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Making the Difference


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									      Houston Independent School District
     2011 Combined Charities

“Making the Difference”

 October 11–October 29, 2010
Making the Difference
                           On October 11, 2010, we kick off our annual employee Combined
                           Charities Campaign. Everyone in HISD—employees, students,
                           families—has always been quick to respond to people’s needs in
                           Houston and throughout the world, and our employees have demon-
                           strated similar concern and generosity in the annual campaign that
                           raises funds for the 600 nonprofit organizations that are part of the

                             The services these organizations provide to families in Houston and
elsewhere are especially important in these times of economic stress and devastating natural
disasters. But these services also focus on such important issues as education, the environment,
health concerns, and social justice.

People become educators because they want to contribute to the betterment of their city, their
state, their nation, and their world. This is also what motivates people to contribute to the
Combined Charities Campaign. You support for this vital effort will help the participating
organizations touch the lives of countless people in Houston and around the globe. The online
payroll-deduction pledge system makes it easier and more private to give this year than ever
before. Your Combined Charities Campaign coordinator will distribute campaign brochures
and demonstrate the features of the online system.

Thank you for helping Team HISD make Houston a better place to live and to learn, and thank
you for helping the Combined Charities Campaign assist people in need whoever and wherever
they may be.

                                                                Terry B. Grier, Ed.D.
                                                                Superintendent of Schools
How To Contribute—Easy As 1-2-3
1. Select         Select a charity for donations by clicking on the charity’s name. The charity will appear in a list box for
   Charity        your review. You may select as many as you like. To make your pledge, click “Continue.”
2. Payment        You will be able to view your selected charities. Please note: Only charities with contribution amounts
   Options        will be recorded and processed.
                  Pledge/Payment: Select one of the two payment options in the drop-down box for each charity to which
                  you wish to contribute. The amount should be entered in whole dollars with no dollar sign or decimals.
                  There is a minimum donation of $2 (two dollars) for each payment option.
                       • 26-Payroll Deductions (Option-1)
                         By selecting this option, your donation will be deducted on every paycheck in the 2011 calendar year.
                       • One-Time Payroll Deduction (Option-2)
                         By selecting this option, your full donation will be deducted on your 1/05/11 paycheck
                         (or the payday containing your first earnings of 2011).
                       • Pledge Amount
                         Place the amount you wish to contribute in the “Amount” box. Your pledge amount is calculated
                         once you click “Update.” A “Grand Total” is calculated at the bottom of the page.
3. Review         Confirmation/Receipt
   and               • “I would like a confirmation e-mail sent from HISD.” Check this box to receive an e-mail
   Submit              confirmation from HISD.
                       • “I would like a confirmation receipt mailed to me from the charities listed above.” Check this box
                         to receive an acknowledgement from the federation handling payment to your selected charities.
                         Click on “edit address” to update your address
                  Submit Donations
                       • Review pledge form and click the “Submit Donations” button. You will automatically see a
                         confirmation page to confirm your participation.

Note: If you choose not to contribute to the campaign, please select the specified checkbox on the CCC home page. This information is kept
confidential and will not appear in any reports. It is used solely to ensure that all employees have been given the opportunity to participate.

HISD Combined Charities Campaign Website
To access the HISD Combined Charities Campaign website:
   Click on the Combined Charities Campaign link on the HISD website homepage (www.houstonisd.org)
   Visit www.houstonisd.org/portal/site/CombinedCharities; or
   Click on “C” in the “Department Search” box on the HISD website homepage, then select “Combined
   Charities Campaign.”
The following is a list of federations and the charities they support.
To make your charitable contribution, use the federation or individual charity code from below as directed on the online pledge form. If you have any questions
about the campaign or pledge form, contact your Combined Charities Coordinator.

