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									Jul/Aug 2011

                          The Central Coast Therapist
                                      California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
                                                                     Central Coast Chapter

                          July 22nd, 2011

Inside this Issue
                          What is Imaginal Psychology?
                                                Stacy Schutten,   for adults as it can be for chil-
July Presentation     1                         Psy.D., MFT       dren. The healing arts are ex-
                                                has studied and   periencing a paradigm shift and
President’s Message   2
                                                collaborated      now we are hearing words like
What Therapists       3                         with a diverse    experiential or participatory.
Need to Know                                    community of      There is a beauty in being able
                                                healers, with a   to take the foundational orienta-
a Website
                                                specific focus    tions you currently are applying
Board List &          6                         on intermodal     in your work and weave new in-
Newsletter Policies                             therapies and     terventions into it. This allows
                                                group dynam-      you to have a more integrated
                          ics. She completed her Master’s de-     approach, and shift your per-
                          gree in Psychology from California      sonal lenses, depending on the
                          State University, Chico and her Doc-    needs of your clients.
                          torate of Psychology in Clinical Psy-
                                                                  In response to this paradigm
                          chology from Meridian University.
                                                                  shift I often hear therapists
                          She recently moved to San Luis
                                                                  sharing that they are not artists,
                          Obispo in November 2010 to accept
                                                                  dancers, musically inclined, and
                          a position at Windhorse Integrative
                                                                  so on. The truth is that these
                          Mental Health because she felt that
                                                                  capacities to explore and access
                          the primary focus on mindfulness
                                                                  our imaginations are within all
                          and healing was a nice sister orien-
                                                                  of us, but it may be initially
                          tation to her work within the expres-
                                                                  more challenging to get in touch
                          sive arts and imaginal psychology.
                                                                  with because it has been quite

                          T   o explore something prior to an
                              explanation is not as common
                                                                                     (Continued on page 3)

                                                Mark Your Calendars NOW!
                          September 23rd ♦ Being Effective with Personality-Disordered
                          Clients♦ Speakers: Lawrence Levy, M.D.; Robin Squires, MA, IMF;
                          Tammy Summers, MA, MFT

                          November 18th ♦ Facilitated Self-Care in Precarious Times

                          January 27th, 2012 ♦ Annual Networking Meeting
                          & Brunch

                                                          —Ann Williams, LMFT
                                                               Program Chair
Jul/Aug 2011                                                                       Page 2

President’s Message
Greetings Everyone!                      bers continued to
                                         help organize our
As I write this, it doesn’t feel much
                                         Law & Ethics
like spring. It is chilly and raining,
                                         Workshop from
and though I am in LA with my
                                         their hospital
mother, my husband who is home is
                                         beds and sick
Atascadero, tells me he is sitting by
                                         beds! We have an
a roaring fire trying to get warm. As
                                         awesome board, each of whom takes
we know, the weather has been un-
                                         their position seriously. I know it
settling this year with heavy rains,
                                         would be greatly appreciated if you
flooding, and tornadoes in much of
                                         all sent your prayers, thoughts and
our Midwest. The Red Cross is ask-
                                         healing energies to Karen Rogers
ing for volunteers to help our
                                         and Ann Williams. They have been
neighbors in Joplin and Tuscaloosa
                                         champions in spite of their own per-
and Springfield. Even though these
                                         sonal traumas.
tragedies are so fresh on our TV and
computer screens, we mustn’t forget      With their help and the help of the
the trauma of Japan’s earthquake         rest of our board, we had a very suc-
and tsunamis. These events greatly       cessful Law & Ethics Workshop.
overshadow our Central Coast             There is nothing like a live CAMFT
weather anomalies by leaps and           attorney to instill the fear of the BBS
bounds. But they keep fresh the          and the law into a therapist. Dave
message Karen Merriam brought to         Jensen presented with humor and
our CAMFT meeting last month             experiences that made the day fly
about trauma.                            by. While everything he said was
                                                         important, I want to
While most of us have
                                                         relay to those of you
been to workshops
                                                         who could not attend
which have ended up
                                                         that the BBS has one
traumatizing us with
                                                         person working on
stories and photos of
                                                         license renewals now.
nature’s ferocity, or
                                                         This means that it
worse, man’s inhuman-
                                                         will take approxi-
ity to man, Karen Mer-
                                                         mately four months
riam brought to us a
                                                         to process your li-
kinder, gentler mes-
                                                         cense renewal. So get
sage at a very spiritual
                                                         your CEUs done
level. She reminded us that as indi-
                                         early, download the renewal form
viduals, we often feel small and vul-
                                         from the BBS website (don’t wait for
nerable, but as a collective group we
                                         the mailed form, it won’t come in
can be a strength and help to one
                                         time) and send it in. If you don’t
                                         have your license, you cannot charge
And speaking of trauma, a few of our     your clients for their sessions!
board members have been incapaci-        That’s incentive enough for me!
tated for the last few months. Seri-     May you all be well, your practices
ous illness can strike us like storms    be full, and take exquisite care of
and earthquakes, when we least ex-       yourselves.
pect it. Even though this occurred
                                                 Margaret Bullock, MA, MFT
over the last few months, I want you
                                            President, Central Coast Chapter
to know that these same board mem-
Jul/Aug 2011                                                                                         Page 3

