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The Masque of the Red Death WS


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                                      The Masque of the Red Death
The ______________________ is generally believed to be the cause of the Black Death that swept through
Europe in the 14th century and killed an estimated 75 million people, or 30-60% of the European population

_______________________________ is when something non-human is given human characteristics.

_______________________________ is when something other than expected happens, or when the opposite of
what was intended happens.

The ________________________ is the moral, or message, of the story.

In the story, the Red Death is a symbol for the ___________________________________.

The Red Death at the end of the story is an example of _____________________________.

There are 7 rooms in the Prince’s fortress, arranged from east to west, which is the direction that the sun
____________ and ___________. This symbolizes the __________________________.

In the story, the number 7 may represent ________________________, ______________________, or

The ebony clock in the story represents _______________________________. The ebony clock is
also an example of __________________________.

Prince Prospero’s name suggests ____________________________. But, in the end he dies. This is an example
of _________________________.

The theme of this story is that ________________________________________________.

Pick a character from the story. Tell what they wanted in the story. In the ‘but’ column, tell who showed up to
prevent this. Tell what happened at the end of the story in the ‘then’ column.

     Somebody                    Wanted                      But                     Then

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