0000 HISD Foundation                           0171    Katy Prairie Conservancy                  0258    ECHO                                     0328 Community of Tomorrow
The Houston Independent School District        0129    Land Trust Alliance                       0219    FINCA International, Inc.                     Economic Redevelopment Corp.
Foundation (HISD Foundation) is a private      0130    National Audubon Society                  0220    Freedom from Hunger                      0338 Community Outreach Partnership
not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that     01A0    National Fish and Wildlife                0200    Global Impact                            0321 George “Mickey” Leland
exists to facilitate financial contributions           Foundation                                                                                      Library and Museum
that support the purpose and goals of the                                                        0264    Habitat for Humanity International
                                               0132    National Parks Conservation               0221    Health Volunteers Overseas               0315 Inner-City Action Network
Houston Independent School District.
Initiatives may be district wide or school-            Association                               0222    Heifer Project International             0316 Inner-City Mothers & Daughters
specific. Current projects include Fund for    0134    National Wildlife Federation                                                                    Educational Training
                                                                                                 0254    Helen Keller International
the Future to respond to emerging needs,       0135    Natural Resources Defense                                                                  0346 Janines Sarcoidosis Outreach
                                                                                                 0224    International Eye Foundation                  Foundation & Support Group
and the Fine Arts Strategic Plan to bring              Council
Fine Arts back into all HISD schools.                                                            0246    International Orthodox                   0330 Launch Point CDC, Inc
                                               0156    Nature Conservancy of Texas, The                  Christian Charities
The HISD Foundation is led by a Board          0172    Peregrine Fund, The                                                                        0333 Phoenix Outreach Community
of Directors composed of more than 20                                                            0242    International Relief Teams                    Development Corp.
community leaders.                             0137    Pesticide Action Network                  0226    International Rescue Committee
                                               0138    Protect Lake Travis Association                                                            0323 S.H.A.P.E. Community Center
0000 HISD Foundation                                                                             0262    International Youth Foundation           0311 SEHAH Youth Program
0004 HISD Foundation Student                   0139    Public Citizen of Texas                   0227    Lutheran World Relief
                                               0141    Rainforest Alliance                                                                        0312 Senior Citizens Center of
         Scholarship Fund                                                                        0249    Mercy Corps International                     Greater Northside, Inc.
                                               0188    Recycling Alliance of Texas               0228    Near East Foundation                     0335 Sure Thing St/2 Youth
0100 Earth Share of Texas                      0143    Rocky Mountain Institute                  0229    OPPORTUNITY International                0342 T & T Ministry
One gift supports the work of all              0189    San Marcos River Foundation               0230    Oxfam America                            0347 Urban Center for Health &
participating charities working to protect     0145    Save Barton Creek Association                                                                   Wellness
                                                                                                 0261    PATH
natural resources and public health.           0173    Save Our Springs Alliance                 0253    PCI-Media Impact                         0314 Urban Theatre, Inc.
0101 African Wildlife Foundation               0147    Sierra Club Foundation                    0245    Plan USA
0102 American Farmland Trust                   0149    SPARK School Park Program                 0233    Planned Parenthood Federation of         0400 America’s Charities
0103 American Forests                          0150    Student Conservation Association                  America—International                    Working to build strong communities.
0105 American Rivers                           0174    Surfrider Foundation                                                                       Addressing needs of children, families,
                                                                                                 0235    Project HOPE
0106 Audubon Foundation of Texas               0151    Texas Bicycle Coalition                                                                    communities through member programs, by
                                                                                                 0247    Rotary Foundation of
0184 Austin Parks Foundation                           Education Fund                                    Rotary International                     helping employers and employees support
0180 Bat Conservation International            0177    Texas Campaign for the                    0250    Salvation Army World Service             our member charities’ programs.
0107 Bayou Preservation Association                    Enviroment Fund                                   Office (SAWSO)                           0402 American Center for Law
0131 Beyond Pesticides/National                0136    Texas Parks and Wildlife                  0236    Save the Children                                and Justice
        Coalition Against the Misuse                   Foundation                                0255    TechnoServe                              04A1 American Red Cross of
        of Pesticides                          0154    Texas Solar Energy Society                                                                         Central Texas
                                                                                                 0237    UNICEF, U.S. Fund for
0198 Blackland Prairie Raptor Center           0160    Tree Folks, Inc.                                                                           0400 America’s Charities
                                                                                                 0238    Unitarian Universalist
0110 Center for Health, Environment,           0158    Trust for Public Land—Texas, The                  Service Committee                        0404 Amnesty International USA
        and Justice                            0163    U.S. Public Interest Research                                                              04A3 Animal Trustee of Austin
                                                                                                 0251    United Methodist
0109 Center for Maximum Potential                      Group Education Fund                              Committee on Relief                      0439 Austin Children’s Shelter
        Building Systems, Inc.                 0162    Union of Concerned Scientists                                                              0444 Breast Cancer Resource
                                                                                                 0239    United Seamen’s Service
0185 Children’s Environmental                  0159    Wilderness Society, The                                                                            Centers of Texas
                                                                                                 0263    William J. Clinton Foundation
        Health Institute                                                                                                                          0448 Cancer Research and Prevention
                                               0133    Wildflower Donor Inc. (Lady Bird          0241    World Relief Corporation
0111 Citizens’ Environmental Coalition                 Johnson Wildflower Center)                                                                         Foundation (Prevent Cancer
0112 Clean Water Fund of Texas                 0165    Wildlife Conservation Society                                                                      Foundation)
