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									                                          56434                      Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 191 / Wednesday, October 3, 2007 / Notices

                                          DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY                              that all federal agencies publish a                   is collected. The Department believes
                                                                                                  routine use for their systems of records              that it is consistent with the collection
                                          Privacy Act of 1974; System of                          allowing for the disclosure of                        of information pertaining to such
                                          Records                                                 information in the course of responding               individuals to disclose Privacy Act
                                          AGENCY:  Department of the Treasury.                    to a breach of data maintained in a                   records when, in doing so, could help
                                                                                                  system of records. The term ‘‘breach’’ is             prevent, minimize or remedy a data
                                          ACTION:Notice of alteration of the                      used to include the loss of control,                  breach or compromise that might affect
                                          Department’s Privacy Act Systems of                     compromise, unauthorized disclosure,                  such individuals. By contrast, it is
                                          Records.                                                unauthorized acquisition, unauthorized                believed that failure to take reasonable
                                          SUMMARY: The Department of the                          access, or any similar term referring to              steps to help prevent or minimize the
                                          Treasury gives notice of a proposed                     situations where persons other than                   harm that may result from such a breach
                                          alteration to each of its systems of                    authorized users and/or for an other                  or compromise would jeopardize, rather
                                          records by adding a routine use subject                 than authorized purpose have access or                than promote, the privacy of such
                                          to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended                  potential access to personally                        individuals.
                                          (5 U.S.C. 552a).                                        identifiable information (PII), whether                  The report on the proposed routine
                                          DATES: Comments must be received no                     physical or electronic.                               use, as required by 5 U.S.C. 552a(r) of
                                          later than November 2, 2007. The                           On May 22, 2007, the Office of                     the Privacy Act, has been submitted to
                                          proposed alteration will be effective                   Management and Budget (OMB) issued                    the Committee on Government Reform
                                          November 13, 2007 unless the                            M–07–16 ‘‘Safeguarding Against and                    and Oversight of the House of
                                          Department receives comments which                      Responding to the Breach of Personally                Representatives, the Committee on
                                          would result in a contrary                              Identifiable Information.’’ It requires               Homeland Security and Governmental
                                          determination.                                          agencies to develop and implement                     Affairs of the Senate and the Office of
                                                                                                  breach notification policies within 120               Management and Budget, pursuant to
                                          ADDRESSES: Comments must be                             days. As part of that effort the                      Appendix I to OMB Circular A–130,
                                          submitted to Disclosure Services,                       Department is publishing the routine                  ‘‘Federal Agency Responsibilities for
                                          Department of the Treasury, 1500                        use recommended by the President’s                    Maintaining Records About
                                          Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,                               Identity Theft Task Force and set out in              Individuals,’’ dated November 30, 2000.
                                          Washington, DC 20220. Comments                          OMB M–07–16.                                             For the reasons set forth above, the
                                          received will be available for inspection                  The routine use will facilitate an                 proposed routine use is added to the
                                          by appointment at the library, U.S.                     effective response to a confirmed or                  systems of records as follows:
                                          Department of the Treasury, 1500                        suspected breach by allowing for                         The following Treasury-wide systems
                                          Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,                               disclosure to those individuals affected              of records were last published in the
                                          Washington, DC 20220, Room 1428,                        by the breach, as well as to others who               Federal Register in their entirety on
                                          between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.                  are in a position to assist in the                    August 1, 2005, beginning at 70 FR
                                          Monday through Friday. To make an                       Department’s response efforts, either by              44178:
                                          appointment, please call the library at                 assisting in notification to affected
                                          202–622–0990 or contact the library by                                                                        Treasury .001—Treasury Payroll and
                                                                                                  individuals or otherwise playing a role                  Personnel System
                                          e-mail: library.reference@do.treas.gov.                 in preventing, minimizing, or                         Treasury .002—Grievance Records
