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                  Out of the
                  Our Gano
equals Momentum       Gano Excel
                      The Americas
                        FEBRUARY 2011
      Our founder, Mr. Leow Soon Seng, had one important vision

      in mind when he launched Gano Excel: to spread health and

      wealth throughout the world. After years of study into the

      beneficial properties of various mushrooms, Mr. Leow became

      interested in a mysterious red mushroom named Ganoderma

      lucidum. Known also as Reishi, Lingzhi, and Yeongji,

      Ganoderma lucidum exhibited such a wide range of benefits that

      he couldn’t help but want to share it with the world. By infusing

      everyday products with this “wonder herb” and developing a
      revolutionary sharing model, Mr. Leow has fulfilled his dream of
      bringing Ganoderma lucidum to the masses.

Disclaimer: This publication contains information which is for information only. It does not constitute medical advice   support these claims. The Food & Drug Administration does not evaluate or test herbs; and has not evaluated any
and makes no warranties as to nutrition for any particular purpose. Users should consult a health professional about     statement listed in this brochure. Use herbs as per instructions and always watch for any allergic reactions. If you
any information presented here to determine its suitability. We encourage you to use common sense and prudence           are under a physician’s care, it is very important that you do not discontinue or reduce any prescription medication
in evaluating your expectations while consuming Gano Excel products. We do not claim that Gano Excel products            without first consulting your physician. Gano ExcelTM, GanoCafeTM, and Gano ExcelTM products are trademarks of
directly prevent, cure, treat, mitigate or diagnose any disease or result in significant and permanent weight loss.      Gano Excel International.
We do not suggest that anyone should replace traditional medical treatment with our products. No clinical studies
                              Message from
                              the CEO                                                 In This Issue
                                                                                      Message from the CEO                           1

                            Welcome to our new publication… EVOLVE. The               Company Updates                                1
                            EVOLVE brand was created because it represents our
                                                                                      Diversity Has A Home                           2
                            mission as a company, and our commitment to our
Affiliate family. EVOLVE describes why Gano Excel continues to be the premier         Charity Concert
                                                                                      with Deniece Williams                          3
resource for our wonder herb, Ganoderma lucidum. It also describes our journey.
                                                                                      Network Marketing:
Since we launched in the United States Gano Excel has been growing into one           Rising Out of the Stigma                       3

of the most significant driving forces in network marketing, transforming this        The Company Cup                                4
industry into one that does not discriminate. We have truly evolved as a company,
                                                                                      International Insight:
and we have seen that evolution in the thousands of people in Gano Excel’s “One
                                                                                      Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico                   4
Tree Family,” in over 65 countries.
                                                                                      Leadership Spotlight: Freddie Aguirre          5

Our goal has always been simple: to fulfill our Founder, Mr. Leow Soon Seng’s         Valentine’s Day Romance
vision to bring health and wealth to everyone. We started with an amazing, life       with Tongkat-Ali                               6
changing product and a dedicated team. Going forward in 2011, we have an              Compliance Corner                              6
incredibly passionate network of people who are all committed to sharing
                                                                                      Our Newest Stars                               6
this vision.
                                                                                      Leadership Spotlight: Robert Hollis Sr. 7
EVOLVE magazine is one of the many new exciting developments Gano Excel has
                                                                                      Gano Excellers                                 8
in store for 2011. It is our hope to stay connected to our customers, our Affiliate
family, and to the global community. Thank you to everyone. We wouldn’t be here       Important Numbers:
                                                                                      Gano Excel™ Hotline:               (800) 921-4266
without you.                                                                          Order Products by Phone:           (626) 338-8081
                                                                                      Order Products by Fax:             (626) 851-3473
With Heartfelt Thanks,                                                                Customer Service:                  (626) 338-8081
                                                                                      Corporate Telephone:               (626) 480-7550
Joven Cabasag                                                                         Corporate Fax:                     (626) 851-3473
CEO Gano Excel | The Americas
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                                                                                      Corporate Website: www.ganoexcel.us
                                                                                      Corporate Blog: www.ganocoffeeblog.com

                                                                                      Support & Training: www.myganoinfo.com
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A HUGE surplus of Gano Excel’s full line of Supplements (Gandoerma,
Sakanno & Excellium) is arriving in stock on March 1, 2011.

New “Mini-Brochures” now available for purchase both in English and
Spanish through your Back Office or by contacting Customer Service.

New MVP Presentation on MyGanoInfo.com - Learn how to win an exotic
vacation & cash while building your business earning potential quickly.

Gano Experience Presentation now available is Spanish - This educational
look at Gano Excel’s company, vision, and products in now available with
Spanish language subtitles.
                                                                                                                 FEBRUARY 2011            1
Diversityat Gano Excel.
Has a Home
Our success in the United States – one of the most ethnically and            Gano Excel has “strongholds” in the American Midwest – in states
culturally diverse countries in the world – has created an incredible        such as Ohio, Kansas, Minnesota and Michigan. Our Affiliates in these
amount of momentum for this company. This has happened for many              areas have made a real difference in their lives and communities with
reasons, the most important of which is the hard work our Affiliates have    Gano Excel!
done in sharing this product and opportunity in their communities.
                                                                             Gano Excel is “booming” in the Latino market. Due to our recent
Gano Excel is proud to offer a product, opportunity, and corporate culture   expansions into Mexico and Central / South America, Gano Excel has
that caters to people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds.   made major in-roads into the Spanish-speaking community!
Spreading diversity is a key element in our efforts to bring Harmony
around the globe – and that same diversity is a substantial boon for         Gano Excel has a large following in Canada. Our Affiliates in Canada
the Company!                                                                 are working hard to share the Gano Excel story all over the “Great White
                                                                             North.” In fact, some of our teams there have been with Gano Excel
A Lesson In Diversity                                                        since our North American launch, and represent some of the most loyal
Taking a walk around Gano Excel’s Irwindale, California offices shows        Leadership in our ranks!
our dedication to diversity at work. Our Corporate staff comes to us from
all over the world, including such countries as Malaysia, Canada, the        Gano Excel is a sensation in the African-American community.
Philippines, China, Mexico, Peru, and (of course) the USA. At any given      African-American Affiliates represent a large portion of our top
moment, you may hear English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, or any number        Leadership. We salute the work being done by our African-American
of other languages spoken. Gano Excel is a working model of Harmony in       Affiliates in introducing Ganoderma lucidum to their communities!
a global economic community: a place where differences are embraced
in a shared journey towards health, wealth, and happiness.                   Gano Excel is a company with strong ties to Asia. As a successful
What you may not realize is that our network of Affiliates is just as        Asian company that has now established itself in North and South
diverse as our Corporate staff! Our Affiliates represent a diverse cross-    America, it should be no surprise that Gano Excel has a large number of
section of the world’s ethnicities, creeds, cultures, and identities – and   loyal and successful Affiliates that are of Asian descent.
we cherish and celebrate them all!
                                                                             No matter where they come from, what they look like, or what language
Diverse People With A Singular Mission                                       they speak, Gano Excel Affiliates join together in the shared mission of
“Talking the talk” is one thing, and “walking the walk” is another. Gano     bringing “health and wealth to every nation on the globe.” Diverse people
Excel does both, celebrating diversity within our Corporate and Affiliate    with a singular mission: that’s the real Gano Excel!
cultures while actively encouraging Affiliates to reach out across borders
to spread this life-changing opportunity around the globe. For example,
did you know:

                                       Singer Deniece Williams
                                       to Support Pasadena Jazz Camp with Charity Concert!
                                       Last summer, Gano Excel offered critical support to the Pasadena Jazz Camp, a great organization that
                                       brings the gift of music (and summer fun!) to underprivileged kids in Southern California. After our renewed
                                       pledge to support the camp in 2011, scores of Gano Excel Affiliates and philanthropists are excited to
                                       dedicate themselves to this Harmonizing Vision. We’re proud to announce that Grammy Award-winning
                                       singer Deniece Williams is doing her part to support the “Jazz Camp Kids” by throwing a charity concert
                                       at “The Promenade” @ Gano Excel!

                                       Ms. Williams, whose many hits include “Let’s Hear
                                                                                                                                                                                           Date:  March 12th 2011
                                       It for the Boy” and “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle,” will
                                                                                                                                                                                           Time: Doors open at 8:00 P.M.
                                       be joined by bassist Freddie Washington, Gregg
                                       Karukas on keys, singer/keyboardist Kiki Ebsen,                                                                                                     Show begins at 9:00 P.M.
                                       Land Richards on drums, saxophonist Michael                                                                                                         Location: Gano Excel Promenade,
                                       Paulo, and a surprise guest on guitar. All proceeds                                                                                                 4828 4th St, Irwindale, CA 91706
                                       from the concert will go directly to the Gano Excel                                                                                                Cost: VIP (Table of 5) - $500
                                       Fund for The Pasadena Jazz Camp.                                                                                                                   Preferred Seating - $50
                                                                                                                                                                                          General Admission - $25
                                       You don’t want to miss this concert!                                                                                                               (Proceeds go to Pasadena Jazz Camp)
                                       Here’s the info you’ll need to attend:                                                                                                             Buy Tickets: www.deniecewilliams.eventbrite.com

Network                                        West 28.6%                       Midwest 20.8%                               North East 15.8%
                                                                                                                                                                                                Don’t delay: tickets for this event will sell as fast as Ms.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Williams’records. Get yours today before they’re gone!

                                                                                  West                   East                   Middle
                                                               Mountain           North                  North                  Atlantic
                                              19.5%                               Central                Central                                           New
                                                                                                         13.8% 11.7%
                                                                                  7%                                                            NH         4.1%                                  Network marketing
Rising Out of the Stigma
                                                                                                                                               VT ME
                                                 OR                  MT                                                                               MA

                                                                                                                                                                                  Millions of People
                                                                                               MN         WI

                                                                                                                                                                                                 is no longer
                                                                                     SD                                                               RI
                                                               ID                                                                         NY         CT
                                                                      WY                                              OH
                                                                                     NE                    IL   IN
                                                                                                                                     PA         NJ

                                                                                                                                                                                                 something to joke
                                                CA                        CO                    MO
                                                                                                                 KY         WV
                                                               AZ                                                                VA       DC

Everyone knows the legend of the

                                                                                                                                                                                                 about; it is creating
                                                                                          OK                                     NC
                                                                                                           MS AL                SC
                                                                                                    LA                                    South
                                                AK                                       TX                                GA
phoenix; the mythical bird whose life
                                                                HI                                                                        Atlantic
                                                                                                                                          15.9%                                                  more millionaires
cycle ends in a burst of flames, out of                                        Central                     Central

                                                            14.8%   4.1%                                                                                              6
                                                                                                                                                                                                 today than the dot
which a new young phoenix is born                                                                                                                2009 Census Region

                                                                                                                                                                                                 com industry did
– full of potential. It isn't a stretch to                                                                                                                            0
                                                                                                                                                                           2000   2001   2002

                                                                                                                                                                                                 in the 90s, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009

look at network marketing as the phoenix of the business world.                                                                                                                                  people from all
Fed with the fuels of skepticism and negative stigma, the industry                                                                                                                               walks of life are
has at times seemed primed to "go up in flames." Companies                                                                                   getting a big piece of the pie. Statistics have shown that Direct
and individuals promoting "get rich quick" schemes usually end                                                                               Sales is a viable opportunity for anyone who is willing to invest
up making headline news for all of the wrong reasons, and these                                                                              the time and effort- regardless of age, sex, location or educational
"bad apples" made things more difficult for legitimate businesses                                                                            background. This is largely because the key to success in network
with fantastic, tangible products – like Gano Excel. It is companies                                                                         marketing is something that most people already do on a daily basis
like Gano Excel who are putting a fresh face on network marketing                                                                            – share products that they like with other people.
– rising above the stigma with a product that has real value, and
using direct sales to get it to the marketplace.                                                                                                     Network marketing has                                                                                 Age Group

                                                                                                                                                     risen out of the ashes,                                                 21%                                  18-34
In 2009, Network Marketing was a $28.3 Billion dollar industry in                                                                                    and companies like Gano
the United States, with over 16 million individuals involved in "direct                                                                              Excel are reaching new                                                 22%                                   45-54
sales." In fact, there are some pretty big players at the table. You                                                                                 heights every day. Now is                                                                   25%              55+
are probably familiar with companies like IBM, Gillett, Colgate, AT&T,                                                                               the time get involved and
Avon, and Citibank. Each of these companies distributes some (or                                                                                     create your own phoenix -like
in a few cases, all) of their products through network marketing.                                                                                    transformation.                                                                              FEBRUARY 2011           3
                                                                                              Gano Excel Canada
                                                                                               Gano Excel Canada is gearing up in 2011 to be a
                                                                                               major part of the explosive growth the Company
                                                                                               as a whole is experiencing in both North and South
                                                                                               America. More and more leaders are coming on
                                                                                               board, and we would like to extend a special thank
                                                                                               you to those key individuals from the U.S, and
 The Company Cup is a weekly “news and views” program featuring                                Peru that reached out to folks in Canada; that was
 Mike “The Samurai” Marumoto, Robert “The Wise Guy” Paz, and Tony                              instrumental to our growth. From March-August 2010
 “Maverick” Potter. Join them as they bring you strategic roundtables,                         alone, we saw approximately a 55% increase in sales
 compelling interviews, special Guests, and in-depth explorations of                           with a great portion of new development occurring in
 our Products and Compensation Plan.                                                           Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Across the country, we
                                                                                               are experiencing the duplication factor as is expected
 In January we discussed the “Youth Movement,” and conducted an                                in network marketing, with 2 reaching out to 2, who
 interview with young entrepreneur and now, newly hired Gano Excel                             reach 2, and so on. Our Leaders are taking to heart
 Team Member Vivek Chawla. We also interviewed professional boxer                              the simplicity of our business model, supporting
 Alfonso Gomez, and had a roundtable discussion about the benefits                             their teams and creating an unstoppable surge in
 of a second income. Most recently, we explored the tax benefits of                            customer growth! -- Dennis Compo, General Manager
 owning a home business with CPA Erick Miller.

