Mattox,
   Court Championship in Austin and                                                                          Heather Gaw, Marlene Jessurun,
   has been named the No.1 seed in                                                                           Holly Arian, Jo Soanes, Alisa Slack
   the men’s open division of the 2011                                                                       & Vicki Locascio
   HTA Houston Open for 30 years and
   over. He is now ranked #1 in the U.S.                                                                     Not pictured: Amber Bretches,
   in Singles and Doubles in 30 and over.                                                                    Meredith Cooley, Lesley Krivan,
   Congratulations Robert!                                                                                   Kathy Pappas & Bernadette Prakash

                                                                                                                                      June/July 2011 9
Octane Cross Circuit Pro4700
Premium Performance
                                                    We are excited to announce that the Fitness
                                                    Center now has 4 new cross circuit elliptical
                                                    cardio machines.

                                                    With electronically adjustable stride length
                                                    from 18”-26,” exercisers can quickly customize
                                                    for walking, jogging and running paces, and for
                                                    striding backwards. And Octane’s patented
                                                    SmartStride interactive ergonomics monitor
                                                    pace and direction and automatically adjust
                                                    stride length accordingly.

                                                  The upper-body features don’t get any better
than the unmatched Converging Path handlebars that mimic natural movement and expand                       Active Senior
range of motion. Plus, the patented MultiGrip handlebars offer extra comfort, greater variety and
more muscle use.
New workouts, like the challenging 30:30 interval program designed by the experts at Athletes’
Performance, help maximize motivation and results. Convenience and comfort are optimized with
fingertip controls on the moving handlebars, soft grip pedals and a personal fan.
                                                                                                        Monday & Wednesday
                                                                                                             7:30 am
Cross Circuit Pro consists of two PowerBlock dumbbells, which are easily adjustable from four to
32 pounds each, an integrated PowerBlock stand, stationary foot platforms on the elliptical and                  50 minutes
two Cross Circuit Pro routines: Group and Solo.                                                             of movement of Pilates
                                                                                                        geared toward the Senior Adult
Cross Circuit Pro uniquely combines cardio intervals on Octane ellipticals with strength training
sets for individual workouts, or instructor-led one-on-one, small group or class sessions. Exercisers
benefit from rigorous conditioning and heightened motivation.

Pool Access Reminder                                                                                    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!
                                       The Fitness Committee would like to remind members
                                       that wristbands are the best way to ensure that all                    Kids Kardio
                                       members and guests are signed and registered at the
                                       pool. Please remember to sign in each time you enter
                                       the pools. Thank you.

                                       June & July
                                       Resort Pool 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
                                       June & July
                                       Lap Pool Monday – Friday 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
                                       Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
                                       Only guarded from 10:00am – 9:00 pm

                 THE STRIKE ZONE
         Mondays at 9:30 am Beginning June 6th

                           >> >> >> >>
   Using Everlast 2lb weighted gloves and a 6lb bodybar, The Strike
   Zone is the latest in the cardio kickboxing format that we offer                                       Wednesdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm
   here at the HRC. Challenge yourself with this full-body interval                                        Saturdays from 1:00 - 2:00 pm
   workout that incorporates traditional kickboxing combinations                                              Kids Kardio will work the kids
   done with optional weighted gloves, controlled weight-bearing                                        cardiovascular, flexibility, and endurance.
   movements with a light body bar and athletic drills. This is not                                      Jamie will take the kids through a full
   your typical Kickboxing class. Come prepared to burn tons of                                           body workout indoors and outdoors
   calories and have fun doing it.                                                                            to make the hour go by fast.
                                                                                                              They will leave wanting more!

10 Raconteur
                                                                                                           &OXE (YHQWV
Summer At The Oasis
                                 School is getting out for the summer and the Club is preparing
                                 for more kids than ever for the summer months. You might have
                                 noticed the big blue tent located in the corner of the Pavilion.
                                 Many members have approached me for the past few weeks
                                 asking “What is that going to be?”

