swindle by cuiliqing



By Gordon Korman

   1.     Q.: At the beginning of the story, where are Griffin Bing and Ben Slovak spending the
          A.: At the Old Rockford House, a condemned building. A crane with a wrecking ball is
          parked out in front.

 2. Q.: What do people say about the Rockford House?
     A.: It is haunted by : Old Man Rockford’s wife who he cut up with a chain saw or killed with a
railway spike, or with the spirit of a dog from WWI, or by a baby carried off by a chicken hawk or
by a 23 year old school teacher.

3. Q.: What is Griffin’s nickname?

   A.: The Man with the Plan
4. Q.: What was Griffin’s plan?
   A.: Griffin planned for 28 sixth graders to sleep at the old house. Only Griffin and his best
friend Ben Slovak actually came.

5. Q.: What is the weather on the night of the sleep over?

   A.: Thunder and Lightning.
6. Q.: Why didn’t the 28 6th graders come to the sleepover?

   A.: No beds, running water, furniture, lights or TV in the Rockford House.
7. Q.: How did sleeping at the Rockford House show adults that kids were standing up for their

   A.: The kids would have to lie to their parents about going to a fake sleepover.

8. Q.: What had Griffin hoped that Cedarville would build on the Rockford site?

   A.: A Skate & Roller Park

9. Q.: What is their 6th grade teacher’s name?

   A.: Mr. Martinez

10. Q.: What did the town plan to build?

    A.: A museum.

11. Q.: What did Griffin find in the roll top desk drawer in the Rockford House?
   A.: A Babe Ruth in a Red Sox uniform baseball card.
12. Q.: What kind of problems were Griffin’s parents having?
     A.: Financial.
13. Q.: The Babe Ruth baseball card might be worth a lot of money. Where did Griffin and Ben
have it appraised?
    A.: Palomino’s Emporium owned by S. Wendell Palomino.
14. Q.: How much did S. Wendell Palomino give Griffin for the Babe Ruth baseball card?
    A.: $120.00
15. Q.: Why had Griffin’s father quit his job?
    A.: To work on his invention the Smart Pick fruit picker with padded pincers and a twisting
motion, no cutting blade so no damaged produce.
16. Q.: Did Wendell Palomino trick Griffin?
    A.: Yes, the baseball card was authentic and worth close to a million dollars.
17. Q.: Who is Swindle?
   A.: S. Wendell Palomino, Griffin gave him this nick name after he tricked him.
18. Q.: Who is Luther?
    A.: Swindle’s guard dog at the Emporium. Swindle is a Doberman Pincer.
19. Q.: How did Griffin’s classmate, Savannah, calm Luther?
    A.: Savannah was a whisperer. She tried to reach Luther’s inner puppy through treats, toys and
20. Q.: What was the Security Code at the Emporium?

     A.: 1701, the serial # of the Star Trek USS Enterprise.
21. Q.: Did the boys successfully break into the Emporium and steal back the Babe Ruth baseball

     A.: They successfully broke in and got out, but the safe that had been bolted to the floor
wasn’t there.
22. Q.: Where was the safe?

     A.: At Swindle’s house on 531 Park Street Extension.

23. Q.: How did the boys break into Swindle’s house?
        A.: Through a skylight in the cathedral ceiling.
24. Q.: How did the boys learn the floor plan of Swindle’s house?

     A.: They studied the plans of an identical house on 1414 Lakewood Road.
25. Q.: Who did Griffin invite to help with the heist?
     A.: Savannah – dog whisperer, Melissa – computer geek, Logan – actor, Pitch – rock climber,
Ben – best friend.
26. Q.: Where does Swindle hope to sell the baseball card?
     A.: At Worthington’s Auction on Oct. 17th at a $200,000 starting bid.
27. Q.: Who was the 7th member of the Heist Team? The muscle man?
     A.: Darren Vader, Griffin’s nemesis since preschool.
28. Q.: What talent did Darren bring to the team?
     A.: Darren was so awful, he thought like Swindle.
29. Q.: How did the Heist Team get Swindle out of the house?

     A.: They dropped a birthday card, addressed to someone else, with a ticket to a New York
Ranger’s hockey game in Swindle’s mailbox. They knew Swindle could not resist using someone else’s
ticket. It cost them $80.

30. Q.: What is the name of Ben’s illness?
    A.: Narcolepsy, the sleeping sickness. Ben might fall into a deep sleep anytime of the day or
31. Q.: What happened to Pitch when the Heist Team broke into Swindle’s house?
     A.: Pitch twisted her ankle.

32. Q.: How many dogs were in Swindle’s house?
    A.: Two, Luther and a German Shepherd.
33. Q.: How did Melissa help the Heist Team get out of Swindle’s house?
    A.: Melissa disarmed the alarm.
34. Q.: Was the Babe Ruth baseball card in the safe in Wendell’s house?
    A.: NO.

35. Q.: How did the German shepherd get loose in Swindle’s house?
   A.: Lamar Fontaine, the courier sent by the Auction House to Swindle’s house opened the door
to the room where Savannah had found him.
36. Q.: Where did Griffin find the baseball card?
    A.: Swindle had hidden it in a Ziploc bag in a 20 pound turkey in his refrigerator.
37. Q.: Who ate the turkey?
     A.: Swindle and the German shepherd. It kept them quiet.
38. Q.: Who stole the card from Griffin?
         A.: Darren.
     Q.: How did the card get in the tree?

         A.: Darren dropped it and the wind carried it.
39. Q.: How did Griffin get the card out of the tree?
    A.: With his father’s invention, the Smart Pick with the padded pincers and twisting motion,
not to cut anything.

40. Q.: What was Code Z?
     A.: Griffin’s escape plan.
41. Q.: Where did Griffin mail the baseball card?
    A.: To the Rockford house, the house had been demolished but the mailbox was still standing.

42. Q.: Who actually owned the baseball card?
     A.: A 97 year old lady from Baltimore, the only living Rockford family member.
43. Q.: What did the little old lady do with the card?
    A.: She gave it to Darren Vader, her nephew. Darren’s parents donated the money to the
Cedarville Museum with the stipulation that a Skate and Roller Park be built next to the museum.
44. Q.: Did Swindle press charges for the break in?
    A.: No, and he moved to California.
45. Q.: Did the Bing family sell their house?
    A.: No, the baseball card publicity generated interest and investors in Smart Pick.
46. Q.: What happened to Luther?

     A.: Savannah adopted him.

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