Join evdrayy
       e            Join the call every Wednesday at 11 A.M. Pacific
                    Standard Time for exciting upcoming topics such          Gano Excel Mexico
Wednes               as: “Staying Motivated," “The Power of Events”          Mexico is a gateway to Latin America. With a population over 120
at 11a.
            m.        – Planning Your Next Event,” “Going Viral” –
          76-3672                                                            million strong, it's the world's largest Hispanic market and a cultural
 323-4ce ID: 930039   Internet Marketing, and “Science Fact” with a
 Conferen                                                                    center of the Hispanic world. The most important television networks
                       leading health professional. If you missed a call     in Latin America are Mexican, and thus many Spanish speaking artists
     or want to review past calls, we’ve got you covered. There's a full     live in Mexico. What's more, the world's wealthiest individual is from
archive of past calls at: www.myganoinfo.com                                 Mexico, and he made a good portion of his fortune here.

                                                                                                  Mexico is America's next-door neighbor, so most

               Gano Excel Puerto Rico                                                             Hispanics in the U.S. are of Mexican origin. The
                                                                                                  Hispanic population in America is approaching
                                                                                                  the 45 million figure, and they are the minority
               Our dear friends from all over the world, I am very happy
                                                                                                  with the strongest buying power. Every Mexican
               to be here in this island paradise! Puerto Rico is the
                                                                                                  living in Mexico knows another fellow Mexican
               place where many of the world’s largest networks in the
                                                                                                  living in the U.S. For this reason alone, we'll also
               industry have exploded!
                                                                                                  be able to reach out to a huge portion of the
                                                                                                  Hispanic market in America—from Mexico. Huge
               I am very impressed by the passion and dedication
                                                                                                  Mexican populations can be found in California,
               that the Puerto Rican people have for this business!
                                                                                                  Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Florida, and many other
               They absolutely love Ganoderma lucidum and they love
                                                                                                  states. Our expansion in Mexico has come from
               Gano Excel! We have in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
                                                                                                  Hispanics living in the U.S., so it's clear that
               some of the best leaders in the world with proven track
                                                                                                  both countries will feed from each other and our
               records, a sincere desire to succeed and a dedication
                                                                                                  mutual growth will be tremendous. In Mexico,
               to do it! In the third and fourth quarters of 2010 we
                                                                                                  we admire the ethical quality of the company's
               almost tripled our sales from the first two quarters! Our
                                                                                                  international leadership. Above all, we have faith
               retention rates are climbing and our recruiting rates are
                                                                                                  in the amazing work being done by everyone --
               increasing! I truly believe that as we press forward with
                                                                                                  including those who join us every day with great
               a UNITED DREAM, our hearts will march to the same
                                                                                                  determination, dedication and enthusiasm in a
               beat! That BEAT…..is Ganoderma Lucidum! Ganoderma
                                                                                                  shared quest to achieve their lifelong dreams.
               Lucidum is GANO EXCEL!” -- Odair José Díaz, General Manager
                                                                                                  -- Jorge G. Suarez Turnbull, General Manager
Spotlight Freddie Aguirre
Freddie Aguirre is a gentle, soft-spoken man...who also happens to be one of our
most successful Affiliates. “When I started with Gano, I started alone,” Freddie says,
smiling in his quiet way. “Now, I have thousands of motivated people on my Team.”
Freddie laughs, and when he laughs it instantly brightens up the room. He is a
family man, a motivated salesperson, and one of the most respected Leaders in the
Gano Excel Family. Freddie’s story is the “Gano Excel Dream” come true: from being
heavily in debt to comfortably wealthy just like that - all through hard work, ethical
business practices, and a true dedication to this life-changing product!

A Long Road To Riches
Things haven’t always been so easy for Freddie. “Last year, I had almost $100,000
in debt,” Freddie says. “Now, I’ve paid everything off – I’m 100% debt-free. I
bought a brand new BMW, custom-made. I’ve traveled to three countries, and put
two kids through college – all with Gano Excel.” He smiles softly and shakes his

                                                                                                         Royal Diamond
head. “Both kids are now entering Master’s programs. I am so proud of them!”

Freddie says that he could retire in 5 years time, but that he has no             confidently. “You never start an event late. It punishes people who
plans of “hanging up his hat” quite yet. “This opportunity is so good,            show up on time, and they may not come back. So proper planning
and so easy to do. Why would I give up now?” And anyway,                          for the event is essential. I have really good, motivated people with
Freddie has a new goal for 2011: “This year, the goal is to purchase              me, and everyone on the Team agrees to do something to help.”
a new home.”
                                                                                  Freddie’s success rests on this ethic. His 4-hour trainings bring
Getting To Gano                                                                   select Affiliates in contact with professional motivational speakers
Freddie – who has been in network marketing since 1991 – came                     who teach lessons in self-development and salesmanship.
to Gano Excel through our CEO, Joven Cabasag, his friend and                      “The trainings get my people to believe in themselves,” he says.
mentor for the last 16 years. “Over the years, Joven kept calling with            “Our next event’s guest is Senior Vice President Tony Potter. We are
opportunities,” he says. “1, 2, then 3 times he calls. But me, I like to          very excited!”
stay committed: if I like a company and product, I don’t leave just
because something new comes along.”                                               But it’s not “all work, no play” for Freddie, who often organizes
                                                                                  fantastic and fun recognition dinners for his team where he rewards
When Freddie’s previous company closed up shop, he finally saw                    and celebrates both individual and team successes. “As Leaders,
the brilliance of Gano Excel. “Joven – who I consider a friend and                we need to celebrate success. But let’s have some fun too,” he adds
mentor – called me to open up the Hispanic market, and I came,” he                with a twinkle in his eye.
concludes. And we all know the rest of the story!
                                                                                  Now Is The Time For Gano Excel
Two Keys To Success                                                               Freddie has one thing to say for people considering Gano Excel: now
Freddie’s success at Gano Excel is based on two things: his                       is the time! “2011 is the right time to join,” he says. “We already
dedication to the product, and his well-organized events.                         knew the product was strong, that wasn’t the question. But we have
                                                                                  truly gone through an evolution this year."
“If you were one of my prospects, the first thing I would ask you is,
‘Why would you like to join?’ If you answer: ‘I want to make more                 He continues: “This company is not only for experts and proven
money,’ then I will teach you how. If not, then you’re a product                  industry leaders. It’s also for brand-new people, people simply
customer, and that’s fine. I won’t try to turn you into a salesperson.”           looking to find their way."

Freddie is also famous for his events, which run like a well-oiled                Freddie’s message couldn’t be simpler: this is the company, this is
machine. “You have to respect other peoples’ time,” he says                       the product, and this is the time to join!
                                                                                                                                FEBRUARY 2011             5
                                                                                  Here’s how it works. Eurycoma longifolia Jack (also known as Tongkat
                                                                                  Ali or “Longjack”) is a testosterone-boosting super-food that has been
                                                                                  safely used for centuries. By slightly increasing your body’s testosterone
                                                                                  levels, some researchers believe that “Longjack” can help in building
                                                                                  muscle mass, boosting libido, and increasing stamina when it matters.
                                                                                  This all-natural, 100% safe and organic performance-enhancer has
                                                                                  been used safely for ages – and Gano Excel has brought it “to the
                                                                                  people” as a part of our continuing quest to spread health, happiness,
                                                                                  and harmony around the globe!

                                                                                     Compliance Corner
    GanoCafé Tongkat Ali:                                                            Never Make Curative Claims About Our Products. It’s OK to say that our
    Your Best Friend for Valentine’s Day Romance!                                    products boost “overall wellness” and may “improve health” – it is not OK
                                                                                     to say they can treat, cure, or diagnose any disease whatsoever.
    Ah, Valentine’s Day: rose bouquets, glittering gems, romantic
    dinners, and special moments with the one you love. No matter                    Never Make False or Unsubstantiated Income Claims. Never make an
                                                                                     income claim you cannot back up with documentation!
    where you’re from or who you are, every February 14th brings the
    opportunity to rekindle romance and fan the flames of love. And the              Never Promise Someone Financial Success. There’s no such thing as
    “magic ingredient” for your special night might just be a cup of our             “guaranteed success” in Gano Excel or any other business. Never promise
    exclusive GanoCafé Tongkat Ali!                                                  someone they will “definitely succeed” in becoming a financial success with
                                                                                     Gano Excel.

    Let’s be honest: with the hustle and bustle of daily life, getting “in           Never Represent Yourself As A Gano Excel Employee. As an Affiliate, you
    the mood” can sometimes be an uphill battle. Frustrated lovers                   are not a salaried or part-time employee of Gano Excel, USA, Inc. – you are
                                                                                     an Independent Affiliate helping to market our products.
    try all kinds of expensive methods of paving the way to a special
    night. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an all-natural way to spice            Never Cross Promote With Non-Gano Excel Products. It’s never OK to
    up your intimate moments? GanoCafé Tongkat Ali is here to help!                  cross-promote another business opportunity while sharing the news about
                                                                                     Gano Excel. Conflicts related to “cross promotion” can possibly result in
    Infused with Eurycoma longifolia Jack – an herb renowned for its
                                                                                     disciplinary action.
    ability to bring a “little extra something” to those special moments
    lovers share – GanoCafé Tongkat Ali is truly the “lover’s coffee,” a             Never Share Information About Another Affiliates’ Income. It’s never OK
    sumptuous, silky brew that will make your Valentine’s Day one for                to share information about another Affiliates’ income through Gano Excel –
                                                                                     not even your Enroller or Upline Team.
    the record books!

    Our Newest Stars                                                                                             Tiffany Johnson
                                                                                                                 West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
    Camelia Reyes Moya                                     Elvira Conover                                                               A stay-at-home mom
    Cuiliacan, Sinaloa, Mexico                             Scottsdale, Arizona USA                                                      with a proven track
                           A respected public                                  A retired Mary Kay                                       record, Tiffany quickly
                           administrator in the                                success story, Elvira has                                saw the benefits of
                           Mexican government,                                 found new success with                                   Enriched Coffee. “Coffee
                           Camelia joined Gano                                 Gano Excel. “This is an                                  is a no brainer, but the
                           Excel six months ago.                               opportunity that REALLY                                  compensation plan was
                           “I’m very happy to be                               helps your health and             what really blew me away,” she said after
                           able to help spread                                 finances,” Elvira said. “I        speaking to her sponsor Chad Dunwoody.
    health and wealth throughout my country,”              have not seen a company in my 17 years of             “We figured out that my income would be
    she said. “I’d like to thank my mentor and             experience that provides the full support of          3 times more with Gano Excel compared to
    sponsor Paul Stevens for introducing me to             your up-line. David Gonzalez and Rosy Licon,          my current company.” In the past 6 months
    this opportunity which has changed my life,            along with the Gano Excel executives, go              with Gano Excel, Tiffany has seen wonderful
    and the lives of many people in Mexico.”               above and beyond! I'm glad and happy that             results. “I still have to pinch myself because
                                                           Gano Excel and I found each other!"                   I can’t believe all the positive things that are
                                                                                                                 happening everyday in our organization."
                                                             Spotlight Robert Hollis Sr.
                                                             If you call Robert Hollis, your ears are greeted by the cool
                                                             sounds of Bobby McFerrin's “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” The
                                                             song says a lot about Robert Hollis. Chipper through ups
                                                             and downs, Robert has established a sterling reputation as
                                                             a genuine network marketing legend, and remains one of
                                                             the major forces behind Gano Excel’s spectacular rise.
Royal Diamond
So what’s the secret to this multi-millionaire’s                           things like growing my team and joining in on the Corporate Calls on
success? It’s as easy as getting your driver’s license.                    hold, but nobody at Gano Excel has made me feel bad about it. They
                                                                           call, and all they want to know is what they can do for me, how they
“Driving” To Your Dreams                                                   can support me. They just want to help.”
“The only way you can achieve anything in life is by realizing that
you can do what other people have done,” Robert says. “And the             “That’s true freedom,” Robert says, poignantly. “To be in a place
way you get to that realization is by emulating other peoples’             where you can take care of the people that you love when they need
success stories.” He continues: “For me, it was like when I wanted         you most… To never have to say, ‘I can’t be there because of work.
to get my driver’s license. The first thing I realized was that I wanted   I can’t come because I can’t afford to fly out right now.’ What price
it. After that, I looked around at all the people who had driver’s         could I possibly put on that?”
licenses, and decided that if they could do it, so could I. Then, I did
it. I stopped making excuses, and regardless of what anyone around         Now Is The Time For Gano Excel!
me said, I went out and did it. I had to say, ‘If they can do it, then     Robert is convinced that now is the time to join Gano Excel. And
so can I.’ That’s exactly how I feel about Gano Excel,” Robert says.       when a man who’s reached this level of success says that “Now
“And it’s why I think anyone reading this magazine can achieve             is the time,” the wise amongst us listen! “January 1st, 2011,”
exactly what I have achieved: because if I could do it, then so            Robert says, “was the very first day that the first wave of baby
can you!”                                                                  boomer’s started to retire. For the next ten years, a baby boomer
                                                                           will retire every seven seconds. All these people are retiring, and the
The Gano Excel Difference                                                  government can’t support them. But here’s the neat thing about the
Robert has been with a number of companies, but he has never               baby boomers: they are not surprised by this.”
seen results like the ones he’s experienced with Gano Excel. “My
group just reached over 340,000 Affiliates – and that’s in 2 years         He continues: “We are about to have an influx of people who made
with this opportunity. I’ve made bigger money with other companies,        the stock market what it is, and made the housing market what it
but that was after 6, 7, 8 years of hard, hard work. I’ve only been        is. They’re not waiting for the government to take care of them, and
here for 2 years, but I can already tell that I will earn more with        they’re not ready to stop working. They’re saying, ‘I’m not finished
Gano than I earned at any other company.”                                  – I’ve got stuff to do.’ And I think those people are going to come to
                                                                           Gano Excel in droves.”
But Robert’s loyalty to Gano Excel is about more than just product
or income – it’s about the people. “Recently, my father-in-law             “I’ve got to tell you, man,” Robert says, “I am more excited about the
was diagnosed with cancer,” Robert says, his voice shaking with            Gano Excel opportunity today than I was when I started two years
emotion. “When we found out, I was able to put everything on hold,         ago. It is just endless!”
pack my family up, and head immediately to him. And I still get
Gano checks from seven countries on a weekly basis. I’ve had to put

