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					A new era is beginning. An era in which economies are built around know-
ledge, and innovation powers success. An era driven by the energy of
new ideas, new connections, and the vital power of collaboration. An era
in which industry and technology cross-pollinate, and the barriers to com-
merce disappear. A new era that’s beginning at the centre of the Americas,
in Trinidad & Tobago’s ta m a n a i n t e c h p a r k .
the republic of trinidad & tobago is transforming its thriving economy     tamana i nte ch park de li ve rs:

into a diverse, knowledge-based industrial powerhouse well-positioned      •   1,100 acre development site featuring award-winning design and a scalable, cutting-edge
to play a pioneering role in the global economy. Foremost in this trans-       infrastructure designed to support Information and Communications Technology businesses
                                                                               One of the region’s only Tier III data centres delivering high-capacity, flexible and cost effective
formation is Tamana InTech Park, the largest eco-industrial science and    •

                                                                               data management and storage with added assistance of disaster recovery in the rare event
technology park in the region, which promises to become one of the             of a disruption
world’s next leading centres of innovation.                                •   A unique eco-industrial focus that balances nature and technology by integrating preservation
                                                                               and sustainable development with state-of-the-art facilities
                                                                           •   Access to T&T’s educated, English-speaking workforce
                                                                           •   On-site Business Development Services
                                                                           •   Sheltered, secure location with easy access to cities throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and
                                                                               South America, Europe and the Caribbean
                                                                           •   Cost-competitiveness, with available core and value-added services
                                                                           •   Build-to-suit or ready-to-occupy leasing options
                                                 — l oc ati on —

At the Centre of the World
s t r at e g ic l o c ati o n , sta b l e e c o n o m y, an d ed ucated wo rkfo rce that po wers
a nat ion o n th e r i se

At the crossroads of North and South America, supported by a strong                                                           tri ni dad & tobago has:

economy and with a wealth of natural, human and economic resources,                                                           •    One of the highest GDPs in the Caribbean and Latin American region
Trinidad & Tobago is well situated as the world’s next leading business                                                       •    A developed economy fueled by over 100 years of energy-sector success
                                                                                                                                   Parliamentary democracy with a stable political system
destination for domestic, regional and international companies.                                                               •	

                                                                                                                              •    An English-speaking, highly-educated population with one of the highest literacy rates in the world
                                                                                                                              •    A developed and rapidly improving infrastructure
                                                                                                                              •	   Excellent trade partnerships throughout the region with cari com, and the global marketplace
                                                                                                                              •	   One of the world’s lowest energy rates
                                                                                                                              •    Location below the hurricane belt creates a secure, virtually disruption-free environment for business
                                                                                                                              •	   A tropical climate, comparably low cost of living, and rich culture offering a high quality of life for
                                                                                                                                   offshore employees

                                                            T&T is in the gmt-4 time zone, and is a direct flight from over
                                                            20 cities worldwide

                                                                                                                                                                                        Trinidad & Tobago is an archipelagic nation of 1,979 square
                                                                                                                                                                                        miles/3,184 kilometres. It lies just seven miles off the coast
                                                                                                                                                                                        of Venezuela, at the southern end of the Caribbean island
                                                                                                                                                                                        chain, at the meeting point between North and South
                                                                                                                                                                                        America. Its strategic location below the hurricane belt and
                                                                                                                                                                                        its well-developed, deepwater sheltered port system has
                                                                                                                                                                                        made it a major hub of world trade.
                                                   — i n f ra struc ture —

At the Centre of Information and Technology
a world-class infrastructure designed to support 21st century businesses

Tamana’s infrastructure ensures that businesses of all sizes have access to   tamana i nte ch park de li ve rs:

connectivity, security, reliability and convenience comparable to anywhere    •   Widespread, blanketed wireless connectivity
in the world. Best-in-class security and surveillance systems deliver key     •   Service-rich, advanced, and highly secure network solutions
                                                                                  Scalable IT platform, with 12 fibres to every building
levels of protection for data and the Park’s workforce, while the Park’s      •

                                                                              •   Flexible ICT managed service packages offer basic, value-added and custom services
advanced IT and communications infrastructure offer a diverse range of        •   One of the region’s only Tier III data centres delivering high-capacity, flexible and cost effective data
benefits to all its tenants and visitors.                                         management and storage
                                                                              •   A complete suite of basic data services; advanced data management and storage solutions are also
                                                                                  available for both on- and off-site clients.

