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Oracle Consultant – William O'Shea


									                        Oracle Consultant – William O’Shea
Name:                      William O’Shea
Address:                   85 Newtown Rd
                           Marlow, Buckinghamshire
                           SL7 1PY
                           Mobile:       +44 (0)7881 785 922

Education:                 MBA       1993       Manchester Business School
                                     Manchester, England
                           B.Sc.     1987       University of Waterloo
                                     Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
                           French    1983       College Internationale de Cannes
                                     Cannes, Cote D’Azur, France
                           HOSSD     1981       Notre Dame College School
                                     Welland, Ontario, Canada

Courses:                   ORACLE OFA 11i
                           ORACLE 9iAS Portal
                           ORACLE WEB Development & Administration
                           ORACLE Database Administration
                           ORACLE Application Tuning
                           ORACLE Replication
                           ORACLE Database Tuning

 Skill                              Experience      Skill                          Experience
 Oracle 5 ,6, 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g        10+ yrs      DBA                              10+ yrs

 Developer (forms) 2000, 6i, 9i        10+ yrs      Data Modeling (ERD, DFD FHD)     10+ yrs

 Designer, 2000, 6i, 9i                10+ yrs      Data Warehouse                   10+ yrs

 UNIX (DBA, shell script)              10+ yrs      Team Leader                      10+ yrs
 Oracle Tools (Loader, OEM,
                                       10+ yrs      Analyst                          10+ yrs
 DBA Studio, etc)
 9iAS, OAS 2,3,4                         6 yrs      Technical Architect              10+ yrs

 Windows (DBA, scripting)                6 yrs      Tuning                            8 yrs

 HTML, Java, VB Script, ASP              3 yrs      Project Leader                    6 yrs

 ELT tools: OWB, DataStage               8 yrs      Teaching                          1 yr

 Oracle Applications                     3 yrs      Oracle Partner                   10+ yrs
Mar 2007 – Present                                                Connecting for Health (CfH) Leeds, UK
Position: Data Warehouse Consultant / Technical Architect
 .Consulted to CfH, through Atos Origin, in regards to the Secondary User Services (SUS) data warehouse;
    which is currently the largest data warehouse in Europe, it holds all secondary care records for England.
 Worked with the business to develop the Non-Functional requirements or each release.
 Validated the Non-Functional Requirement Specifications as presented by the supplier, BT, against the actual
    CfH requirements.
 Provided assurance to CfH as to the technical robustness and sustainability of the BT’s System Architecture
 Consulted to CfH with respect to how to best use the available technology to achieve their Functional
 Consulted to BT with respect to the best practices with regards to the technology in use.
 Provided support to both CfH and BT with regards to an uplift from Oracle’s 9i platform to that of 10g; and that
    from a single shared Sun E15k to that of RACed pair of Sun E25k
 Consulted to CfH with respects to the Best Practices of data warehousing.
 Validated BT’s Operational Procedures in terms of the running of the SUS data warehouse.
 Consulted to CfH and BT in the use of pseudonymization within the database.

Environment:               ORACLE 10g, OWB 10g, RMAN, Oracle RAC, Oracle ASM, Business Objects XI,

Jan 2004 – Mar 2007                                                        Pfizer Ltd UK, Tadworth, UK
Position: Oracle Data Warehouse Consultant / DBA
 Consulted on two large enterprise DWHs.
 Set up support and load maintenance infrastructure for both DWHs using EWOC.
 Consulted on performance tuning, data quality issues and schema design concerns to Accenture, Cognizant and
    BearingPoint on and off site consultants.
 Designed production and development environments structure and configuration.
 Consulted to IBM with respect to implementation of said environments.
 Designed Tivoli workflow schedule for both DWH ETL processes.
 Developed and implemented control mechanisms for data quality within both DWHs
 Lead for bringing financial data into the EuCan Data Warehouse.
       o Managed and designed overall plan
       o Liaised with stakeholders on project scope
       o Wrote Requirements specifications document
       o Wrote detail design and architecture document
       o Designed ETL (DataStage) process and Stage, Atomic and DM data models
       o Integrated load process with EWOC
       o Designed and developed PL/SQL process for loading FACTs using new 10g features.
       o Wrote deployment documentation
       o Wrote System test, Integration and UAT test plan and exit criteria
       o Managed developers and testers time and effort
       o Coordinated costing and T&M for project
       o Delivered project on time and within budget.
 Installed EWOC to manage all audit controls, load metrics, data quality assurances and support activities
 Designed and developed dynamic ETL Replication process from Siebel using EWOC.
 Setup Super-DBA and Local-DBA environments within OFA 11i.
 DWH 1 is a reporting tool for the Oracle Applications system for Pfizer EuCan (Europe, Canada, the Middle
    East and Africa), consisting of: Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables and Oracle Order
    Entry. A daily extract was created using Materialized views and views, to create flat files, these files were then

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     loaded using OWB and external tables. EWOC was used as the load control and load-reporting tool. A feed
     from the DWH was used to interface with OFA.
    DWH 2 is a EuCan wide DWH reporting system on external sales (IMS), Financials (Oracle Applications) and
     CRM (Siebel ECMS) data from all EuCan countries, ETL is performed by a combination of EWOC, PL/SQL
     and DataStage.
    Designed, configured and developed the backup strategy using RMAN.