What is Imaginal Psychology?
(Continued from page 1)                  ory throughout the activities, but
                                         will save the larger portion of it for
some time. The best way to offer         the end of the morning. This may be
experiential interventions to your       opposite from what you normally
clients is to become more comfort-       experience at a training, but the in-
able with them yourself. The train-      tention is one of allowing you to ex-
ing I am offering is an invitation to    plore, prior to the explanations. I
each of you to be with your growing      am very excited to be offering this
edges and to notice that, no matter      training in San Luis Obispo and I
where you are on the continuum of        look forward to sharing a participa-
comfort with the expressive thera-       tory morning with all of you.
pies, there is a place for you to ease
                                         Stacy is working one day a week in
into it.
                                         the private practice setting and of-           Think left and think
Our morning will start with a com-       fering intermodal therapies to ado-
                                                                                        right and think low and
munity building activity and then        lescents, families, groups, and indi-
                                                                                        think high. Oh, the
open up into a guided art activity.      viduals. She is also excited to be
We will practice dialoguing with art     offering Teen Community Building               thinks you can think
and being a silent witness to one        Groups, which are starting sum-                up if only you try!
another’s experience/s. It will be an    mer/fall.
                                                                                                  —Dr. Seuss
engaging morning filled with invita-
                                         Stacy’s doctoral Clinical Case Study
tions to work with your mind, imagi-
                                         focused on adolescent anxiety and
nation, and body. I will weave the-
                                                                (Continued on page 5)

What Therapists Need to Know
BEFORE Buying a Website, Part I:
Miranda Palmer presented at the          very little
most recent CAMFT annual confer-         money
ence in Burlingame. As she received      (doesn’t seem
a lot of questions relating to web-      to matter) on
sites, she wrote an article to answer    their web-
some of the basic struggles thera-       site—but they
pists have about getting on the          aren’t getting
Internet. Part I is in this edition;     any clients
Part II will be included in the Sep-     for all of the time, energy, or money
tember/October newsletter.               they have put into the website. They
                                         feel like they are missing what the
I talk three groups of therapists on a
                                         first group has, are unlucky, or less
regular basis. In the first group are
                                         than. They want to be in the first
therapists who LOVE their websites,
                                         group, but they often end up throw-
they get a ton of business from their
                                         ing in the towel and checking out of
website, and it isn’t overwhelming or
                                         the process.
time-consuming. They shout from
the roof tops how fantastic having a     The third group usually has col-
website is, and can’t understand why     leagues in both categories. They
everyone doesn’t have one.               aren’t sure who to believe, what to
                                         do, or how to be successful. They
The second group contains people
who have spent a ton of money or                                (Continued on page 4)
Jul/Aug 2011                                                                        Page 4