                                 It is “The Oasis”. It is a place for kids to find fun food and
                                 beverages for the summer. It is centrally located by the pools and
                                 will have a variety of food including, hot dogs, popcorn chicken,
                                 hamburger sliders, corn dogs and snacks. Beverages will include
                                 sodas, juices, waters, frozen lemonade and more. Of course
   Sonny McDaniel                “Dippin’ Dots”, slushies and snow cones will be available as well.
       Assistant GM
                                  The Oasis is designed for smaller kids but “Adult Kids” are
certainly welcome. It will be a place you can visit straight out of the pool, coming off the tennis
court or just to have lunch at the Pavilion while reading a good book.
                                                                                                                Employee of the Month
                                                                                                                Erasmo Gonzales
The Oasis gives members a place to go while still in their swim wear, barefoot or not quite dressed             Position: Maintenance
for the Grill or Courtside Café. It will help alleviate some of the congestion in the Courtside Café            Dept/Pro Shop
as well as the dress code issues in the Grill, especially during the summer months. The Oasis          Congratulations to Erasmo in our Maintenance/
will open Memorial Day and the hours will be 11:00am to 8:00pm every day. It will remain open          Pro Shop department for his dedication and
until Labor Day weekend.                                                                               hard work. Erasmo has been with the Club for
                                                                                                       about 9 months and is responsible for keeping
                                                                                                       the Pro-Shop spotless and the Howe House
Come enjoy a “Summer at the Oasis!”                                Kids’ Movie                         restroom clean for members. He assists Raul
                                                                                                       with maintenance, and he did an outstanding job
                                                                     Nights                            for the National Senior Women’s Tournament
                                                                                                       and the WOTT. He has a great attitude and we
                                                                                                       are happy he is part of our team.
                                                                       June 10 & 24
Open House                                                            July 1, 15 & 29

Exhibition Match                                                         Join us for our kids’
                                                                             movie nights
                                                                    this summer in the Pavilion!
May 22nd                                                             Complimentary lemonade
                                                                     and popcorn are provided.
                                                                          A children’s buffet
  Paul Peacock, William Barker, Robert                                     is also available!
  Collins, Graydon Oliver, Richard Barker
  & Thomas Cook

                                                                                                                Employee of the Month
                                                                                                                Susanne Susholtz
                                                                                                                Position: Accounts
                                                                                                       Congratulations to Susanne Susholtz for a
                                                                                                       job well done in the Accounting/HR dept.
                                                                                                       Susanne began working at the club 4 years ago
                                                                                                       in Private Events and last year made a move
                                                                                                       to the accounting dept. She takes initiative
                                                                                                       and exceeds expectations within her job
                                                                                                       responsibilities. Susanne works very well with
                                                                                                       the members and has made a major impact
                                                                                                       since starting with the accounting dept. When
                                                                                                       away from the Club Susanne loves watching
                                                                                                       reality TV and hanging out with her fiancé Judd
                                                                                                       and her dog Bailey. Good job Susanne!

                                                                                                                               June/July 2011 11
Ladies Wine Dinner
The ladies of HRC came together in April for a lovely 3-course wine dinner with champagne and
                                                                                                       Cliff Notes
delicious appetizers to kick off the night! If you missed out on this fun evening, be on the lookout
                                                                                                       by Cliff Tyree
for our next Ladies Wine Dinner in the fall.
                                                                                                       1. Only two people signed The Declaration
                                                                                                       of Independence on July 4th. John Hancock
                                                                                                       and Charles Thompson.Most of the rest
                                                                                                       signed on August 2, but the last signature
                                                                                                       wasn’t added until 5 years later.

                                                                                                       2. In Lincoln’s Gettysburg address there are
                                                                                                       only 10 sentences.

1                                                   2                                                  3. Cindy Crawford was Valedictorian of her
                                                                                                       high school graduating class.