                                          FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dale                   remedying harms from the breach or                    Treasury .003—Treasury Child Care
                                          Underwood, Deputy Director,                             compromise. When there is a clear need                   Tuition Assistance Records
                                          Disclosure Services, phone: 202–622–                    for a rapid response following a breach               Treasury .004—Freedom of Information
                                          0874, by fax: 202–622–3895, or by e-                    with a prompt and effective                              Act/Privacy Act Request Records
                                          mail at dale.underwoodd@do.treas.gov.                   investigation and possible mitigation,                Treasury .005—Public Transportation
                                          SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant                     waiting until a breach has occurred                      Incentive Program Records
                                          to the provisions of the Privacy Act of                 before adding or amending a routine use               Treasury .006—Parking and Carpool
                                          1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a, notice is given that               to accommodate disclosures in response                   Program Records
                                          the Department of the Treasury,                         to the breach is not a viable option.                 Treasury .007—Personnel Security
                                          proposes to modify all of its Privacy Act                  Although a routine use may permit                     System
                                          systems of records, as identified below,                the disclosure of information from a                  Treasury .008—Treasury Emergency
                                          to include a new routine use permitting                 system of records without the consent of                 Management System
                                          disclosure to appropriate persons and                   the record subject, the information may               Treasury .009—Treasury Financial
                                          entities for purposes of response and                   also be subject to a statutory scheme                    Management Systems
                                          remedial efforts in the event of a breach               that prohibits or otherwise restricts the             Treasury .010—Telephone Call Detail
                                          or compromise of data contained in the                  disclosure information as a matter of                    Records
                                          applicable system of records. The                       law. The Department of the Treasury is                Treasury .011—Treasury Safety Incident
                                          purpose and intent of publishing the                    required to protect information it                       Management Information System
                                          routine use is to give individuals full                 receives from taxpayers or those                         (SIMIS)
                                          and fair notice of the extent of potential              required to file certain information                  Treasury .012—Fiscal Service Public
                                          disclosures, consistent with the Privacy                under the Bank Secrecy Act.                              Key Infrastructure (PKI) System
                                          Act’s requirement that individuals be                   Accordingly, tax returns and return                      The following Departmental Offices
                                          made aware of how their records may be                  information may only be disclosed                     (DO) systems of records were last
                                          disclosed, even if the Department                       under this routine use as provided by 26              published in the Federal Register in
                                          anticipates that there may often be very                U.S.C. 6103. Bank Secrecy Act                         their entirety on August 9, 2005,
                                          limited or no disclosure of an                          information may only be disclosed                     beginning at 70 FR 46268:
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                                          individual’s records to third parties as                under this routine use as provided by 31              DO .003—Law Enforcement Retirement
                                          part of the agency’s investigatory or                   U.S.C. 5311 et seq.                                      Claims Records
                                          remedial efforts.                                          The Privacy Act authorizes the agency              DO .007—General Correspondence Files
                                             The President’s Identity Theft Task                  to adopt routine uses that are consistent             DO .010—Office of Domestic Finance,
                                          Force’s Strategic Plan recommended                      with the purpose for which information                   Actuarial Valuation System

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:31 Oct 02, 2007   Jkt 211001   PO 00000   Frm 00104   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03OCN1.SGM   03OCN1
                                                                     Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 191 / Wednesday, October 3, 2007 / Notices                                          56435

                                          DO .015—Political Appointee Files                         The following Comptroller of the                    FMS .005—FMS Personnel Records
                                          DO .060—Correspondence Files and                        Currency (CC) systems of records were                 FMS .006—Direct Deposit Enrollment
                                            Records on Dissatisfaction                            last published in the Federal Register in               Records (October 10, 2005, at 70 FR
                                          DO .111—Office of Foreign Assets                        their entirety on July 11, 2005,                        59395)
                                            Control Census Records                                beginning at 70 FR 39853:                             FMS .007—Payroll and Pay
                                          DO .114—Foreign Assets Control                          CC .100—Enforcement Action Report                       Administration
                                            Enforcement Records                                     System                                              FMS .010—Records of Accountable