                                                                                                                             FEBRUARY 2011           7
                                                                                                       Premier Diamond

           MEET THE
                                                                                                       The few individuals that reach the level of Premier
                                                                                                       Diamond have mastered the key principles of success, and
                                                                                                       consistently applied them week-after-week towards building
                                                                                                       a thriving organization. Producing the level of sales and
                                                                                                       team development required to attain this noteworthy rank is
                                                                                                       significant and unparalleled.
                                   Gano Excel         |N O R T H A M E R I C A ,
                                    A D VA N C E M E N T R E C O G N I T I O N
                                                                                                         David Gonzalez
    Gano Excel’s independent leaders pave the way
    in our industry, and consistently super-exceed
    our expectations. Let them encourage you to do
    your best in business -- and in life!
                                                                                                         Fred Herzog
                 Royal Diamond

                 Affiliates honored at the rank of Royal Diamond are among

                                                                                                         Alberto Martinez
                 the upper echelon of top-producing network marketing
                 professionals. industry-wide. These individuals have made a
                 substantial investment in themselves, their teams, and their
                 future, and have secured a lifetime of prosperity.

                      Freddie Aguirre                                                                    Matt Tucciarelli

                      Robert Hollis Sr.                                                                  Scott Mercker

                      Llecenia Robles                                                                    Armand Puyolt

                      Alma Zaragoza                                                                    Achieving Executive Diamond marks an impressive stage of
                                                                                                       success. These Affiliates have exemplified and passed on the
                                                                                                       principles of true field leadership. Through sales, education
                                                                                                       and marketing, with they are the mentors of momentum.

                      ZVision - D.J.
                                                                                   Robert Hollis Jr.        David Olivares                Tomas Rodriguez
                     Affiliates recognized at the rank of Diamond have transcended
                     the rite of passage into true leadership. Diamond Affiliates
                     have developed several leaders of their own that have actively
                     contributed to their rank advancement.

                                                                                         Regelio Cisneros     Maria Elizondo        Manny Garcia

  Ana L. Aguilar      Ted Fitzgerald         Lovell Scotton           Blanca Solorio

                   Persistency, consistency, and a high level of dedication signify
                                                                                          Stanley Harris      Ofelia Hemme         Carlos Jimenez
                   the Affiliates that reach the Platinum rank. Individuals being
                   recognized at this rank-level have soundly developed their team
                   and consistently achieved a significant level of sales performance.

                                                                                         Roger Johnsrud       Luis Landeros        Araceli Medina

  Olga Loya        Josefina Orozco Anil Ramcharitar Javier Ramos

                                                                                         Leticia Mendoza      Isabel Montoya       Cristina Muñoz

Isabel Rodriguez Lizbeth Sabellon Paul and Carmen Marc Warnke

                    The cultivation of true leadership is established at the rank of
                    Gold. Affiliates earning this rank have built a solid team with
                    emerging leaders of their own that will move their entire
                    organization to new heights.
                                                                                             Troy Olds        Esther Ramos          Daniel Rivera

  Michael Accurso              Baltazar Avila                 Jorge Barajas              Beatriz Rodriguez    Maria Roybal          Salvador and
                                                                                                                                   Hilda Sandoval

