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					Mojave - Common Problems and Solutions

Internet Explorer quits with the following message:

     Please be aware that this error is generated by Microsoft Internet Explorer and might
     be caused by any number of factors. It is not an error with Mojave. Most common
     cause is the Spyware or Adware code that infects a computer when someone opens or
     makes contact with an external Internet web site. We are researching methods to
     resolve this problem. (Mary Veres)

User appears in Mojave as tusd/username when they login to the
INST domain.

Login name is MCname, but email is Firstname MC(space)Name.
Buttons are grayed out.

     To correct the problem of the data admin adding new teachers and it placing tusd/ before
     their username please follow the directions below.

     In Security in Mojave

     1.    Remove the user from Security
     2.    Add the user in Security
     3.    Map the user to themselves                (Tommy Maynard)

     Use the same procedure for both problems above                  (Donna Mattix)
The process of getting a user into the system looks like this:

     Adding/Finding Users in Mojave Security and Mojave School-Teacher.

     Mojave - Security - users names are coming from the active directory. Both ADMIN and
     INST LAN are responsible for adding users to their Active Directory.

                    If a user is available in Security they have an ADMIN/INST user account
                     and have been made available in Mojave through the Active Directory
                    Active Directory Dump to Mojave is done daily at approx. 4:00 am

     Mojave - School - Teachers users names are coming from a PeopleSoft dump that is
     run nightly at approx. 6:00 pm.

                    If teachers cannot mapped in Security the teacher most likely has not
                     been added in the Mojave School - Teacher area.
                    If teacher is not available in Mojave School-Teacher HR (Human
                     Resources) may not have added them in PeopleSoft.

                                                                        (Maura Padia)
     A user must appear in active directory first.
     An email account indicates that the user is active.
     The teacher is added to Mojave-School.
     The teacher is mapped in Mojave-Security to themselves.
     The teacher is scheduled to have classes in Mojave-Master Schedule.
     A&R receives teacher names from Mojave daily and accounts must be set up separately
     by EdTech or A&R personnel. (Allen Swanson)

Period Zero

     It has come to our attention that some of the classes that the teachers are trying to taking
     attendance for are not periods 01 -10. The database design currently only allows for
     attendance in periods 01-10 (this has been the case since the beginning of Sonora). To
     avoid confusion we will be making the edit icon unavailable on the class page for any
     class that is not period 01-10. Currently teachers are getting errors because they are
     trying to take attendance for period 00. (Karen Jones)

Dual Log ins (Admin and Inst)
     After much discussion it was concluded that we need to test an actual situation to be able
     to determine exactly how everything needs to work and then see if we can make it

     Example: Admin personnel that also teaches must be able to have full access to
     administrative information and be able to take attendance for students in his class from
     either an admin or inst workstation using either his admin or inst log on. (Norma Gallindo)
Printing cuts off after the first page
      My understanding is that this is a problem with IE. Please have them right click on the
      contact page, then select Print. That almost always works! (Donna Mattix)

Errors in SQL appear

      Errors like this are automatically logged downtown and the Mojave programming team
      are assigned to research and correct them. I don’t believe that calling or emailing is
      necessary at this time. (Allen Swanson)

Page not found
      DNS Suffix needs to be added. (Norma Gallindo)

Every Mojave Icon is grayed out
      Check for IE – if 5.5, install IE 6
      Check if user has selected correct school (Norma Gallindo)

Some Mojave Icons are not available
      Mojave Data Admin must check if all necessary access has been given.
      Teacher should have Student, Class, School, and Security (Reports will not be made
      available to teachers) (Norma Gallindo)

Mojave Dashboard available, but other pages displays blank.
      Reinstall IE 6 (Norma Gallindo)

[…] Profile three dots not available – user cannot add/edit profiles.
      User does not have access to H drive or path is incorrect. (Norma Gallindo)

Dual users Admin and Inst
      Both user accounts need to be added in Mojave Security. INST account will need to be
      mapped and given necessary user access. ADMIN account will need to be left
      unmapped. User should be able to access INST account in the classroom and ADMIN
      account at their admin PC. This seems to be working. Please have the Mojave Data
      Admin call Computer Support with questions/problems. (Norma Gallindo)

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