                                          DO .118—Foreign Assets Control                          CC .110—Reports of Suspicious                           Officers’ Authority With Treasury
                                            Licensing Records                                       Activities                                          FMS .012—Pre-complaint Counseling
                                          DO .144—General Counsel Litigation                      CC .120—Bank Fraud Information                          and Complaint Activities
                                            Referral and Reporting System                           System                                              FMS .013—Gifts to the United States
                                          DO .149—Foreign Assets Control Legal                    CC .200—Chain Banking Organizations                   FMS .014—Debt Collection Operations
                                            Files                                                   System                                                System
                                          DO .190—Investigation Data                              CC .210—Bank Securities Dealers                       FMS .016—Payment Records for Other
                                            Management System                                       System                                                Than Regular Recurring Benefit
                                          DO .191—Human Resources and                             CC .220—Section 914 Tracking System                     Payments
                                            Administrative Records System                         CC .340—Access Control System                         FMS .017—Collection Records
                                          DO .193—Employee Locator and                            CC .500—Chief Counsel’s Management                      The following Internal Revenue
                                            Automated Directory System                              Information System                                  Service (IRS) systems of records were
                                          DO .194—Circulation System                              CC .510—Litigation Information System                 last published in the Federal Register in
                                          DO .196—Security Information System                     CC .600—Consumer Complaint and                        their entirety on December 10, 2001,
                                          DO .202—Drug-Free Workplace Program                       Inquiry Information System                          beginning at 66 FR 63784, unless
                                            Records                                               CC .700—Correspondence Tracking                       otherwise indicated by a parenthetical:
                                          DO .207—Waco Administrative Review                        System
                                                                                                                                                        IRS 00.001—Correspondence Files
                                            Group Investigation                                     The following Bureau of Engraving                     (including Stakeholder Relationship
                                          DO .209—Personal Services Contracts                     and Printing (BEP) systems of records                   files) and Correspondence Control
                                            (PSC)                                                 were last published in the Federal                      Files
                                          DO .214—D.C. Pensions Retirement                        Register in their entirety on July 27,                IRS 00.002—Correspondence Files/
                                            Records                                               2005, beginning at 70 FR 43508:                         Inquiries About Enforcement
                                          DO .216—Treasury Security Access                                                                                Activities
                                                                                                  BEP .002—Personal Property Claim File
                                            Control and Certificates Systems                                                                            IRS 00.003—Taxpayer Advocate Service
                                                                                                  BEP .004—Counseling Records
                                          DO .301—TIGTA—General Personnel                                                                                 and Customer Feedback and Survey
                                                                                                  BEP .005—Compensation Claims
                                            and Payroll                                           BEP .006—Debt Files (Employees)                         Records
                                          DO .302—TIGTA—Medical Records                           BEP .014—Employee’s Production                        IRS 00.007—Employee Complaint and
                                          DO .303—TIGTA—General                                     Record                                                Allegation Referral Records (May 28,
                                            Correspondence                                        BEP .016—Employee Suggestions                           2002, at 67 FR 36963)
                                          DO .304—TIGTA—General Training                          BEP .020—Industrial Truck Licensing                   IRS 00.008—Recorded Quality Review
                                          DO .305—TIGTA—Personal Property                           Records                                               Records (November 11, 2003, at 68 FR
                                            Management Records                                    BEP .021—Investigative Files                            65996)
                                          DO .306—TIGTA—Recruiting and                            BEP .027—Access Control and Alarm                     IRS 00.009—IRS Taxpayer Assistance
                                            Placement Records                                       Monitoring Systems (ACAMS)                            Center Recorded Quality Review
                                          DO .307—TIGTA—Employee Relations                        BEP .035—Tort Claims (Against the                       Records (February 24, 2005, at 70 FR
                                            Matters, Appeals, Grievances, and                       United States)                                        9132)
                                            Complaint Files                                       BEP .038—Unscheduled Absence                          IRS 00.333—Third Party Contact
                                          DO .308—TIGTA—Data Extracts                               Record                                                Records
                                          DO .309—TIGTA—Chief Counsel Case                        BEP .041—Record of Discrimination                     IRS 00.334—Third Party Contact
