Vocab for Julius Caesar by liaoqinmei


									                           VOCABULARY      FOR JULIUS CAESAR

              Casey Sederman, Katherine Stein, Aditi, Caroline and Steven

1. abridged: The abridged version of the book left out the interesting parts of the original.

2. affability: My best friend is extremely affable and makes me feel good about myself.

3. alchemy: Many medieval nobles practiced alchemy in the hope that they would
become rich with gold.

4. ascend: The rock climbers began to ascend to the top of the mountain.

5. augmented: The garland of lights augmented the beauty of the Christmas tree.

6. augurers: The augurer told Oedipus that he would marry his mother and kill his father.

7. baseness: The baseness of the honor students paper was shocking, because his work
was usually exemplary.

8. bequeathing: In the story, Julius Caesar, Caesar bequeathed money and his gardens to
the citizens of Rome.

9. bestow: During the royal ceremony, the old king bestowed the crown upon his

10. clamor: Amidst all the clamor, the boy lost sight of his parents, but when the
commotion died down, the family was reunited.

11. conceit: Filled with conceit, the pompous nobleman would not even look at the
common folk, for he felt that it was beneath him.

12. confounded. After being confounded by the tricks and puzzles of the maze, the
contestants gave up and retired to their homes.

13. Contaminated: The factory contaminated the river by dumping its waste products into

14. Covert: The military launched a covert mission to capture the airfield.

15. Craves: Before Halloween every child craves candy.

16. derisive: His coworkers were very derisive when he presented the business proposal.
17. enfranchised: The decision of the court ensured the victims would be enfranchised
money for their losses.

19. entreaty: The man’s entreaty to his boss succeeded and he regained his job.

20. exalted: The firemen were exalted as they emerged from the blazing house with its

21. flourish: The tropical climate allows the vegetation to flourish.

22. gravity; The police didn’t understand the gravity of the situation until they arrived on
the dangerous scene.

23. grievously: The man grievously regretted moving away from his hometown.

24. hideous: The girl disposed of the hideous shirt when her mom was not looking.

25. homage: We went to the funeral to pay homage to our loved one.

26. indignant: The indignant looks on the students’ faces were very apparent as soon as
the teacher suggested a performance task.

27. instigations: His constant insulting instigations caused the boy to snap.

28. kindle: One of the numerous things they teach you in boy scouts is how to kindle a

29. knotty: I could not see how the knotty situation would be unraveled.

30. lamented: Whenever someone in the family passes away, I lament their death for
much time.

31. legacy: The legacy handed down to my from my grandfather was a large sum of

32. malice: There was a look of malice in his eyes that made me feel a chill run up my

33. melancholy: Her melancholy attitude made me believe that something bad had
happened to her lately.

34. mettle: A man of mettle will not back down from a challenge.

35. mirth: Christmas time brings around mirth and joy.

36. musing: I have came up with some of my best ideas while spending time musing.
37. mutinous: The mutinous citizens planned to overthrow the emperor and create a

38. obscure: The obscure meaning of the word made the test very difficult.

39. ominous: The ominous tone in which the teacher spoke did not imply good exam

40. portent: The low ratings were a portent that the TV show would soon be cancelled.

41. prodigious: His longing for candy was quite prodigious; however it could not be
satisfied for he had a cavity.

42. prodigy: Mark, a child prodigy, has been playing at Carnegie Hall since he was three.

43. prostration: The prostration one suffers during cross country preseason has no effect
on the strict coaches.

44. replicate: DNA replicates so fast that in mere hours billions of copies can be made.

45. reputable: When our class was doing an I- Search paper, we had to constantly make
sure our background information was from reputable sources.

46. revere: Deeply religious Catholics often revere the Pope.

47. rhetoric: My numerous rhetoric questions often annoyed the judge during our mock
trial meetings.

48. rout: Often many woodsmen create a lucrative business by taking spare pieces of
lumber and routing them into various shapes.

49. Servile- Cinderella was servile to her cruel family.

50. Soothsayer- The soothsayer predicted Julius Caesar’s grave fate.

51. Spurn- The child spurned the man trying to kidnap her by kicking and screaming.

52. Sterile- The man decided to become sterile after he decided he wouldn’t have any
more children.

53. Taper- Erosion tapered away the mountain until it was gone.

54. Tarry- I cannot tarry here or I will miss my flight.

55. Unassailable- The economic recession is unassailable.

56. Vanquished- Russia vanquished China and captured Mongolia.
57. Vexation- The loud music her daughter was blasting was a vexation to the tired

58. Vouchsafe- I vouchsafe your proposing to my daughter.

59. Vulgarity- Her inappropriate outfit shows her great vulgarity.

               Sam Kudman Hannah Black Lily Calaycay Joe Kelly
                         Samantha Gorny Chris Aresco

