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									 ————————— POSTERS —————————
[PBD 01] Sarah Aly, Pierre Auza, and R. Jayakrishnan, UC Irvine
    A Comparative Analysis between Current Disaster Logistics Models and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

[PBD 02] Bruce S. Appleyard, UC Berkeley
    What's Driving Rapid Transit Access?

[PBD 03] Dmitri Arkhipov, Joseph Chow, and Amelia Regan, UC Irvine
    A faster converging global heuristic for continuous network design using radial basis functions

[PBD 04] Pierre Auza, R. Jayakrishnan, and Masanobu Shinozuka, UC Irvine
    Using Mesoscopic Traffic Simulation in a Seismic Risk Analysis Framework Applied to a Downtown Los
    Angeles Network
[PBD 05] Roberto Ayala, Soyoung (Iris) You, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Stephen Ritchie, Gunwoo Lee,
         and Mana Sangkapichai, UC Irvine
    A Preliminary Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of the Clean Truck Program in the Alameda Corridor, CA

[PBD 06] Josep Barberillo, and Wenlong Jin, UC Irvine
    Simulation studies of drivers' day-to-day asynchronous route choices with information provision

[PBD 07] Elisa Barbour, UC Berkeley
    Ambitious Goals, Modest Means: The Challenges of Implementing Senate Bill 375
[PBD 08] Jennifer Blackwell, Michelle Buchmeier, Joy Kwong, and Brettany Shannon,
         University of Southern California
    TRANSITions: A Proposal for Development around Berlin’s Central Station

[PBD 09] S. Blandin, P.E. Mazare, and A. Bayen, UC Berkeley
    Suboptimal path selection for efficient routing on the road network

[PBD 10] Madeline Brozen, UC Los Angeles
    New Orleans TIGER Grant: How the NORTA is Missing the Mark

[PBD 11] Colleen Callahan, UC Los Angeles
    Air Quality Impacts of Airport Operations and Strategies for Sustainability: A Case Study of the Los Angeles
    World Airports
[PBD 12] Ian Carlton, UC Berkeley
    Value Capture Mechanisms to Fund Transit in the California Context: An Assessment of Transport Finance Options

[PBD 13] André Carrel, Rabi Mishalani, Nigel Wilson, John Attanucci, and Adam Rahbee, UC Berkeley
    Decision Factors in Service Control on a High-frequency Metro Line and Their Importance In Service Delivery

                                            POSTERS | 16th UCTC Student Conference 2010 at UC Irvine
[PBD 14] Melanie Curry, UC Berkeley
    Alternative Fuels in Public Transportation

[PBD 15] Kate Deutsch, and K. Goulias, UC Santa Barbara
    Exploring Sense-of-Place Attitudes as Indicators of Travel Behavior

[PBD 16] Harya S. Dillon, and Li Siyuan, UC Irvine
    Pricing Strategy to Solve Transportation problems in Southern California: Preliminary Findings

[PBD 17] Harya S. Dillon, UC Irvine
    Does Tendering Matter? Comparison of Bus Operating Cost in the TransJakarta System

[PBD 18] Stephanie Dock, Michael Izzo, and Carlos Velasquez, UC Berkeley
    Adeline Corridor Redesign: Making a wide road work for everyone

[PBD 19] Anup Doshi, and Mohan Trivedi, UC San Diego
    Head and Eye Gaze Dynamics during Visual Attention Shifts in Simulated Driving

[PBD 20] Gavin Ferguson, and Marlon G. Boarnet, UC Irvine
    Household VMT and the Built Environment: A Geographically Weighted Regression

[PBD 21] Camille N.Y. Fink, and Brian D. Taylor, UC Los Angeles
    Zen in the Art of Travel Behavior: Using Visual Ethnography to Understand the Transit Experience

[PBD 22] John Gahbauer, UC Los Angeles
    Too Few Fares: How Transit's 'Singular' Focus Shortchanges Groups and Leaves Seats Empty

[PBD 23] Eric J. Gonzales, UC Berkeley
    Allocation of Space and the Costs of Multimodal Transport in Cities

[PBD 24] Offer Grembek, UC Berkeley
    Risk Adaptation to Technolgical Safety Interventions: Insights from a Meta-analysis

[PBD 25] Weihua Gu, Michael J. Cassidy, Yuwei Li, and Julia Griswold, UC Berkeley
    On the capacity of isolated, curbside bus stops

[PBD 26] Hsin-Ping Hsu, UC Irvine
    Gender Differences in Non-work Travel Behaviors

[PBD 27] Kitae Jang, Michael Cassidy, and Carlos Daganzo, UC Berkeley
    Traffic Control Strategies to Induce the Smoothing Effect on Freeway Bottlenecks

[PBD 28] Kitae Jang, John Bigham, Shinhyoung Park, and Simon Washington, UC Berkeley
    Influences of Sprawling Development Patterns on Traffic Safety

[PBD 29] Ruby Kandah, and Matthew Barth, UC Riverside
    Improving Mileage Efficiency By Recovering Wasted Suspension Energy

[PBD 30] Matthew Kroneberger, UC Los Angeles
    Bruins For Traffic Relief; Connecting the Westside of LA

