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Study in the Caribbean


									Study in the Caribbean
Graduate from the
University of London

University of London
events in Jamaica and
Trinidad and Tobago

About the University of London
International Programmes

The University of London is made up of 19             Opportunity
world-class Colleges and 10 specialised Institutes.   Since 1858, we have enriched the lives of
The University of London set up the University        hundreds of thousands of students including
of London International Programmes in 1858,           Nobel Prize winners, politicians, engineers,
enabling students across the world to study for       poets, teachers, authors, lawyers, judges
its degrees without leaving their home country.       and leaders of business and industry. Our
                                                      global reach and flexible study methods
Worldwide Access                                      allow students to study wherever they live.
Our vision is of a world in which a life-changing,
high quality university education is available        International Reputation
to all who could benefit. We are the world’s          Our success is based on the University of
oldest provider of degrees through distance and       London’s reputation for high academic standards,
flexible learning. Today, we have over 50,000          which has been built by the outstanding
students in every corner of the globe studying        teaching and research of its Colleges. These
on more than 100 different programmes.                 Colleges are responsible for the development
                                                      and assessment of all our programmes.

The University of London and the Caribbean

A proud history                                      When you graduate
The University of London has a proud history         The University of London International
in the Caribbean, with students first taking our     Programmes Alumni Association has more than
exams via distance learning in the 1870s. In         20,000 active members worldwide, providing
1949, the University College of the West Indies      graduates with unique networking opportunities.
(UCWI) was established as a College of the             You can contact our alumni ambassadors to find
University of London. UCWI, now the University       out about their study experiences. Their details
of the West Indies, was granted independent          can be found at: www.londoninternational.
university status in 1962, but continued to award
University of London degrees until 1969.
A community of students                               Lisa Benjamin, LLM
in the Caribbean                            
There are 4,300 students in the Caribbean
studying for a University of London degree,
                                                      Marion Brown, LLB
including over 3,000 in Trinidad and Tobago
and 690 in Jamaica. Among our alumni from
the Caribbean are Derek Walcott, winner of the        Trinidad and Tobago
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992; the Honourable    Sarah De Silva, LLB
Arthur N. R. Robinson, former President of  
Trinidad and Tobago; Percival Patterson, Jamaica’s    Janet Peters, LLB
longest serving prime minister; and Howard  
Cooke, a former Governor-General of Jamaica.
                                                      Ricky Sookoo, MBA International Management
An internationally recognised               
qualification                                         Marlon Herry, BSc Information
Our programmes are well respected by                  Systems and Management
universities and employers worldwide. Our   
graduates go on to work for leading law firms
                                                      Diane Julien, BSc Information Systems and
and companies including Shell, Unilever, IBM,
                                                      Management, MSc Environmental Management
BP and Powergen, both in the Caribbean and
further afield. Many of our graduates also
go on to gain postgraduate qualifications             Justice Anthony D Gafoor, BA Philosophy,
from the world’s leading universities.                BA Classical Studies, Bachelor of Divinity

