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									                      Introduction : Leader Standard Work
What is Lean Management and why use Leader Standard Work?
If you are involved in Lean transformation of any organisation, you will realise that it cannot be
supported or sustained using traditional manaement system. Most of the times traditional
management is results driven and may not focus on the process. Thus there is no inherent motivation
for the manager to improve the process. Also when lean tools are applied this type of management
does not provide a sustainable system to integrate, improve and sustain changes with daily feedback
to realign to solve problems as they arise.
there are 4 elements that makeup the Lean Management:

            1. Leader Standard Work

            2. Daily Accountability

            3. Visual Controls

            4. Discipline

Leader Standard Work sustains the systems integrates the changes made during the transformation
process. Visual Control and Daily Accountability helps keep the process and people aligned to solve
problems as they arise. The Discipline of the leader ensures that standard work is followed and the
whole system works coherently.

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                    Leader Standard Work                                   Date:_______________________
            Daily   Issues/Interuptors/ Follow ups                        Weekly
Time Task                                            Day    Time   Task






                                                                                                                      NAME: John Doe_________
                                                       Leader Standard Work                                                     Date:___11/5/2012___
                         Daily                         Issues/Interuptors/ Follow ups                                Weekly
Time       Task                                                                         Day       Time       Task
 8:00 AM   Stand Up meeting                                                             Mon       9:00am     Production and Order delivery
 8:15 AM   Gemba Walk
 8:30 AM   Jim and Jane's LSW review
 8:45 AM   Emails/ Voice Mail                                                           Tue       11:00am
 9:00 AM   Prep for Meetup
 9:15 AM   Meetup
 9:30 AM   Meetup                                                                       Wed       9:00am     Training session
 9:45 AM   Production Dashboard / Action items
10:00 AM   Check first pitch performance
10:15 AM                                                                                Thur
10:30 AM   Issues List : actions and followups
10:45 AM
11:00 AM   Project Time                                                                 Fri
11:15 AM   Project Time
11:30 AM   Project Time
11:45 AM   Project Time                                                                                            Monthly
12:30 PM   Check 2nd pitch performance                                                  1st Mon    9:00 AM   Monthly Production report
12:45 PM
 1:00 PM   Accountability Meeting / followup actions                                    2nd Tue    9:00 AM   Program / Project review
 1:15 PM   Time for accountability tasks
 1:30 PM   Time for accountability tasks
 1:45 PM                                                                                3rd Tue    9:00 AM   Employee review
 2:00 PM
 2:15 PM
 2:30 PM   Check 3rd pitch performance
 2:45 PM
 3:00 PM
 3:15 PM   Cost Management Tasks
 3:30 PM
 3:45 PM
 4:00 PM
 4:15 PM   Shipping Performance


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