Environment:               ORACLE 10g & 9i, OFA 11i, CVS, Discoverer 9i, Designer 9i, Developer 9i, OWB 9i,
                           DataStage 7, 7.5, RMAN, Cognos 7 & 8, MS Project, Oracle Applications, Enterprise
                           Manager, Windows NT

May 2002 – Dec 2003                                          Johnson & Johnson UK, Maidenhead, UK
Position: Data Warehouse Specialist & DBA
 Designed a Star Schema Data Warehouse system for J&J Retail Sales Division.
 Installed, upgraded and maintained all Production and development Oracle Databases.
 Installed and implemented 9iAS.
 Used Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i, an ETL tool, to design hierarchies and levels of dimension tables.
 Used Designer 9i to design table layouts, tablespace definitions, documentation, table sizes and Package
 Extracted data from Flat Files, Oracle 7 & 8, MS SQL Sever 7.
 Built PL/SQL packages (Extractions, Translations & Loaders), using both TOAD and OWB.
 Used Cognos 7, for user OLAP tool.
 Used 9iAS for its portal capabilities.
 Built front-end in Developer 9i for all maintenance screens.
 Used EWOC for All error tracking, messaging and development templates.
 Developed Dynamic HTML generator for producing reports in PL/SQL.

Environment:               ORACLE 8.i & 9i, 9iAS and Portal, Cognos 7, SQL Server 7, Designer 9i, Developer 9i,
                           OWB 3i, MS Project, J-Developer, Enterprise Manager, DBA Studio, Windows NT

Aug 2001 – April 2002                                                       AMS Systems, Luxembourg
Position: Senior Consultant, DBA, Project Leader, and Data Modeler
 Worked for this consulting firm at a Satellite service company, Europe on Line.
 Installed, upgraded and maintained all Production and development Oracle Databases.
 Installed and implemented 9iAS.
 Implemented Oracle Portal, as an internal source for reports and information.
 Designed and developed a CRM, Billing & Call Center System in Oracle Forms 6i & Reports 6i using Designer
    6i and the forms server on 9iAS.
 Designed the Data warehouse system for the transaction database, using Oracle Warehouse Builder (ETL Tool)
    using a Data Staging Area (DSA).
 Managed a team of developers and analysts.
 Coordinated all user and upper management relations.
 Developed and maintained schedule of delivery (on MS Project), management reports, and documentation.
 Developed an internal CRM system for AMS, in Forms and Designer

Environment:               ORACLE 8.i & 9i, 9iAS and Portal, Designer 6i, Developer 6i, OWB 3i, MS Project, J-
                           Developer, XML, Enterprise Manager, DBA Studio, SUN Solaris, Windows NT

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Jul 2000 – Jul 2001                                                Clearstream Services, Luxembourg
Position: Project Leader, Technical Architect, DBA, and Oracle Consultant
 Designed a Data Warehouse for CRM system; which included Securities and Currency transactions, SAP
    Financial Costs, Activity Management System, Account Balances and SAP Billing.
 Investigated Data Mining solutions of the DWH for CRM.
 Developed a Business Objects Universe for end users.
 Designed Materialized Views, some dynamic, for BO to use to improve performance.
 Designed the Star Schema DWH in Designer 2000 6i, and Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB).
 Designed and implemented performance enhancements. Materialized Views, partitions and sub-partitions,
    dimensions, parallel loads and reads, etc.
 Developed and implemented programming standards.
 Designed and developed Extraction Translate Load (ETL) system for the DWH in Perl and PL/SQL using a
    DSA, both manually and using OWB an ETL tool.
 Used OWB’s SAP Integrator to gain access to SAP’s data.
 Developed dynamic HTML and JAVA (J-Developer) for lookup and Dimension maintenance.
 Developed reports on Discoverer 3.i
 Managed a team of developers and analysts.
 Coordinated all user and upper management relations.
 Developed and maintained schedule of delivery (on MS Project), management reports, and documentation.
Environment:               ORACLE 8.i, Designer 6i, OWB, SAP, Business Objects, MS Project, J-Developer,
                           Clearcase, Enterprise Manager, DBA Studio, Oracle Discoverer 3.i, Windows NT, SUN

Feb 2000 – Jul 2000                                                         Chase Mellon, NJ, USA
Position: Technical Architect
 Designed Share Holder services data base using Designer 2000.
 Developed process model for ChaseMellon Dividend payment system.
 Designed Data Warehouse, star schema for shareholder system CRM.
 Constructed ERD, DFD and Function Map for the system.
 Consulted on methodology to use to develop web based system for training.
Environment:             ORACLE 8i, Designer 2000, Windows NT, SUN Solaris

Oct 1999 – Feb 2000                                                        Schlumberger, Gatwick, UK
Position: Team Leader, DBA and Technical Architect
 Running a small team of developers in a project to convert current system into and Oracle system.
 Developed the production schedule and deliverable content.
 Designed new ERD and Function Hierarchy.
 Developed new design strategy for system implementations.
 Designed system in a multi tier system to allow for CORBA and Web usage.
 Trained developers and analysts in new software, including Designer 2000.
 Designed and developed and assisted other developers in the production of all PL/SQL stored procedures.
Environment:            ORACLE 8, Designer 2000, Enterprise Manager, Windows NT, SUN Solaris

Feb 1999 – Oct 1999                                                         Rebus Media, London, UK
Position: Team Leader, DBA, Technical Architect, Analyst and Pre-sales
 Team leader of medium sized team of Analysts and Programmers
 Managed work schedule and monitored progress.
 Assigned tasks to development team and checked for alignment with specification.
 Designed and developed an interactive resource system for Interactive TV.

