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					Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes to prepare for pillage and plunder! A'hoy, Mate! Dress as a royal buccaneer or
tyrannical captain and everyone can set sail this Halloween. Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew
await in licensed costumes, or have fun in sexy styles like the Vixen Wench from Leg Avenue,
or the Playboy Swashbuckler. Plus size costumes are available in the most popular styles,
including the Gold Doubloon and Treasure Hunt.

Enjoy dressing in these popular time-piece themes, representing historical fashions and colors
associated with liberation, freedom, and play. Unleash your inner buccaneer and make that
stowaway walk the plank! With the right Halloween costumes, the possibilities are endless. Sail
the Seven Seas and feel immortal as a sexy wench, or be the captain of the Jolly Roger Galleon
dressed as Captain Hook. Our costumes are authentic looking and will make you look the part.
Don't forget to take your first mate along as the Buccaneer Babe. Defy the bureaucracy of
government and rule by your own laws!

Pirates are great for couples, groups, and themed parties! Enjoy dressing as the pirates who once
ruled the open seas, or relive the adventures of Peter Pan! Tease the captain or taunt the
deckhands - have fun this Halloween and all year long!

From our first encounter with Captain Hook to the newest Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, the
tradition and dress associated with piracy has remained the same. Torn shirts, sashes, headbands,
pirate hats and boots, and rustic skirts and pants are widely accepted as true buccaneer garb.
Browse our selection of wenches, captains, and deckhands, and choose from a bounty of
accessories including eye patches, boots, wigs, pirate hats, swords, pistols, and more. Let your
imagination soar and let the looting begin. If you are looking to find some hidden treasures

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