                                                                                         Catalina Villatoro
   Hugh Benjamin                Ada Caballero               Angelina Calvillo
                                                                                                                               FEBRUARY 2011        9
                                 Silver                                                                                          Jaramillo, Linda Garcia, Rodly Marescot, Maryse Cayemitte, Maria Margarita Ramirez, Aguilar Avelardo, Tanya Lopez,
                                                                                                                                 Miguel Ayala, Olga Jaramillo, Maria Cibrian, Sofia Leon, Ramona Aguirre, Juan Andrade, Ma Guadalupe Coria, Soledad
                                 Silver rank achievers are                       Afiliados que han logrado la                    Sasamoto, Elvira Buitron, Dianna Ababon, Irma Gomez, Federico Salvidrez, Ana Canizales, Angelica Castro, Teresa
                                                                                                                                 Diaz, Eddie Salomon, Mayra Ramirez, Jose H Penado, Sarai Diaz, Maria Orozco, Juanita Rangel, Dora Beckman,
                                 marked by their amazing                         clasificación de Silver han hecho               Juan Ramos, Ana Salinas, Becky Harris, Rebeca Martinez, Hildeliza Olmos, Socorro Angon, Carla Redonda, Matthew
                                 commitment to reaching a                        un gran compromiso a lograr                     Stacey, Gudalupe Antonio, Fidel Galvan, Maria B Lopez, Rufino Jhovanny Silva, Adam Lowe, Maria L Tirado, Martinez
                                 level of notable sales volume                   un nivel notable de volumen                     Carlos-Ericka, David Flores, Maria Rodriguez, Evangelina Chavira, Maria Cecilia Salcido, Adelaida Gutierrez-Franco,
                                                                                                                                 Victor Ruiz, Delia Ruvalcaba, Martha Orozco, Usman Jadoon, Carlos Vergara, Blanca Margarita Flores, Roxana Orellan,
                                 in a single week that positions                 de ventas en una sola semana                    Victor M Holquin, Sandy Lopez, Andrea Caratachea, Vanessa Bustos, Matilde Bracamontes, Rosalba Vergara, Leslie
                                 them for even greater                           que los posiciona en una gran                   O Carrasco, Rosamaria Ramirez, Ericka Bonilla, Florencia Aguilar, Consuelo Palaquibay, Guadalupe Meza, Marisol
                                 opportunity and growth.                         oportunidad de crecimiento.                     Sanchez, Elia Andrade Rodriguez, Antonio Lazo Ibarra, Sodelba Lopez, Maria Paz Marquez, Martha Zavala, Julia
                                                                                                                                 Olivieri, Teresa Flores, Charles Walker Consulting Llc, Efren Salas, Asuncion Rivera, Martin Angel, Mhinor David
 Jake Smith, Mike O’Hara, Jason Colangelo, Jinggo Jabat, Edna Ruda, Norma Santos, Gloria Moreyra, Kfe International,             Florian, Emerita Calidonio, Mary S. Unny, Erika Santoyo, Thelma Petruske, Alka Sharma, Andrew Kallikounis, Jonathan
 Pricila Acosta, Juan Rivera Ortiz, Luis Maldonado, Marisol Lopez, Ana Robles, Doris Pacheco Christian, Ariel Martinez,          Watkins, Aida Lopez, Alberto Montano, Leticia Espinoza, Luis Montano, Luis Rodriguez, Aurelio Candelario, Mercedes
 Lumarys Melendez, Jeannette Lasalle Rivera, Angie Centeno, Cesar Torres, Alivio Y Descanco Ma. Guadalupe Manriquez              Garcia, Maria Orellana, Raquel Mancinas, Susana Vilorio, Hugo Perez Flores, Gustavo Castaneda, Shelley Tisdale,
 Garcia, Maria Lopez De Gutierrez, Javier Alaniz, Rosario Rodriguez, Larry Phillips, Yolanda Gaona, Rosalio Lopez, Lisa Ann      Veronika Ulbricht, Mayer Buitrago, Marcos Tirado, Manuel Nunez, M.Paz Marquez, Linda Castro, Nahum Alvarado,
 Vombrack, Daniel Parra, Hilario Perez, Maria Munoz, Maria Cardenas, Josefina Torres, Mary Milla, Agapito Jr Contreras,          Maria Rodriguez, Guadalupe Zapuien, Rodolfo Martinez, Olivia Salas, Celsa Vargas, Imelda Salinas, Oscar Zuniga,
 Stephanie Ramos, Yanm Morales, Crecencio Garcia, Adela Mejia, Gilda Nolasco, Cirino Lopez, Enrique Sarcone, Anthony             Francisca Beltran, Roberto Villegas, Guadalupe Padilla, Guadalupe Mendez, Janet Villegas, Sandra Torres, Maricela
 Scavuzzo, Lorenza Gonzalez, Graciela Hernandez, Sergio Sanchez, Leonor Rodriguez, Teresa Munoz, Maria Medrano,                  Jimenez, Juan Rodriguez, Diane Gatrost, Veronica Beltran, Janette Pagan
 Jose Saldaña, Lore Miller, Nohemi Gonzalez, Gabriel Barajas, Carolyn Lee, Maria Gomez, Griselda Alonso, Blanca
 Sanchez, Soledad Barrueta, Julie Benjamin, Bernabe Rivera, Gloria Bautista, Adriana Suarez, Estanislao Nunez, Rose
 Covarrubias, Marcus Riley, Linda Jennings, Isabel M. Lozano, Jesus Manuel Flores, Agustin Avila, Jazmin Aguirre,                                            Aprentice Elite
 David Hairabedian, Jose Mendoza, Maria Paulino, Nohemi Garcia, Heather Gastineau, Magdalena Wiklund, Bartola                                                Graduation to the rank of                             Graduación a esta clasificación
 Navarro, Angelina Acosta, Dean Conover, Renee Rader, Felipe Pelayo, Esther Marple, Lisa Wittgren, Pilar Sarseno, Maria
 Esquer, Dolores Ramirez, Alejandra Suarez, Taha Schwarz, Linda Sanchez, Sara Cervantez, Angelica Maldonado, Cruz                                            Apprentice Elite confirms                             de Apprentice Elite confirme
 Hemosillo, Gabriela Vazquez, Juan Gopar, Mary Jimenez, Gaude Bautista, Rosa Cordoba, Claudio Mena, Griselda Dozal,                                          an individual’s commitment                            el compromiso de este
 Arcelia Romero, Reynaldo Reyes, Evangelina Falcon, Stephanie Lopez, Valentina Monsivais, Aida Corral, Jaz Aguirre,                                          towards understanding and                             individuo hacia entendiendo y
 Maritza Correa, Luciana Robles, Josefina Leon Sanchez, Elsa Vinueza, Hernandez Julia, Roberta Leon, Monycare Llc,
 J Cruz Garcia, David Cerna, Nestor Amarillas, Isabel Torres, Miguel A Mendoza, Rosendo Sanchez, Mercedes Ayala,                                             mastering the basics.                                 dominando lo básico.
 Perla Valenzuela, Maria Mejia, Blanca Cruz, Abraham Moreno, Acsa Luviano, Hung Vu, Jesus Delgado, Elizabeth Garcia,
                                                                                                                              Brian Mcgibbon, Guy Pare, Elena And Cyril Mckinnon, Lourdes O Brien, Wendy Gagne, Jennifer Chapman, Shawn Kober, Brooke Gagne,
 Sanchez Maria, Lucia Lopez, Anthony Daigle, Jessica Cerrato, Gabriel Cortez, Francisco Vicuna, Luz Pimental, Oscar
                                                                                                                              Pauline Judith Larson, Allan Parker, Denise Ferguson, Peter Henderson, Julie Blair, Netta Gerrow, Michael Marcenko, Pete Baker, Louis
 Tolentino, Carmen Vicuna, Cecilia Turcios, Jose Garcia, Margarita Robles, Magdalena Saucedo, Maria Martinez, Mirella         Rigos, Ruth Lorusso, Odessa Foster, Lois Strickland, Sharon Edwards, Walter Saccon, Krista Bunnett, Lindsay Collis, Shawnna Taylor,
 Anguiano, Martin Martinez, Fatima Patino, Viola Ramirez, Mario Hernandez, Angela Lopez Morales, Marisol Miranda,             Jamie Troke, Sonia Jiggins, Diane Murphy, Greg Beesley, Kimberly Brough, Linda Kober, Ian Kelly, Len Legge Excavating, Terry Coughlin,
 Hortensia Enriquez, Marisela Aguirre, Maria Aguirre, Nora G Torres, Maria Medina Ruiz, Margarita Fajardo, Josue Estrada,     Heidi Cole, Brian &Treena Kimbell, Crystal-Ann Phillips, Rick Trull, John Duval, Edward Jones, Audrey Brietkopf, Erica Cobb, Marlo
 Alma Castaneda, Maria Cervantes, Esmeralda Campos, Hector Casillas, Hermelinda Alvarez, Reyna Carrillo, Rafaela              Esperon, Maria Luisa Sarria, Anne Beers, Christine Seah, Carmelita Elma Ernesto Campagnaro, Christopher Loga, Imelda Acosta, Elvina
 Madrigal, Ivan Alvarado, Justo Velez-Campos, Bertha Arriola, Daniel Figueredo, Maria Montano, Leonardo Moraida,              Santiago, John Macmullin, Kannathasan Arunasalam, Tracy Jenkinson, Denia Javier, Jewell Gomes, Lnd Marketing, Simeona
 Jose Rodriguez, Maria Escamilla, America Rincon, Behringer Cassie, Jose Bejar, Eloina Lopez, Benito Corral, Ofelia           Hembrobueno, Margarita Gopez, Lucrecia Sagisi, Chantal Hodgson, Evelyn Asensi, Rosario Pedralvez, Conchita Ramil, Leticia Bisch,
                                                                                                                              Leonarda Badian, Lolita Anonati, Gen Rouleau, Chartering Success Corp., Sushi Decker, Candy Mcglynn-Bilow, Consuelo Parrenas, Nena
 Morales, Gema Valverde, Edgar Ruiz, Sylvia Holguin, Maria E Cuevas, Elda Ramirez, Betty Jane Eads, Francisco Rangel,         Pacania, Ruth Suico, Xiaohui Ma, Eufrosina Doelle, Jiyi Gabales, Ken Lezard, Thomas Newell, Jose Aurelio, Daniel Milea, Maria Simbajon,
 Maria Zarate, Hilda Mena, Araceli Haro, Mirtha Vilcapoma, Maria Guerrero De Vaca, Taylor Mckillip, Wilfredo Siles, Rubi      Fernando Rodriguez, Amber Miller, Eva Ruiz Serrano, Carol Mitchell, Juliet Reyes, Mariela & Carlos Melendez, Robert Mayrand, Tessie
 Ramirez Garza, Juan Baez, Adan Limon, Dora Alonso, Ana Amaya, Juan Galindo, Zoraya Monsalve, Luis Crisostimo,                Sado, Rene Castillo, Jonalyn Soliman, Brad Freeman, Ropha May Sarria, Christine Mcintee, Maria Rachel Cacal, Gloria Rivera Cruz,
 Maria Guerrero, Eduardo Ramirez, Serafin Garcia, Leticia Bermudez, Ariadne Zamora, Alicia Acosta, Concepcion Diego,          Fernando Castro, Hector Amador, Lilliam Collazo, Robert De Koop, Marisol Sanchez Rodriguez, Emory De Koop, Sylvia Schotte, Isabel
 Sandra Bright, Beb-Heb Herrera, Ruben Martinez, Victor De La Cruz, David Tepe, Martina Terrazas, Gabriela Padilla,           Irizarry, Gerla Lopez, Carmen Diaz Ramirez, Marilyn Becker, Betty Hernandez, Josefa Ramos Caban, Maria Pellot Crespo, Jerrynidlee
 Carlton Cooper, Trinidad Guido, Alfredo Duenez, Neri Zacarias, Gloria Martinez, Rosa Perez, Teresa Orocio, Freddy            Casiano, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Kenneth Padilla Alequin, Marisela Kleinmoedig, Hector Estrada, Pedro Garcia Guzman Y/O Brenda Arroyo
                                                                                                                              Carballo, Sarah Velez, Lissette Crespo, Jorge Palau, Astrid Ercicia, Luis Duarte, Carlos Anglero Rivera, Geraldo Gonzalez, Norman Vrutaal,
 Vanegas, Aponte Vacation Homes Inc, Teresa Benitez, Jhon Gonzalez, Nicole Anderson, Isidra Aguila, Concepcion Ruiz,
                                                                                                                              Raul Narvaez, David Rivera, Olivia Vrutaal-Araujo, Pedro Vazquez Flores, Altagracia De Palm, Amalio Loiz, Maura Casco Centeno, Wanda
 Esmeralda E. Hernandez, Maria De Jesus Torre, Gilberto Panaloza, Amado Garcia, Antonio Jasso, Oscar Ayala, Manuel            Robles, Joel Figueroa, Jesus Mediavilla, Felix Lopez, Victor Rosario Robles, Jesús Rivera, Sinadia Arbelo, Elida Cardona Vargas, Haydee
