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Kaise rman re esidence e


Kaiserman re      e
        n:          y
Location 4515 Hwy A1A, Melbo              h,
                                ourne Beach FL
        C           K
Client: Carl & Judy Kaiserman
        F           rl
Design Firm(s): Car Kaiserman   n,AIA
Landsca architec                ontact: Caro Kaiserma n, AIA
                    ct/Project co          ol
Email: ca
ASLA Ch hapter: Nonne

      t         ations
Project Specifica
Project Description The entire 1,600 sq/ft standing sea aluminum roof of thi single fam
        D          n:                                         am                    is         mily
home acts as a stormmwater colleection surface, directed t a single 1,000 gallon o
                                                             to                                 stern.
                                                                                     on-grade cis
Less than one inch of rainfall will fill the tank . The locatio of the ho
                    o             l                           on                    he
                                                                        ome along th Atlantic shhore
        al          ovides suffic
in Centra Florida pro                                        to                     n
                                cient annual rainfall (36 t 50 inches) to maintain a constant
source fo the exclussive use of to
                                 oilet flushing This saves so much w
                                                g.           s                      meowners th
                                                                        water for hom          he
                    y            er             5
1,500 gallon monthly usage wate bill of $15 is rarely exc     ceeded.

Project Type:
Single family residen
Part of a new develoopment

       f           oswale, ciste and por
Design features: Bio           ern,               .
                                       rous pavers.

       oject was de
This pro                       m          llowing spe
                    esigned to meet the fol                     rements or mandates:
                                                    ecific requir
        a           dly
Provide an eco-friend dwelling

       ous     anaged: less than 5,000 sq/ft
Impervio area ma                     0

Amount of existing green spac               ace           ved
                                 ce/open spa conserv or pres                    managing
                                                                     served for m
stormwa              :           f
        ater on site: Because of the stormw                          se,
                                           water collectiion and reus we estim  mate 12,000
        o           ater         d           y                                   use
gallons of potable wa is saved annually by this single household. And becau this home
uses a se           m           w                         he                     undwater is
         eptic system to return waste water to the site, th net "taking" from grou

       ulatory envi
The regu                    nd                  ceptive/hostiile to the pro
                  ironment an regulator was unrec                         oject.
C a s e N o . 460                                                                      Page |2

        c          est        er
Did the client reque that othe factors be considere such as energy sav
                                       b          ed,     s                    ble
                                                                     vings, usab
green sp           operty value enhancem
        pace, or pro          e        ments? No.

Cost & Jobs Ana
       ed        S        r           $10,000 (Pub funding: None )
Estimate Cost of Stormwater Project: <$          blic     :

Related Information

      G                                     t
       Gutters on all roof edges, downspout to cistern
      1,000 gallon polystyrene cistern
      SS sump pum bladder pump,wiring and contro
       S           mp,                       g          ols
      S
       Separate non                          t                        sh
                   n-potable supply piping to all 4 low fllow dual flus toilets
      C           s
       Check valves at connecti              m           er           ht
                                ions to city makeup wate for drough condition backup

Was a green vs. gre cost analysis perfor    rmed? Yes , this saves so much wa for
homeowners that the minimum 1,500 gallon monthly usa water biill of $15 is r
                    e          1                        age                    rarely exceeded.
                               e                                   were three ti
Previous usage bills by the same owners at a prior local residence w           imes the cosst.
Savings of $30 each month trans             y          ck
                               slate to a 6 year paybac ($3,600 in            at
                                                                   nvestment) a current waater

Cost imp          serving gre
       pact of cons                   pace to the o
                            een/open sp                                  te
                                                  overall costs of the sit
       developmen project: Not applicable.
design/d          nt        N

Cost imp            serving gre
         pact of cons          een/open sp pace for stoormwater ma             t
                                                                    anagement over
tradition site design/site dev             a                                   ?
                               velopment approaches (grey infrastructure)? Slightly
increased A cistern overflow con            s          erforated pip
                                nnects to a system of pe                       d            on
                                                                   ping, located at foundatio
         evel and eme
footing le                      n           rous swale
                    erges into an on site por

                 eated: One
Number of jobs cre

Job hours devoted to project:
      Planning and Design: 36
      C           :
      Construction: 8
      Annual Mainttenance: 3

      mance Me
Perform      easures
Stormwa ater reduction perform          ysis:
                              mance analy
       mwater leave the site.
No storm          es

Commun & economic benef that hav resulted from the pr
        nity                 fits       ve                                reason I
                                                              roject: The r
        d          ple
submitted this examp was to sh
                             how that eve a very mo
                                        en                    on
                                                  odest additio to water c           n
C a s e N o . 460                                                                      Page |3

         t             a          f           r
through the capture and reuse of stormwater (much clea              aywater) for home toilet
                                                        aner than gra          r
         i             s          e          L          W,          quick paybac item that
flushing is relatively simple and economic. Like solar HW this is a q           ck
should be standard in all new ho             eas        n
                                 ousing in are with even modest rainfall.

Additio         mation
      onal Inform
                  vailable on request from Owner/Arch
Links to images: Av                                  
                                                    hitect carl@

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