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									                          PLANNING BOARD
                                TOWN OF DUBLIN
                             DUBLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE


                               Thursday August 21, 2008

The Planning Board met for its regular meeting on Thursday August 21, at 7:00pm.
Present: Chairman Bruce Simpson, Suzan Macy, Scott Swanson, and Neil Sandford
Selectman’s Representative Sterling Abram and Planning Board Secretary Candice Reed.
Not present was Bill Goodwin, Peter Imhoff.

Norman Davis Subdivision       Map 8 Lot 37

Bruce explained to the Board that the proposal that Norm Davis Brought in
John Newcomb Lot Line Adjustment/Voluntary Merger - Map 20 - Lots 30& 32 ,

John Newcomb came in to the Board for a conceptual consultation about a Lot Line
Adjustment/ Voluntary Merger that his family would like to do on property that is jointly
owned. The Board agreed that this would be a good idea. Mr. Newcomb will finalize his
plans and come back to the Board for a hearing at a later date.

Kim Bergeron Map 4 - Lots 37& 38 A

        Kim Bergeron came in to discuss a lot line adjustment. This property is located
on the northwest side of Goldmine Rd. Mr. Bergeron explained that in 2006 he came in
for a Lot Line Adjustment on the same property and would like to adjust the lines due to
the owner of the other property not needing the full amount that was adjusted previously.
There will be a public hearing on this on Thursday September 4 at 7:15.

At 9:50 Bruce moved that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Peter. Approved by
unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Candice M. Reed, Secretary


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