 Sanchez, Yudy Montano, Ana Perez, Fabiola Valenzuela, Cecilia Romero, Manuel Hernandez, Roberta Rose, Griselda Soto,         Bayon Rivera, Amelia Bourdon, Juan Santiago, Jose Miranda, Felix Viera, Bernardo Mongil, Ydsia Salas, Hazel Lebron Bayon, Alexis
 Francisco Martinez, Jose Ituarte, Oyuky Gomez, Ronda Barnes, Guido Sanchez, Paula Salgado, Carolina Soto, Mirelia            Hernandez, Jose Luis Adames, Elliot Orellana, Esther Rosado, Janet Ocasio, Sylvia Ocasio, Eddie Sanchez, Rafael Carrillo, Sylvia Lozada
 Trinidad Cruz, Jo Huang, Martin Gonsalez, Noel Ibarra, Alicia Hernandez, Gonzalez Yolanda, Jaquelin Alvarado, Codeis Usa     Benitez, Ana Otero, Miguel Loiz, Christian Harnandez, Esteban Duarte, Jose Ruiz, Jorge Rodriguez Carderon, Damaris Rios, Jose Ortiz
 Inc, Flor Palacios, Anavelia Benitez, Rafael Ramirez, Damon Moats, Aaron Howe, Maritza Hernandez, Rocio Roblez, Nicole       Gonzalez, Felicia Bautista, Jose Lucuara Segura, Javier Rivera, Fani Payare Cuava, Ramon Mendez Perez, Edwin Santiago Rivera,
 Edwards, Maria Almaraz, Tiffany Lin, Cindy Yang, Amador Loya, Leonel Valencia, Feliciana De La Cruz, Katherine Crafton,      Carmen Natal Rivera, Windy Garcia, Luz Carrasquillo, Wilson Galan, Lorel Torres Torres, Enrique Garcia, Carlos Cruz Marquez, Yvonne
                                                                                                                              Cortes, Torres Distributors, Christopher Rivera, Ivette Fiol, Mereline Gusberta, Dajanaris Pol, Josefina Román - Disla, Rossymarie
 Peng Huang, Miguel Montanez, Fernando Garcia, Horacio Dominguez, Patty Lavalle, Clockwork Consultants Inc, Antonia           Velazquez, Noemi Pinero, John Mendez, Leonor Castro, Ismael Cotto, Edith Martina , Germine Pieternella, Isaura Cantos, Ted Kinard,
 Pineda, Gustavo Padilla, Flor Mendoza, Alexandra Pelaez, Ofelia Lucas, Bruce & Sabrina Barker, Ireneo Miguel Jimenez,        Christian Rodriguez, Roger Burnley, Otto Gonzalez, Maria Arciga, Elvia Amador, Ana Cisneros, Margarita Rodriguez, Armando Acosta Jr.,
 Ana Barriento, Cristobal Guerrero, Berenice Medina, Gloria Sedillo, Josefina Rodriguez, Claudia Oviedo, Virgilio Rojas,      Gary Scotton, Amparo Neri, Rosa Ayala, Gerald Dedrick, Yda Collante, Marina Garcia, Mayolo Ortuno, Maria Reyes, Tomasa Portillo, Raul
 Trinidad Medina, Michelle Garcia, Ruben Lamas, Jesus Quintana, Gema Hernandez, Eileen Mendoza, Maria Mendoza,                Gallardo, Ramona Aguilar, Manuel Pimentel, Josefina Pacheco, Perlie Sibala, Miluska Milagro Serrano, Imelda Librado, Maria Gonzalez,
 Doris Barrientos, Roxana Cruz, Guillermo Marroquin, Petra Anguiano, Maria Cerda, Norma Castillo, Alta Cuevas Marques,        Adrian Orozco, Carmela Nunez, Margarita Ponce, John Tatum, Bertha Alicia Gallegos, Maria Cardona, Placida Felix, Maria Reyes Escobar,
 Angela Miranda, Dimas Rivera, Ramiro Ascencio, Kent Mclaughlin, Lizandra M. Salcido, Amy And Sid Morris, Ramon               Maria Jimenez, Maria Romero, Daniel Loera, Irene Calderon, Sandra Aceves, Juan Serrano, Marisol Soto, Virginia Chaidez, Maria
                                                                                                                              Cervantes, Benita Pulido, Reyna Navarrete, Andrea Flores, Concepcion Murillo, Juana Payan, Rafaela Bonilla, Carlos Madera, Maria Pina,
 Tejera, Lucia Campa, Norma Bautista, Rosie Almandos, Irma Patricia Perez, Selvin Rios, Humberta Gomez, Francisca
                                                                                                                              Flora Zavaleta, Elvira Flores, Maria Reyna, Maria Rios, Maria De Lourdes Alcaraz, Raul Garcia, Jose Bonales, Teresa Medina, Beronica
 Lopez Delloyd, Maria Vides, Alex Madrigal, Lilia Zuniga, Garcia Maria, Dalila Maldonado, Juan Orjuela, Teresa Martinez,      Elizabeth Tadeo, Veronica Espino, Cristina Maida, Dorina Belloso, Juan Guzman, Luiggi Lopez, Zoila Ruiz, Maria De Gutierrez, Raul
 Gerardo Lostanau, Maricruz Castrejon, Filemon Caballero, Lucia Becerra Pena, Cafe Milagroso, Guilermo Cuevas, Norma          Iniguez, Lorenza Gutierrez, Valeria Delgado, Juan Escobedo, Maria Martinez Depaz, Daisy Gonzalez, Angela Carter, Erika Santillan Lopez,
 V Munoz, Marcela Perez, Adriana Jimenez, Yasmin Rodriguez, Lourdes Estrada, Blanca Gonzalez, Segundo Palaquibay,             Mirna Mercado, Fely Soriano, Martin Rios, Joyce Solomon, Sandra Fuentes, Rigoberto Vargas, Gerry Garcia, Martha Chavez, Martha
 Leona Malmquist, Irma Brindis, Ramon Mendoza, Amelia Gonzalez, Diana Lopez, Tomasa Ortiz, Maria Veronica Villalon,           Meneses, Martha Mesa, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Imelda Morales, Jennie Burton, Erendida Moreno, Isabel Morfin, Carmen Perez, Roman
 Maria Hurtado, Paul Lukey, Lucina Jimenes, Mario E Sausedo, Estela Garcia, Cornelio Herrera, Terry Wright, Abraham           Barron, Sherry Ittenbach, Rosa Torres, Glenda Heim, Irma Ayon, Tyler Page, Celia Cabrera, Carlos Varela, Martha Contreras, Sayda Lopez,
 Cambron, Siria Huizar, Patricia Forero, Ladonna Crain, Rick Patton, Sharon Felix, Eliseo Garcia, Pastor Valencia, Humberto   Julia Hernandez, Rosa Negrete, Canrado Paez, Ramon Mendoza, Ruth Figeroa, Edi Rodriguez, Vilma Vasquez, Eusebio Cuautli, Manuel
                                                                                                                              Anguiano, Juan Gonzalez, Nathan Owens, Estella Renich, Lauren Martinez, Elvia Campos, Jose Luis Sr Solorzano, Daniel Witty, Maria
 Porix Vicente, Antonio Limon, Chloe Lin, Jose Valenzuela, Lewis Webber, Agustin Porix, Alma Verduzco, Josephi Huan,          Luisa Gonzales, Johnny Bowens, Jorge Robles, Socorro Vargas, Rosa Corsza, Maria Campos, Ivonne Miranda, Enrique De La Torre, N
 Whitne Huan, Yifan Lin, Victor Bustos, Edwin Garcia, Perla Ramon, Patricia Ubillos, Samuel Torres, Jesus Sandoval,           Franco, Josh Truitt, Llc, Roxana Travina, Cruz Cecilia Muniz, Maria Hernandez, Noe Alberto, Peter Wilcox, Itzel Perez, Guadalupe Diaz,
 Jennifer Leon, Elayna Mcmillan, Vicenta Zaragoza Cabrera, Francisco Rodriguez G., Francisco P Torres, Humberto Ortiz,        Fanna Paula Younghanz, Phyl Franklin, Bruce Watkins, Maria Benito Morales, Bertha R Macias, Boonnuang Kalof, Yolanda Barbosa, Lilian
 Flores Emma, Angelica Tarula, Juana Azurdia, Juana Martinez, Jesus Hector Sanchez, Ruby Gonzalez, Canjura Perez,             Cruz, Maria Garcia, Aloejandro Muniz Sr, Maricruz Salinas, Maria Saldaña, Socorro Pacheco, Paula Curiel, Whitney Huang, Yuyun
 Thomas Boerger, Brittney Beltran, Monica Moreno, Marcella Angleo, Carlos Peraza, Milagros Class, Antonia Franco, Julio       Huang, Able Llc, Maria Valdez, Alexander Jimenez, Noe Gonzalez, Nancy Rodriguez, Viviana Sherwood, Fernando Gonzalez, Johana
 Cesar Contreras, Rodolfo & Irene Gutierrez (Srs. Gutierrez), Maria Muralles, Benito Farfan, Agustin Hernandez, Philip        Salas, Vilma Figueroa, Eliseo Sanchez, Elsa Gomez, Marcela Vargas, Imelda Romero, Troy Olson, Sofia Gonzales, Manuela Robles, Jose
                                                                                                                              Santacruz, Maria Del Carmen Samora, Maria Ramos, Matiana Cardenas, Gricelda Rivera, Bertha Rubio, Alicia Cortez, Anita Hernandez,
 Jepsen, Adela Mejia, Miguel A. Silva, Yolanda Cedeno, Sergio Castillo, Julio Cesar Vado, Jaime Medina, Willie Pedrosa,
                                                                                                                              Ninfa Flores, Leonor Romero, Esther Garza, Gracia Godoy, Erendira Cavansos, Maria Eugenia Bustamante, Enriqueta Holguin Loya, Alicia
 Marius Landman, Martha Gomez, Maurilio Lara, Devron Prescott, Dave Sommers, Dexter Graves, Adan Perez                        Orozco, Sherrill Calvert, Dora Nuñez, Julio Aredola Villasenor, Elba Salinas, Jarixon Medina, Tommie Caraveo, Christina Mendoza, Maria
                                                                                                                              Pasillas, Maria Arango, Fransisca Correa, Yolanda Mercado, Francisco Rivas, Maria Gonzales, Michael Belleggie, Rosa Quintanilla, Tyler
                            Bronze                                                                                            Ryba, Andres Gasca, Jose Rodriguez, Norma Alvarez, Norma Delgado, Carlos Perez-Rodriguez, Juana Perez, Margarita Huerta, Bobby
                                                                                                                              Mcgee, Andres Vazquez, Florencio Santibanez, Roberto Salazar, Nohemi Gonzalez, Chante Earl, Rosa Gonzalez, Manuel Thomas,
                                                                                                                              Douglas Heim, Jose Cisneros, Jody Willimon, Yecenia Tobias, Paula Evans, Ana Tena, Hilaria Pelayo, Vianey Olivas, Rita Dickinson, Torey
                            Individuals that have achieved the                     Individuos que han logrado la              Ryba, Juan Carlos Quintero, Ana Barraza, Patricia Macias, Matilde Meraz, Julio Bances, Maria Luz Ortega, Silvino Pelayo, Maria De
                            rank of Bronze have taken that first                   clasificación de Bronze han                Jesus Villegas, Lauralyn Connally, Cleotilde Ortiz, Lorena Romero, Guadalupe Chairez, Erika Solis, Maria Elena Benitez, Ismael Castanon,
                                                                                                                              Louise Morisheta, Dolores Eagle, Estephania Padilla Vega, Lourdes Ponce, Nora Monsivais, Martha Velazquez, Carmen Mendoza, Evelyn
                            major step in applying their own                       tomado el primer gran paso de              Wiberg, Blanca Espinoza, Sara Dias, Marina Chabollo, Jorge Velasquez, Ignacio De La Cruz, Juan Ramirez, Cecilia Rodriguez, Segundo J
                            mastery and successes towards                          aplicar sus propias materias y             Sanchez Espinoza, Jeff L. Zazueta, Engracia Vazquez, Hilario Terrazas, Jorge Martinez, David Carrillo, Elva Favela, Reinaldo Matos, Maria
                                                                                                                              Urbina, Joel Vera, Teresa Garcia, Pedro Mendoza, Theresa Mills, Richard Mills Jr, Maria Isabel Ortega, Carmen Chairez, Talitha Brooks,
                            the development of others.                             éxitos hacia el desarrollo de otros.       Laura Waldo, Maritza Guerrero, Lourdes Salinas, Dolores Moore, Andrea Garcia, Omar Sanchez, Norma Perez, Zilpa Perales, Kenneth
                                                                                                                              Jackson, Teresa Mendez, Dalila Macias, Javier Lujan, Irma Flores, Emerenciana Matous, Grace Lertora, Maria Enela Sanchez, Luz Ortiz,
     Angelica Martinez, Jadelyn Blair, Tracey Mallen, Renee Greaves, Lordines Flores, Maria Y Manfredo Amaya, Alicia          Yolanda Blancas, Graciela Morales, Devery Clemons, Daniel Soto, Saul Alberto Lopez, Kimberly Guardado, Brenda Bonilla, Maria Del
     Gadong, Rebecca Ricario, Viviana Barco, Francis Lampa, Julia Fabic, Rosalinda Tom, Melissa Botma, Alfredo Sado,          Carmen Mojica, Manuel Manriquez, Martha Ventura, Norma Rascon, Rj Howard, Nicolas Gomez, Carmen Garcia, Carmen Chavez, Alex
     Ma Claire Provido, Helen Del Mundo, Rebecca And Angel Del Mundo, Linda Soler, Norman Romondt, Maria Clarisa              Dorcius, Stephanie Nunez, Santiago Nunez, Marisol Chitres Mora, Viking Travel Inc, Julio Sanchez, Diana Vazquez, Waleska Ortiz, Lidia