                                                                                                       4. Abraham Lincoln did not have a beard
                                                                                                       during most of his public career. He was
                                                                                                       clean shaven until he was 51 years old
                                                                                                       and did not have a beard until after he was
                                                                                                       elected President.

                                                                                                       5. Francis Scott Key only wrote the words to
 3                                                  4                                                  “The Star Spangled Banner,” not the music.

                                                                                                       6. More people watched the last episode of
                                                                                                       Seinfeld on one night than the movie “Titanic”
                                                                                                       during its entire record-breaking run.

                                                                                                       7. In 1929, Herbert Hoover was the first
                                                                                                       President to have a phone on his desk.
                                                                                                       Before that there was a telephone booth
                                                                                                       outside the office used by Presidents.
 5                                                  6
                                                                                                       8. It was 14 years after Columbus’ first
                                                                                                       Atlantic crossing that a map including the
                                                                                                       Americas was printed.
     1. Jill Burroughs, Amy Dell Beardshall,       3. Staci Johnson, Kelly Beeler
     Ashley Holmsten, Ashley Mandola,              & Julie Cominsky                                    9. On June 15, 1976 a baseball game was
     Ginny Keyser, Alicia Mace, Ashley Hall,                                                           rained out at the Astrodome.
                                                   4. Emily Sperandio & Vi
     Lindsay Barnes & Laura Visage
                                                   5. Cindy McDowell, Janet McNulty, Karen             10. There are the same number of scales
     2. Melissa Cook, Wendy Koy                    McGee, Denise Dunham & Lisa Bender                  on a two pound salmon as there are on a 40
     & Shirley Meredith                                                                                pound salmon.
                                                   6. Gayette Eicher, Patty Harris
                                                   & Bootsie LeFeuvre                                  11. Camel’s milk does not curdle.

                                                          Westwood Junior Golf Program
                                                                                         All Camps are from 9am - 12:30pm
                                                                                       Camp I June 8-10 • Camp II June 21-23
                                                                                      Camp III July 12-14 • Camp IV July 26-28
                                                                                         One camp for $225 • Two for $400
      Bingo Is Back!                                                                       Three for $450 • Four for $475
                                                                                   Includes: Professional instruction and video analysis, one
        Wednesday Evenings                                                         quality Under Armour golf back pack, one junior visor, golf
        Beginning June 8th                                                         balls, a delicious daily lunch, prizes, gifts, and an official
           6:00 Buffet                                                             Westwood Golf Club Certificate of Completion.
        7:00 Games Begin                                                                  Junior Open Playday and Club Championship
                                                                                     Registration: Westwood Golf Pro Shop 713.774.3011
           Great Prizes

12 Raconteur
                                                                                                      &OXE (YHQWV
Kidventure Land Weekly Themes
For registration information and to sign up for Kidventure Summer Camp simply go on to their website at www.kidventure.com.

Texas Stampede                                    Zero Gravity                                    Eco Wave
June 6-10 Saddle up for a week of Wild West       June 27-July 1 FIVE days of galactic            July 18-22 Dive into the cool, crisp waters of
adventure and Texas-sized fun. Grab yer ten-      adventure, FOUR we have an epic journey,        Kidventure Land, as we are drenched in the
gallon hat and dust off your boots, as we         THREE thousand light years from earth, TWO-     knowledge, excitement and power of planet
learn how to be good ol’ fashioned cowboys        gether we’ll rocket through the galaxy and      Earth and its ever changing state. Bring your
and cowgirls on the wide open plains of the       become a team of ONE….BLAST OFF!                towel and prepare to get soaked by the Eco
Southwest.                                                                                        Wave, as we find out how one camper can
                                                                                                  make a positive change of global proportions.