Multiple Point-of-Presence and Network Operation
Centres deliver diverse, reliable connections
                                    — e n v i ron me n t —

At the Centre of Industry and Ecology
an eco-industrial focus seamlessly integrates business, technology and environment

As the emerging hub of knowledge-driven business, Tamana demonstrates                                                              tamana ’ s e co-i ndustri al f ocus i nclude s:

the essential interplay between the natural and man-made worlds. Situated                                                          •	   30% of Tamana’s 1,100 acres is devoted to green space
among moriche palms on a natural reserve, sustainability and a reverence                                                           •    A linear park design with a rich trail network for hiking and biking, along with other recreation areas
                                                                                                                                        and greenspace
for nature is part of Tamana’s dna, creating a cutting-edge technology park
                                                                                                                                   •    Special wildlife corridors throughout the Park that protect the native flora and fauna
and recreation destination unlike any other in the world. Tamana is de-                                                            •    The largest butterfly emporium in the Caribbean raising awareness about sensitive species and
signed to become a hub for businesses both regional and global pursuing                                                                 T&T’s ecosystem
                                                                                                                                   •    On-site public transportation system that minimizes environmental impact and adds convenience
innovation in solar, wind, biofuel and other forms of renewable energy.

                                                             Special thanks to Michael Cooper and Panland Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.
                                                          — si te p l a n —

Tamana InTech Park is located 10 minutes from Piarco
International Airport on the site of the former Wallerfield
air base, approximately 45 km from T&T’s capital of Port of
Spain. Its location is designed to offer quick, easy access for
international visitors, and the benefits of reverse-commute
for Tamana’s workforce. Transportation within the Park
offers added access and convenience.                                          Tamana is the largest eco-industrial park in the region
(above, below, below right) Tamana InTech Park’s flagship build-   (abov e)At the center of Tamana InTech Park lies a beauti-
ing is 6,965.2 square meters, and is Trinidad & Tobago’s first     fully-designed Butterfly Emporium, which will provide an
LEED-certified building. Its award-winning design includes         attraction for visitors as well as a place to advance the
on-site daycare, banking and fitness centres.                      study of the area’s unique ecosystem.
                                                — work f orc e —

At the Centre of People and Power
human and intellectual resources to power innovation-led businesses

One of the world’s most well-educated and driven workforces is poised
to provide companies big and small with a new generation of employee
—one with the skills and experience necessary to support and lead the
knowledge-based business. From leaders in the life sciences to the creative
industries, from energy sector research to new technology development,
Tamana InTech Park will be home to an extraordinary cadre of T&T’s in-
novators and entrepreneurs, making advances across all disciplines. As a
hub of innovation, Tamana will provide world-class opportunities for the
nation’s educated workforce, attracting the accomplished diaspora back to
T&T. In addition, Tamana is deeply invested in preparing the nation’s youth
for the high-tech global economy, and will be a cornerstone in developing
a knowledge-based workforce of the future.

ta mana ’ s w o r k f o r c e p r o m i se s:                                                           p el h a m god d a rd
                                                                                                        Agra 9 Studios—Music Producer
•   The highest literacy rate in the Caribbean at 98%
•   The University of the West Indies and UTT, which produces a high number of graduates specializing
    in scientific disciplines, as well as Information and Communications Technology
•   A growing entrepreneurial culture, with an established network that supports public and private
                                                                                                        Pelham Goddard fell in love with the music of Trinidad &        set up in a small home studio, Goddard relearned the re-
    sector ICT leadership and development
                                                                                                        Tobago—its calypso, steel pan and soca—when he was              cording process. And he saw a progression: digital was
•   A wealth of T&T-based entrepreneurs across all technology disciplines
                                                                                                        just ten years old; since then, he’s been at the forefront of   the future. “I was the first person to use synthesisers in
                                                                                                        musical and technological innovation for one of the richest     Calypso,” Goddard says. “I mixed a synthesiser with a pan
                                                                                                        musical cultures on earth.                                      [steel drum], so I was always trying to innovate.”