                                                                                                 0300 Black United Fund of                        0407 Cancer Research for Children—
0199 Colorado River Foundation                 0179    Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation                 Texas Charities                                 CureSearch (National Childhood
0155 Conservation Fund, The                    0167    World Wildlife Fund                       Black United Fund of Texas helps raise                   Cancer Foundation)
0113 Conservation International                                                                  funds for non-profits that are involved with     0433 Caring for Children
0114 Defenders of Wildlife                     0200 Global Impact                                helping the community change their condi-                Foundation of Texas, Inc.
0186 Earth Day Network                         Supports U.S.-based charities working             tions for the positive. How do we do this?
                                                                                                 We bring the non-profit under the umbrella       0406 Catholics United for Life
0148 Earthjustice                              globally. We provide disaster relief, treat the                                                    0483 Diabetes Research and
                                               sick, feed the hungry, shelter refugees,          of Black United Fund of Texas and expose
0100 Earth Share of Texas                                                                        them to thousands of people in the work-                 Wellness Foundation
0117 Ecology Action of Texas                   teach children to read, train adults for jobs.
                                                                                                 force, from the sanitation workers to top        0490 Diabetes Research
0118 Endangered Species Media Project          0201 ACCION International                         executives. Those employees are invited to               Institute Foundation, Inc.
0120 Environmental and Energy                  0203 African Medical and                          annual “campaigns” and are given an              0484 Dress for Success Worldwide
        Study Institute                                 Research Foundation (AMREF)              opportunity to hear a presentation or receive    0411 Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Home
0121 Environmental Defense                     0204 Africare                                     literature about each non-profit. After which,
                                                                                                 the employees decide which non-profit they       0422 Feed The Children
        Fund—Texas                             0206 American Jewish World
                                                        Service, Inc.                            would like to support through payroll            0462 Fellowship of Christian Athletes
0122 Environmental Law Institute                                                                 contributions or a one-time donation.            0441 Fund for Animals, The
0182 Friends of Big Bend National Park         0207 American Leprosy Foundation
                                               0208 American Near East                           0302 Afrikan Center of Well-Being                0410 Give Kids The World
0123 Friends of the Earth                                                                        0327 Bennet House                                0488 Hole In The Wall Gang Fund, The
                                                        Refugee Aid (ANERA)
0192 Galveston Bay Foundation                                                                    0303 Better Way Youth Program, Inc.              0405 Hospice America (American
                                               0209 American Refugee Committee
0197 Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance                                                            0325 Black United Fund of Texas                          Hospice Foundation)
                                               0210 AmeriCares
0194 Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust                                                                0300 Black United Fund of                        0477 Humane Society of the
                                               0211 CARE
0187 Hill Country Conservancy                                                                             Texas Charities                                 United States, The
                                               0214 ChildFund International
0127 Izaak Walton League of America                                                              0317 Black Women for a                           0491 "I Have a Dream" Foundation®
                                               0256 Christian Reformed World
0196 Jane Goodall Institute for                         Relief Committee (CRWRC)                          Changing Society                        0424 Lance Armstrong Foundation
        Wildlife Research, Education,                                                            0337 Class of 1981 Phillis Wheatley              0414 Make-A-Wish Foundation®
        and Conservation, The                  0257 Church World Service/CROP
                                                                                                          High School Association                         of America
                                               0217 Doctors Without Borders USA
0445 Marathon Kids                              0525 North Carolina Central                   0623   Oakwood College (AL)                  0724 Family Services of Greater
04A4 Mothers Against Drunk Driving                   University (NC)                          0624   Paine College (GA)                          Houston
0493 NAACP Legal Defense and                    0540 North Carolina Central                   0625   Paul Quinn (TX)                       0725 Family Time Crisis and
     Educational Fund                                University Law School (NC)               0626   Philander Smith College (AR)                Counseling Center
0458 Marywood                                   0526 Prairie View A&M University (TX)         0627   Rust College (MS)                     0726 Fifth Ward Enrichment
0419 NARAL Pro-Choice America                   0527 Savannah State University (GA)                                                              Program, Inc.
                                                                                              0628   Saint Augustine’s College (NC)
     Foundation                                 0528 South Carolina State                                                                  0727 Fort Bend County
                                                                                              0629   Saint Paul’s College (VA)                   Women’s Center, Inc.
0420 National Black Child                            University (SC)
                                                                                              0630   Shaw University (NC)                  0728 Fort Bend Family Health
     Development Institute                      0529 Southern University and
                                                     A&M College (LA)                         0631   Spelman College (GA)                        Center, Inc.
0494 National Down Syndrome Society
                                                0552 Southern University at                   0632   Stillman College (AL)                 0729 Fort Bend Regional Council on
0496 National Organization for Rare
     Disorders (NORD)                                New Orleans (LA)                         0633   Talladega College (AL)                      Substance Abuse, Inc.
0442 National Trust for Historic                0553 Southern University at                   0615   Texas College (TX)                    0730 Fort Bend Seniors Meals on
     Preservation in the United States               Shreveport—Bossier City (LA)             0634   Tougaloo College (MS)                       Wheels & Much, Much More!
0423 Native American Rights Fund                0541 Southern University                      0635   Tuskegee University (AL)              0732 Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council
0415 Orphan Foundation of America                    Law School (LA)                          0600   UNCF—United Negro                     0733 Good Neighbor Healthcare Center
0486 PetSmart Charities                         0530 Tennessee State University (TN)                 College Fund, Inc.                    0736 Houston Area Urban League
0430 Population Connection/ZPG                  0531 Texas Southern University (TX)           0636   Virginia Union University (VA)        0737 Houston Area Women’s Center
0499 Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF)         0542 Texas Southern University                0637   Voorhees College (SC)                 0784 Innovative Alternatives, Inc.