1. Had we not read the abridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo
in eighth grade, it might have taken a couple of extra months than it
did to complete it.
2. Her affability and willingness to say "Hi!" to whoever she passed
in the hallway is what made all of the students want to be friends
with her.
3. Through the practices of alchemy, the medieval scientist hoped to
change iron into gold.
4. Very few people have ever ascended Mount Everest without the use of
tanked oxygen.
5. Due to the amount of extra effort i put in at work, my employer
felt that it was only right to augment my salary.
6. The augurer told her that her future held grave danger.
7. Her attractiveness was not enough to supplement for the baseness of
her behavior.
8. In his will, my grandfather bequeathed the family heirlooms to me.
9. Fortune and fame were bestowed upon Bill Gates due to the success
of his software company, Microsoft.
10. I couldn't fall asleep last night because of the incessant clamor
that echoed throughout the city.
11. Due to his brash conceit, he soon lost all his friends.
12. The biology teacher confounded me with his explanation of the
Calvin Cycle.
13. The waste from the dump contaminated the river killing much of the
wild life.
14.I like to keep my home life covert.
15. When she was pregnant, she craved lots of food.
16. His apparent derision to my idea hurt my feelings.
17. They enfranchised the students the right to vote when it came to
choosing the field trip.
18. Be careful not to engender a fight with your close friends.
19. I made an entreaty to my parents begging then to let me go to the
20. Those who study hard should be exalted for their work.
21.) The plants continued to flourish in their new sunny spot, growing
taller every day.
22.) It was only when she saw the tearful face of the little boy that
she realized the gravity of his cat’s death.
23.) She saw the serious faces of her family, and understood just how
grievous the situation was.
24.) The mean old man had a hideous personality, and responded rudely
to our greetings.
25.) He admired his leaders, paying them homage every morning.
26.) The customers grew indignant when they heard of the increased
price, yelling and complaining that it was too expensive.
27.) The investigation was conducted because of his instigation; he
had tipped the police off earlier that day.
28.) In no time, the boys kindled a fire and were adding branches to
keep it going.
29.)Her knotty problems were so complicated that she could not begin
to explain her feelings to anyone.
30.) He lamented the death of his aunt with his tearful sister and
31. Although Rome fell to the barbarians its legacy still lives on as
the most powerful empire.
32. The communist activists came with malice aimed towards the police
and banks.
33. After his fish died he was in a state of melancholy for days.
34. The imminent nuclear missile being constructed in Iran will test
Israel's mettle.
35. After the last day of school there was a state of mirth and relief.
36. I have often mused what the United States will look like in the
coming years.
37. After much suspicion the Sepoys started a mutinous revolt against
their British leaders.
38. The President's soft diplomancy led to obscurity about his
39. The ominous clouds on the horizon was a sign of the coming war.
40. Looking back the portent of the war lay in the dictator's speech
at the UN.
41. The five boys playing the piano at Carnegie Hall are seven year
old prodigies.
42. In order to conduct the extremely risky surgery, the hospital
needs a prodigious amount of funding.
43. Jackie was prostrate from the heat, and when she was moved into
the shade, became alert again.
44. Considering the final scene of the play is the only perfect one,
its replication is needed on opening night.
45. Pollution could bring the company's name into bad repute.
46. The Native American Shawnee tribe showed honor and reverence for
the dead.
47. It was important for the jury to approach the case in a composed,
reasoned manner and strip away from the over-publicized rhetoric.
48. To make the bookcase look new again, my father decided to rout the
nicked edges of the wood.
49. After working so strenuously on the presentation and getting shot
down by the head of the company, Bill bowed his head in a servile
50. The soothsayer told her of her future, especially the things she
needed to look out for.
51. I did not expect my idea for the fundraiser to be met with such
livid spurn by the comity leaders.

52. I was extremely distressed to hear from the doctor that the shot I
took from the baseball line drive would leave me sterile.

53. I could tell that the fat camp had tapered my friend’s gut

54. Javier must have a very boring house if he likes to tarry at my
house for so long.

55. The captain of the other school’s debate team’s arguments were
unassailable, making their school the clear cut winner.

56. Our football team was stronger, faster, and more talented than the
other team therefore we vanquished our opponents easily.