Enchanted Forest                                  Hero’s Hideout                                  KV Studios
June 13-17 We journey deep within this            July 5-8 Through a hidden passage in the        July 25-29 As we step behind the velvet
mystic forest, where Kings and Queens await       park, we will arrive at our secret “Head        curtain, we transform into the cast of our very
our company in castles vast and strong. With      Quarters of Heroism” . There we will find out    own Broadway hit. Makeup, wardrobe, and
magic enchantments at every turn, fairy           what it takes to be our own hero and defender   special effects all come together as the glow
tales come to life as knights bravely rescue      of all that is good.                            of the spotlight and the applause of the crowd
princesses from tall towers and dragons soar                                                      immerse us in the magic of the theatre.
amongst the clouds.

Swashbuckler Bay                                  Topsy-Turvy Treehouse                           Ollie’s Great Parade
June 20-24 Ahoy thur, ye yella-bellied            July 11-15 Beyond normal and above              August 1-5 What better way to relive the
scallywags! Hoist sails, raise the anchor, and    amazing, you will find the entrance to the       greatest moments from our summer than a
set course for Swashbuckler Bay, the most         Topsy-Turvy Tree House. Our doorway from        week long parade? Led by the crowds and
glorious tropical isle that sits upon the seven   familiar world to a universe that challenges    music, we will experience our favorite rides,
seas.                                             us to discover fantastic new ideas where        play the games that made us cheer, and take
                                                  creativity is our only limit.                   one last journey through Kidventure Land to
                                                                                                  celebrate our summer together.

    HRC Women’s Association Bridge                                                                 Swim Team
        Join us on the second and fourth
            Thursday of each month.
              10:00 am - 2:30 pm
                                                    Bridge Winners April 14th
                                                             1st place Joan Reid                   5:00 -7:00 pm
          First $10.00 Second $5.00
                                                           2nd place Daad Rodgers
                                                                                                   6/2  Braeburn at HRC
          You do not need a partner.                                                               6/7  HRC at ROCC
          Simply call Ruthe Wilson at               Bridge Winners April 28th                      6/9  Houstonian @ HRC
       (713) 932-0759 for a reservation                      1st place Joan Reid                   6/14 LCC at HRC
           before the prior Sunday.                         2nd place Eddie Mattei                 6/16 HRC at Forest Club
                                                                                                   6/18 Country Club Championship
                                                                                                        (by invite only) at LCC
                                                                                                   6/21 HRC at Briar Club
                                                                                                   6/22 HCC at HRC

                                                                                                   6/8  Team Photo at HRC 4:00 PM
                                                                                                   6/23 Banquet at HRC Ballroom 6:00 pm

                                                                                                                          June/July 2011 13
                                                                                                              By Sondra Maxfield
                                                                                                              On April 2nd our Harris County
                                                                                                              Precinct 3 bus loaded with 37
                                                                                                              seniors travelled to Independence,
                                                                                                              Texas to visit the Hidden Creek
                                                                                                              Farm of HRC Members Elsa and
                                                                                                              Roy Horlock. Wow! Elsa, our
                                                                                                              tour guide, insisted our first
                                                                                                              stop be the Washington-on-the-
                                                                                                              Brazos Museum. Upon entering
                                                                                                              the museum she quickly guided
                                                                                                              us to the theater for the film
                                                                                                              about the birthplace of Texas. By
                                                                                                              the end of the movie all of us who
                                                   were not born in Texas wished we had been and all of our native born seniors were so proud!
                                                   The early settlers all branded their saddles and covered wagons with the initials G.T.T. which
                                                   stood for Gone to Texas.*