     Romondt, Ariel Cedeño, Miguel Bermudez, Shawn Faneyte, Sindey Koeiman, Xyvonne Koeiman, Evan Faneyte,                    Silva, Juan Martinez, Carl Lemon, Maria Rodriguez, Edwin Espinoza, Martina Doyer, Guillermo Apolinar, Claudia Morales, Argelia
                                                                                                                              Seigoso, Alfredo Cantu, Ruby Mercado, Angela Funderburk, Diana Flores, Annabell Garcia, Maria Rangel, Elisa Rosas, Floriano Quirino,
     Iris Ribardo, Carlos Rodriguez, Waldo Figueroa, El Nuevo Lucero, Milva Kastaneer, Luis Betancourt, Brenda Cruz,
                                                                                                                              Johanna Dirbas-Taylor, Elizabeth Munoz, Rosa Correa, Elmer Espinoza, Ana Espinoza, Olga Perez, Aseelah Gates, Brenda Bellavia, Eva
     Jonathan Reyes, Jean-Henry Hoek, Jason Lee Schaeffer, Raynald Aniceta, Miosotis Lopez, Mabel Bernabela,                  Ussher, Luz Maria Gaytan, Edith Arellano, Blanca Perez, Olga Moreno, Auner Vasquez, Lona Davis, Yohalmo Gonzalez, Socorro Mora,
     Susana G Hernandez, Rosario Alfaro, Damiana Cruz De Miura, Ma Del Carmen Garcia, Angelica Gutierrez, Maria               Juan Garcia-Ruiz, Edgar Del Real, Tr Cheek, Maria Suarez, Patricia Flores, Isidro Herrera, Delfina Bejar, Tanya Farmer, Elvia Alonso,
     Teresa Fernandez, The Financial Resource Grp Llc, Lucy Ornelas, Hipolita Gonzalez, Rosa Ortiz, Joe L. Page Jr., Elisa    Paula Rivera, Luara Montejano, Luz Ortiz, Marta Gomez, Lisandro Polanco, Manuel Garcia, Nelida Bautista, Antonio Herrera, Silvia
     Pena- Alcazar, Florinda Hernandez, Francisco Palafox - Pena, Maury Ruiz, Karla Rivera, Dolores Valenzuela, Xochilt       Pasaye, Israel Rodriguez, Jose A Becerra, Manney Castaneda, Gertrudis Sandoval, Lizet Del Toro, Alejandrina Gomez, Julie Anne Pyle,
     Perez, Estela Lopez, Maria Barragan, Zenaida Fierro, Margarita Perez, A Limon, Ruben Gonzalez, Levinson Hudson           Maria Leal, Gladis Molina, Marisela Castro, Lizzania Sanchez, Rubicela Gonzalez, Milciades Torres, Angela Miranda, Blanca Tunchez,
                                                                                                                              Edicson Valderrama, Dora Leiva, Verushka Espinoza, Maria Pastor, Julia Suarez, Francisca Alcala, Antonia Perez, Alma Garcia, Larry
     International, Rosa Villanueva, Kimberly Maclauchlan, Carmen Ochoa De Rodriguez, Olga Torres, Debbie Gregory,
                                                                                                                              Miller, Noelia Gutierez, Margarita Garcia, Eduvina Padilla, Magdalena Hanson, Enmanuel Maltez, Alexander Perez, Mirella Escalera,
     Graciela Ramirez, Alicia G. Garcia, Rosa Cabrera, Claudia Sosa, Joseph Clayton, Maria Saldana, Arturo Lopez,             Evelia Mendoza, Jess Young, Lalone Sandra, Cindy Kellogg, Rosina Valencia, Diana Suniga, Victor Rios, Yvonne Downing, Julio Arena
     Martha Bilyew, Luis Velasco, Elena Madrid, Cecilia Huerta, Alma Leal, Irma Gomez, Alma Lujano, Katherine Aguon,          Escudero, Esmeralda Estrada, Angel Garcia, Teodoro Aguirre, Deborah Cooper, Everardo Pedraza, Pablo Aguilar, Marina Rodriguez, Maria
     Maribel Angulo, Eloisa Labrada, Lleoniza Adams, Evelia Barbosa, Gloria Hernandez, Alma Gable, Pamela Acosta,             Guadalupe De Leon, Leopoldo Moran, Lidia Ochoa, Marisol Trujillo, Elia Macias, Angel Benavides, Gloria Leyva, Ryan Bowie, Daniel
     Francisco Garcia, Elba Perez, Eulalia Ruiz, John Borden, Brian Kucuk, Robert Akeley Jr, Larry Snowton, Gricelda          Montesinos, Maria Mendiola, Teodora Merino, Venets Acosta, Maria Olmos Lopez, Minerva Carrillo, Andrew Salinas, Ricardo Reyna,
     Castillo, Victoria Zamayoa, Jaime Martinez, Silvia Rivera, Norma Muniz, Javier Cota, Luis Rodriguez, Silvia Contreras,   Margarita Santos, Iban Vega, Marisela Sanchez, Lida Gaviria, Adeline Francois, Jose Pineda, Maria Torres, Criselda Garcia, Carmen
     Margaret Maldonado, Martha Lopez, Luis Alvarez, Dayel Guzman, Pablo Garcia, Maria Del Carmen Moraila Torres,             Urrea, Carlos Lux, Rodrigo Garcia, Larry Diggs, Maria Salazar, Roberto Garcia, Emma Guerra, Carmen Maria Vistrain, Maria Raquel
                                                                                                                              Zamarron, Trini Guillen, Felipa Hidalgo, Marta Sanchez, Elodio Madrigal, Jose De Jesus Benitez, Celeste Lizeth Cedillo, Luvia Ramirez,
     Juan Torres, Todd Reed, Leticia Belmonte, Marcela Ramos, Erika Villegas, Guadalupe Sandoval, Maria Parra, Maria
                                                                                                                              Rosa Morales, Javier Virgen, Enel Diamond, Eyal Ben-Haim, Jesus Villalovos, Teresa Montano, Mayra Morales, Rosa Mata, Silvia
     Zea Juarez, Francisco Villanueva, Maria Guadalupe Munoz, Nancy Estrada Hernandez, Juan Felipe Cadena Casares,            Hernandez, Juana Ibarra, Jose A Reyes, Marisela Garcia, Edith Montanez, Francisco Madera, Agustina Gutierrez, Gloria Santos, Astrid
     Rogelio Herrera, Catarino Parra, Jose A Tinoco, Stefani Garcia, Michael Wu, Juana Hernandez, Nathan Church, Maria        Inclan, Manuela Alvarado, Eva Avila, Amanda Gann, Miguel Najera, Olga Rocha, Antonio Alvarado, Maria M Moran, Gloria Diaz, Curtis
                                                                                                                              Ellis, Mirna Mejia, Evangelina Estrada, Julio Recinos, Great Minds Of America, Leovigilda Balbuena, Jeannie Spargo, Soledad De Leon,
                                                                                                                              Maria Jacinto, Jovita Morales, Sergio Duran, Janeth Olmos, Maria Cabello, Sana Shabazz, Maria Barcenas, Jose Luis Munoz, Maribel
Briones, Anita Rodriguez, Antonio Ybarra, Rocio Arreola, Sara Bermudez, Evonne Haley, Leah Johnson, Nelly Perdomo, Maria Villa, Rosa         Gonzalez, Jaime Echevarria, Margarita Francisco, Aida Saldivar, Nancy Hernandez, Jerry Lugo, Fausto Gonzales, Cecilia Lopez, Kenneth
Maria Gonzalez, Robert Ussher, Katherine Apple, Kauthar Umar, Christina Garcia, Annette Stellick, Jesus Flores, Arely Gomez, Maria           Kluck, Luis Hernandez, Max Paguaga, Max Dorcius, Sandra Nelson, Sara Guevara, Joseph Calvaire, Elidia Cruz, Maria E. Shadrom, John
Flores, Maribel Saavedra, Laura Zamora, Margarita Mota, Angela Vargas, Jose I Miramontes, Agustin Lopez, Regina Bacon, Obcemea               Rodriguez, Rosy Aguilar, Iris Bonilla, Eva N Munoz, Rebeca Corona, Johnson Bryan, Paula Ruiz, Emad Aramki, Ramiro Farias, Maria
Rosalie, Maria Ortiz, Teresa Zapata, Nickolaus De Young, Jorge Gonzalez, Roberto Mendez, Socorro Galvan, Jose Hernandez, Romelia             Gutierrez, Estela Silva, Griselda Tizan, Thelma Rodriguez, Markas Alan, Ingrid Cordero, Lidia Ruiz, Amaya Delmira, Cruz Sifuentes, Maria
Crotzer, Marcela Dooley, Basil Price, Nikaury Gil, Patricia Oceguera, Arturo Salazar, Martha Delgado, Noriel Ildefonzo, Maria Loya,          Lopez, Cristina Fernandez, Miguel Flores, Raymundo Calderon, Rene Fran Ruiz, Marta Millan, Aleita Quindana, Abel Sanchez, Martha
Miguel Flores, Manuel Carmona, Darlene Motley, Juan Chajon, Graciela Sanchez, Claudia Ruiz, Maria Rubio, Leonor Vazquez, Maria &             Mercado, Zandro Cabiltes, Jason Burton, Delma Rascon, Mary Soliman, Jinlian Liang, Debbie Landon, Xiomara Greene, Rosa Lopez De
Maximiliano Valdovinos, Jeane Guillen, Carlos Jr. Torres, Mayra Miranda, Maria Fernandez, Luis Chavez, Maria C Hernandez, Maria              Zavala, Maura Gonzalez, Rosa Gutierrez, Amador Garcia, Maria Chavez, Margarita Castaneda, Rosalia Flores, Cheryl Dixon, Carlos
Carrillo, Claudia Agundez Miramontes, Beatriz Rodriguez, Seidy Cisneros, Estela Nonez, Rosa Morales, Elva Edeza, Angelica Cardenas,          Adrianzen, Ana Yansy Euceda, Carlos Gutierrez, Barton Palmer, Isaac Perez, Andres Ardon, Serafina Fuentes, Sandra Castro, Santiago
Dolores Morales, Teresa Barrientos, Araceli Garcia, Ruben Molina, Deysi Ramos, Rosicela Carlos, Eduardo Valenzuela, Mohammad                 Vazquez, Vernon Walker, Alexander J Gomez, Isaac Rodriguez, Jesus Quinonez, Martha Bueno, Hector Galvan, Rosa Gonzalez, Jessica
Shojaei, Darcy Locke, Monica Manalo, German Centeno, Brian Wynne, Stacy Johnson, Miriam Hernandez, Hilda Santos, Sonia Cantu,                Hernandez, Leticia Guerra, Jadine Hockett, David Nager, Nancy Cruz, Yvette Garcia, Chuck Doutrick, Christian Zimmerman, Suhail Perez,
Maria Godinez, Yolanda Montemayor, Eliza Ramirez, Herman King, Moises Gonzalez, Juana Garcia, Juana Armijo Martinez, Jorge                   Mariano Andino, Norberto Andino, Nick Farris, Alejandro Dorado, Mary Brown, Matthew Nichols, Socorro Ortega, Maria Nunez, Maria
Villegas, Maria Carbajal Hernandez, Maria Rogelina Hernandez, Sandra Vela, Hugh Miller, Connie Dickson, Guadalupe Sanchez, Irma              Rubalcava, Ruth Mora, Jose D Sahagun, Maria C Mata, John Hawkins, Javier Arzate, Monica Hernandez, Gloria Rivas Mendoza,
Arenivar, Guadalupe Ramirez, Eustorgio Cardenas, Mario Alvarez, Ricardo Hernandez, Ana Berrones, Maria De La Luz Gomez, Jorge                Maruricio Hernandez, Ricardo Gutierrez, Irma Perez, Cira Brito, Diana Molina, Primitiva Rojas, Belen Garcia, Oscar Gomez, Yazmin
Marrero, Rosa Delacruz, Di Christa Johnson, Allison Schultz, Cristina Anguiano, Cecilia Santana, Jose Hernandez, Brenda Castillo, Mayra      Roman, Juan Ascencio, Edila Blasko, Marber Randall, Manuel Varay, Eulogio Sanchez, Olga Jimenez, Victoria Chavez, Enedina Delgado,
De Jesus, Simona Diaz, Carmen Moreno, Rosa Santillan, Mark Whitener, Steven Hickerson, De Herrera Hilda, Celia Alfaro, Martha                Alex Rodriguez, Cesar Alfaro, Kyler Self, Roberto Ruiz, Victor Alberto Mercado Madrigal, Catalina Arellano, Amalia Terriquez, Ofelia De La
Gomez, Kathy Taylor, Leticia De La Torre, Jose Pligo, Juanita Escobedo, Adolfo Hernandez, Raquel Ortiz, Salvador Maldonado, Franklin         Torre, Maria Chavez, Ana Delia Escobal, Ligia Analuisa De Aguirre, Francisca Edaly Beltran, Francisca Vasquez, Cristina Miranda, Tere
Coreas, Irma Godinez, Sharmain Shoda, Leticia Barragan, San Juanita Avila De Ramirez, Alicia Aguilar, Angel Segundo, Taisuee                 Muños, Ana Medrano, Crystal Matlas, Roger Velasquez, Ma. Guadalupe Barrios, Esther Salazar, Maria Del Carmen Pablo Lopez, Oracio
Perez-Sierra, Roberto Sanchez, Lorena Dias, Sarai Rivera, Alex Alexander, Teresita Sablan-Crisostomo, Melvin Bartholomew, Erick              Talavera, Rosa Rodriguez, Gabriela Ramos, Aguayo Francisca, Francisco Jimenez, Olga Serrato, Juan Solorio, Janet Helm, Severiana
Maldonado, Maria Ruiz, Maria Cuba, Leticia Ayala, Alicia Anguiano, Silveria Perez, George Ussher, Cristina Parangueo, Robert Franchino       Fuentes, Ana Real, Jose Samano, Cruz Castillo, Jesus Terrazas, Cecilia Martinez, Raquel Menchaca, Anthony Martinez, Jose Antonio
Iii, Emilia Magallanes, Margarita Hernandez, Juana Rivas, Andres Perez, Earl Julius, Guadalupe Moreno, Zoila Galeano, Rebecca                Elias, Ricky Rey Montanez, Luz Angiamo, Zenaida Gomez, Karen Castro, Elsa Rivera, Augustin Bernard, Enriqeta Rodriguez, Sara Lara,
Franchino, Robert Franchino Jr., Estela Anaya, Nicolas Leal, Amber Garcia, Juan Torres, Juana Valdez, Manuel Zamora, Yvonne                  Irma A Sanchez, Edilia Ahumada, Joyce Skelton, Maria Botello, Jodi Shultz, Roselle Teregeyo, Rosalinda Rodriguez, Emmanuel Mintah,
