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									        Date:                       Analyst      Stock Worksheet                      Company Name:          Autodesk INC
      12/9/2010                    Dave Custer    General Information                 Symbol & Exchange        ADSK.NYSE
                                                                                      Industry                 Electronics
    Recent Price                    $38.10
   Purchase Price                   $31.46               Investment Cost               $ 2,831.40 FV Estimate             $33.00
    Shares held                       90                Investment Value               $ 3,429.00 Consider Buy            $23.10
Gain Loss (curr. Hold)              21.10%           Investment Gain/Loss $            $ 597.60 Consider Sell             $46.20
Portfolio weight (curr. Holding)      5%
                                           Company Information
      Chief Officers, Tenures and Salaries                            Brief Company History
          Officer         Salary     Tenure  Autodesk is the leading vendor of computer-aided design software. Its
Carl Bass               1.64M                customers are in 185 countries and range from 98% of the Fortune
Mark J. Hawkins         833K                 1000 to single-person architectural firms. Manufacturing,
George M. Bado          1.06M                infrastructure, building, and media and entertainment firms use
                                             Autodesk software to create, analyze, and manage their digital designs
Robert L. Kross         530K
                                             more efficiently, enabling them to complete projects faster. The firm
Jay Bhatt               670K
                                                    was founded in 1982 and is based in San Rafael, Calif.

   Company's Future Outlook and News
Settlement with ASSIMILATE for copyright
Okaloosa Gas District Implements Autodesk
  Utility Solutions Software for Improved                             Strategy/Mission Statement/Vision
   Planning, Design, and Infrastructure             Autodesk has always helped customers work more efficiently. Today, the
                 Management                         Autodesk portfolio of technologies is helping customers change the way they
                                                    work altogether. Creating digital models and workflows enables customers to
Autodesk Inventor Software Used to Design
                                                    not only see their designs, but also see how they will work in the real world,
             First 3D Printed Car                   making increased efficiency just one of many advantages.
ADDING MULTIMEDIA Autodesk University
  2010 Brings Global Design Community
 Autodesk Releases SketchBook Mobile for
   Autodesk Updates AutoCAD WS with
          Support for Offline Editing
                                  Recommendation Page
                                                             Recommendation Scale

                                         Strong Buy Moderate Buy        Hold        Moderate Sell   Strong Sell

                                      Major products
                          1                            2                        3
                   AutoCAD software
 Autodesk INC

 Adobe Systems

Dassault Systems
Parametric Tech.
                    Please attach a professional financial analysis for reference
                             Overall recommendation and reasoning.
Hold based on analyst recommendations as well as considerable growth we
have seen from ADSK. They are the leading vendor of computer aided design
software which spans across several industries.

                                          Updated 25-10-10

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