                                                   Being awash in Texas history it was decided to bring our grandchildren back for a true taste
 2                         3                       of early Texas.Our bus then headed down a shady country lane awash with bluebonnets, pink
                                                   evening primrose, Maxmilian sunflowers and Indian blankets which ended at the Hidden Creek
                                                   Farm. We had arrived in paradise. Roy met us at the entrance with his “motorized” mule, the
                                                   best kind of animal to have on a farm as it is never stubborn and always goes where you direct.
                                                   While the group meandered to the deck with its array of picnic tables with an incredible view of
                                                   pastures and grazing horses, Clark Reid unloaded our wonderful “chef prepared” box lunches
                                                   and all of us proceeded to eat and drink in the scenery along with the wonderful wine. Roy told
                                                   us that the beautiful horses were retired thoroughbreds. It was then that I realized that our
                                                   seniors are indeed “retired thoroughbreds.” Following lunch a tour of the farm was in order and
                                                   we saw the largest fig tree ever, the most perfect vegetable garden, the tennis court and of
                                                   course the “piece de resistance”, the lemurs. Giant high cages housed a collection of the most
 4                                                 amazing striped, red headed, big and small lemurs from Madagascar. Roy has built a tree
                                                   house in the forest of cages for his grandchildren to spend the night “in the jungle.” How fine
                                                   was that? Elsa had prepared clumps of green grapes for us to feed the lemurs and acting like
  1. Elsa Horlock feeding the lemurs               school children on the most amazing field trip ever we did just that. They put on quite a show
                                                   and seemed to enjoy the attention. The trip would not be complete without a visit to Roy’s trophy
  2. Arles Mason                                   room where we became close friends with African lions, zebras, giraffes, tigers, crocodiles and
  3. Shirley Barr in front of the world’s          more animals than could ever be identified by anyone except Roy and Elsa.
     largest fig tree
                                                   Boarding the bus after our group photo we raced back to Houston to watch the final two games
  4. Sondra Maxfield                                of the Final Four, scouting for bluebonnets as we travelled.Never ever prouder to be Texans
                                                   than we were on that day it was decided that the Seniors of HRC had absolutely GONE To Texas!

     Brian Nay, Bernard Hurley, Tim Jordan, Sonny McDaniel, Bob Stephan, Thomas Preuml,
     Scott Stafford, Ron Fisher, Ron Latta, Bill Shrader, Dana Busa, Bill Richter & Bob Landauer

     HRC Members and a few senior staff enjoyed an afternoon of golf recently at top ranked               HRC Members Cindy & Bob Shealor
     Walden on Lake Conroe. If you are interested in joining Walden on Lake Conroe, please con-             recently visited their daughter
     tact Cathy Lassetter, Membership Director. For an Initiation Fee of $500 and low monthly                in Hong Kong and stopped by
     dues HRC members can enjoy a full social calendar, Men’s and Ladies Golf Associations,                 one of the older temples in the
     and friendships that will last a lifetime.                                                             Angkor Wat site in Cambodia.

14 Raconteur
                                                                                          &OXE (YHQWV

Over 200 members and guests dined on some of the largest crawfish of the season while enjoying the sounds of the ever popular
Thibodeaux Cajun Band. A big thank you to HRC Member Dominic Mandola and Ragin Cajun for furnishing the crawfish and
cooking them to perfection! A good time was had by all that attended.

     1                                                         6

     2                                                         7

                                   8                                                       10

     3                             5                                                       11

     4                                                         9                            12

   1. Alisa & Tom Slack with guests        5. Bill Sanchez & David Berman           9. Patty Harris & Cathy Lassetter
   2. Arlo Van Denover                     6. Steven Kato & family                  10. Dominic Mandola
   3. Liz, Madeleine & Cristina Jordan     7. Claire, Kimberly & Emma Sanchez       11. Jane & Elwin Peacock, Dominic
   4. TJ Burns, Dominic & Ashley           8. Thibodeaux Cajun Band                 Mandola, Paul Peacock & Julie Peacock
   Mandola                                                                          12. Anice Duytschaever

                                                                                                             June/July 2011 15
   Monday, July 4th
Celebrate Your Freedom At HRC
       Parent/Child Tennis Tournament
                           Live Music
            Fun & Games For The Kids
               Pool Events & Contests
                       BBQ & More!

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