57. The oral surgery caused many unpleasant vexations in her mouth for
weeks to come.

58. The teacher said he would vouchsafe us an A if we worked very hard.

59. The racist joke was an extreme vulgarity to be told at school.

   Kathryn Meyers, Sarah Nelson, Matt Schwartz, Kyle Kroeger, James Whiting, and
                                 Cassandra Squeri

   1. Abridge- When I realized I had gone over the word limit on my essay, I was
      forced to abridge my paper.
   2. Affable- The affable man was friendly and kind to every person he met.
   3. Alchemist- The alchemist made a very good living by changing metal into gold.
   4. Ascend- The plane began to ascend rapidly after we had taken off from the
   5. Augment- By taking illegal substances to make him stronger, the baseball player
      augmented his game.
6. Augury- The augury ominously predicted the death of the main character of the
7. Baseness- The well- brought up people of society were shocked at the baseness of
    Tiger Wood’s disturbing actions.
8. Bequeath- After my grandfather passed away, he bequeathed my family a large
    um of money.
9. Bestow- The mayor of the town bestowed the keys to the city to a citizen for his
    honorable actions.
10. Clamor-Everyone in the neighborhood heard the clamor of quarreling kids.
11. Conceit- The boy, having an overwhelming attitude or conceit, boasted about his
    perfect grade.
12. Confounded- Our teacher explained that she was very confounded by the low
    scores on the quiz.
13. Contaminate- The toxic waste that was dumped into the lake contaminated the
    town’s water supply and killed many fish.
14. Covert- The top secret covert mission was leaked to the public, and the spy was
15. Crave- When I broke my leg, I craved the ability to run again.
16. Derision- The snobbish students’ derision was clearly expressed when they
    laughed at the substitute teacher.
17. Enfranchisement- My family’s most important enfranchisement was becoming
    eligible to United States citizenship.
18. Engender- The priest’s cry for freedom engendered radical ideas in all people.
19. Entreaty- The criminal’s entreaty begged the court for mercy and a short sentence.
20. Exalted- The modest, hardworking student was highly exalted for her detailed
21. Flourish- The clean environment helped creatures and plants to flourish.
22. Gravity- The force of gravity caused the object to fall.
23. Grievous- The book was dirty, wrinkled and in an altogether grievous condition.
24. Hideous- The hideous beast scared everyone with its ugliness.
25. Homage- On the day of the king’s coronation hundreds of people gathered to pay
    homage to the new monarch.
26. Indignant- The innocent man was indignant when he was found guilty and thereby
    became angry.
27. Instigations- One man in the gang was proved to have headed the instigations of
    the crime.
28. Kindle- We used matches and small sticks to kindle a fire.
29. Knotty- The old rope had been used so frequently that it was now tangled and
30. Lament- The mother lamented her dead child.
31. Legacy- Charles made many improvements to his community, and his legacy will
    live on.
32. Malice- His malice was clear when he hit his own teammate with a bat.
33. Melancholy- He was overwhelmed with melancholy when he heard of his father’s
34. Mettle- To cross the treacherous wooden bridge, he had to muster up his mettle.
35. Mirth- The mirth of the teenage girls at the carnival was apparent from the smiles
    that radiated from their faces.
36. Muse- Many times when I am alone in a quiet room, I muse about how my life
    will be when I am older.
37. Mutinous- When the teacher assigned a ridiculous assignment, the students
    became mutinous and refused to complete it.
38. Obscure- Through the thick fog, the New York City skyline was obscure.
39. Ominous- The ominous football players stood enormous over the small opposing
40. Portent- The dark cloud was a portent of the coming storm.
41. Prodigies- The mathematical prodigies excelled more than anyone on the state
42. Prodigious- The prodigious house had eight bedrooms, two kitchens, and full-size
    pool in the backyard.
43. Prostrated- The pitcher was prostrated after pitching the entire game.
44. Replication- The process of DNA replication helps makes copies of the DNA so it
    can extend.
45. Repute- After its sixth straight year of banking profit, the company was
    considered as having good repute.
46. Reverence- Americans showed great reverence to George Washington because he
    had been such a successful military leader.
47. Rhetoric- The applicant’s rhetoric was unacceptable for the “good character”
48. Routed- The New York Yankees routed their rivals in the World Series by a
    whopping 17 – 2 score.
49. Servile- The new student acted very servile to the school bully who was taking his
    lunch money.
50. Soothsayer- The soothsayer predicted that the world would in fact end on
    December 21, 2012.
51. Spurned- The friend spurned the refusal by begging.
52. Sterile- When the woman found out that she was sterile, she was upset and
    comforted by her family.
53. Taper- The temperature was to taper to fourty-five degrees that night.
54. Tarry- There was no time to tarry if she wanted to arrive at the party on time.
55. Unassailable- The lead that Yankees had in the game was unassailable.
56. Vanquished- The snow vanquished the Vermont and New Hampshire area.
57. Vexation- The dog was a vexation when it had to go to the bathroom in the
58. Vouchsafe- The vouchsafe of land was granted by the Congress of Vienna.
59. Vulgar- The speaker’s vulgar language caught may listeners off guard.

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