Host an Avon Holiday Open House

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					Host an Avon Holiday Open House
                              Hosting an Avon Open House is a great way to showcase your
                              products and create in a fun, festive shopping atmosphere.

                              Print out your Holiday Open House invitations here.

                              Here is a step by step guide to a successful Holiday Open House:

 1. Send out as many invitations as possible. Invite all your friends, family, neighbors, and
    co-workers – give an invitation to everyone! Keep plenty on hand to give out. Ask your
    friends to bring a friend. Not everyone will come so keep in mind that if you give out 50
    invitations, you may have 16-17 people show up, so invite everyone you know.
    Send/give out invitations 2-3 weeks before the Open House. Be sure and follow-up with
    a phone call to remind everyone the week of your Open House.

 2. Products to have on hand:
    Cash & carry items & stocking stuffers such as .99¢ hand creams, lip balms, etc.
    Fragrance Gift Sets are great gift ideas and are prepackaged ready for gift giving. Buy
    demos to show Customers what they can order in advance. Set up product groupings
    (3-4) on a table decorated in a solid color tablecloth, with mini white or colored lights.
    You can put boxes of different heights under the tablecloth to create visual interest.

 3. Have plenty of brochures and samples on hand along with a couple of testers such as
    the mark. Lemon Sugar Body Cream (open with a cosmetic spatula so customers can try
    at their leisure) Prepare some special prize drawing gifts ahead of time.

 4. Have a simple self-serve light refreshment area: cookies and punch or hot apple cider –
    something easy and simple with napkins & cups.

 5. Put a sign outside your home so guests can find your home. Play a holiday CD to create
    a holiday atmosphere with music. Decorate your showcase area with a holiday theme
    so it looks festive and inviting. Mini lights do wonders to create a festive atmosphere.

 6. Create lots of little gift bags with a couple of samples, candy, business card, small hand
    cream or travel size product, a new brochure and whatever you would like to give your
    guests for coming to your open house. (check the Dollar Store for great, fun holiday
    decorations and little holiday trinkets to put in the bags)

 7. Greet all your guests and share product samples, product gift ideas and more as you
    mingle with your guests. Have a drawing every 30 minutes or so and give away a gift of
    your choice, such as a shower gel, body lotion, lipstick etc.

 8. Have someone help you write up orders and bag cash and carry items.

 9. After your Open House send out thank You Cards to everyone who attended. You can
    use regular mail or an online greeting card.

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