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					Contact Details:
Name: Shoaib Mohammed Khan
Mobile: 050 9216372
         91 9844923343
Email:                                      Availability: Available Instantly
India Contact: 00918382 227129
Address in India: House No: 815-B, Cross Jail Road,
Jheel Wada, Kajubag, Karnataka, Karwar: 581 301, India.


Currently working with DUBAI WORLD (Government of Dubai), IT CENTRE as DBA - Ebusiness and
Application server and the core dba activities. (IT CENTRE performs all IT requirements for Dubai
Customs, Dubai Ports, JAFZA and Nakheel).

Specializations and Experience:
      Overall 17 years of IT experience.
      More than 9 years of experience with oracle and Oracle products.
      Specialization in Oracle e-business(Oracle Manufacturing, Oracle HRMS, Oracle CRM, Oacle
       Financials, Oracle Property Administration activities).
      Supporting more then 60 databases for Production and UAT.
      Working on HPUX 11.11(Unix), Redhat Linux.
      Worked on IBM AS/400 Super Mini computers.
      Participated in large scale installations and Migrations.
      Oracle Workflow and Oracle HRMS Administration
      Oracle Implementations and Deployment full support.
      Participated in various Oracle e-business Financials,crm and HRMS Implementations.
      Participated in Oracle RAC installation.
      Experience in Oracle RAC Administration.
      Through knowledge and experience of Oracle RMAN.

      MSc. Computers Bombay University.
      Advance Diploma in Systems Management ( 2 years).
      Diploma in e-Commerce and convergence Technologies (6 months in OMAN).
       11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications (from Oracle Corp).
       Oracle 11i Database and Applications Cloning. (From Oracle Corp).
       Oracle e-business System Administration. (From Oracle Corp)
       Oracle Implement Self Service Human Resources (Oracle Corp).
       Oracle HRMS People Management fundamentals. (Oracle Corp).
       Oracle Payroll Management fundamentals: setting up payroll (Oracle Corp).
       Oracle HRMS System Administration(Oracle Corp).

Past Training Cources:
       Oracle DBA Administration (Oman – Ministry of Education).
       Windows Administration (Oman – Ministry of Education).
       Oracle Technical Consultant Training in Oracle Financials and Oracle Functional Training course in
        Oracle Manufacturing and Oracle HRMS.
       IBM AS/400 Developers Training (Mini Supers).

Programming Languages:

Application Development Tools:
     Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Developer, Oracle forms 6i, 9i,, Oracle reports, SQL/Plus, Oracle
      Enterprise Manager, RMAN, Import.export , ORACLE RAC.

Main Duties which I perform currently at ITC – DUBAI WORLD(GOVT OF DUBAI) AS
Core DBA:

Managing more then 50 databases. Monitoring and Tuning Oracle Database for high
availability. Thorough knowledge of Oracle database Memory structures, background
processes and oracle e-business suite architecture. Installation of Oracle on Windows and
unix platforms. Through       Understanding of the clustered environments on windows using
Oracle Fail Safe(OFS). Oracle Backup and Disaster Rrecovery, Recovering database under
conditions like: Recovering database when loss of whole database, loss of whole database
but not the control file, loss of system data files, Loss of Data Tablespace files,Point in time
Recovery, loss of online Redo log files, loss of control files etc. Oracle Database Performance
Tuning; Application Tuning, Memory Tuning, Disk I/O Tuning, Study database locks, latches
and wait events carefully and eliminate where possible. Through RAC Administration under
the unix environment.

   Analysing, Designing the database .
   Installations, Configurations of the database. Create the databases, Cloning of the database, Cloning
    of Oracle applications, Troubleshooting the problems arising from the databases, sorting out the
    connectivity problems, keeping close watch to the database growth and managing the space
    mamagement. Modify the database structures as per the requirements from time to time. Co-
    ordinate with the developers to solve the problems arising from the database.
   Performing the backups using RMAN and restoring the data at various levels of disaster. Making the
    point in time recovery of the database. Check out the vendor Licence agreements.
   Performance Tuning the database using the sql tuning advisor, explain plans and making the
    database proper space utilization. Check the Storage structures, check the parameters.
   Install Databases on Unix platform, Windows platform, Install Oracle 10g databases on various
    platform. Install Oracle RAC on unix platform, Install e-business suite on Unix.
   Co ordinate with the Application Development team for Implementations and Deployments.
    Assisting the end users with regard to the Database problems.
   Controlling the end users      for the database access.     Performing the high level security for the

       Install Oracle 10g, 11i, e-Business on HPUX (unix) . Create Database. Perform the init.ora
        parameter settings. Install oracle discoverer 10g.
       Oracle critical patches.
       Oracle cloning for database and for Oracle Applications.
       Backup and Restore using RMAN. Physical backups, Logical backups. Backups using the
       Create Tablespaces, Tables, Control files.
       Manage users, Privilleges, profiles, Security, Roles.
       Checking the space availaibililty and the database growth.
        Oracle RAC administration.
       Oracle performance Tuning: High availability of the database, SQL Tuning advisor, Creating
        explain plans, reorganize objects.

Main Duties which I perform currently at ITC – DUBAI WORLD(GOVT OF DUBAI) AS DBA for
Oracle Apps Administration E-business Suit 11i:

       Creating the new Responsibilities, Roles, set profile options for each Responsibilities.
       Importing the employees as a resource in the Oracle CRM.
       Creating the new Concurrent Managers.
       Scheduling the new concurrent jobs as per the business requirements.
       Install the printers in the oracle apps, Drivers. Set the printer Driver styles, Register the printers.
       Create new Menus, Submenus, Functions, Request Groups. Add Concurrent programs to the
        Request Groups.
       Oracle HRMS System Administration.
       In Oracle HRMS, Define the Locations, create Organizations for the new operating units. Define
        Functions and Menus for the new organizations. Create the HR security rules.
       Ad Patching. Applying the Patches. Running the utilities after applying the patches.

       Oracle RAC Administration.
       Oracle RMAN
       GRID Control Oracle database 10g.
       Hpux – Unix Administration for Oracle.
       Oracle Performance Tuning.
      Oracle Installations and configurations.


Marital Status      : Married ( 2 children).
Nationality        : INDIA.
Languages            : English, Hindi, Arabic.

Work History:
Work Experience: 17 years of Experience in the IT Industry. 11 years in the Middle East (OMAN and

   Current job: DUBAI WORLD (Government of Dubai) as oracle dba for core database and oracle e-
     business suit and for oracle Application Server – supporting more than 50 databases from November
     2005 to current date.
   Dubai Drydocks (Dubai Government) as Oracle Database Adminstrator from 28th April 2005 to july
   MINISTRY OF EDUCATION (Oman Government , MUSCAT – OMAN) as Systems Analyst cum
     Oracle independent DBA from 29th July 1997 to 29th July 2001.
   SYSPRO Software International Services Ltd. IBM AS/400 super Mini Computer INDIA as Analyst
     Programmer from 6th February 1995 to 12th March 1996.
   Server Technologies India as Oracle Database Administrator from Jan 2002 to march 2005.

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