                                            Files                                                   Complaints                                            Reprisal Records
                                          DO .310—TIGTA—Chief Counsel                             BEP .045—Mail Order Sales Customer                    IRS 10.001—Biographical Files, Chief,
                                            Disclosure Section                                      Files                                                 Communications and Liaison
                                          DO .311—TIGTA—Office of                                 BEP .046—Automated Mutilated                          IRS 10.004—Stakeholder Relationship
                                            Investigations Files                                    Currency Tracking System                              Management and Subject Files, Chief,
                                            The following Alcohol and Tobacco                     BEP .047—Employee Emergency                             Communications and Liaison
                                          Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) systems of                     Notification system                                 IRS 10.007—SPEC Taxpayer Assistance
                                          records were last published in the                      The following Financial Management                      Reporting System (STARS) (June 19,
                                          Federal Register in their entirety on                     Service (FMS) systems of records                      2004, at 68 FR 43055)
                                          August 30, 2001, beginning at 66 FR                       were last published in the Federal                  IRS 10.555—Volunteer Records
                                          45893:                                                    Register in their entirety on July 14,                (February 10, 2006, at 71 FR 7115)
                                          ATF .001—Administrative Record                            2005, beginning at 70 FR 34522,                     IRS 21.001—Tax Administration
                                            System                                                  unless otherwise indicated by a                       Resources File, Office of Tax
                                          ATF .002—Correspondence Record                            parenthetical:                                        Administration Advisory Services
                                            System                                                FMS .001—Administrative Records                       IRS 22.003—Annual Listing of
                                          ATF .003—Criminal Investigation                         FMS .002—Payment Issue Records for                      Undelivered Refund Checks
                                            Report System                                           Regular Recurring Benefit Payments                  IRS 22.011—File of Erroneous Refunds
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                                          ATF .007—Personnel Record System                        FMS .003—Claims and Inquiry Records                   IRS 22.012—Health Coverage Tax Credit
                                          ATF .008—Regulatory Enforcement                           on Treasury Checks, and International                 Program Records (June 4, 2003, at 68
                                            Record System                                           Claimants                                             FR 33577)
                                          ATF .009—Technical and Scientific                       FMS .004—Education and Training                       IRS 22.026—Form 1042S Index by
                                            Services Record System                                  Records                                               Name of Recipient

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:31 Oct 02, 2007   Jkt 211001   PO 00000   Frm 00105   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03OCN1.SGM   03OCN1
                                          56436                      Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 191 / Wednesday, October 3, 2007 / Notices

                                          IRS 22.027—Foreign Information                          IRS 26.055—Private Collection Agency                  IRS 42.016—Classification/Centralized
                                            System (FIS)                                            (PCA) Quality Review Records (June                    Files and Scheduling Files
                                          IRS 22.028—Disclosure Authorizations                      19, 2006, at 71 FR 41075)                           IRS 42.017—International Enforcement
                                            for U.S. Residency Certification                      IRS 30.003—Requests for Printed Tax                     Program Files
                                            Letters                                                 Materials Including Lists                           IRS 42.021—Compliance Programs and
                                          IRS 22.032—Individual Microfilm                         IRS 30.004—Security Violations                          Projects Files
                                            Retention Register                                    IRS 34.003—Assignment and                             IRS 42.027—Data on Taxpayers Filing
                                          IRS 22.034—Individual Returns Files,                      Accountability of Personal Property                   on Foreign Holdings
                                            Adjustments and Miscellaneous                           Files                                               IRS 42.030—Discriminant Function File
                                            Documents Files                                       IRS 34.007—Record of Government                         (DIF)
                                          IRS 22.043—Potential Refund Litigation                    Books of Transportation Requests                    IRS 42.031—Anti-Money Laundering/
                                            Case Files                                            IRS 34.009—Safety Program Files                         Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Form
                                          IRS 22.044—P.O.W.–M.I.A. Reference                      IRS 34.012—Emergency Preparedness                       8300 Records (April 30, 2004, at 69
                                            File                                                    Cadre Assignments and Alerting                        FR 23854)
                                          IRS 22.054—Subsidiary Accounting                          Rosters Files                                       IRS 44.001—Appeals Case Files
                                            Files                                                 IRS 34.013—Identification Media Files                 IRS 44.003—Appeals Centralized Data
                                          IRS 22.059—Unidentified Remittance                        System for Employees and Others                       System
