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									                EMT Salary: A Short Article
The salary of EMS personnel depends on many factors so it's important to
understand their work and responsibilities. EMS personnel like EMTs and
Paramedics respond to emergencies where there are victims that needs to be
taken to a hospital for treatment. They are responsible for keeping the patient
alive while on the scene which involves treating injuries, splinting, controlling
bleeding and many more.

Paramedics and EMTs requires special training and education. They need to be
certified and needs to renew their certification every couple of years. EMT is
one of the lower levels in the EMS field so their salary is also lower compared to
that of the Paramedics. Different places offer different EMT salary ranges,
searching for a better place or location can result in higher EMT salaries than

EMT Basics typically earn $13 or more an hour on average and up to $26,000
per year. You can still earn higher even if you stayed as being an EMT Basic
through good choices and decisions. You can earn as high as more than
$30,000 a year after several years in the field and later down the road. You can
also earn higher by choosing your employer right. The highest paying employer
for EMT's are the state administration where you can receive an EMT salary of
more than $40,000 per year.

The place where you work is also another factor. Some areas just pay a lot
better than others. Some of the states where you can earn a high salary are
Hawaii and Alaska where you can earn higher than $40,000 a year. Denver is
one of the cities that offers the highest salary for cities in the US.

It is better if an EMT would continue to have higher training and education and
become a paramedic. Compared to the EMT, Paramedic command a much
higher salary. EMTs still need to take EMT Training courses to keep their
certification so why not get a higher education after a year of working.

Paramedics has a salary of more than twice of any EMTs. It will be a worthwhile
investment to learn new skills and accept more responsibility. You'll get to do
more advanced task and save more lives as well. Many aspiring medical
physicians started out as EMTs and Paramedic to try and test the waters.
Increase your EMT salary today by increasing your skills and knowledge in the
EMS field.


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