                                            POSTERS | 16th UCTC Student Conference 2010 at UC Irvine
[PBB 31] Andrew Kosinski, Lee Schipper, and Elizabeth Deakin, UC Berkeley
    The Potential of High Speed Rail to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the US
[PBB 32] Gunwoo Lee, Mana Sangkapichai, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Oladele Ogunseitan, Stephen Ritchie,
         and Soyoung (Iris) You, UC Irvine
    An Analysis of the health impacts from PM and NOx emissions resulting from train operations in the
    Alameda Corridor, CA
[PBB 33] Andrew Lee, UC Los Angeles
    Alternative Technology for the I-710 Freight Corridor Project

[PBB 34] Justin Li, and Mohan Trivedi, UC San Diego
    Smartphone Applications with Live Video Injection in Context Aware Maps

[PBB 35] Aaron Malinoff, Karen Trapenberg Frick, Robert Cervero, and Gil Tal, UC Berkeley
    Financing Transit Service to Advance Climate Change Goals: Options and Implications

[PBB 36] Sindhura Mandava, George Scora, Mike Todd, and Dr.Matthew Barth, UC Riverside
    On-Board Vehicle Real Time Emissions Estimation System

[PBB 37] Eric A. Morris, Brian D. Taylor, and Jeffrey R. Brown, UC Los Angeles
    Driving for Dollars: Fiscal Politics, Freeways, and the American City

[PBB 38] Brendan Morris, Derick Johnson, and Mohan M. Trivedi, UC San Diego
    Integrating Micro-Simulator and Real Sensor Networks: A Novel Development Platform and Experimental
    Trials with UCSD Road DIVA
[PBB 39] Justin Moy, Andre Tok, and Stephen Ritchie, UC Irvine
    A Comparative Evaluation of Sensys Technology Versus Existing ILD Technology

[PBB 40] Jeremy Nelson, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, and Matthew Barth, UC Riverside
    A Comparison of Vehicle Usage Patterns of Residents in New-Urbanism Communities and Conventional
[PBB 41] Anh Nguyen, Hao-Wei, Manish Shavastava, and Heejung Jung, UC Riverside
    Soot Oxidation by NO2

[PBB 42] Anthony D Patire, UC Berkeley
    The shoulder lane “release valve” and its role in expressway congestion

[PBB 43] Irving Pham, UC Los Angeles
    Commute/Travel Time Maps

[PBB 44] William Riggs, UC Berkeley
    Metrics of Walkable Neighborhood

[PBB 45] Robert Schneider, UC Berkeley
    What types of Neighborhoods Support Walking and Bicycling? Survey of Customer Mode Choice at 20 Bay
    Area Retail Pharmacy Stores
[PBB 46] George Scora, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, and Matthew Barth, UC Riverside
    The Effects of Operational Variability on Heavy-Duty Truck Greenhouse Gas Emissions

                                           POSTERS | 16th UCTC Student Conference 2010 at UC Irvine
[PBB 47] Sayanan Shivaraman, and Mohan M. Trivedi, UC San Diego
    Integrated Lane and Vehicle Tracking for Driver Assistance with a Single Camera

[PBB 48] K. Sivakumaran, Y. Li, M. Cassidy, and S. Madanat, UC Berkeley
    Cost-Saving Properties of Schedule Coordination in a Simple Trunk-and-Feeder Transit System

[PBB 49] Jelin Sun, Qijian Gan, Wenlong Jin, and Jean-Daniel Saphores, UC Irvine
    A Mesoscopic Model for Estimating Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Large Networks

[PBB 50] Teresa Tapia, UC Berkeley
    Sustainable Access and Mobility for an Aging Population

[PBB 51] Ashish Tawari, and Mohan M. Trivedi, UC at San Diego
    Emotion Analysis with Audio Visual Cues for Driver Assistance Systems

[PBB 52] Jacob Teter, and Daniel Sperling, UC Davis
    Appropriate Policy for Appropriate Technology—the Case of Chinese Rural Vehicles

[PBB 53] Cuong Tran, and Mohan M. Trivedi, UC San Diego
    Real Time Driver Assistance for Keeping Hands on the Wheels and Eyes on the Road

[PBB 54] Anh Vu, Kanok Borikoonsomsin, and Matthew Barth, UC Riverside
    Vehicle State Estimation from Traffic Videos

[PBB 55] Qichi Yang, UC Riverside
    Analysis of Arterial Traffic Data from a Wireless Sensor Network

[PBB 56] James Yang, and Richard Arnott, UC Riverside
    Simulating Congestion Levels in an Abstract Network

[PBB 57] Ahn Yong-Jin, University of Southern California
    Effect of built environment for public transportation on obesity: A multi-level analysis

[PBB 58] Seo Youn Yoon, and Konstadinos G. Goulias, UC Santa Barbara
    Constraint-based assessment of intra-household bargaining on time allocation to activities and travel
    using individual accessibility.
[PBB 59] Soyoung (Iris) You, Gunwoo Lee, Stephen G Ritchie, Jean-Daniel Saphores, Mana Sangkapichai,
         and Roberto Ayala, UC Irvine
    Air Pollution Impacts of Shifting San Pedro Bay Ports Freight from Truck to Rail in Southern California

[PBB 60] Daji Yuan, Hao Yang, Wenlong Jin, and Jean-Daniel Saphores, UC Irvine
    Can technology help us become “greener” drivers? Some preliminary results with intelligent speed
    adaptation strategies
[PBB 61] Qunzhi Zhou, and Viktor K. Prasanna, University of Southern California
    Computational Process Management for Transportation System Analysis

                                             POSTERS | 16th UCTC Student Conference 2010 at UC Irvine

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