About your study

Is there a programme to suit me?                    How much will my degree cost?
We offer more than 100 Bachelors and Masters        Typical costs to study for a degree though
programmes in a wide range of subjects              the University of London International
(please see back cover for a full list). Our        Programmes are given below. If you
programmes have flexible study and payment          choose to attend a local college you will
options, enabling you to fit your studies           pay additional fees to those listed.
around work and family commitments.
                                                     Programme               Cost       Approx.
How long will my study take?                                                 GBP        cost in local
You have between:
n one to five years for an undergraduate Diploma     BSc Computing           £4,126     TT$40,701
n three to eight years for a Bachelors degree
                                                     and Information                    J$546,055
n six months to five years for a
  Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma                Bachelor of             £2,426     TT$23,931
n one to five years for a Masters.
                                                     Laws (LLB)              –          – 38,679
                                                                             £3,921     J$321,069
How does it work in practice?                                                           – 518,924
You may choose to study independently or
receive study support from a local recognised       If you live in Trinidad and Tobago, you can
teaching centre. Whatever your method               apply for financial assistance through the
of study, you will be sent an introductory          Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses
package of study materials, including past          Programme (GATE) to cover the cost of
examination papers. On most courses you will        tuition at local institutions registered with the
also have access to online study resources,         Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.
which will help you to prepare for your
exams. You can sit your exams locally in one        Join our community
of our exam centres in the Caribbean.               You can follow us on Facebook:
                     Please note: The University    Watch videos by our students and academics
                     of London is recognised by     from Lead Colleges on our YouTube channel:
                     the Accreditation Council of
                     Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT)       Sign up for our student newsletter:
                     as an awarding institution.
    This recognition was granted in September       Follow us on Twitter:
    2009 and is for a period of seven years.

Entry requirements and how to apply

Undergraduate study                                 Alternative entry routes
The application deadline for most undergraduate     n Access programme: provides entry to
programmes is 17 September 2011. The deadline         the BSc Business Administration and must
for the BSc Business Administration is 24 August      be studied at the School of Business and
2011). Our general entrance requirements              Computer Science in Trinidad and Tobago.
are given in terms of UK GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level         n Access route: provides entry to
and ‘A’ level passes. Local equivalents are:          the LSE-led degrees in the fields of
n Equivalent to GCSE/GCE ‘A’ levels:                  Economics, Management, Finance and
   Caribbean Advanced Proficiency                     the Social Sciences. It can be studied via
   Examination (CAPE). Full award of 6 units          independently or with support from specific
   including 2 double-unit courses.                   institutions in Trinidad and Tobago.
n Equivalent to GCSE/CGE ‘O’ levels: Caribbean      n Diploma in Law / Diploma in Computing
   Secondary Education Certificate - grades           and Information Systems: The Diplomas
   I, II and III at the General Proficiency level     provide entry to our LLB or Computing
   in and after June 1998, and grades I and           and Information Systems degrees.
   II at the General Proficiency level up to          You need to study for the Diplomas at
   and including January 1998. This is not            specific teaching institutions, which
   sufficient for entry to our full degrees           will advise on their entry criteria.
   but may make you eligible for one of our
   alternative entry routes (see opposite).         Postgraduate study
                                                    Postgraduate entrance requirements and
Other acceptable qualifications from the            application deadlines vary. For details, please see
Caribbean are listed in the prospectuses            our prospectuses or: www.londoninternational.
or at:     
                                                    Making an application
Many of our programmes also have their              You can apply online at:
own additional entrance requirements,     
which can be found in the prospectuses              online
or at:               or through our programme web pages:
We require all applicants to demonstrate a          Postal application forms are also on the
certain level of competence in English.             programme web pages and in our prospectuses.
                                                    Local teaching centres can often help in
                                                    providing application forms and forwarding
                                                    the application to London on your behalf.

Study independently or at a local institution

We aim to give you as much choice as                   n Affiliate Centres have demonstrated
possible about how, when and where                       a sustained commitment to the
you study. You may prefer the flexibility                quality of teaching, support and
of being able to study independently at                  administration for our students
your own pace, or you may prefer face-to-              n Registered Centres have demonstrated
face teaching and classroom support.                     acceptable standards of teaching, support
   We work with a growing network of over 70             and administration for supporting our
independent teaching institutions worldwide that         students in preparing for examinations.
have been formally recognised to provide tuition
support for our students. Known as recognised          The following list was accurate at the time of
centres, these institutions have been identified       printing, but may change. For more information
as meeting a specific set of quality criteria. There   please visit: www.londoninternational.
are two categories of recognised centre:     