                                                     Law School (TX)                          0638   Wilberforce University (OH)           0739 Interfaith Ministries for
0465 Ronald McDonald House
     Charities®                                 0500 Thurgood Marshall                        0639   Wiley College (TX)                          Greater Houston
                                                     Scholarship Fund                         0640   Xavier University (LA)                0740 Jewish Community Center
0449 Texas Civil Rights Project
                                                0532 Tuskegee University (AL)                                                                    of Houston
0426 Texas Network of Youth Services
                                                0533 University of Arkansas                   0700- United Way of                          0741 Jewish Family Service
0438 Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance                     at Pine Bluff (AR)                       1500 Greater Houston                         0742 Julia C. Hester House, Inc.
04A2 United Healthcare Children’s               0534 University of Maryland,
     Foundation                                                                               Funds programs that develop children and     0751 Legacy Community Health
                                                     Eastern Shore(MD)                        youth, create strong families and safe             Services, Inc.
0489 VSA arts of Texas                          0535 University of the District               neighborhoods, sustain senior independ-      0767 Lighthouse of Houston, The
                                                     of Columbia (DC)                         ence, rebuild lives while providing strong   0743 Literary Advance of Houston, Inc.
0500 Thurgood Marshall                          0550 University of the District               stewardship of your dollars.
        College Fund                                                                                                                       0787 Local Initiatives Support
                                                     of Columbia Law School (DC)              1502 Aid to Victims of Domestic                    Corporation
A national organization providing merit         0536 University of the Virgin Islands                Abuse (AVDA)
scholarships and programmatic support for                                                                                                  0734 Lone Star Legal Aid
                                                0537 Virginia State University (VA)           0756 Alliance for Multicultural              0745 Mental Health America of
250,000 students attending 47 public                                                                 Community Services
Historically Black Colleges and Universities.   0548 West Virginia State University (WV)                                                         Greater Houston
                                                0538 Winston-Salem State                      0701 American Cancer Society                 0749 Montgomery County
0501 Alabama A&M University (AL)
                                                     University (NC)                          0702 American Red Cross—                           Women’s Center
0502 Alabama State University (AL)                                                                   Greater Houston Area Chapter
                                                0549 York College (NY)                                                                     0752 Montrose Counseling Center
0503 Albany State College (GA)                                                                0704 AVANCE, Inc.—Houston
0504 Alcorn State University (MS)                                                                                                          0753 Multicultural Education and Coun
                                                0600 United Negro College Fund                0705 Avondale House                                seling Through the Arts (M.E.C.A.)
0545 Bluefield State College (WV)                                                             0706 BACODA—Bay Area Council on
                                                UNCF provides college scholarships and                                                     0754 Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
0505 Bowie State University (MD)                other financial support so that more than            Drugs and Alcohol, Inc.               0785 S.E.A.R.C.H.
0506 Central State University (OH)              55,000 deserving students each year can       0707 Bay Area Rehabilitation Center          0757 Salvation Army, The
0546 Charles R. Drew University (CA)            get the college education they need           0779 Bay Area Turning Point, Inc.
                                                and want but cannot afford. Enhancing the                                                  0758 San Jose Clinic
0507 Cheyney University of                                                                    0710 Big Brothers Big Sisters of
        Pennsylvania (PA)                       quality of education by providing financial                                                0759 Santa Maria Hostel, Inc.
                                                                                                     Greater Houston
0543 Chicago State University (IL)              assistance, operating funds, and increased                                                 0760 Sheltering Arms Senior Services
                                                access for students and faculty…because       0711 Boy Scouts of America—
0508 Coppin State University (MD)                                                                    Sam Houston Area Council              0762 Spaulding for Children
                                                “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”®                                                    0763 Star of Hope Mission
0509 Delaware State University (DE)             Ninety percent of gifts given to UNCF are     0780 Boys & Girls Clubs of
0510 Elizabeth City State University (NC)       used for scholarships to support students            Greater Houston, Inc.                 0782 Target Hunger
0511 Fayetteville State University (NC)         attending HISD.                               0764 Bridge Over Troubled Waters,            0770 United Cerebral Palsy of
                                                0641 Allen University (SC)                           Inc., The                                   Greater Houston
0512 Florida A&M University (FL)
                                                0602 Benedict College (SC)                    0712 Career and Recovery                     0700-1500 United Way of Greater
0554 Florida A&M University                                                                                                                      Houston
        College of Law (FL)                     0603 Bennett College (NC)                            Resources, Inc.
                                                                                              0713 Catholic Charities of the               0771 University Speech, Language &
0513 Fort Valley State University (GA)          0604 Bethune-Cookman College (FL)                                                                Hearing Clinic
                                                                                                     Archdiocese of Galveston—
0514 Grambling State University (LA)            0605 Claflin College (SC)                            Houston                               0773 Volunteers of America Texas
0547 Harris-Stowe State University (MO)         0606 Clark Atlanta University (GA)            0765 Center for Hearing and Speech           0774 Wellsprings, Inc.
0515 Howard University (DC)                     0607 Dillard University (LA)                  0714 Center Serving Persons with             0775 Wesley Community Center, Inc.
0539 Howard University Law                      0608 Edward Waters College (FL)                      Mental Retardation, The               0769 Women’s Home, The
        School (DC)                             0609 Fisk University (TN)                     0717 Child Care Council of                   0777 YMCA of the Greater Houston Area
0516 Jackson State University (MS)              0610 Floria Memorial University (FL)                 Greater Houston, Inc.
0517 Kentucky State University (KY)             0611 Huston-Tillotson College (TX)            0718 Chinese Community Center                0800 Local Independent
0518 Langston University (OK)                   0612 Interdenominational                      0719 Colorado Valley Transit, Inc.                   Charities of Texas
0519 Lincoln University (MO)                            Theological Center (GA)               0731 Community Family Centers, Inc.          We share your gift among local independ-
