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					                                                              Bristol Business School
                                                              Faculty Student Council
                                                              Wed 28th October 2009

Meeting to be held in room 4C04/6 at 12.30pm.

Welcome and introductions

001/0910      Election of Chair of School Student Council
To elect:     One person to chair the BBS School Student Council for 09/10,
              who shall also sit as a member of the Student Representative
              Council and as a member of BBS Faculty Board.

002/0910      Election of members to the Student Representative Council
To elect:     Three further members to the Student Representative Council

003/0910      Election to the BBS Faculty Board
To elect:     Five members to represent BBS on the BBS Faculty Board (2
              Undergraduate students, 2 Postgraduate Taught students and 1
              Postgraduate Research student)

004/0910      Election to the BBS Student Experience Committee
To elect:     Four students to represent BBS on the Student Experience Committee
              (1 each from levels 1, 2, 3 and PG)

005/0910      Co-option of Postgraduate positions
To agree:     That the SRC president may co-opt PG positions as necessary, subject
              to the future ratification of this council.

006/0910      Minutes of the previous meeting
To agree:     The minutes of the previous meeting

007/0910      Student Rep News
To receive:   A Student Rep Newsletter with important information about the next
              few weeks.

008/0910    Anonymous Marking
To discuss: Students’ perceptions of anonymous marking, current practices and
            how they affect the work and feedback you receive
To resolve: Student opinion for the continuous support of anonymous marking

009/0910    Student Matters
To receive: Verbal reports from student representatives on matters affecting
            their student experience.

010/0910      Time and date of next meeting
SSC:          Tuesday 24th November 2009 – 1F11, Glenside
AGM:          26th November 2009 5:30pm – room 2D67, Frenchay
                                                                        Bristol Business School
                                                                       Faculty Student Council
                                                                Minutes of the previous meeting
                                                                        Thursday 7th May 2009

Due to the meeting being inquorate these notes are for reference only.

Minutes for the BBS Faculty Student Council
Meeting held on Thursday 7th May at 12:30 in 2B066

Present: Ken Paterson, Michaela Neuberger, Lucy Fisher
Apologies: Hend Albadri, Darryl Brown, Ivan Tan, Pamella Pritchard, Sarah Penny, Charlotte Tyne,
Sarah Daly, Charlotte Stannard, Sophie Habgood, Emily Cooke
In attendance: Sophie Charles-Rudwick (Chair)

045/0809       Minutes of the previous meeting
045.01         The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 9 th March were

046/0809       Matters arising from those minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
046.01         There were no matters arising

047/0809       BBS Website
               Madelaine Sandall, Deputy Faculty Academic Registrar and Ian
               Sutton, Programmes Administrator to attend at 12.30pm
047.01         Madelaine Sandall introduced herself and Ian Sutton and presented the
               website and the proposed changes
047.02         The suggestions were to scrap the community pages and to develop
               the current webpage as a resource for all students both postgrad and
               undergrad. The information will be condensed into 4 links with less
               duplication so that the information is easier to navigate around.
047.03         There will be 4 main links: student info, support resources,
               assessments, and student feedback. There will also be ‘Quick links’
               down one side to make things quicker for students wishing to use the
               frequently used pages.
047.04         Students were then asked for their thoughts. It was mentioned that
               having more condensed information and better collated information
               would make it easier for students to navigate.
047.05         It was felt that nothing would be lost from losing the Community Pages
               as they are not widely used currently and the useful information from
               these pages could be put into the general webpage if it was all clearer
               to use.
047.06         Students felt that the website should be better publicised from the start
               of the first year so that students know where it is and what sort of
               information can be found there.
047.07         It was mentioned that there information should be short and concise
               because students are often overloaded with information and too much
               text is often a deterrent.
047.08         Ian Sutton stated that they were aiming for there to be as few links as
               possible to get to important information because if there are too many
               ‘clicks’ to get to certain information then people give up trying to find it.
                                                              Bristol Business School
                                                             Faculty Student Council
                                                      Minutes of the previous meeting
                                                              Thursday 7th May 2009
ACTION:    To go on agenda at the start of next academic year for further
           feedback on the new website when it goes live

048/0809   Timetabled day
048.01     The chair explained that a change in the timetabled day from 8.30-6.30
           to 9.00-7.00 has been proposed and that student feedback on the
           potential impact of this change has been sought.
048.02     It was stated that having a timetable on the hour and starting half an
           hour later would fit in better with the Ulink timetable.
048.03     There were concerns about traffic at 9am but it was felt that this was an
           issue for any lectures at 9.00 or 9.30.
048.04     Students suggested that attendance might be higher with a 9.00 start
           rather than 8.30.
ACTION:    To forward this feedback to SRC President.

049/0809   Easter Closure Day
049.01     None of the students present were aware that the University had
           closed the Tuesday after the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.
049.02     The students felt that there was not an issue with the fact that the
           University had closed on this day but the fact that it had been poorly
           advertised to students and had they tried to get in to use the library it
           would have been very frustrating.
049.03     It was mentioned that for International and postgraduate students who
           might spend more time over the holiday periods in Bristol there should
           be more provision and longer opening hours of buildings on campus.
ACTION:    To forward this feedback to SRC President/SRC Vice President

050/0809   Student Rep Exit Survey
050.01     Students were thanked for all their work as reps and it was noted that
           the Student Rep Exit Survey can be filled in online at
  This is a short survey for all student
           reps to give us feedback on the year and suggestions for change.
ACTION:    Students to fill in the survey online

051/0809   Committee Reports
051.01     There were no updates from any committees

052/0809   Student Matters
052.01     Assignment hand-back period – There was a concern about
           assignments for Marketing being handed in before Easter but students
           not being able to get a mark or feedback before the exam.
052.02     Students were told that the coursework had been marked but that the
           staff member who manually keys the data into the computer system
           was on holiday.
052.03     Students from Strategic Management had handed work in on February
           27th but it had only been returned the week of the 5 th May
052.04     Students generally felt that it was important to receive marks and
           feedback before the summer exams in order to improve and to
                                                              Bristol Business School
                                                             Faculty Student Council
                                                      Minutes of the previous meeting
                                                              Thursday 7th May 2009
           understand what position they are in before entering into their final

053/0809   Time and date of next meeting
SSC:       TBC over the summer

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