What Therapists Need to Know
BEFORE Buying a Website

(Continued from page 3)                        mit an article or a speaking topic
                                               to an organization, they try to
have little to no web presence and             determine from what you sub-
although they “know” being on the              mitted if you are relevant,
Internet makes sense—they are wor-             timely, interesting, and whether
ried they are going to be in Group             people will want to read your
2—getting nothing to show for the              article, or see your presentation.
time or money they put in- so they             That is what internet search pro-
feel like- what is the point?!                 viders like Google are judging as
                                               well. What you write on your
Today, I want to empower you with
                                               website helps Google determine
some information that will help you
                                               if you are valuable enough to
make decisions that will get you into
                                               potential readers to be on the
the top group—a group whose web-
                                               “front page.”
site is actually useful! After all, if
the website doesn’t make you               Technology Coaching for Real Peo-
money, save you money, or save you         ple has offices in Northern and
time- what is the point?                   Southern California and is schedul-
                                           ing in-person technology talks for
1.   Understand the purpose of
                                           2011-2012. They have a down-to-
     a great website: A great web-
                                           earth, accessible style that breaks
     site, one that brings in clients is
                                           technology down into pieces that
     not an online business card. The
                                           non-techie people understand. We
     website is an extension of you-
                                           speak on topics like:
     your first introduction to the
     world at large. It allows you to          SEO for Non-Technical People
     extend your sphere of influence-          Getting on Google—
     much like a presentation out in           Understanding the Process
     the community.
                                               Touring the Easiest Tech Tools
2.   Determine what you need                   for Therapists
     from a website: A fabulous
                                                               Miranda Palmer,
     website will not only expand
                                                           LMFT runs a success-
     your sphere of influence and let
                                                             ful private practice
     more people know about your
                                                             and is co-creator of
     excellent service, it will also
                                   providing real
     make your job easier. It will an-
                                           technology coaching for real people.
     swer questions about the ther-
                                             The free blog reviews the best (and
     apy process, overcome people’s
                                           worst) technology to help therapists
     fears, provide directions, and
                                              find technology that doesn’t suck!
     give people access to forms.
                                             Check out the “Website in 30 days”
     What would make your practice
                                               video program that breaks down
     run more smoothly?
                                               the website development process
3.   Understand how websites                   into manageable pieces that real
     are judged and found. We                  people can understand including
     hear a lot about Search Engine             writing your content, getting on
     Optimization (SEO)-but what               Google, and evaluating what you
     does that mean? When you sub-              need to have a fabulous website!
Jul/Aug 2011                                                                                                             Page 5