0520 Lincoln University (PA)                    0613 Jarvis Christian College (TX)            0738 Council on Alcohol and                  ent charitable organizations helping
0544 Medgar Evers College (NY)                  0614 Johnson C. Smith University (NC)                Drugs Houston, The                    children, the poor, the ill, the disabled,
0521 Mississippi Valley State                   0616 Lane College (TN)                        0720 Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc.    the elderly, and others in need.
        University (MS)                         0617 LeMoyne-Owen College (TN)                0721 CROSSROADS: Community                   0884 Admiral Nimitz Foundation
0522 Morgan State University (MD)               0618 Livingstone College (NC)                        Partnership for Youth, Inc.           0803 AIDS Foundation Houston
0523 Norfolk State University (VA)              0619 Miles College (AL)                       0722 Denver Harbor Senior                    0878 AIDS Research Consortium
0524 North Carolina A&T State                   0620 Morehouse College (GA)                          Citizens, Inc.                                of Houston
        University (NC)                         0622 Morris College (SC)                      0723 DePelchin Children’s Center             0806 Angel Flight South Central
0877    Animal Defense League of Texas          1049 American Liver Foundation                   1147   ACLU Foundation of Texas              1744 Baptist Charities of America
0815    Arc of Greater Houston                  0953 American Lung Association                   1101   ADAPT of Texas                        1745 Baptist Children’s Home Ministries
0809    Arc of Texas                                  of Texas                                   1127   BEAT AIDS, Inc.                       1793 Believe In Tomorrow National
0869    Burn Survivors Throughout               1005 Arthritis Foundation, Texas                 1140   Center for Public Policy Priorities        Children’s Foundation
        the World                               0901 Autism Speaks                               1161   Central Texas SPCA                    1225 Best Buddies for Children
0812    Can Care of Houston                     0959 Breast Cancer Network of Strength           1100   Community Shares of Texas                  with Mental Retardation
0854    Christian Community                     0958 Breast Cancer, Susan G. Komen               1159   Equality Texas Foundation             17A5 Black Charities for Children,
        Service Center                                for the Cure                                                                                 Families, Communities
                                                                                                 1162   Genaustin
0814    Drug Prevention Resources               1023 Cancer Research Institute                                                                1779 Bone Marrow Donor
                                                                                                 1108   Gray Panthers                              Registry—America
0882    Family Crisis Center                    0905 Children’s Heart Foundation                 1158   Helping the Aging, Needy and
0823    Greater Houston Athletic Assn.          0906 Children’s Tumor Foundation                                                              1746 Boone and Crockett Club
                                                                                                        Disabled (H.A.N.D)                         Foundation
        for the Physically Disabled             0900-1000 Community Health                       1133   House the Homeless
0856    Guide Dogs of Texas                           Charities of Texas                                                                      1208 Brain Tumor Association, American
                                                                                                 1113   NARAL Pro-Choice Texas                1780 Breast Cancer African American,
0872    Harris County Drug Court                1006 Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation                     Foundation (formerly TARAL)
        Support Foundation                            of America                                                                                   Sisters Network
                                                                                                 1142   Project MEND (Medical Equipment       1764 Breast Cancer Fund
0883    Healthy Family Initiatives              0913 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,                        Network for the Disabled), Inc.
0857    Helping Restore Ability                       Texas Gulf Coast Chapter                                                                1781 C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation
                                                                                                 1135   Sustainable Food Center
0873    Heritage Society                        0903 Depression & Bipolar Support                                                             1782 Cancer Curing Society
                                                                                                 1150   Texas Coalition to Abolish the
0865    Homeless Network of Texas                     Alliance                                          Death Penalty                         1783 Cancer Research Fund of the
                                                1007 Easter Seal Society                                                                           Damon Runyon—Walter Winchell
0821    Houston Hospice                                                                          1118   Texas Folklife Resources                   Foundation
0866    Houston SPCA                            1008 Epilepsy Foundation of                      1120   Texas Low Income Housing
                                                      Southeast Texas                                                                         1747 Cancer Research Fund
0867    Houston Volunteer                                                                               Information Service                        VHL Alliance
        Lawyers Program                         0949 First Candle/SIDS Alliance                  1128   Texas Ratepayers’ Organization
                                                0955 Huntington’s Disease                                                                     1748 Canine Assistants
0859    Literacy Council of                                                                             to Save Energy
                                                      Society of America                                                                      1218 Canine Companions for
        Fort Bend County                                                                         1144   Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc.            Independence
0800    Local Independent                       0922 Juvenile Diabetes Research                  1160   Zachary Scott Theatre Center
                                                      Foundation, Houston Gulf                                                                1206 Canines for Disabled Kids
        Charities of Texas
                                                      Coast Chapter                                                                           1209 CASA—Court Appointed
0836    Lutheran Social Services                                                                 1200- America’s Best Charities                    Advocates for Abused Children
        of the South                            0923 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
                                                                                                 1700 (Indpendent Charities of                17C2 Catholic Relief Services—USCCB
0851    Northwest Assistance Ministries         0926 Lupus Foundation of America,                        America)
                                                      Texas Gulf Coast Chapter                                                                1259 CHADD (Children and Adults
0874    Operation Homefront—Texas                                                                Feeding the hungry, sheltering the home-          with Attention Deficit Disorder)
                                                0927 March of Dimes Birth Defects                less, protecting the children, and healing
0852    Planned Parenthood of Houston                 Foundation, Texas                                                                       1765 Child Find of America
        and Southeast Texas                                                                      the sick. America’s finest independent
                                                1051 Mental Health Association in Texas          charities working with you to share the      17B5 Child Foundation