                                            File                                                    Issued IRS ID                                       IRS 44.004—Art Case File
                                          IRS 22.060—Automated Non-Master                         IRS 34.014—Motor Vehicle Registration                 IRS 44.005—Expert Witness and Fee
                                            File (ANMF)                                             and Entry Pass Files                                  Appraiser Files
                                          IRS 22.061—Individual Return Master                     IRS 34.016—Security Clearance Files                   IRS 46.002—Criminal Investigation
                                            File (IRMF)                                           IRS 34.020—IRS Audit Trail Lead                         Management Information System
                                          IRS 22.062—Electronic Filing Records                      Analysis System (ATLAS)                               (CIMIS)
                                          IRS 24.013—Combined Account                             IRS 34.021—Personnel Security                         IRS 46.003—Confidential Informants,
                                            Number File, Taxpayer Services                          Investigations, National Background                   Criminal Investigation Division
                                          IRS 24.029—Individual Account                             Investigations Center                               IRS 46.004—Controlled Accounts (Open
                                            Number File (IANF)                                    IRS 34.022—National Background                          and Closed)
                                          IRS 24.030—CADE Individual Master                         Investigations Center Management                    IRS 46.005—Electronic Surveillance
                                            File (IMF)                                              Information System (NBICMIS)                          File, Criminal Investigation Division
                                          IRS 24.031—Medicare Prescription Drug                     (November 28, 2005, at 70 FR 71376)                 IRS 46.009—Centralized Evaluation and
                                            Transitional Assistance Records (May                  IRS 34.037—IRS Audit Trail and                          Processing of Information Items
                                            12, 2004, at 69 FR 26432)                               Security Records System                               (CEPIIs), Evaluation and Processing of
                                          IRS 24.046—CADE Business Master File                    IRS 35.001—Reasonable                                   Information (EOI), Criminal
                                            (BMF)                                                   Accommodation Request Records                         Investigation Division
                                          IRS 24.047—Audit Underreporter Case                       (October 5, 2004, at 69 FR 59645)                   IRS 46.011—Illinois Land Trust Files,
                                            File                                                  IRS 36.001—Appeals, Grievances and                      Criminal Investigation Division
                                          IRS 24.070—Debtor Master File (DMF)                       Complaints Records                                  IRS 46.015—Relocated Witnesses,
                                          IRS 26.001—Acquired Property Records                    IRS 36.002—Employee Activity Records                    Criminal Investigation Division
                                          IRS 26.006—Form 2209, Courtesy                          IRS 36.003—General Personnel and                      IRS 46.016—Secret Service Details,
                                            Investigations                                          Payroll Records                                       Criminal Investigation Division
                                          IRS 26.008—IRS and Treasury                             IRS 36.005—Medical Records                            IRS 46.022—Treasury Enforcement
                                            Employee Delinquency                                  IRS 36.008—Recruiting, Examining and                    Communications System (TECS),
                                          IRS 26.009—Lien Files (Open and                           Placement Records                                     Criminal Investigation Division
                                            Closed)                                               IRS 36.009—Retirement, Life Insurance                 IRS 46.050—Automated Information
                                          IRS 26.010—Lists of Prospective                           and Health Benefits Records System                    Analysis System
                                            Bidders at Internal Revenue Sales of                  IRS 36.888—Employee Tax Compliance                    IRS 46.051—Criminal Investigation
                                            Seized Property                                         Records (ETC)                                         Audit Trail Records System
                                          IRS 26.011—Litigation Case Files                        IRS 37.006—Correspondence,                            IRS 48.001—Disclosure Records
                                          IRS 26.012—Offer in Compromise (OIC)                      Miscellaneous Records and                           IRS 48.008—Defunct Special Service
                                            File                                                    Information Management Records                        Staff File Being Retained Because of
                                          IRS 26.013—Trust Fund Recovery                            (December 1, 2006, at 71 FR 69615)                    Congressional Directive
                                            Cases/One Hundred Percent Penalty                     IRS 37.007—Practitioner Disciplinary                  IRS 49.001—Collateral and Information
                                            Cases                                                   Records (December 1, 2006, at 71 FR                   Requests System
                                          IRS 26.014—Record 21, Record of                           69616)                                              IRS 49.002—Tax Treaty Information
                                            Seizure and Sale of Real Property                     IRS 37.009—Enrolled Agent Records                       Management System
                                          IRS 26.016—Returns Compliance                             (December 1, 2006, at 71 FR 69618)                  IRS 49.003—Financial Statements File
                                            Programs (RCP)                                        IRS 38.001—General Training Records                   IRS 49.007—Overseas Compliance
                                          IRS 26.019—Taxpayer Delinquent                          IRS 42.001—Examination                                  Projects System
