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					                                                     ORACLE DBA - INTERVIEW PRACTICAL QUESTIONS - I
 1 Initializing a parameter file           Renaming of datafiles              Resume an interrupted drop                              Establishing default roles
 2 Set the System identifier               If datafile is system, undo, temp (prev qn)   Configure segment space & extent mgmt        Removing roles from users
 3 Create a database                       Drop a tablespace completely                  Obtain infos about segments and extents      Drop the roles
 4 Which database u r using now            Resize the tablespace                         Allocating and deallocating extents          Enabling / Disabling roles
 5 Create a DD views                       Find whether tablespace is DMT / LMT          Enable constraints                           Shutdown modes
 6 Product user profile table              To grow up the size of tablespace             Create B-Tree / Bitmap indexes               Startup modes
 7 Base Table                              Add datafiles to tablespace                   Initialization parameter bitmap              4 Statuses of redolog files
 8 Find the invalid objects                Add online redolog groups / member            Coalescing indexes                           To resize the SGA
 9 Overview of DD views                    Drop online redolog groups / member           Checking index validity                      To resize the shared pool
10 Enable/Disable user tracing             Clearing a redolog file                       Identifying unused indexes                   Check status of database
11 Change the database mode                Bring a database online / offline             Rebuild index                                Default init & maxtrans value
12 Restricted mode                         Transaction read consistency                  Create a profile                             Non standard block size parameter
13 Kill session                            Undo management                               Changing / dropping a profile                Minimize the column length
14 Create a SPFILE                         Retain undo data                              Resource management limits                   Set the archiver destination
15 Startup with PFILE                      Suppress errors                               Res. mgmts at call level & session level     Checkpoint no. from datafile
16 Multiplexing a control file             Make rollback segment online                  Automatic consumer group switch              Check whether datafile exists
17 Backup the control file                 Undo data statistics                          Obtain info. about password & resource       Switch logfile
18 Info. about diff. section of datafile   Size of undo tablespace                       Create a user with quota                     How many databases r up in OS
19 Create a non-system tablespace          Undo segment information                      Grant & revoke privileges                    Which mode archiver is?
20 Create a temporary tablespace           Allocate storage area                         Grant privileges with / to options           Which mode our database is?
21 Create a undo tablespace                Changing the storage parameter                System / Object privileges                   Change to archive mode
22 Find default temporary tablespace       Manually allocating extents                   Access the objects of SYS Schema             Enable automatic archival
23 Change other temporary tablespace       Creating temporary tablespace                 Object auditing                              Archiver manual start without shutdown
24 Change other undo tablespace            Move a table to other tablespace              Create a role / Modifying a role             Maximum archival process
25 Check and change the compatibility      Dropping a column from table                  Predefined roles                             Mandatory archiver location
26 Obtain info. about tablespace           Set the unused columns                        Create role with authent. /glob. / extern.   Archiver minimum destination
27 Migrate tablespace to local             Drop the unused columns                       Grant roles to user                          Set the state of destination to defer
28 Stop or start addl. Archive processes   Manually archiving of redolog files           Query which redolog is mandatory             No. of days RMAN info in Control file
                                                        ORACLE DBA - INTERVIEW PRACTICAL QUESTIONS – II
28 Find the LSN number                     SQL Command Languages                     PRACTICALS :                               RMAN Maintenance
29 RMAN : List the parameter setting       DDL, DML, DCL, TSL, DSL                   Backups                                    Recovery Catalog
30 Configure multi channels                Logical operators, Relational operators   Physical Backup                             o   Target database
31 Allocate channel manually               Pattern matching : wild characters           User Managed Backup                      o   Create a RC user
32 Backup the datafile manually            Special operators : IN, BETWEEN, IS           o Whole database backup                 o   Connect to the RC user in RMAN
33 To clear the parameter settings         Single row functions                          o Partial database backup               o   Configure the listener
34 List the backup infos. of database      Multiple row functins                         o Complete database backup              o   Create a catalog
35 Take a copy of datafile                 Group functions                               o Incomplete database backup            o    Register with database
36 Restore and recover a datafile          Data functions                                o Hot database backup                  The Logical Backup
37 Set the newpath for datafile            Conversion functions                          o Cold database backup                  o    Export
38 Backup datafile more than 1 copy        Null functions                                o Consistent database backup            o    Import
39 Backup the backupset                    Types of joins                               Server Managed Backup                         At what levels, exp & imp
40 Image copy of archivelog                Arithmetic functions                          o RMAN backup                          SQL Loader
41 Control file auto backup option         Write SQL statement to text file          Logical Backup                                   External table
42 Backup the whole database               Order by, group by, having                    o Export                                     Access the remote database by?
43 List available datafiles in target db   Views, synonymn, sequence                     o Import                               Generate Statspack Report
44 Check backupsets are available          Constraint                                Recovery                                   Materialized view
45 List the expired backupset              Deadlocks                                    User managed media recovery             Stored outline
46 Delete the expired backupset            Merge Statement                                 Complete recovery (data file)        Gather statistics for the table
47 Update control file for datafile copy   Unlock user account                             o Open database recovery             Resizing the logfile
48 Remove the entry from control file      Export the table to file                        o Closed database recovery           Reverse key index
49 List the copied files                   Import the table from file                      Incomplete recovery                  Fast_start_mttr_target
50 Take backup 2 tape & delete archive     Bulk loads during create & insert               o    Control file is lost            Recover database with until options
51 Reset the logs                          Statuses of the databases                       o    Missing archive                 Set the time on
52 Force the checkpoints/using parameter   Logging / nologging option                      o    User error (tbs / tbl / file)   Check whether databases are online
53 Set the SID in Windows database         Bind the variables                              o    current redolog is lost         Online tablespace backup
54 Command to show the error               Make the database online / offline           Server managed recovery (RMAN rec.)     Show parameter values

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