0845    Planned Parenthood of North Texas
                                                1009 Muscular Dystrophy Association              American way.                                1261 Child Rescue International
0843    Rose, The
                                                1034 NAMI Texas (National Alliance on            1777 A Mission For Children                  1795 Childhelp®
0811    Taping for the Blind                          Mental Illness)                            1252 Adoptable Children (North               1767 Childhood Brain Tumor
0848    Tarrant Area Food Bank                  1035 National Council on Alcoholism &                    American Council)                         Foundation
0849    Texas Association Against                     Drug Dependence                            17B6 Adoption and Humanitarian               1784 Childhood Cancer Research
        Sexual Assault                          1038 National Hemophilia                                 Aid—MAPS                                  Coalition
0885    Texas Dental Association,                     Foundation—Houston                         1725 Adoption Exchange                       1221 Children Awaiting Parents
        Smiles Foundation                       0954 National Kidney Foundation of               1726 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope             17D0 Children of the Night
0875    Texas Hearing and Service Dogs                Southeast Texas                            1298 Adventist Development and               1244 Children’s Angel Flight
0881    TOMAGWA Ministries                      1011 National Multiple Sclerosis Society,                Relief Agency International
        Medical Clinic                                                                                                                        17D1 Children’s Cancer Recovery
                                                      Lone Star Chapter                          1203 AIDS Programs of the National                Foundation
0861    Woman’s Fund for Health                 0956 National Parkinson Foundation                       Minority AIDS Council
        Education and Research, The                                                                                                           1222 Children’s Defense Fund
                                                0907 Pancreatic Cancer Action Network            1216 AIDS Treatment and Research             1274 Children’s Hopes &
0862    Write-Way Prison Ministries             1012 Prevent Blindness Texas                             Information—Project Inform                Dreams Foundation
                                                0957 Spina Bifida Association                    17A9 Air Ambulance Angels                    17D2 Children’s Hospital & Research
0900- Community Health                          0948 St. Jude Children’s Research                17C8 Alex’s Lemonade Stand                        Center Foundation
1000 Charities of Texas                               Hospital                                           Foundation                           17D3 Children’s Hunger Fund
Help fight the devastating diseases and         1052 Texas Scottish Rite Hospital                1202 Alzheimer’s Research
chronic illnesses that affect nearly every                                                                                                    1749 Children’s Miracle Network
                                                      for Children                                       Foundation—Fisher Center             1234 Children’s Medical Ministries
family in the HISD community. Member
health agencies are the premier charities in    0952 United Cerebral Palsy of Texas              1762 Alzheimer’s Foundation of America       1226 Chronic Fatigue and Immune
America working to find the cause, cure,                                                         1763 Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation            Dysfunction Syndrome Association
and treatment for the diseases that touch       1100 Community Shares of Texas                   1292 American Humane Association                  of America (CFIDS)
the lives of your loved ones and other HISD     Sustained change in this country has never       17C9 American Indian College Fund            17D4 Comfort for America’s
employees and students. Your gifts support      happened without the mobilization of aver-       1200-1700 America’s Best Charities                Uniformed Services
medical research, patient and family serv-      age citizens, changes in the attitudes that              (Independent Charities of America)   1268 Concerns of Police
ices, and public and professional education.    maintain the statues quo, improvement in                                                           Survivors (COPS)
Thank you for investing in the good health of                                                    1214 Amigos de las Americas
                                                public policies, and a social net that catches                                                1732 Conservation and
your loved ones!                                people when they need help. Community            17A4 Anxiety Disorders, Panic & Stress
                                                                                                         Research and Awareness                    Protection of Public Lands
0909 ALS Association, Greater                   Shares of Texas (CSTX) is a statewide
         Houston Chapter                        network of social justice organizations that     1728 Armed Forces Veterans                   1768 Convoy of Hope
1001 Alzheimer’s Association, Houston           are working to bring a sustained change                  Homes Foundation                     1228 Cornelia de Lange
         & Southeast Texas Chapter              right here in Texas. Our social justice affil-   1296 Asian Children’s Assistance                  Syndrome Foundation
1002 AMC Cancer Research Center                 iates are empowering Texans and providing                Limited                              1750 Correctional Peace Officers
                                                a voice to the voiceless. CSTX is serious        1210 ASPCA: American Society for the              Foundation
0902 American Cancer Society,                   about the need to make these changes in
         Texas Division                                                                                  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals     1751 COTA Children’s Organ
                                                our society and that is why we recruit some      1729 Autism Intervention and Treatment            Transplant Association
1003 American Diabetes Association              of the most forward-thinking social-justice              Research—Organization                1702 Covenant House
0904 American Heart Association,                affiliates who are committed to helping
         Texas Affiliate                        those who need it most.                                  for Autism Research                  1785 Diabetes & Immune Disease
                                                                                                 1205 Autoimmune Diseases Association              National Research Institute
1240 Diabetes Action Research and            1297 National Children’s Advocacy                   1307 Children’s Hunger Relief Fund                  1904 Child Builders
     Education Foundation                         Center                                         1333 Children’s Cancer Assistance                   1957 Children At Heart Foundation
1229 Disabled American Veterans (DAV)        1280 National FFA Foundation                             Fund (The National Children’s                  1905 Children’s Advocacy Centers
     Charitable Service Trust                17A2 Operation Compassion                                Cancer Society, Inc.)                               of Texas
17B8 Disabled Sports USA                     1737 Orphan Care International                      1364 Christian Military Fellowship                  1900 Children’s Charitable
1283 Dogs for Disabled Americans             1759 Parents of Murdered Children                   1357 Christian Relief Fund                               Alliance of Texas
     (NEADS)                                 1714 Parkinson’s Research Center,                   1311 Focus on the Family                            1915 Collaborative for Children
1738 Dollars for Scholars                         Michael Stern Foundation                       1346 Gateway for Cancer Research                    1932 Communities in Schools Houston
1248 Educate the Children                    1789 PETA: People for the Ethical                        (formerly Cancer Treatment                     1949 Covenant House Texas
1786 Equestrian Land Conservation                 Treatment of Animals                                Research Foundation)                           1907 Dare to Dream Children’s