                                                       University College of the Caribbean
 Registered Centres:                                   17 Worthington Avenue
                                                       Kingston 5, Jamaica
Institute of Law and Economics                         Tel: 876 754 1521
Townhouse 4                                            Email:
University of Technology                     
237 Old Hope Road                                      Recognised programmes: Diploma
Kingston 6, Jamaica                                    in Law; Bachelor of Laws (LLB).
Tel: 876 977 4959 / 977 6232
Email:                               The following institution has commenced                                     the recognition process with a view to
Recognised programme: Bachelor of Laws (LLB).          becoming a Registered Centre:
                                                       B & B University College
Jamaica School of Law Ltd T/A                          15 Carlton Cresent
Caribbean Legal Practice Institute                     Half-Way-Tree
8 Dominica Drive                                       Kingston 10, Jamaica
Kingston 5, Jamaica                                    Tel: 876 920 5198 / 929 7661
Tel: 876 754 1976                                      Email:
Email:                                                 Programmes: BSc Business Administration;
Recognised programme: Bachelor of Laws (LLB).          BSc Economics; BSc Information Systems
                                                       and Management; BSc Management.

                                                College of Legal Studies
 Affiliate Centre:                              Level 2 Xtra Foods Commercial Building
                                                37 Eleanor St, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
School of Business and Computer Science         Tel: 868 665 0394
53-54 Sagan Drive                               Email:
Champs Fleurs, Trinidad and Tobago    
Tel: 868 663 7227                               Recognised programmes: Diploma
Email:                         in Law; Bachelor of Laws (LLB).
Recognised programmes: Access route             Institute of Law and Academic Studies
to degrees in Economics, Management,            7 Endeavour Rd, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
Finance and the Social Sciences; Access         Tel: 868 672 8642
programme to the BSc Business Administration;   Email:
BSc Banking and Finance; BSc Business 
Administration; Diploma in Computing and        Recognised programmes: Bachelor of Laws (LLB).
Information Systems; BSc Computing and
Information Systems; BSc Information Systems    Institute of Tertiary Tutors
and Management; BSc Management.                 4-6 Chancery Lane, San Fernando,
                                                Trinidad and Tobago
 Registered Centres:                            Tel: 868 653 3945 / 652 6938
Academy of Tertiary Studies (ATS)     
34 Southern Main Road                           Recognised programmes: Access route to degrees
Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago                     in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social
Tel: 868 663 9495 / 662 7807                    Sciences; BSc Banking and Finance; BSc Business;
Email:                       BSc Geography and Environment; BSc                                  Information Systems and Management; BSc
Recognised programmes: Diploma in               Management; Bachelor of Laws (LLB).
Law; Bachelor of Laws (LLB); Access route to
degrees in Economics, Management, Finance       K Beckles and Associates Law Tutors
and the Social Sciences; BSc Geography and      12 Flament St, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Environment; BSc Management and Law.            Tel: 868 636 4192 / 623 2004
                                                Recognised programmes: Diploma
                                                in Law; Bachelor of Laws (LLB).
Come and meet us at our Open Days
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO                                   JAMAICA

Saturday 11 June 2011                                 Wednesday 15 June
14:00 to 18:00                                        12:00 to 19:00
La Boucan Room                                        Wyndham Hotel
Hilton Hotel                                          77 Knutsford Blvd
Lady Young Road                                       Kingston
Port of Spain

An event for prospective students on                  A drop in open house for those in
how a University of London degree gets                Jamaica who want to study for a
you ahead in your career in Trinidad                  University of London degree.
and Tobago and elsewhere. Alumni
will be there to talk about their study
experience and give careers advice.

At both events you can:
n Meet University of London academics and find out about our programmes.
n Find out about receiving face-to-face study support from local teaching institutions.
n Get help with your application – a member of our Admissions team will be there to
  check your eligibility for your chosen programme, and verify copies of your exam
  certificates (be sure to bring the original documents and the photocopies).

To find out more about the events, register on our Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago homepages:

or join the events on Facebook:

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