                                                                                                        A self-taught musician, he could hear the musical possibili-    Goddard soon created a fully-digital mixing studio, and
                                                                                                        ties inherent in an arrangement, and during the late 70s,       built one of the most well-known production studios in
                                                                                                        he became a sought-after arranger for local brass and ca-       the region.
                                                                                                        lypso bands. Soon thereafter, he turned his sights towards
                                                                                                        becoming a producer.                                            Even today, Goddard uses technology to achieve his trade-
                                                                                                                                                                        mark sound. Having produced nearly 100 different acts
                                                                                                        At the time in Trinidad & Tobago, however, analog record-       across a spectrum of genres, Goddard’s music is the heart-
                                                                                                        ing equipment bogged down the recording process and             beat of the Caribbean. “The talent is here, and there’s no
                                                                                                        the level of sophistication of the finished recorded sound.     reason an artist must go to New York to record. With the
                                                                                                        Goddard knew there was a better way to capture the mu-          same investment in technology here, we can make this a
                                                                                                        sic. By investing in the first digital recording technologies   centre of both culture and production.”
gabriel w illia m s                                                                                                         n i ch ol a s ga lt
University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Innovation                                                                              TSL Group—Chairman/CEO
and Entrepreneurship 2008 Award Winner

When 2008 graduate Gabriel Williams first enrolled at the     themselves in several ways,” Williams says. “Through qual-    “Our people have a talent and a drive unrivalled anywhere in     Early on, when Galt began his career as a software engi-
University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Master’s Programme        ity and service. Through being environmentally sensitive,     the world,” Nick Galt says, explaining his success in building   neer, he knew the future lay in technology, in creating a
(MSc.) in Industrial Innovation, Entrepreneurship and         using as our raw materials the downstream waste from          Trinidad Systems Limited (TSL), one of the Caribbean’s lead-     knowledge-based company that would help support the
Management, he knew his specialised training as a             other industrial production. And through market aware-         ing Information and Communications Technology solutions         development of Trinidad into the region’s business and
chemical engineer would well prepare him for a rigorous       ness, knowing where the opportunities lie.”                   provider—an operating company with several businesses            economic leader. Now, 30 years later, Galt has witnessed
curriculum. What he didn’t realize then was that a strong                                                                   operating throughout the region and around the world.            the rise of a thriving ICT sector in Trinidad—and has built a
business-driven mind was hidden within the scientist—a        The award, and the programme of which it’s a part, is rep-    “Our success is driven, 100%, by our workforce.”                 company whose reach has extended to include the entire
natural interest and facility that culminated in Williams,    resentative of UTT’s approach to facilitating innovation                                                                       Caribbean region as well as the world: the TSL Group now
along with his partners, Brian James and David Joseph,        among all disciplines. By connecting world-class faculty      That success is considerable: the TSL Group, nearly 300          works throughout Central America, and is beginning entry
being awarded the programme’s sought-after Business           and professional and industrial leaders with students, the    employees strong across 14 companies, provides a diverse         into both the Middle East and West Africa.
Plan Competition Prize for exemplary innovation and com-      University is helping to develop an industry-ready work-      range of technology services that support sectors as var-
mercial potential. The reward: US $100,000 to help the        force that’s prepared to take on the exciting challenges of    ied as financial, energy, government, manufacturing and         “What has always helped is that we see ourselves not just
group launch the venture.                                     the global economy.                                            industry. Through its companies, the Group’s services           as a national or a regional player. We have always had a
                                                                                                                            range from human resource management to document                 global view, a vision that what we create here can be as
Williams’ team’s business plan uses aluminium waste—          “I’m proud for myself, but I’m also aware that my country     management; from commercial and residential technology           competitive and as valuable as anywhere in the interna-
procured from the nation's first aluminium production         has been good to me, I’ve received outstanding opportuni-     systems to credit cards and ID solutions; from videoconfer-      tional marketplace,” says Galt.
facility—to create door and window frames that will be        ties in education, all without cost,” Williams says. “Now,    encing solutions and analytical DNA software to creating
marketed throughout Trinidad & Tobago, and eventually         it’s my turn to give back.”                                   3D images of seismic data for the energy sector.
the region. “Our products and our business will distinguish
chris av e y                                                                                                                   p r ofessor com p t on sea fort h
Kairi Blooms—Botanist                                                                                                          University of Trinidad and Tobago—Faculty