     Resource                                1772 PKD Foundation                                 1313 Glaucoma Research Foundation                        Foundation
1230 FACES: The National                     1286 Planned Parenthood Foundation                  1314 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind             1958 Families Under Urban and
     Craniofacial Association                1773 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National                 1370 Home School Foundation                              Social Attack
1733 Family Violence and Sexual                   Network (RAINN)                                1367 Leukemia Research Foundation                   1940 Family Outreach Clear
     Assault Institute                       1760 Reach Out and Read                             1315 Lions Clubs International Foundation                Lake/Bay Area
1277 Farm Animal Reform                      17A3 Restless Legs Syndrome                         1337 MAZON: A Jewish Response                       1941 Family to Family Network
     Movement (FARM)                              Foundation                                          to Hunger                                      1951 Foster’s Home For Children
1233 Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis            1204 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation                  1319 Mercy Ships                                    1933 Gracewood
                                             1790 Seeing Eye, The                                1335 Mexican Medical                                1965 Have Haven
17C7 Foundation for End of Life Care
     (Hospice Foundation for End             1761 Skin and Dental Dysfunction                    1320 Mission Aviation Fellowship                    1966 Have Haven Child
     of Life Care)                                Foundation                                     1306 National Brain Tumor Society                        Placing Agency
1735 FRAXA Research Foundation               1774 Southeastern Guide Dogs                             (formerly Brain Tumor Foundation               1914 Houston Can! Academy
                                             1719 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program                      of America)                                    1952 Junior Achievement of
1269 Giving Children Hope
                                             1720 Special Operations Warrior                     1365 National Right to Life                              Brazoria County
17B0 Graves’ Disease Foundation                                                                       Educational trust Fund
                                                  Foundation                                                                                         1954 Kids Count Foundation
1770 Guide Dogs of America                                                                       1368 Navigators, The
                                             17D9 Spinal Cord Injury Network                                                                         1916 Kids Sports Network
1787 Hawk Watch International                     International                                  1360 Nazarene Compassionate                         1917 Local Infant Formula for
1703 Hearing Foundation                      1262 Sunshine Kids Foundation                            Ministries, Inc.                                    Emergencies
1217 Hepatitis Foundation International      17C3 Support Our Troops                             1300 Neighbor to Nation                             1943 Methodist Children’s Home
1753 Herbal Medicine Institute               17C4 Thomas More Law Center                         1352 Officers’ Christian Fellowship                 1944 Miracle Farm
1246 Hispanic Scholarship Fund               1250 Transplants, National                          1369 Osteogenesis Imperfecta                        1935 Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin
1238 Holt International Children’s                Foundation for                                      Foundation                                     1920 Odyssey House Texas
     Services                                1291 Vegan Outreach                                 1322 Prison Fellowship Ministries                   1921 Palmer Drug Abuse
17C6 Homes For Our Troops                    1776 Visual Aid Volunteers, Inc.                    1323 Samaritan’s Purse                                   Program—Houston
1798 Hope For the Hungry                     1293 Wildlife Conservation                          1339 Society of St. Andrew                          1922 Prevent Child Abuse Texas
1281 Hospice Foundation of America                Fund of America                                1326 The V Foundation                               1945 Recording for the Blind and
17B2 Humane Farm Animal Care                 1265 World Impact                                   1361 United Leukodystrophy                               Dyslexic (Texas Unit)
1256 India Partners                                                                                   Foundation, The                                1962 Ronald McDonald House of
17B3 Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund           1300 Neighbor To Nation                             1342 Voice of the Martyrs                                Galveston
17D5 Institute for Creation Research         People in deed serving people in need, in           1348 World Concern: A Division of                   1923 Ronald McDonald House of
1272 Kidney Cancer Association               our local communities, throughout America,               CRISTA Ministries                                   Houston
1258 Leukemia Clinical Research              and the world. Providing life-sustaining            1371 World Vision                                   1924 Ronald McDonald House of
     Foundation                              assistance and hope for the future.                                                                          San Antonio
17D6 Lung Cancer Alliance                    1353 Adopt America Network                          1900 Children’s Charitable                          1961 Shriner’s Hospital for
1260 Lymphoma Research Foundation            1301 AIDS Research Alliance of America                      Alliance of Texas                                Children—Houston
1264 MAGIC Foundation                        1351 Alpha-1 Foundation                             Children are our future. Your gift will help        1937 Small Steps Nurturing Center
17B4 MAP International                       1355 American Family Association                    support local children’s organizations to           1926 Special Olympics Texas
                                             1344 American Foundation for                        clothe, feed, protect, educate, and inspire         1925 St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
1707 Mercy Medical Airlift                                                                       children in our community.
1799 Methodist Mission Home                          Suicide Prevention                                                                              1938 Texas Baptist Children’s Home
                                             1345 Association of Christian                       1939 Arrow Child & Family Ministries                1928 Texas CASA
17A8 Michael J. Fox Foundation for                                                               1947 Bereavement and Grief Camp
     Parkinson’s Research                            Schools International                                                                           1960 Texas Council of Child
                                             1356 Awana Clubs International                              for Children—Camp Agapé                          Welfare Boards
1289 Military Officers Association of                                                            1931 Birthright Humble
     America Scholarship Fund                1366 Biblica (formerly International                                                                    1930 Writers in the Schools
                                                     Bible Society)                              1902 Boys and Girls Country of Houston
17D7 Multiple Sclerosis,
     The Huega Center                        1305 Blessings International                        1903 Buckner Children and Family
                                             1350 Breast Cancer Research                                 Services
17D8 NASW Foundation: Social Workers
     Helping Communities                             Foundation, The                             1963 Burke Center for Youth
1756 National Center for Missing &           1347 Children’s Food Fund/World                     1948 Child Advocates of Fort Bend
     Exploited Children                              Emergency Relief                            1964 Child Advocates, Inc.

