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soul food


									                                                                        MacKenzie Ruppert
                                                                             Nov. 9, 2010
                                                                                 HRT 210

                                      Soul Food
       “Soul food cookin’ is like cookin’ from the heart.” As a quote taken from the

beginning of the movie, this quote foreshadows the importance of the food to the family.

Soul Food is not only the name of this movie but is also a key element to the plot.

       The movie Soul Food, taken place in Chicago, is a story about a family’s

struggles as seen through the eyes of an 11-year old boy, Ahhmad. The movie opens

up with all the women in the family cooking dinner in the kitchen. It is then said that it is

a tradition to have dinner every Sunday afternoon, and the family has not missed a this

meal for forty years. The tradition started in the deep south with Mother Joe, the

grandmother in the movie, and her husband. It then followed them to Chicago when

they moved.

       Even though the family gets together every Sunday for some “soul food”, it is

quickly obvious that there is much tension between some family members, especially

the three sisters. Ever since Maxine stole Terry’s boyfriend in high school, who she

ended up marrying, Terry has been competitive towards Maxine. She tends to mention

how she finished high school and became a lawyer whereas Maxine did not.

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