Diamond by cuiliqing


									Diamond Emery Belts –
Innovative development for
emery finishing by Match point
     During the development of the Diamond emery belt focus
has been laid on a better belt stability to extend the durability and
on improving running properties. The aim is to achieve improved
finishing results during the diamond emery process, reducing the
maintenance frequency and the number of claims. Advanced
    One key point is the layer construction of Diamond-Peach®.
The typical “joint-problems” which you may know from the stan-
dard belts are eliminated thanks to the new and improved tech-
nology. The following pictures illustrate the nearly invisible and
not perceptible joint.

                                                                                                                                           Dyeing Printing Finishing
  Diamond-Peach®: joint – face.        Diamond-Peach®: joint
                                          area - backside.

                                                                        Technical and technological advantages
                                                                           High-quality Diamond-peach effect
       OLD TECHNOLOGY                      OLD TECHNOLOGY                   Stable pile.
 Joint-face broken area front side   Joint-face broken area backside        Fine fabric surface.
                                                                            Excellent surface feel.
     Furthermore the number of diamond dots / cm² is much                   Improved tear resistance of the finished fabric.
higher which leads to a better (smoother) sanding effect and               Constant quality during the long lifetime
higher durability. Additionally we achieve a better grip on the             Constant effect from lot to lot / no tailing.
roller to avoid any movement or disconnection of the belt during            Uniform effect from end to end and edge to edge of each lot.
production. Last but not least, besides 220 and 400 we offer dif-           Reduction of no. of claims.
ferent grain numbers, currently 600 or 120. This flexibility enables       Increasing of machine efficiency by increasing production
customers to create new finishing effects.                              speed and production time.

                                                                           Up to 100 times longer life-
                                                                           time compared to conven-
                                                                           tional sand paper.
                                                                           Constant performance during
                                                                           the whole lifetime.
                                                                           Increased production speed.
                                                                           Smoother finish.
                                                                           Available in different shapes.
                                                                           Suitable for almost all fabrics.
                                                                           Easy to use.

                                      220 – Diamond-Peach®.
                                                                                                                PTJ April 2009 61

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