                              It is the policy of the Houston Independent School District not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, handicap, or disability, ancestry,
                              national origin, race, religion, sex, veteran status, or political affiliation in its educational or employment programs and activities.
                                                                         HOUSTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                   COMBINED CHARITIES CAMPAIGN • PLEDGE FORM

                                                                      PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION
    Employee Name: ____________________________________
    Department/School Name:                         ____________________________                              ** Mailing Address for Confirmation Receipt
    ______________________________________________                                                            Street Address: ______________________________________
    Employee Number: __________________________________                                                       City, State, & ZIP Code: ________________________________
    Dept./School Pay Location Number: ______________________                                                                                               _____

To make your charitable contribution, print out this form, and choose one or more federation/charity from the 2011 Combined Charities Campaign Charity by Federation report on the HISD
CCC website Quick Links. In the spaces provided below, write in the name and number of the federation/charity and indicate the method of payroll deduction payment and the amount you
wish to contribute. Make copies for additional contributions as needed.

*THIS FORM IS NOT NEEDED IF DONATING ONLINE THROUGH THE CCC WEBSITE If using this form, turn in to your department/school pay location coordinator to enter online by proxy.

                                                                               PLEASE MAKE A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS

                                                  Name of Charity: ____________________________________________________________________
                        Charity Code #:

                    Method of Payment (Please check only one):
                    Payroll Deduction
                         One-time Contribution:    $ ____________________ X 1 =    $ ____________________               Pay-Period Contribution    $ ____________________ X 26 = $ ____________________
                                                              Amount                     Total Deduction on                                                   Amount                 Total Annual Deduction
                                                         (Minimum $2.00;                1/5/2011 Paycheck                                                (Minimum $2.00;
                                                        Whole Dollars ONLY)                                                                             Whole Dollars ONLY)

                                                  Name of Charity: ____________________________________________________________________
                        Charity Code #:

                    Method of Payment (Please check only one):
                    Payroll Deduction
                         One-time Contribution:    $ ____________________ X 1 =    $ ____________________               Pay-Period Contribution    $ ____________________ X 26 = $ ____________________
                                                              Amount                     Total Deduction on                                                   Amount                 Total Annual Deduction
                                                         (Minimum $2.00;                1/5/2011 Paycheck                                                (Minimum $2.00;
                                                        Whole Dollars ONLY)                                                                             Whole Dollars ONLY)

                                                  Name of Charity: ____________________________________________________________________
                        Charity Code #:

                    Method of Payment (Please check only one):
                    Payroll Deduction
                         One-time Contribution:    $ ____________________ X 1 =    $ ____________________               Pay-Period Contribution    $ ____________________ X 26 = $ ____________________
                                                              Amount                     Total Deduction on                                                   Amount                 Total Annual Deduction
                                                         (Minimum $2.00;                1/5/2011 Paycheck                                                (Minimum $2.00;
                                                        Whole Dollars ONLY)                                                                             Whole Dollars ONLY)

PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION: I hereby authorize the payroll deduction(s) of the amount(s) shown above to the proper charity as indicated. I understand that this authorization may
                                 be revoked by me in writing at any time before it expires and may not be reinstated until the next campaign period.

                                                                                          ______________________________________________________________________   ________________________________________
                                                                                                                         Signature                                                   Date
              Yes, I would like a confirmation e-mail sent from HISD to acknowledge my pledge.

              Yes, I would like a confirmation receipt mailed to me from the charity(ies) listed above.**

                                                                            Thank You For Your Generous Contribution

              I have been given the opportunity to participate in this year’s campaign, but choose not to contribute at this time.     ______ Employee Initials

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