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					What could be done to improve the system?
As above
Some awareness of overall document lenghth while editing.
Of line completion and paste results
sort the above with warnings as you go if the printed version starts to exceed required size
As above
nil needed
happy as is
Probably nothing
Anything to smooth the login process (e.g. a link that takes me straight to the assessment page)
the system is a relatively standard sort - with the usual initial frustrations -
Define length based on word counts of sections, not on page s
more accurate editing in relation to final doc size.
Got used to the system with time
No comment
No suggestions
Didn't encounter any problems so unable to comment
Maybe allowing the author to know if the document is going over 4 pages without having to save and see as PDF? Minor issue
see above
set it up so limit of word entry for each section is allowed in final document (remove need to have to edit to achieve required pa
Quicker response and access Mopre user friendly
Enable cut and paste facility. Alert when exceeding 4 pages of printed text. Having a word limit to each section is misleading
The appearance could be clearer in places, but this is not a major problem
Make the length clear. I filled in the boxes without exceeding the word allowance but this resulted in a return that was too long!
As I did not fine any problems with it and I assume it gives the information required I do not have any suggestions.
Make the above more explicit with regard to stating next steps for final approval
It would be very helpful to have an indication during data entry what allowable space remains to complete data entry within the r
Put a warning as above. This was extremely irritating to saythe least. It probably took as lonmg to edit the submission as it did
See answer to 4
Fine as is
Not sure
No suggestions
I was very happy with the process
'Force' system to deliver a pdf of final submission to user for checking
clearer instructions in simple language at each stage
ability to save multiple drafts for editing
See above
Maybe some aspects of the advice in aiding the form completion
Better ease of navigation.
Editing needs to be easier and shouldn't have to make the pdf and print out to be sure of length
see as PDF? Minor issue

dit to achieve required page number).

ach section is misleading as it does not prevent exceeding the total size of the document.

 return that was too long!

lete data entry within the restricted space.
dit the submission as it did to prepare the whole lot!!!

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