                                                                                                     CENTRAL COAST CAMFT
What is Imaginal Psychology?                                                                         2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
(Continued from page 3)                             also self-care,                                  President
                                                    which involves                                   Margaret Bullock
the implementation of intermodal                    hiking, drumming,                                (805) 674-4162
therapies. Professionally, her last                 singing, biking,
                                                                                                     Vice President/President Elect
ten years were spent working within                 health foods cook-
                                                                                                     Tammy Summers
the residential intensive inpatient,                ing, and travels.                                (805) 928-9955
school, and private practice settings.               She is committed                      
 She has done extensive expressive                  to an ever-evolving implementation
                                                                                                     Past President
arts therapy groups and offered en-                 and research of new healing inter-
                                                                                                     Alice Jones
gaging staff workshops.                             ventions and believes that collabora-            (805) 466-1480
                                                    tion and community are key to a joy-   
Stacy is passionate about her profes-
                                                    ous and peace-filled life.                       Treasurer
sional goals to increase the use of
                                                                                                     Lia Anisgard
intermodal therapies in the healing                               Stacy Schutten, MFT                (805) 441-9939
arts and create a sense of commu-                              1411 Marsh St. Suite 105    
nity among healers and clients that                         San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.               Secretary
invites collaboration, reflexivity,                                                                  Heather Anderson
self-care, expressive arts, and crea-                                                                (805) 701—723
tive ritual. Stacy continue her own
growth just as she asks her clients to
                                                                Program Committee Chair
                                                                                                     & Past President
do. Her personal growth involves                           Edited by Karen Rogers, LMFT
                                                                                                     Ann Williams
continued work on reflexivity and                                      Newsletter Editor             (805) 545-8855
                                    Newsletter Guidelines
                                                                                                     M EMBERS - AT -L ARGE
Articles: We welcome feature length articles,       tisement in the newsletter is not an endorse-    CEU Coordinator
book reviews, interviews, poetry and news           ment of the position, product or service. Con-   Tara Storke
items. Please limit submissions to 750 words        tact the newsletter editor at 805.254.4307 for
                                                                                                     (805) 455-8342
or less (75 typed lines, about 10 words/line).      additional information and a more detailed
Your submission must have a clini-                  policy.
cal/professional relevance, but may also ex-                                                         Pre-Licensed
                                                    Copy deadline is the 10th of the month preced-
press opinions, ideas, expertise and/or per-                                                         Representative
                                                    ing publication. Copy is due on these months:
sonal history of the author. A brief bio is re-     December, February, April, June, August and      Robin Squiers
quired at end of the article. Short features as     October.                                         (805) 348-1850 Ext. 109
well as letters to the editor (250 words or less)   Send to Karen Rogers:
are also encouraged.
                                                    Make checks payable to CCC-CAMFT and mail        Membership Chair
Advertising Rates: All advertisements must          to: Lia Anisgard, CCC CAMFT Treasurer;           Judith Stern
be relevant to and congruent with the interests     226 Oakwood Court; Arroyo Grande, CA             (805) 703-3193
and ethics of CCC-CAMFT. Submissions must           93420.                                 
be e-mailed to the newsletter editor, preferably
in Word format. Contact the newsletter editor                                                        Newsletter Editor
                                                    Classified Costs   Member      Non-Member
for more details.                                                                                    Karen Rogers
                                                    Up to 10 words     $5          $10               (805) 254-4307
To submit a classified ad:
Please e-mail your information to the newslet-
                                                    Up to 50 words     $20         $40               Trauma Response
ter editor.
Classifieds must be re-submitted or confirmed
for each newsletter.                                Ea word over 50    $0.25       $0.25             Teresa Pardini
                                                                                                     (805) 260-4833
The following discounts are available for cam-
era ready ads (jpg format) that are pre-paid:       Nonprofit Services: FREE advertising   
                                                                                                     Kathie Asdel
   25% discount (6 issues);                         Display Ad—Camera Ready (jpg
   15% discount (4 issues);
                                                                                                     (805) 462-1922
                                                    1/4 page           $25         $45     
   10% discount (2 issues).
                                                    1/2 page           $40         $60
Articles are published on a space-available
basis. The publication of any article or adver-     Full page          $70         $110
CAMFT Central Coast Chapter
P.O. Box 12723
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

   Bringing Together
     Central Coast
 Marriage & Family

                                    Join us July 22nd for Imaginal Psychology
                          Mental disturbance almost always seems to bring with it crippling self-doubt and low
                          self-esteem. These are all too often reinforced by the stigma encountered in many
                          ways in our society. An attitude of unconditional respect and acceptance, therefore,
                          from those who are closest to the client is the ground from which recovery can begin.

                                      —Connie Packard, MSW, Founder of Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

                                                                                             See article, Page 1

                                  Meeting Location:
            Date:                 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of SLO
         July 22d, 2011           2074 Parker St. San Luis Obispo
       Socializing:               Directions:
        8:30-9:00 AM              From 101 take the Madonna Road off
      Presentation:               ramp.
       9:00-11:00 AM              If you are driving north, turn right on
         Location:                Madonna Road, then left on Higuera. At
    Unitarian Universalist        High Street turn right; go one short block
        Fellowship of             and make another right onto Parker.
   San Luis Obispo County         If you are driving south, as you exit turn
      2074 Parker Street          to the right up over 101, and then left on
     San Luis Obispo, CA          Higuera. At High Street turn right; go
  Free or 2 CEUs $20              one short block and make another right

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