When Chris Avey began working at Kairi Blooms, his fam-         Working in partnership with the University of the West         Professor Compton Seaforth never intended to carry out        In 2006, Johns Hopkins and the University of Trinidad and
ily’s flower growing business east of Port of Spain in the      Indies’ Dr. Pat Umaharan, Avey has spent the past decade       his life’s work in Trinidad & Tobago, but a perfect storm     Tobago (UTT) partnered to form the T&T Health Sciences
early 90s, the global market for Anthuriums—the lush,           developing strains of a wide range of Anthuriums that tol-     of flora, family, and fortune brought him to settle here—     Initiatives (TTHSI), tapping Seaforth to bring herbal
waxy red blooms prized for their beauty and long vase           erate many climate conditions, and can thrive in places all    and to become the driving force behind world-changing         medicine research into the programme. A year later, UTT
life—was based, as almost all floral products were, out of      over the world.                                                research in herbal medicine.                                  absorbed the programme and the professor’s expertise,
Holland. But those strains of the species were often prone                                                                                                                                   creating the Caribbean Herbal Medicine Research Institute
to disease, and difficult to grow in other climates, causing    Today, Kairi Blooms employs a staff of 30 and has become a     Seaforth traced a distinguished academic path from the        (CaHMRI). Today, the group shares its findings with phar-
astronomical costs for the flowers. Avey immediately saw        successful cultivator of an exciting range of new commercial   Caribbean to the UK, Jamaica and Africa studying agricul-     macists and physicians the world over through publications,
an opportunity: transform his flower growing business to        species. Avey and his partners are marketing the patents       ture and organic chemistry before joining T&T’s University    seminars, and a comprehensive herbal medicine database.
become a cultivating business—a developer of new com-           on their discoveries, creating new opportunities for flower    of West Indies in 1963. But lab work wasn’t his calling.
mercial Anthurium species that could thrive anywhere.           growers around the world to begin producing Anthuriums.        With a paradise of botanical biodiversity, T&T proved the     At Tamana InTech Park, CaHMRI will find a permanent
                                                                                                                               perfect place for Seaforth to leave the lab for the field.    home—labs, research facilities, and a 4-acre herbal garden.
“The flower industry accounts for about $40 billion world-      “Trinidad & Tobago has an incredible wealth of knowledge       He took advantage of the country’s natural bounty, col-       It’s the beginning of an institution, and a new industry.
wide, and that’s growing,” Avey says. “The market for           here," Avey says. "When we plug into that knowledge,           lected specimens, carried out chemical studies regarding      “This couldn’t have happened 30 years ago,” says Seaforth.
Anthuriums and other flower products offers a nearly un-        there’s no end to the possibilities.”                          traditional herbal medicines, and published his findings in   “We’re focused on the human condition. I keep thinking of
limited scope for growth, especially if you’re able to fill a                                                                  books that revolutionized the natural medicine field.         the usefulness of what I’m doing. How much of an impact
need—to bring something new to the industry.”                                                                                                                                                it can have.”
                                                                                                                               Eventually the world noticed.
dr. rona ld h e nr y                                                                                                              ra m p er sa d m ot i l a l
Advanced Cardiovascular Institute—Cardiologist                                                                                    Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited—CEO

