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Auction cum Tender Notice Service1111


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									No.ES2-031486/2011                                                         Dated: 12.09.2011

                       AUCTION – CUM – TENDER NOTICE

Sub: KSRTC – Transportation of Courier / Tappal articles through KSRTC
     Super Fast and Super Express buses plying through National Highway
     for the period from 01.11.2011 to 30.04.2012.

         Sealed Tenders are invited for transportation of Courier / Tappal articles in
KSRTC Buses for a period of six months from 01.11.2011 to 30.04.2012 on
payment basis. Courier agencies can submit their tender. Minimum charge fixed is
Rs.2/- (Rupees two only) for each article weighing upto 10 gms. The persons /
agencies who submitted tender only can participate in the auction.
         Name of Bus Stations in which the facility for transportation of Courier /
Tappal arranged is given below.
         (1) Thiruvananthapuram Central
         (2) Kollam
         (3) Alappuzha
         (4) Ernakulam
         (5) Thrissur
         (6) Kozhikkode
         (7) Kannur &
         (8) Palakkad
How to submit tenders
1. There will be two-cover system i.e. one for pre-qualification bid and the other is for
   price bid. EMD should be attached along with the price bid. The tenderer should
   produce their certificate of registration or valid licence for the particular business, proof
   of experience in the particular field, if any, and also produce the latest returns of
   income tax returns filed with PAN Card in the Pre-Qualification Bid. If the tender form
   is downloaded from Website, the price of tender form with 4.04% VAT be enclosed (by
   DD) with pre-qualification bid. The tenderer should clearly be specified the following
   details on each cover.
Documents required in the pre qualification bid
   (a)     Residential Certificate from revenue authorities/registration certificates (in the
           case of individuals).
   (b)     Attested copy of voter ID card issued by Election Commission of India.
   (c)     Details of experience certificate if any in the advertisement field.
   (d)     Copy of the Income Tax returns filed recently with PAN card / Audited copy of
           balance sheet for the last three years and Profit and loss account statement.
   (e)     Cost of tender form (DD only) if the tender form is downloaded. In other case
           cash receipt.

Documents required with price bid
   1) Tender form duly filled and signed
   2) Accepted and signed copy of tender notice and tender conditions
   3) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD).
      a) Each cover should be super scribed by its own nature.
      b) Specify the tender number and date and due date

2. Auction / Tender will be confirmed in favour of the highest bidder in the auction and
      The decision of the Managing Director on all matters arising out of this
   notice/Contract will be final, conclusive and legally binding on all parties concerned.
3. Cost of Tender Form : Rs 1,000 + VAT 4.04%.
      Rs.5,000/- (by DD only)
      Security deposit – Rs.5000/-
      Pre-qualification bid conference                      – 26.09.2011 – 14.30 Hrs.
      Last date of sale of Tender Form                      – 07.10.2011 – 15:00 Hrs
      Last date of acceptance of tender                     – 10.10.2011 – 15:00 Hrs
      Date of opening of pre-qualification bid              – 12.10.2011 – 11.30 Hrs.

      Date & Time of auction & opening of sealed tender – 12.10.2011 – 14.30 Hrs.
      Venue of opening of pre-qualification bid, auction &
                                                   tender – KSRTC, Transport Bhavan
                                                            Fort, Thiruvananthapuram

      Tenderer or his authorised representatives shall attend the evaluation of pre-
qualification on 12.10.2011 at 11.30 Hrs. and ensure that they are qualified to
participate in the auction cum tender. Tender form can be had from the Office of the
Managing Director, KSRTC on all working days from 10.00 A.M to 15.00 A.M.
Tender form can also be down loaded from the Website of KSRTC. In such cases cost
of Tender form + VAT 4.04% should be enclosed by D.D drawn in favour of Financial
Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, KSRTC, Thiruvananthapuram with the pre-
qualification bid. Tender should be submitted in the name of Chairman & Managing
Director, KSRTC, Transport Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram. The tenderer shall enclose
the duly accepted and signed terms and conditions for the tender vide
ES2-031486/2011 dated 12.09.2011.
      The tenders without the above documents will summarily be rejected.

Transport Bhavan, Fort                                              S/d
Date: 12.09.2011                                      Chairman & Managing Director

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