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					14 June 2011 (0930 AEST)
Melbourne (3 pages)

           Update on Jetstar New Zealand and Australian services:
                     Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano
Jetstar wishes to provide a further update on its New Zealand services (Trans Tasman and
domestic) and Australian operations as a result of a volcanic ash cloud caused by Puyehue-
Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile.

An update on Jetstar operations this morning:

         Adelaide flying cancelled until 12:30 p.m.
         Tasmania flying cancelled (Hobart and Launceston) until 1:00 p.m., with a further
          update on afternoon operations at 1:00 p.m. today (14 June 2011).

In addition, all trans Tasman and New Zealand domestic flights, excluding Auckland evening
flights which are still under assessment, have been cancelled for the remainder of the day.
Auckland flights this morning and afternoon have been cancelled, with a further update on
evening services only to be provided at 1pm today 14 June 2011.

A summary of today’s cancelled services are listed below.

Jetstar is exploring every option possible to recover affected passengers, including
scheduling extra flights as soon as possible to do so.

The safety of our passengers and crew is Jetstar’s number one priority. Jetstar will not be
flying into airspace that remains affected by the ash cloud until we are confident that it is
safe to do so.

Our approach to flying is based on the Qantas Group's high standards of safety and risk

As a Qantas Group airline, Jetstar like Qantas has in place the same monitoring and
assessment processes and Jetstar continues to review the status of its operations to affected

We continue to review the situation and should future flights be affected we will notify
passengers directly.

Jetstar is liaising with affected passengers and offering them the following options free of

       Defer travel: Customers may defer their travel. Travel must be completed by 31 August
       Re-routing to get passengers to their end destination. Travel must be completed by 31
        August 2011.
       Full refund or voucher to the value of the booking.

Safety is Jetstar’s top priority and as a result the airline has cancelled the following flights for
Tuesday 14 June 2011.

Long haul international scheduled services
JQ 2401 / 3K 401 Singapore – Auckland
JQ 2402 / 3K 402 Auckland – Singapore

Trans Tasman scheduled services
JQ156 Christchurch - Melbourne
JQ159 Melbourne – Christchurch
JQ238 Auckland – Gold Coast
JQ239 Gold Coast - Auckland
JQ204 Auckland – Sydney
JQ205 Sydney – Auckland
JQ190 Christchurch – Gold Coast
JQ191 Gold Coast - Christchurch

Domestic New Zealand scheduled services
JQ 277 Christchurch – Queenstown
JQ 278 Queenstown – Auckland
JQ 249 Auckland – Christchurch
JQ 245 Auckland – Christchurch
JQ 246 Christchurch – Auckland
JQ 244 Christchurch – Auckland
JQ 247 Auckland – Christchurch
JQ 248 Christchurch – Auckland
JQ 281 Auckland - Queenstown
JQ 276 Queenstown – Christchurch
JQ 251 Auckland - Christchurch
JQ 252 Christchurch - Auckland
JQ 263 Auckland - Wellington
JQ 262 Wellington – Auckland
JQ 265 Auckland – Wellington
JQ 264 Wellington – Auckland
JQ286 Christchurch – Wellington
JQ287 Wellington – Christchurch
JQ267 Auckland – Wellington
JQ257 Auckland – Christchurch
JQ256 Christchurch – Auckland
JQ266 Wellington - Auckland


Domestic Services to/from TASMANIA
JQ 703 Melbourne – Hobart
JQ 702 Hobart – Melbourne
JQ 731 Gold Coast – Hobart
JQ 732 Hobart – Gold Coast
JQ 735 Melbourne – Launceston
JQ736 Launceston – Melbourne
JQ747 Sydney – Launceston
JQ748 Launceston - Sydney
JQ705 Melbourne - Hobart
JQ706 Hobart - Melbourne

Domestic Services to/from ADELAIDE
JQ 762 Sydney – Adelaide
JQ 761 Adelaide - Sydney
JQ 774 Melbourne – Adelaide
JQ 771 Adelaide – Melbourne
JQ 669 Darwin - Adelaide
JQ 777 Adelaide – Melbourne
JQ 776 Melbourne – Adelaide
JQ 974 Adelaide – Perth

For more information customers are advised to call the Jetstar Contact Centre direct on:

   From Australia (Freecall): 131 538
   From New Zealand (Freecall): 0800 800 995
   From Singapore (Freecall): 800 6161 977
   Alternatively, call +61 3 9347 0091 (Tolls will apply) will also be regularly updated.

We are committed to safe operations and are seeking to minimize the disruption caused to
our customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

 Media Enquiries:
Simon Westaway        Head of Corporate Communications              M: +61 (0) 401 994 627
Jennifer Timm         Corporate Communications Adviser              M: +61 (0) 417 698 249

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