Web Service and Semantic Web by cuiliqing


									Web Service and Semantic Web
          WS / SW

            Shang Rong Tsai
  Department of Information Management
         Chang-Jung University
             Web Service (1/2)
• Purposes
  – An open platform for accessing services as
    automatically as possible
  – Automatically integrating services
• Basic technologies
  –   XML
  –   SOAP
  –   HTTP
  –   UDDI
  –   WSDL
             Web Service (2/2)
• What degree of automation can we get by Web
  Services ?
• What efforts should programmers or users pay for
  using or integrating the available Web services ?
  What WSDL can help us in this aspect ?
• Can computers understand the semantic of a Web
  Service ? (You can try to think about this case:
  using all meaningless tags to encode all the XML
  documents, then you are the computer to read the
• The Web site of XMethods, Inc gave me a good
  starting point to think about such questions
                Semantic Web
• Web evolutions and developments
   – Data
      • HTML => DHTML => XML
   – Metadata
      • RDF/RDFS/OWL
• Can computers understand the meanings of data ?
   – The goal of Semantic Web
   – One of the keys would be how the metadata be
   – It would need experts to define for each knowledge or
     application domain the metadata, a set of classes about
     the metadata. Thus, computers would be able to
     understand the semantic of the data.
   Web Service / Semantic Web
• SW and WS are Complementary
• Two facets of machine-to-machine
   – service based =>Web of applications
   – metadata based =>Web of data
• A widely deployed Web Services infrastructure
  may be the most compelling business case for the
  Semantic Web
• The synergy of Semantic Web and Web Service
  will hugely benefit for the wide deployment of
                Some Questions
•   Where to start ?
•   What is the current status ?
•   What are the killer applications ?
•   What we can expect in final ?
•   Who (companies) already involved ?
•   My comments
    – People just expect good contents and services.
    – Semantic Web and Web service can give some
      advantages in providing good contents and services in a
      large scale (on the whole Web), where automation by
      computers should be mandatory.
    – Then, people can just enjoy life, but not suffer by

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