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 Designed DB for web management tool.
 Designed, developed and assisted other developers in PL/SQL packages.
 Developed links to other third party software.
 Developed stored Java procedures that allowed interaction between web and DB.
 Demonstrations to potential clients
 Developed dynamic HTML front end.
 Business analysis in terms of web requirements for potential clients.
 Presenting product and trade shows.
Environment:             ORACLE 8.0.5, 8i, Designer 2000 V2.1.2, Developer 2000 V2.1, Windows NT, SUN
                         Solaris, Java, HTML, SYBASE

Jul 1999 – Oct 1999                                                       Sema Group, Madrid, Spain
Position: ORACLE Consultant
 Allocated tasks to developers according to ability.
 Assisted technically in all aspects of Oracle related issues.
 Provided technical assistance a for Pay-as-you-go mobile phone systems.
 Performed all DBA functions, including DB design, layout and implementation
 Provided technical assistance to developers in Pro*C, PL/SQL and reports
 Developed programming standards and methodology to developers
 Tuned both code and DB to optimum performance levels.
Environment: ORACLE 8.0.5, Designer 2000 V2.1.2, Pro*C, Windows NT, SUN Solaris, UNIX

Ongoing                                                                         WCE Ltd., Marlow, UK
Position: Oracle Consultant, owner
 Own and operate my own company on a part time basis.
 Member of Oracle’s Partner Program.
 Specialize in Tuning and installations.
 Developed EWOC, Enterprise Wide Oracle Components, a set of Forms, PL/SQL packages, reports and
    designer tools that “Kick Start” development in Developer and Designer.
 Most clients were recommended to call me by Oracle themselves.
 Give Oracle courses in SQL, PL/SQL, Designer, Forms and Relational Modeling
 Worked for various clients performing a variety of Oracle functions.
 Consulted on various aspects on how to best use oracle and it various features.
 Developed small applications for clients.
 Developed web sites for clients.
 Performed Charity work for organizations such as hospitals.
Environment:               ORACLE 8.i, 7.x, 6.x, Designer 6i, Developer 6i, J-Developer, Enterprise Manager, DBA
                           Studio, VBScript, ASP, Java, HTML, Windows NT, Various Client Hardware and

Oct 1998 – Feb 1999                                                                 Axial UK Ltd. Barking, UK
DBA, Technical Architect
Jan 1998 – Oct 98                                                        Labatt Breweries- Toronto, ON, Canada
DBA, Systems Analyst, Web Administrator and Data Warehouse Administrator
May 1997 – November 1997                                                          RIM - Waterloo, ON, Canada
Project Leader, System Architect, DBA, and Web Administrator
February 1997 - May 1997                                                             CCA - Houston, TX, USA
DBA for Data Warehouse
May 1994 - January 1997                                                      Blue Cross - Moncton, NB, Canada
Specialty Team Leader, Technical Architect, DBA and Data warehouse

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September 1993 - May 1994                                                       VMI - Toronto, Canada
Data Modeler, DBA
February 1993 - September 1993                                        Oracle UK - Manchester, England
DBA, Analyst/Programmer
December 1992 - February 1993                                           AT&T Istel - Redditch, England
September 1992                                                            NAMMA - Munich, Germany
DBA / Consultant, SUN Workstation, SUN OS, ORACLE V6
February 1991 - August 1992                                                    Cedel SA – Luxembourg
September 1990 - January 1991                                      Citi Bank - Frankfurt/Main, Germany
DBA, A/P – SQL*Forms 2.3 & 3, Oracle V6, VMS
July 1989 - September 1990                                                BP Chemicals Ltd. - Hull, UK
Analyst/Programmer, DBA - ORACLE V5/6, Forms 2.3/3, UNIX
October 1988 - June 1989                                           Catalyst Systems Ltd. - Chesham, UK
Analyst/Programmer - ORACLE V5, Forms 2.3, DOS, and UNIX
September 1987 - July 1988                                        R. T. Ward - Haywards Heath, England
Analyst/Programmer, ORACLE V5, and Forms 2/2.3, UNIX
May 1985 – June 1987                                               Mode Technologies - Ontario, Canada
Programmer/Analyst - dBase II/III, Clipper, and DOS
January 1984 - August 1984                                        Trilogy Systems - Cupertino, CA, USA
Chip Engineer - MVS, VM/CMS, COBOL, and Pascal

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