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					                         Google SketchUp Rubric : "Math Makes a Difference" Challenge!

  Teacher Name: Kaitlyn Haase

  Student Name:      ________________________________________

       CATEGORY             4 Distinguished               3 Proficient                  2 Partially Meets              1 Needs Improvement
Content 40%                 All of the basic functions    Most of the basic functions   Several functions (a/x, x^n    Students did not use any of
                            (a/x, x^n where n= 1-3,       (a/x, x^n where n= 1-3,       where n= 1-3, square root of   the functions (a/x, x^n
                            square root of x,             square root of x,             x, ax^2+bx+c, absolute         where n= 1-3, square root of
                            ax^2+bx+c, absolute value     ax^2+bx+c, absolute value     value of x, and kx+b) are      x, ax^2+bx+c, absolute
                            of x, and kx+b) are           of x, and kx+b) are           missing in the design of the   value of x, and kx+b) to
                            displayed in the design of    displayed in the design of    house.                         design their house.
                            the house.                    the house.

Attractiveness 15%          Students exceeded             Design has some color and     Design is lacking color and The design is not appealing
                            expectations by using color   is appealing to look at.      it is apparent that the      and lacks any resemblance
                            and other features to         Students explored and use     students did not explore and to a house.
                            enhance the appearance of     some enhancing tools on       implement the tools on
                            their design. Design is       Google SketchUp.              Google SketchUp.
                            appealing to look at and
                            could be a candidate for an
                            actual house on Extreme
                            Makeover: Home Edition.
Originality 5%    The design clearly shows         The design displays original   The design somewhat            The students missed the
                  original thought by the          thought by the students. The   demonstrates original          concept completely. The
                  students. The eccentric          design of the house is         thought by the students. The   design does not demonstrate
                  design of the house with the     somewhat complex and the       design of the house is very    original thought relevant to
                  use of functions exceeds         use of functions meets         elementary and the use of      the topic of functions.
                  expectations.                    expectations.                  functions does not meet

Time/Effort 15%   Students used class time         Class time was used wisely     Students were sometimes on     Students did not utilize their
                  wisely to work on their          to work on their Google        task while utilizing class     class time well, or devote
                  Google SketchUp design. It       SketchUp design. Some          time to work on their          time outside of class to work
                  is very evident that they        work was done outside of       Google SketchUp design.        on their Google SketchUp
                  spent a lot of time outside of   class.                         None of the work was done      design.
                  class working on their                                          outside of class.

**Workload 10%    It is evident that all students One student's ideas and     Several students' opinions   Only one student's ideas and
                  shared ideas and opinions       opinions were not reflected and ideas were not reflected opinions are reflected
                  and they reflected them in in the design.                   in the design.               through their design.
                  their design.

Plan 15%          Students drew a highly           Students drew a vaguely        Students drew an extremely Students did not create a
                  detailed floor plan of their     detailed floor plan of the     vague floor plan of their   floor plan.
                  house before creating it on      house before creating it on    house before creating it in
                  Google SketchUp.                 Google SketchUp.               Google SketchUp.
** Students will be assessed
individually for workload
based on the group
evaluations that will be
filled out by each team
member after the
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