                                            Accounts (TDA) Files including                          Administrative File                                 IRS 49.008—International
                                            subsystems: (a) Adjustments and                       IRS 42.002—Excise Compliance                            Correspondence System
                                            Payment Tracers Files, (b) Collateral                   Programs (November 8, 2006, at 71 FR                IRS 50.001—Employee Plans/Exempt
                                            Files, (c) Seized Property Records, (d)                 65570)                                                Organizations Correspondence
                                            Tax SB/SE, W&I, LMSB Waiver,                          IRS 42.008—Audit Information                            Control Records
                                            Forms 900, Files, and (e) Accounts on                   Management System (AIMS)                            IRS 50.003—Employee Plans/Exempt
                                            Child Support Obligations                             IRS 42.013—Project Files for the                        Organizations, Reports of Significant
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                                          IRS 26.020—Taxpayer Delinquency                           Uniform Application of Laws as a                      Matters in Technical
                                            Investigation (TDI) Files                               Result of Technical Determinations                  IRS 50.222—Tax Exempt/Government
                                          IRS 26.021—Transferee Files                               and Court Decisions                                   Entities (TE/GE) Case Management
                                          IRS 26.022—Delinquency Prevention                       IRS 42.014—Internal Revenue Service                     Records (December 7, 2005, at 70 FR
                                            Programs                                                Employees’ Returns Control Files                      72876)

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:31 Oct 02, 2007   Jkt 211001   PO 00000   Frm 00106   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03OCN1.SGM   03OCN1
                                                                     Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 191 / Wednesday, October 3, 2007 / Notices                                             56437

                                          IRS 60.000—Employee Protection                          published in the Federal Register in                  suspects or has confirmed that the
                                            System Records (November 30, 2001,                    their entirety on June 10, 2005,                      security or confidentiality of
                                            at 59839)                                             beginning at 70 FR 33939:                             information in the system of records has
                                          IRS 70.001—Individual Income Tax                        BPD .001—Human Resources and                          been compromised; (2) the Department
                                            Returns, Statistics of Income                           Administrative Records                              has determined that as a result of the
                                          IRS 90.001—Chief Counsel Criminal                       BPD .002—United States Savings-Type                   suspected or confirmed compromise
                                            Tax Case Files                                          Securities                                          there is a risk of harm to economic or
                                          IRS 90.002—Chief Counsel Disclosure                     BPD .003—United States Securities                     property interests, identity theft or
                                            Litigation Case Files                                   (Other than Savings-Type Securities)                fraud, or harm to the security or
                                          IRS 90.003—Chief Counsel General                        BPD .004—Controlled Access Security                   integrity of this system or other systems
                                            Administrative Systems                                  System                                              or programs (whether maintained by the
                                          IRS 90.004—Chief Counsel General                        BPD .005—Employee Assistance                          Department or another agency or entity)
                                            Legal Services Case Files                               Records                                             that rely upon the compromised
                                          IRS 90.005—Chief Counsel General                        BPD .006—Health Service Program                       information; and (3) the disclosure
                                            Litigation Case Files                                   Records                                             made to such agencies, entities, and
                                          IRS 90.007—Chief Counsel Legislation                    BPD .007—Gifts to Reduce the Public                   persons is reasonably necessary to assist
                                            and Regulations Division, Employee                      Debt                                                in connection with the Department’s
                                            Plans and Exempt Organizations                        BPD .008—Retail Treasury Securities                   efforts to respond to the suspected or
                                            Division, and Associate Chief Counsel                   Access Application                                  confirmed compromise and prevent,
                                            (Technical and International)                         BPD .009—U.S. Treasury Securities
                                                                                                                                                        minimize, or remedy such harm.’’
                                            Correspondence and Private Bill File                    Fraud Information System
                                          IRS 90.009—Chief Counsel Field                            The following Office of Thrift                      *     *      *     *    *
                                            Services Case Files                                   Supervision (OTS) systems of records                    Dated: September 20, 2007.
                                          IRS 90.010—Digest Room Files                            were last published in the Federal                    Peter B. McCarthy,
                                            Containing Briefs, Legal Opinions,                    Register in their entirety on July 15,                Assistant Secretary for Management and
                                            and Digests of Documents Generated                    2005, beginning at 70 FR 41085, unless                Chief Financial Officer.