Dominguez, Silvia Guzman, Roberto Chavez, Graciela Carmona, Florencia Guzman, Paulina Garcia, Jose Aleman , Eugenio Gomez, Trejo             Martha Villarreal, Mari Garza, Garry Ginkins, Isaias Garcia, Candelario Portillo, Arturo Lavalle, Karina Rodriguez, Yolanda Ponce,
Maria Magdalena, Robert Chrisman, Marquez Benjamin, Josefina Rostro, Jorge Hernandez, Marilu Jimenez, David Hernandez, Ma.                   Cathyleene Ruiz, Ruby Cortez, Eliseo Magana, Jessica Barnett, Manuel Antonio Vargas Menendez, Olivia Moreno, Cristobal Kennedy,
Magdalena Garcia, Glorimar Walters, Tomasa Mendoza, Laura Gonzalez, Gloria Alarcon, John Piedra, Guadalupe Alvarez, Leticia                  Esteban Gutierrez, Andrea Corona, Obelia Rojas, Nelly Calle Florez, Marcos Leon, Patricia Vazquez, Leslie Corona, Suau U Maia, Victoria
Sanchez, Raymond Garcia, Juan Piedra, Robert Fontes, James Van Dusen, Edith Gonzalez, Carroll Adam, Gene Lamar, Jerry Fitzgerald,            Leak-Lewis, Roberto Alexander Santos, Linda Rochon, Jamie Gonzalez, Luz Pereira, Vania Gonzalez, Carmen Gaytan, Paola Sammons,
Dolores Yzquierdo, Maria Guadarrama, Guadalupe Garcia, Martin Lara, Rodney Connor, Cesilia Saucedo, Eduardo Villalta, Sandra Casas,          Marlayne Boblett, Maria Villa, Ruben Alvarado, Maria Casas, Brenda German, Brenda Fernandez, Karen Arevalo, Edgar Echavarria, Jose
Jean-Ricot Mareus, Ana Mondragon, Antonia Ortiz, Martin Trejo, Antonia Antunez, Elia Gonzalez, Jose G Villalobos, Marlene Hobaugh,           N Gonzales, Josue Alonzo, Felipa Rodriguez, Eraclio Baldovinos, Heather Fox, Tanikia Taylor, Robertson Professional Service, Charito
Perin Pierre, Mona Peniamina, Annabel Brewster, Carlos Carreon, Maudrie Daigle, Robles Lorenzo, Torres Olivia, Kathryn Siow, Teodora         Rios, Adam Miranda, Jose Hernandez, Antonio Duenas Aguilar, Maria De Los Angeles Felix, Damian Toribio, Maria Santos, Sara Torres,
Hernandez, Maria C Cavazos, Maria Elena Gonzalez, Maria Rocha, Jonathan Torres, Esther Sotelo, Maribel Flores, Karen L Cazares,              Martha Macias, Alma Lagunes, Maria Rodriguez, Veronica Casas, Maria Ochoa, Pedro Medina, Ana Sanchez, Jennifer Hardesty, Patricia
Jimmy Matta, Belen Baker, Graciela Vargas, Anita Benitez, Alejanrdra Padron, Joy E Balli, Herlinda Mendoza, Blanca E Vazquez, Daniel         Aguilar, Mary Thompson, Paulina Sorola, Jorge Ramos, Epifanio Cardenas, Bridgette Lamere, Maria Molina, Linda Cerro, Maria Escobar,
Santana, Jean Jones, Armida Arana, Eduardo Cendejas, Jose Avalos, Eva Duran, Maria Gomez, Susana Carlos, Maribel Chavira, Garcia             Maria Pamplona, Graciela Gutierrez, Martha Huerta, Alicia Mota, Demetrio Rivera, Alfredo Garcia, Norma Meza, Delmy Ramos, Mayra
Rebecca, Anabel Lopez Lopez, Maria Diaz, Victoria Bravo, Enerida Sosa, Gozafat Romero, Cynthia Thomas, Mayra Ivett Lopez, Cristian           Ledesma, Jose Cartagena, Sergio Figueroa, Gilberto Rodriguez, Brad Brummett, Jose Ramirez, Maria Salazar, Laura Pena, Janice
Correa, Minerva Gonzalez, Clarence Anderson, Bun Kaing, Jimmy Granger, Jessica Hernandez, Urai Sims, Rafael Andrade, Maria                   Morris, Solangel Adams, Carlos Rosario, Orlando Sibaja, Blanca Fuentes, Blanca Duran, Marilyn Lavajos, Esdras Raymundo Chun
Arroyo, Marina Lira De Balderas, Anibal Merida, Maria Galaviz, Zonia Garcia, Rosa Madrid, Idalma Lugo, Bartola Gomez De Velez, Jose          Vasquez, Nicole Beauvois, Maria De Jesus, Josette Bienaime, Maria Aguinaga, Julia Brea, Linda Smith, David Salazar, Camilo
Robles, Blake Gross, Rosalinda Rodriguez, Silvia Ortega Rodriguez, Olga Escamilla, Martha Genoveva Hinojosa, Elaine Stellick, Eladia         Marquez, Angely Quiroga, Alcides Obando, Briceira Chavez, Juan Lucas, Nora Ojeda, Maria Del Consuelo Pineda, Jesus Gonzalez, Ciro
Montes, Rosemilia Nobles, Joaquin Avellaneda, Esquivel Graciela, Federico Rivera, Derrick Hughes, Morena Gonzalez, Maria Roa, Riuera         Urena, Ervin Blanche, Maria Villanueva, Salvador De La Torre, Martha Mendoza, Irma Ahumada, Silvestre Del Real, Maria Rosario, Maria
Roberto, Lorenza Hernandez, Paulino Gasca, Maria Gonzalez, Xiomara Diaz, Joel Martinez, Ansurio Perez, Benito Chin, Yenith Porras,           Alvarez, Orlando Altamirano, Felipe Melendez, Juan Magana, Donna King-Mahdi, Michael Campbell, Ana Lilia Jauregui, Maria Sanchez,
Morales Christopher, Joel Jerome, Daniel Atilano, Miguel Atzin, Deborah Callaway, Matthew Callaway, Antonia Gonzalez, Carmen A               Jose Lopez, Carmina Basaldua, Jorge Santiago, Armida Soto, Teodoro Lopez, James Beach, John Beach, Juan Carlos Real, Maria
Galvan, Leslie Mendoza, Pedro De La Torre, Clemente Hernanadez, Leonor Obando, Rafael Sanchez Julian, Maria Cabrera, Saul                    Magana, Hilda Cuentas, Hector Ornelas, Mariana Solis, Marleny Mesta, Ryka Sasani, Phillip Austin, Nora Gonzales Armijo, Tomas
Sanchez, Jose A Rodriguez, Elizabeth Gomez, Hector Hernandez, Maria Vasquez, Reyna Gonzalez Sanchez, Oscar Escobar, Petra Carrillo,          Childeres, Jesus Pacheco, Librado Valencia Martinez, Jorge Alcala, Erika Geronimo, Samuel Luevano, Fredis Nunez, Erika Soto Marin,
Rosa Alvarado, Maria Brambila, Esmeralda Mora, Armida Montano, Vladimir Jean, Blanca Bermudez, Diana Juarez, Gustavo Delatorre,              Irene Munoz, Sandra Rivera, Martha Hernandez , Marlena Iverson, Estella Cisneros, Rosalba Ramirez, Dalia Pupo, Iris Ascencio, Harold
Linda Kaing, Kimberly Rizzo, Rosa Garcia, Alma Castro, Genaro Sepulveda, Isabel Verdusco Albor, Lucia Zavala, Maritza Magana, Olga           Heerawan, Juan Garcia, Francisco Navarro, Javier Valencia, Francisco Chavez, Robert Bracamontes, Magda Enriques, Martha Morales,
Escalera, Victor Gandarilla, Bonny Morano, Jane Sloan Ferris, Arturo Garcia, Minerva Perez, Juan Toledo, Rosa Gimenez, Efrain Aluarez,       Maria Orozco, Marisol Bonilla, Rao Chaudhri, Delfino Gomez, Evalyn Salcedo, Davidson Michael, Christine Humphey Esq, Alma Real,
Blanca Noriega Gomez, Russell Patterson, Imelda Gusman, Maria Manzanares, Omar Maranges, Ana Ibarra, Rodolfo Martinez, Enrique               Susan Segalo, Veronica Ramos, Tiburcio Guerrero, Teresa Campbell, Lolita Edwards, Lupe Cabrera, Robert Reyes, Ana             Maria
Garcia, Linda F Contreras, Ezequiel Martinez, Cynthia Parsons, Maria Morales, Yves Gustinvil, Nancy Sanchez, Joel David Aguilar, Caro        Montono, Irma Nely G Luna, Luis Hernandez, Veronica Contreras, Angelica Maldonado, Elvia Castro, Bonifacio Cantoran, Pedro Vargas,
Estela, Jesus Lopez, Martha Castro, Julia Huerta, Maria De La Luz Perez, Maria Payan, Thomas Grasch, Carolina Villafuerte, Holly Hebda,      Maribel Monterroso, Roxsana Paniagua, Maribel Gallegos, Venustiano De La Garza, Millennium International/ Llc., Gerardo Ramirez,
Acserge Privert, Rodolfo Banuelos, Mongesta Pierre, Marie Etienne, Gloria Vazquez, Maria Sanchez, Maria Mendez, Trinidad Montoya,            Maria Mejia, Luz Hernandez, Maria Franco, Joel Cabanillas, Maite Tapia, Martha Tapia, Mariela Mata, Terry Muir, Maricruz Gutierrez, Sara
Christiam Cortes, Martha Ramirez, Nain Castillo, Miriam Reyes, Silvia Ortez, Teresa Sanches, Karina Quintanilla, Juan Duran, Tkc             Morales, Yadira Gutierrez, Diana Gutierrez, Misael Ledesma, Martina Tafolla, Abel Trujillo, Jazmin Gutierrez, Adriana Landeros, Mark Hill,
Enterprises Inc., Maricruz Guzman, Maria Navarro, Natalia Balam, Yolanda Gonzalez Guzman, Delia Cabrera, Angel Salvidrez, Juana              Antonia Lopez, Miguel Gonzalez, Juan Miramon Castro, Maria Ramirez, Ana Santana, Jose Silva, Ma De Lourdes Gonzalez, Charles
Servin, Jose M De Dios Jimenez, Barbara Quevedo, Rebeca Barrios Mireles, Yolanda Lopez, Caryn Boon, Eduardo Guido, Mario Morales,            Fredrick, Maria Ruiz, Michael Cooke, Ginny Smith, Elizabeth Monteroso, Adriana Torres, Elvia Reyes, Irma Lucas, Juan Sarinana, Lizet
Guelita Jean Pierre, Isidro Contreros, Dwayne Johnson Jr, Sandra Alvarado, Crosreen Smith, Uvaldo 0Campo, Dustin Santana, Amanda             Covarrubias, Graciano Zamora, Jose G. Sanchez, Baldo Martinez, Blanca Garcia, Julia Galvan, Jeudy Serge, Urbein Morillon, Apoleon
Alexander, Pedro Ramirez, Bonifacia Sanchez, Tomas Perez, Marissa Burrell, Olivia Amaya, Rigoberto Romero, Benito Cabrera, Carl Mc           Louissaint, Angelica Vega, Vivian Sablan, Maria Hernandez, Maria Espinoza, Alberta Barbosa Quintero, Edmundo Garcia, Elodia Sanchez,
Donald, Gary Callaway, Bertha Cuevas, Guadalupe Valenzuela, Maria Flores, Gloria Moreno, Flavio Periera, Mario Lemus, Maria Cruz,            West Daisy, Roger Garcia, Marlen Garcia, Francisca Garay, Leticia Espinoza, Edith Robles, Santos Amaya, Juanita Coronel, Gabriela
Alicia Melo, Carmela Diaz, John Raymond, Ulises Sanchez, Aurelia Contreras, Guillermo Arias, Rosalba Grimaldo, Ramiro Zotelo, Michael        Gonzalez, Mireya Gonzalez, Bianca Equihua, Modesta Pedro, Carlos Raygoza Manjarrez, Enrique Colmenero, Isabel Gutierrez, Luis
Braem, Elodia Calvillo, Candelaria Chavez, Candelaria Vialobos, Rocio Rodriguez, Pam Terry, Javier Castro Longoria, Maria Camarena,          Marques, Maria Garza, Kasey Thurman, Mary Trevino, Miguel Arias, Maria Vega, Wilfredo Marroquin, Alba Gomez, Maria Hernandez,
Lucila Mendoza, Angelica Zavala, Jenny Zavala, Ernestina Jimenez De Amaya, Elizabeth Rios, Reyna Nieto, Claudia Vigil, Librada Alfaro,       Elena Aceves, Victorina Valverde, Miguel Covarrubias, Ruben Valencia, Faith Baggett, Evelyn Florian, Delia Lopez, Reyna Esparza Silva,
Josue Burciaga, Kinberlin Venegas, Maria Maldonado, Robert 1 Rodriguez, Perla Estrada, Antonio Salas, Magdalena Alvarado, Juana              Elidia Leal, Mavis Jones, Phyllis Dailey, Alejandro Lopez, Jerry Dedrick, Victoria Jimenez, Carmela Andrade, Wladyslaw Laskowski,
Rueda, Maria Castillo, Florence Pou, Borney Bergantine, Cinthia Loreto, Rosa Benavidez, Leonor Alvares, Rosa Garza, Lorina Miller,           Aleksandra Laskowski, Rosario Nila, Miriam Caro, Maria Cartagena, Maria Diaz, Eliza Escobar, Flor Vari, Antonio Barrera, Erika Patino,
Martha Reyes Salas, Abel Chavez, Madel Alvarez, Marina Luque, Alfred Bartley, Miguel Juarez, Cristobal Montanez, Rosario Venegas,            Edit Figueroa, Yolanda Padilla Ochoa, Lucia Sebilla, Gloria Gonzalez, Michelle Martinez, Lizbeth Martinez, Janette Corvera, Rosalba
Yolanda Marquez, Teresa Rodriguez, Luz Sanchez, Brandon Argy, Elena Iniguez, Carmen Ortega, Maria Hernandez, Jose Rojas Ortiz,               Lopez, Alberto Duenas, Maria Romero, Jose Hernandez, Karina Beanato, Jorge Bueno, Ramona Cabrera, Maria Hasbun, Rosa Ramos,
Magdalena Rojas, Esther Mendez, Oscar Castillo, Rosa Franco, Valerie Coronel, Ana Sequeida, Maria Aguirre, Ana Maribel Qutierrez,            Teresa Garcia, Yolanda Huizar, Antonio Gonzalez, Maria Medina, Francisco Acosta, Dreamin Eagles, Dinora Acosta, Jose Martinez , Helen
Jose Garcia Herrera, Kenya Garcia, Isabel Armenta, Manuia Tanielu, Rosa Gonzalez, Miriam Perdomo, Celeste Montoya, Oliva Medina,             Chavez, Eraclio Baldovinos Calvillo, Aracely Rubinos, Vicky Arsiniega, Elizabeth Rangel, Evangelina Lopez, Elva Corral, Maria Fernandez,
Maximiliano Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Erendira Soto, Ana Navarro, Jose Rosa, Leonet Valceus, Franco Nero, Miguel Medina, Caritino            Alejandro Gomez, Brenda Gomez, Gutierrez Martha, Abigail Rodriguez, Angelica Sierra, Diane Zavala , Marvin M Bell, Saturnino
Tiburcio, Rosario Ramirez, Laura Sanchez, Patricia Nava, Maria Farias, Josefina Cornejo, Clementina Ortega, Jesus Ofelia Lopez,              Ronquillo, Efren Mancinas, Vaquera Mario, A Plan Matters Llc, Maria Alvarez Garcia, Alejandro Banda, Maria Pina, Kricia Campos, Heidy