When Dr. Ronald Henry was completing his cardiology           (ACI). Working with the Ministry of Health, Dr. Henry also          As CEO of the largest methanol-producing company in the      Trinidad and Tobago, MHTL is pushing the boundaries
training in the United States, it was common for T&T-         created a specialised training programme to ensure an avail-        world, Rampersad Motilal has been one of the key forces      of what was once thought possible. “We are involved in
born specialists to remain abroad to practice: There          able, well-trained staff. Today, the ACI is the site of thousands   at the helm of Trinidad & Tobago’s development into a        the Methanol to Power Project, using methanol directly
simply weren’t facilities in Trinidad capable of supporting   of life-saving diagnostic tests and treatments each year. In        leader in the downstream from energy sector.                 for power generation. By doing so, we can eliminate all
cutting-edge medical treatments. Which served neither         fact, the first cardiac surgery was recently performed in T&T                                                                    the fluctuations of the oil market, giving predictable, sus-
physicians nor patients well—citizens travelled abroad        by an all-Trinidadian team of medical experts.                      With 5 methanol-producing plants located in Trinidad’s       tainable fuel and energy. And this is a very clean product,”
for non-routine medical care, and highly-skilled doctors                                                                          Point Lisas estate, the Trinidad-owned and operated MHTL     Motilal says. “By retrofitting a turbine that can transform
left their country to pursue better opportunities for ad-     “Equipment is one thing, but really information technology          is North America’s largest supplier of the petrochemi-       the liquid into electricity, we are creating a very competitive
vanced practice.                                              has changed everything,” Dr. Henry says. “Now we’re as              cal, and is a significant supplier to the European market.   product. With the investment in just one or two turbines,
                                                              much a part of the global network as if we were in New              The addition of seven new plants—the Ammonia-Urea            methanol can produce enough cost-effective electricity to
Dr. Henry, however, decided not only to return home to        York or London. There’s a free flow of information, allow-          Ammonium      Nitrate-Melamine   Complex—scheduled     to    power an entire small nation,” he adds.
practice his specialty, but also to bring the technology      ing doctors to benefit from opinions and ideas.”                    begin commercial production in late 2009, diversifies the
and services to T&T that would provide patients with                                                                              company’s downstream offerings, and continues to solidify    “When I look into the future, what I see is more innovation
world-class cardiac care—and would provide world-class        Dr. Henry sees T&T as a future hub of R&D in the medi-              its global leadership.                                       led by the energy sector into downstream areas. We have
professionals with opportunities in their country.            cal specialties. “We‘ve been collaborating with The Johns                                                                        access to the natural resources, the experience and skills,
                                                              Hopkins International project in developing platforms for           Now, Motilal is also leading his company into energy’s       and the intellectual capital.”
Working with both government and private enterprise,          growing the future of R&D, and I think that’s where the             future by investing in R&D focused on developing ways
Dr. Henry opened the nation’s first cardiac catheterization   real excitement is. A reverse migration has begun, and it’s         to convert methanol into an alternative energy source.
lab, and now runs the Advanced Cardiovascular Institute       drawing our talent and skill back home.”                            Working closely with researchers at the University of
                                   — te c h n ol og y zon e s —

At the Centre of Innovation and Collaboration
special clusters facilitate innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship

Tamana will unite a community of leading-edge thinkers across all sci-         spe ci al te chnology cluste rs i nclude :

entific, technological and industrial disciplines in an environment primed     1. ict                                          • Crop Evaluation
for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Tamana is designed with         • Computer Hardware                          • Packaging
                                                                                  • Computer Software                          • Warehousing
Special “Technology Zones” that create proximities among similar busi-
                                                                                  • Telecommunications Equipment               • Transportation

nesses, promoting inter-disciplinary collaboration. In addition, partnership        Manufacturing                              • Food Processing and Bio-conversion

and outreach opportunities abound as Tamana will house the main campus            • Telecommunications Services

                                                                                  • Professional Services                   3. hi gh-value manuf actu r i n g
and research labs of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (utt).                                                              • Computer Aided Design

                                                                               2. agro-technology                              • Engineering and Manufacture

                                                                                  • Seed Culturing                             • Medical Device Manufacture

                                                                                  • Classification                             • Product Design and Development

                                                                                  • Bio-remediation

                                                                                  • Bio-stimulation                         4. mixed-use
                                                                                  • Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide           • Biotech

                                                                                  • Greenhouse Technology                      • Renewable Energy
                                                — busi n e ss de v e l op m e n t —

At the Centre of Ideas and the Marketplace
programmes to facilitate business development and commercialisation of
innovation-led businesses

Tamana helps connect the best of science and technology with the best                 tamana ’ s busi ne ss support i nclude s:

of business with programmes designed to promote business development                  •   An on-site Trinidad & Tobago Business Information Centre (TTBIC) that provides one-stop-shop
and streamline regulatory processes for investors. From incubation-stage                  access for all necessary information and approvals
                                                                                          TTBIC facilitates permitting, licencing, and offers regulatory consultation and clearance, business
start-ups to established multinational operations, Tamana tenants will have           •

                                                                                          analysis and support, and fast-tracking of approvals
access to support agencies focused on supporting enterprise success.                  •   Access to venture capital, marketing consultation, and seed funding

For start-up business, Trinidad & Tobago Innovation Limited
will provide fundamental business infrastructure and advi-
sory services
                                      — c on ta c t —

tamana intech park is developed by e teck—a state enterprise company created by the
ministry of trade and industry to diversify trinidad & tobago ’ s national economy.
e teck is developing enterprises and services that are economically sustainable, tech-
nology driven, environmentally accountable, community oriented and knowledge-based,
acting always in the national interest.

For more information about Tamana InTech Park, and how you can be-
come a part of the world’s next innovation and business hotspot, contact
+1-868-638-0055, or visit www.tamana.com.

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