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Data Security Cloud Computing


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									Data Security A Must For Cloud Computing

Organizations are increasingly enforcing cloud computing for their IT infrastructure
management that practically has limitless applications. The three distinct characteristics
of cloud computing makes it differentiate from traditional hosting. It is sold on demand,
typically by the minute or the hour; it is elastic -- a user can have as much or as little of a
service as they want at any given time; and the service is fully managed by the provider.
The key characteristic of the cloud computing is that the data processing is done on non
specific location i.e., in clouds. Which makes data security an obvious and critical factor
to consider in cloud computing. As per IDC enterprise panel report 74 % of the issues
are due to the security challenges rather than performance, availability, cost, IT
integration and other challenges.

More specifically data security in cloud computing is considered as the utmost important
factor due to the following reasons

• Complete business data resides at provider premises rather than client premises
• Cloud computing is an open system architecture where data security is an major
• To ensure that business data is accessible only to authorized users to use and modify the
business data
• Any time availability of the secured data to authorized users of different levels
If the cloud computing security is overlooked it may cause to dangers like disrupts
service, information theft, loss of privacy and damage information. And also causes
vulnerabilities like hostile programs instructing the working good programs, hostile
people corrupting or eves dropping on communications.

Data security has to be considered at different levels starting from Server access security,
Internet access security, Database access security, Data privacy security, Program access

The security risk relies on complexity of cloud computing that includes various attributes
like Encryption, Multi tenancy, resource sharing and loss of control. Natural disaster
should be considered along with technical aspects of data security. This can be resolved
by having data redundancy store in multiple physical locations and having distributed
physical location across the world.

Considering the importance of the data security in cloud computing, it's very important to
understand the common data security issues. And also to know about best practices and
must ask questions to data center provider like Maintec.

Maintec Technologies, an Remote Infrastructure Mangement company offering
Remote infrastructure mangement services including data center management
services, application services and remote IT staffing.

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