Ramon Chavez, Nicolas Frausto, Zenaida Real, Francisco Dionicio, Jorge Fresnillo, Desiree Hall, Gloria M Hernandez, Guadalupe Arciba,        Nunez Carrillo, Magdalena Camacho, Marco Barajas, Sandra Mendez, Ofelia Guzman, Ebony Cotton, Beatriz Speciale, Rafaela Alarcon,
Maria German, Teresa Santana, Alfonso Canonigo, Victor Bustos, Flor Rodriguez, Maria Zamaniego, Irlanda Y Ramirez, Marlene Tello,            Jessica Francis, Arlene Balderama, Jose Garnica, Ana Maria Vaquera, Agustina Perez Hernandez, Saul Ramirez, Ines Espiricueta, Marina
Jessica Vargas, Liduvina Ibarra, Anaisabel Tenney, Erik Carrasco, Juana Chaires, Nora Guevara, Juan Rodriguez, Eber Cadena Ortega,           Del Rosario Vazquez Escobar, Odette Regisme, Domitila Torres, Eva Sandoval, Roselia Julien, Maira Garcia, Julio Acosta, Ana Guerra,
Beatriz Ramirez, Adelina Lopez, Maria Favela, Marilyn Lopez, Brenda Cervantes, Julio Reyes, Maribel Garcia, Jorge Rivera, Maria Bucio,       Dave Robertson, Elvira Salazar, Martha Reyna, Josefina Rodrigues, Monica Jimenez, Nelson Sanchez, Rosa Dragon, William Rivera,
Rosa Ocampo, Nora Padron, Beatriz Castro, Grecia Gonzales, Rosa Avalos , Ellie Kawamura, Leticia Rodriguez, Paul Witschger, Lidia            Debra Gracia, Natividad Jimenez, Jose Torres Garcia, Brian Villareal, Boris Santos, Nicole Navarro, Guadalupe Diaz, Bertha Saavedra,
Ruiz, Elias Ledezma, America Gamez Hernandez, Juana Alvarado, Alexis Gaoat, Martha Fregoso, Victor Hernandez, Roberto Carpio, Daysi          Candyce Allen, Tomasa Amaya Sariñana, Natividad Rubio, Blanca Molina, Angelica Manzo, Alejandrina Guadalupe Arredondo, Adolfo
Flores, Susana Velazquez, Palmira Gonzalez, Josie Alfaro, Rafael Lujan, Altagracia Hernandez, Amparo Mejia, Gonzalo Mejia, Irma Mejia,       Castro, Lisa Lopez, Lilliam Galavis Garcia, Lucila Hernandez, Gloria Avelar, Maricela Trujillo, Erika Machado, Alejandro Olivares, Esther
Ana Lainez, Rebecca Garcia, Lidia Camarena, Ducis Vilme, Marthe Dassas, Nora Marroquin, Rosette Vilmar, Rafael Cabrera, Maharai              Felix, Maria Ruiz, Jose Daniel Patino, Maria Lopez, Maricela Mendoza, Guadalupe Arvizo, Luz Maria Valderrama, Fuller Rosalba, Jessica
Munoz, Erica Ruiz, Sofia Padilla, Angel Gomez, Antonio Paramo, Melbi River, Dora Reyna, Maria Del Refugio Mendiola, Martha Castro            Feliciano, Bernardo Garcia, Maria Alcaraz, Delia Jaimes, Duaquin Tapia, Martha Reed, Joe Tucker, Rosa Maravilla, Gloria Olivera, Justino
Ponce, Maria Concepcion Gonzalez De Uribe, Alejandro Mayorga, Magdalena Alvarado, Francisca Andrade, Juanita Rios, Maria Rosa                Flores Garcia, Blanca Morgan, Brenda Herrera, Cecilia Serrato, Garcia Cruz, Gabriela Medina, Aurelia Gonzalez, Jeronimo Ayala, Carolina
Castillo, Oscar Vazquez, Emily Rozzi, Delfina Lopez, Maria Concepcion, Patricia Alvarez, Andres Rosales, Veronica Fuentes, Juana Ibarra,     Manzano, Sara Arguedas, Martin Mendoza, Moises Serrato, Lorenza Lopez, Altagrecia Sarien, Armando Gutierrez, Maria De Lopez, Tania
Ana Diaz, Soledad Montenegro, Deysi Rodriguez, Geovana Gomez, Karla Denisse Maldonado Suehara, Alma Gonzalez, Beatriz Reres,                 Vargas, Maria Quintanilla, Jose Gonzalez, Jose Cortes, Luis Lopezdevictoria, Marissa Fernandez, Marvin Santos, Ma Concepcion
Maria Vargas, Maria Gutierres, Emily Cardenas, Irma Espinoza, Marcelina Hernandez, Maria Vides, Maria Gonzalez, Marie Miller, Teresa         Rodriguez Hernandez, Barry Tikotin, Jason Richards, Fernando Corral, Lucio Perez, Eva Perez, Steve Ramos, Rosa Quiroga, Dina Lopez,
Molina, Flor Carr, Leonor Carmona, Carmen Martinez, Febronia Gonzalez, Saul F Herrera, Antonio Lazaro, Ruiz Maria, Oscar Armas,              Ymesia Carius, Maria Campbell, Gilbert A. Navarro Iii, Xenia Herrera, Quenia Ruiz, Debra Cremata, Margarita Verdozco, Mariaguadalupe
Adelsa V. De Garcia, Calleen Whitton, Maribel Molina, Maria Lassen, Esperanza Galaviz, Verne Rhoads, Amado Santiago, Rocio Baltazar,         Mata, Patricia Romero, Maria Dominguez, Maria Alvarado, Lilian Alvarez, Jose Dominguez, Guadalupe Flores, Asusena Jimenez,
Maria Meza, Molina Yaritza, Teresa Alvarado, Ryan Lalli, Richard Tabizon, Martha A Hernandez, Mirna Vega, Sonia Solano, Rocio Rosales,       Josefina Jimenez, Cirilo Jeranimo, Olga Salinas, Juan M Ochoa, Ana Rosa Espinoza De Mayen, Aleida Mejia, Michello Simbajon, Lorena
Juan Manuel Medina, Yolanda Valencia, Julio Leiva, Sonia Enriquez, Lourdes Valente, Claudia Ojeda, Angel Correa, Fernandez Rosa,             Tellez De Romero, Eduwiges Reynoso, Rosana Palacios, Santos Alvarez, Edith Aguilera, Erick Araujo, Jose Jimenez, Bertha Araceli
Zonia Jasso, Alberto Villada, Edgar Covarrubias, Rosa Sanchez, Maria Lopez, Rafaela Anzaldo, Robert Scott, Elizabeth Pineda, Francisco       Ovalle, Cruz Virgen, Angelica Holguin, Maria Charqueno, Jesus Montoya, Alonso Flores, Maria Del Rosario Cisneros, Vilma Gomez, Martin
Garivey, Santa Romero, Nelly Sarmiento, Maria M Venegas, Jose Contreras, Amelia Garcia, Graciela Santana, Victoria Camacho, Maria            Rodriguez, Gustavo Gutierrez, Maria Escamilla, Martha A Santiago, Imelda Toscano, Jesus Machado, Rebeca Guerrero, Ramiro Ojeda,
Esther Torres, Marcelo Acosta, Adelina Gentry, Victoria Rodriguez, Domingo Ortuno, Hilda Lopez, Maria Guevara, Flavio Mesa, Gladis           Arthur Andrews, Enrique Nunez Juarez , Mariela Miranda, Monica Real, Gil Ahroni, Shelly Bjornsen, Tranquilina Millan, Irma Rodriguez
Esperanza, Basti Azucena Castro, Marian Castrodad, Nancy Constanza, Christine Molina, Marisela Quintana, Pedro Rosado, Maria                 Garcia, Jose Mendoza, Francisco Tejeda, Belen Montez Deo, Rosa Rodriguez, Crystal Clark, Rosa Reyes, Paul Walther, Maurice Mauril,
Naranso, John Kocian, Armando Cespedes, Feliciano Rodriguez, Yasser Castillo, Luis Rosales, Julio Lopez, Irma Avelar, Patricia               Reyna Ardon, Enrique Gutierrez, Eduardo Martinez, Elizabeth Cerda, Grace Salazar, Rosa Cordova, Tyson Price, Patricia Garcia, M
Martinez, Maria Rodriguez, Isabel Garza, Myriam Cepeda, Bounguoung Toy Hansana, Larry Barrett, Ernest Sablan, Kristopher Jones,              Guadalupe Amezcua, Kenny Williams, Maria Juarez Dv, Ruby Fry-Matson, Luis Lopez, Norma Pineda, Eleazar Vazquez, Beatriz Jasso,
Esther Marin, Tanya Garcia, Norma Toledo, Maria Enriquez, Maribel Hernandez, Yolanda Elizondo, Crystal Washington, Robbie Horton,            Bernardo Solorio, Thomas Morales, Griselda Beltran, Zaira Flores, Ofelia Aguirre, Vicente Hernandez, Ana Cruz, Jorge Pichardo,
Candelario Perez, Jose Vidaurri, Laura Avila, Monica Robles, Soledad Cruz, Marcos Perez, Rodolfo Arias, Marvin Owens, Luz Sotomayor,         Esmeralda Rivera, Carolina Corona, Myrna Antunez, Liliana Acosta, Yvonne Barron, Lenordo Luna, Ana Reyes, Ramona Martinez,
Sergio Vera, Ana Barrera, Juana Ramos, Fausto Barajas, Maria Teresa Ponce, James Myklebust, Ana Valles-Chou, Koichi Toyonaga,                Dominick Brogoto, Maria Rocha, Aracely Bermudez, Guadalupe Sanchez, Evanjelina Corro, Eduardo Martinez Jr, Alan Jimenez, Juan
Mario Varela, Otto F. Guerra, Claudia De Guerra, Cecilia Recio, Filomena Gonzalez, Guadalupe Martinez, Alonzo Gosa, Celia Gonzalez,          Velasquez, Blanca Velazquez, Jose Gonzalez, Eudelio Argueta, Maria Zamora, Aurelia Castaneda, Mirian Benitez, Rosa Chavira,
Dilma Rodriguez, Gloria Delgadillo, Socorro Gurrola, Jaime Guzman, Absolute Pathways, Joan Turner, Roberto Vargas, Heriberto                 Francisco Zamudio, Guillermo Lara, Cesar Mendoza, Maria Caballero, Nincy Erazo, Lisa Clements, Isabel Cardenaz Madrigal, Claudia
Quintanilla, Elizabeth Oyarzaval, Rocio Vargas, Juanita Najera, Alejandro Velasco, Douglas Wehrman, Sara Rodriguez, Anel Maldonado,          Fuentes, Hermidelia Nunez, Brenda Campos, Marel Guillen, Juana M. Garcia, Bulbaro Hidalgo, Eduardo Castaneda, Francisca Palacios,
Felix Martinez, Norma Melendez, Torres Edit, Wendy Weitman, Millie De Armas, Norma Camacho, Velazquez Leonor, Juana Florian,                 Darlene Ross, Vitalina Wainzinger, Krishnan Das, Saundra Nettles, Isabel Gomez, Brian Falk, Jean-Marc Fleurimond, Pierre Phanor, Joe
Lucila Igartua, Maria Contreras, Alma Perez, Erika Reyes, Martin Lazo, Guadalupe Puga, Mireya Gutierrez, Lindsay Northcutt, Maldonado        Mc Donald, Luis Rojas, Leonso Parra, Maria Hernandez, Georgina Rios, Richard Rivera, Catalina Segura Soto, Maria Ortega, Ultracorp2,
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Gonzalez, David Alarcon, Claudia Edith Chavez Munguia, Rhonda Long, Veronica Orellana, Ismael Chavez, Maka Esera, Nenita San                 Ramos, Elena Nieblas, Maria C Iraheta, Roxana Santos, Maria Andrade Gonzalez, Lilia Bravo, Maria Muralles, Jose Munoz, Juana
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Richard Holladay, Daniel Medina, Clelia Mendoza, Hilda Rosales, Gloria Hinojosa, Euler Castillo, Pedro Monsalve, Patricia Jaramillo, Maria   Alvarado, Jose Sazo, Esmeralda Reyes, Pilar Bahena, Alejandro Lopez, Walter Bentley, Charlotte Lanier, Bob Westmoreland, Cheryl
De Los Angeles Alvarez, Maria Del Carmen Miranda, Constance Foster, Cesar Dueñas, Jovita Santos, L. David Irete, Tammy Gerlach,              Swords, Isabel Snikowski, Ethel Summers, Miguel Flores, Sara Florian, Cruz Romero, Maria Reyes, John Mcgahee, Adela Gardea
Adelaida Violante, Manuela Belmontes, Flor Zapata, Maria Rascon, Terri Valiante, Maria Leora, Juana Ascencio, Oralia Calixto-Gonzalez,       Quiñones, Juana Vazquez, Maria Del Carmen Torres Cervantes, Maria Hernandez, Francisca Villanueva, Hilario Hernandez, Ma Ines
Eliezer Garcia, Lillian Warren, Shelly Terrell, Hilario Garcia, Elsy Guevara, Maria Benavidez, Catalina Paredes, Araceli Sanchez, Hilda      Gutierrez, Pascal Jean, Rufina Sandoval, Amalia Rodriguez, Miriam Moreno, Hernique Phanord, Maria Angel, Maria S. Vasquez, Marisol
Magarin, Silva Ortega, Yolanda Torres, Celia Rosas, Maria Cortes, Juan Perez, Victoria Zepeda, Dalila Gonzalez, Orlanda Hernandez,           Rivas, Christina Bautista, Walter Martin, Nancy Yarrahuan, Jorge Mejia, Rosaura Patterson, Raymundo Gutierrez, Ivonne Godinez Lopez,
Marcela Gomez, Alma Perez, Francisca Gallegos, Elodia Guebara, Maria Sanchez, Jorge Diaz, Juan Contreras, Cecilia Perez, Marque              Moises Esparza, Elvia Tenorio, Dwight Bonnell, Corlia Green, Mauricio Mendoza, Edward Klugman, Jan Lindsey, Rosa Silva, Martha
Lopez, Maria Estrada, Guadalupe Martinez, Marina Vences, Marcos Diaz, Salvador Zambrano, Ruben Sr. Martinez, Blanca Carvajal,                Santos, Nicola Millender, Scott Beutler, Carmen Roque, Elsa Anchondo, Norma Rubio, Chayce Otero, Henry Velez, Patricia Montes,
Maria Osorio, Aracely Molina, Joan James, Jack Nichols, Linda Ortega, Yuly Reyes, Eva Hernandez, Maria Sabala, Lifestyle Wellness Llc,       Edinson S. Diaz, Mario Bellido, Ana Ramirez, Israel Gomez, Maria Auxilio Calvillo, Brenden R. Morris, Ada Torres, Gloria Ruiz, Beatriz
Amalia Pina, Adolfo Dias, Martinez Sofia, Nelly Zamora, Julia Villatoro, Mirna Acosta, Nina Nieto, Maria Rocha, Guadalupe Gomez, A.
Michael Segalo, Maria S. Martinez, Jose Diaz, Tim Dewees, Rene Tapia, Maria Elena Lechuga, Jose Garcia, Angel Zamaniego, Susana
Mendoza, Sulma Ventura, Elba Martinez, Cecilia Garcia, Erika Echeerstre, Maria Gutierrez, Manalo Maria Rebecca, Gerry & Brenda
Shoda, Luis Garcia, Benita Ramirez, Carole Antun, Delfina Ibarra, Miriam Lopez, Jorge Lopez, Paulina Garcia, Martha Arroyo, Maria
Guevara, Maria Reyna, Jose Rodriguez, Rodolfo Rojas, Maria Lopez, Carol Loennig, Celia Matinez Moreno, Georgina Huerta, Josefina
Cisneros, Elizabeth Bunuelos, Genesis Garibay, Bernice Stewart, Jose A. Sagas Tune, Aracely Ferreira, Refugio Valenzuela, Sonia
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