                                            Internally or by the Department of                    otherwise indicated by a parenthetical:               [FR Doc. E7–19529 Filed 10–2–07; 8:45 am]
                                            Justice Relating to the Administration                OTS .001—Confidential Individual                      BILLING CODE 4811–42–P
                                            of the Revenue Laws                                     Information System
                                          IRS 90.011—Attorney Recruiting Files                    OTS .002—Correspondence/
                                          IRS 90.013—Legal Case Files of the                        Correspondence Tracking (April 18,                  DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
                                            Chief Counsel, Deputy Chief Counsel                     2007, at 72 FR 19580)
                                            and Associate Chief Counsels                          OTS .003—Consumer Complaint (April                    Office of Foreign Assets Control
                                          IRS 90.015—Reference Records of the                       18, 2007, at 72 FR 19581)
                                            Library in the Office of Chief Counsel                OTS .004—Criminal Referral Database                   Additional Designation of Individuals
                                          IRS 90.016—Counsel Automated                            OTS .005—Employee Counseling                          Pursuant to Executive Order 13310
                                            Tracking System (CATS) Records                          Service
                                          IRS 90.017—Correspondence Control                                                                             AGENCY:  Office of Foreign Assets
                                                                                                  OTS .006—Employee Locator File (April                 Control, Treasury.
                                            and Records, Associate Chief Counsel                    18, 2007, at 72 FR 19582)
                                            (Technical and International)                         OTS .008—Employee Training Database                   ACTION: Notice.
                                          IRS 90.018—Expert Witness Library IRS                     (April 18, 2007, at 72 FR 19582)                    SUMMARY:   The Treasury Department’s
                                            The following United States Mint                      OTS .011—Positions/Budget (April 18,                  Office of Foreign Assets Control
                                          (Mint) systems of records were last                       2007, at 72 FR 19583)                               (‘‘OFAC’’) is publishing the names of
                                          published in the Federal Register in                    OTS .012—Payroll/Personnel Systems &                  fourteen newly-designated individuals
                                          their entirety on June 13, 2005,                          Payroll Records. (April 18, 2007, at 72             whose property and interests in
                                          beginning at 70 FR 34178:                                 FR 19584)                                           property are blocked pursuant to
                                          Mint .001—Cash Receivable Accounting                      The following Financial Crimes                      Executive Order 13310 of July 28, 2003,
                                            Information System                                    Enforcement Network (FinCEN) systems                  ‘‘Blocking Property of the Government
                                          Mint .003—Employee and Former                           of records were last published in the                 of Burma and Prohibiting Certain
                                            Employee Travel & Training                            Federal Register in their entirety on                 Transactions.’’
                                            Accounting Information System                         August 8, 2005:
                                          Mint .004—Occupational Safety and                                                                             DATES: The designation by the Director
                                                                                                  FinCEN .001—FinCEN Data Base
                                            Health, Accident and Injury Records,                  FinCEN .002—Suspicious Activity                       of OFAC of fourteen individuals
                                            and Claims for Injuries or Damage                       Reporting System (SARS)                             identified in this notice, pursuant to
                                            Compensation Records                                  FinCEN .003—Bank Secrecy Act Reports                  Executive Orders 13310, is effective
                                          Mint .005—Employee-Supervisor                             System                                              September 27, 2007.
                                            Performance Evaluation, Counseling,                   *     *     *     *     *                             FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
                                            and Time and Attendance Records                                                                             Assistant Director, Compliance
                                          Mint .007—General Correspondence                        Routine Uses of Records Maintained in                 Outreach & Implementation, Office of
                                          Mint .008—Employee Background                           the System, Including Categories of                   Foreign Assets Control, Department of
                                            Investigations Files                                  Users and the Purposes of Such Uses                   the Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania
                                          Mint .012—Grievances: Union/Agency                                                                            Avenue, NW., (Treasury Annex),
                                                                                                  *     *      *      *    *
                                            Negotiated Grievances; Adverse                          Description of changes: Replace the                 Washington, DC 20220, Tel.: 202/622–
                                            Performance Based Personnel                           period ‘‘(.)’’ at the end of the last routine         2490.
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                                            Actions; Discrimination Complaints;                   use with a semicolon ‘‘(;)’’ and add the              SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
                                            Third Party Actions United States                     following routine use at the end thereof
                                            Mint                                                  in numerical order:                                   Electronic and Facsimile Availability
                                            The following Bureau of the Public                      ‘‘( ) To appropriate agencies, entities,              Information about this designation
                                          Debt (BPD) systems of records were last                 and persons when (1) the Department                   and additional information concerning

                                     VerDate Aug<31>2005   18:31 Oct 02, 2007   Jkt 211001   PO 00000   Frm 00107   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03OCN1.SGM   03OCN1

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