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SWEDISH RUSSIAN BUSINESS CLUB                                                  MINUTES

Date:           27th of May 2005

Time:           10.00-11.30

Place:          The Nobel room at Hotel Katerina-City in Moscow

§        Notes / decisions

1.       Opening of the Meeting and election of Chairman to preside at the Meeting

         Mr. Sven Hirdman as chairman of the Club opened the General
         Assembly and welcomed the members to the first General Assembly
         of the Swedish Russian Business Club. He gave the word to Mr.
         Anders Bergström as a representative of the nomination group.

         Mr Bergström proposed Mr. Hirdman as Chairman of the General
         Assembly and himself as Secretary.

1.1      Chairman of the General Assembly

         To elect Mr. Hirdman as chairman.

1.2      Secretary of the General Assembly

         To elect Mr. Bergström as secretary.

2.       Preparation and approval of voting list

         Mrs Irina Esina, information officer, presented the voting list and copies were
         handed out.

         To approve the voting list.

3.       Approval of the agenda

         To confirm the agenda.

4.       Election of one or two persons to approve the minutes

         Mr. Bergström proposed Mrs Maria Popova to approve the minutes.

         To elect Mrs. Maria Popova

5.   Determination whether the General Assembly has been properly convened
     or not

     Mr. Bergström as Secretary of the Club informed the Assembly on the invitation
     to the General Assembly had been sent out by e-mail to all members on April,
     27, one month prior to the Assembly in accordance with the Statutes. Number of
     members present at the General Assembly – 36; total number of full-right
     members (those who paid the membership fee by the present moment) - 55.
     25 more members-to-be have been invoiced but have not paid yet.

     To confirm that the General Assembly has been properly convened.

6.   Presentation of the Annual Report including an economical report

     Mrs. Nekrasova as the development officer presented the Annual report and Mr.
     Bergström as the Secretary, in absence of the Cashier presented the economical

7.   The Chairman’s speech and questions from members to the Board and
     secretariat of the Club

     Mr Hirdman started his speech with giving a background of the Club mentioning
     the Nordpraktik – New Managers for Russia programme and that the Club was
     considered to be a natural development thus the Nordpraktik programme aimed
     at building business relations between our two countries and so does the Club.

     It hasn’t been that easy to start and to develop the new Club. One of the goals
     was to reach 150 members until April, 1st. So far the Club has 82 members.
     However the number of members is steadily increasing.

     Mr. Hirdman thanked Mr Bergström for his job as the executive member of the
     board and Mrs Nekrasova for her contributions as a development officer. Mrs
     Esina will leave her position as information officer in the end of June and
     therefore and Mr. Hirdman showed the Clubs appreciation of her job by giving
     her a book as present.

     Mr Hirdman gave a status report on the trade relations between Russia and
     Sweden and noticed the positive trend we can see in the more then doubled
     turnover in the trade balance since 1994, increased investments from Sweden in
     Russia and presently 260 Swedish companies operating in Russia. Mr Hirdman
     is optimistic to an continued positive growth in Russia that will lead to a demand
     of investments in infrastructure but also to a more consumer oriented society.
     Hopefully we will soon be able to welcome more Russian companies on the
     Swedish market.

     Mr Sergei Bershev, member of the board, followed Mr Hirdman with a
     presentation of a Russian Swedish cultural project “3000 Swedish-Russian
     Cultural Project”.

     Mr Bulat Gaifulin, member of the board, informed the Assembly about the
     International Club Network (ICN) that could be of interest for our members.

      Mrs Nekrasova presented the seminar “Marketing by referral” that followed the
      General Assembly. She introduced Mr Patrick Stahl, the consultant that will hold
      the seminar. Mrs Nekrasova suggested that the seminar could be “branched out”
      to the regions and offered to the Club’s regional organisations. The seminar
      including Power Point Presentation and documentations has been bought from
      Mr Stahl. The seminar materials will be published on the Club’s website.

8.    Decisions

      a) regarding a change in the Statutes, paragraph 8.16. in the full version (p.7.11
      in the contracted version) concerning the number of members of the Board

      To decide in accordance with the proposal.

      b) regarding approval of the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet

      To approve of the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet.

      c) regarding discharge from liability of the Board members and the Chairman

      To discharge the Board members and the Chairman from liability.

      d) regarding the allocation of the SRBC’s profit according to the approved
      Balance Sheet

      To decide in accordance with the proposal.

      e) regarding the establishment of regional branches in the Ural region, the
      Arkhangelsk region, St. Petersburg / the Leningrad region, the Moscow region,
      the Nizhny Novgorod region, Novorossijsk / Kuban / the Black sea region and in
      the Tatarstan (Kazan)

      To decide in accordance with the proposal.

9.    Presentation of the work performed by the nomination group

      Mr Bergström and Mr Per Lundberg had been appointed by the interim board to
      prepare a proposal to new board,

10.   Determination of the number of Board members and deputy members to be
      elected at the Meeting

      Mr. Hirdman referred to the decision made at point 8.a where the Assembly
      decided on having 12 members in the new Board.

11.   Election of Board members and deputy members as well as of Chairman of
      the Board and Vice Chairman of the Board

      The proposal from the nomination group

      Chairman Mr. Per Lundberg
      Vice chairman Mr. David Iakobachvili

      Other members of the Board

      Mr. Sven Hirdman
      Mr. Gunnar Bygdén
      Mr. Anders Bergström
      Mrs. Elena Zhdanova
      Mr. Bulat Gaifullin
      Mrs. Ludmila Murgulets
      Mr. Michael Iliste von Roop
      Mr. Nikolay Ovchinnikov

      Deputy members of the Board

      Mrs. Irina Karlström
      Mr. Sergei Bershev

      To elect a new board in accordance with the proposal from the nomination

12.   Election of Audit Committee

      Mr. Bergström proposed Mr. Konstantin Vlasyuk and Mr. Boris Luboshits.

      To elect Mr. Konstantin Vlasyuk and Mr. Boris Luboshits as Audit Committee
      for the coming year until the next General Assembly.

13.   Election of Nomination committee

      Mr. Hirdman asked for proposals from the participants. Two names were put
      forward, Mrs Nekrasova and Mrs Esina.

      To elect Mrs Anastasia Nekrasova and Mrs Irina Esina as a nomination
      committee with the task to prepare a proposal for a new board to be put forward
      before the next General Assembly in 2006.

14.   Closing of the Meeting

      On behalf of the new Board Mr David Iakobachvili as Vice Chairman of the
      Board thanked the General Assembly for the trust they have given to the Board.

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