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					Cleantech Now in Downtown LA
The People, The Place, The Possibilities              

Community Redevelopment Agency of the   CITY OF LOS ANGELES   Downtown Region
Cleantech Manufacturing Center                                                        Request for Interest (RFI)

The Vision                             One-Time Opportunity for                        Exceptional Industrial and
                                       New Development                                 Manufacturing Site

The City of Los Angeles is committed   To showcase the City’s efforts to lead          The 20-acre Center site at Santa Fe
                                       the nation in cleantech business                Avenue and 15th Street is located within
to being the national center for
                                       development, the City is making an              the greater Los Angeles Downtown area.
cleantech research and development     exceptional investment in a new real            The site is a prime industrial-zoned parcel
                                       estate development. The CRA/LA seeks            uniquely positioned to provide jobs for
and industrial manufacturing           to identify national and international          those living in nearby loft and residential
businesses devoted to ecologically     visionary cleantech companies and               developments or for those commuting
                                       sustainable manufacturers that are              via local and regional public transit.
sustainable processes and products.    interested in locating to a 20-acre, CRA/LA-    The new Center will be the southern
The goal is to create a community      owned development site – the CleanTech          anchor of the Los Angeles Cleantech
                                       Manufacturing Center (Center) – in              Corridor extending four miles along the
of businesses that share common        Downtown Los Angeles. This site is part         Los Angeles River from Chinatown south
values of sustainability, quality      of the Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor           to the Center. The Center property was
                                       comprising a cluster of clean technology        acquired from the State of California and
employment opportunities and           and green-focused companies near the            is a former Brownfields Revitalization
                                       Los Angeles River. Interested firms will be
innovation in manufacturing for the                                                    site. CRA/LA has conducted extensive
                                       poised to leverage generous economic            cleanup and remediation and the site has
21st century. Such concentration has   incentives and lead Los Angeles’ emergence      been cleared by regulatory agencies for
                                       as a model for sustainable industrial           development. Site occupants must agree
proven successful in the Los Angeles
                                       development in North America.                   to CRA/LA development and employment
entertainment, health care and         The firms sought for the Center include         policies, including prevailing wage and
aerospace industries. Concentration    both established firms and emerging             living wage requirements. For more
                                       companies engaged in the assembly,              information concerning applicable CRA/
of like industries in an area known    manufacture or development of products          LA policies, please review the following
for innovation and creativity          in clean energy generation, sustainable         web pages: CRA/LA Policy Related
                                       building materials and furnishings, clean       Information and CRA/LA Adopted Policies
creates an unparalleled opportunity    water technology, reduced emissions             and Procedures at
for success. The Community             vehicle technology, manufactured products       The Center site enjoys excellent freeway
                                       using recycled or organic materials and         and roadway access. It is located 18
Redevelopment Agency of the City       similar cleantech initiatives.                  miles from the Ports of Los Angeles and
of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) espouses       Firms may participate as owners/users in        Long Beach, 12 miles from Los Angeles
                                       a build-to-suit development or as tenants       International Airport and 35 miles
the principle of triple bottom-line    in developer-owned buildings. Firms with        from Ontario International Airport. The
investment that will benefit private   space requirements of 40,000 to 400,000         Alameda Corridor, a direct rail line from
                                       square feet or more are the primary focus       the Ports to the rail terminals, is adjacent
enterprise, the community and          of this initial outreach. However, future       to the site. Union Station, the regional rail
the environment.                       opportunities for smaller users, including      passenger transportation hub, is only 2.5
                                       incubator space for start-ups, may also         miles away. Additional site information
                                       be available. All Center buildings are          can be obtained at the Center website at
                                       envisioned to be LEED certified at the
                                       highest level practicable. Parcels within
                                       the Center site are planned to be made
                                       available under long term ground lease(s)
                                       with the owner, the CRA/LA. Occupancy
                                       may occur as early as 2011.
                                                                                                                           DODGER STADIUM

                                                                  101                                                                                                                  CORNFIELDS

                                                                                                                                                                                                    LA RIVER


                                                                                      MUSIC CENTER
                                                                                                                  M                                       UNION M
                                                                        DISNEY CONCERT HALL                                                  101         STATION                                                                   10
                    LIN                                                    BUNKER HILL                     M          CIVIC CENTER

                                                                                                 M                                    LITTLE TOKYO
                                                                   FINANCIAL CORE                                                                    M
                                                                  M                       M                                                                  GOLD LIN
                                                                                                                                                                           E EXTENTI
                                                                                                  HISTORIC CORE                                                                                          M

                                                                                    JEWELRY DISTRICT


                    LA LIVE/NOKIA THEATER                                                                                                                   SCI-ARC                                                              101
                                                STAPLES CENTER
                                                                   SOUTH PARK
                                                                                                                                                     ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE DISTRICT
                                                                                     FASHION DISTRICT


                                                                                                                                      CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL


                                    E LI
  ED E



                                                                         M                                                                                                     10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  LOS ANG

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ELES RIV


                                                                                                                          BLUE LINE

                                                                                                                                                                      M   EDA

      Community Redevelopment Agency of the                                     CITY OF LOS ANGELES                                                                                                
Cleantech Manufacturing Center                                                              RFI Incentives

Development Incentives Now Available

Firms locating in the Center will enjoy        The City of Los Angeles has made                  engaged in like industries with
support and advantages not otherwise           unprecedented and coordinated efforts             a common regard for environmental
available at other development sites.          to foster cleantech development. The              sustainability
Tenants will have access to a wide             Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor and
variety of city, state and federal financial   CRA/LA’s development of the CleanTech
                                                                                             •   Have space requirements of 40,000
                                                                                                 to 400,000 square feet or more and
incentives. The site is located within         Manufacturing Center represent just               an occupancy time horizon of
the Central Industrial Redevelopment           some of CRA/LA’s contributions to the             2011-2014
Project Area, the Eastside State               City’s commitment toward cleantech
Enterprise Zone and the Los Angeles            innovation and manufacturing. The Center      Interested firms are asked to send a
Federal Empowerment Zone. Incentives           also enjoys support from the business         maximum two-page cover letter of
include City Department of Water and           community, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa         interest along with the response form
Power energy programs and rebates,             and City Councilmember Jose Huizar. The       online. Paper copies can also be sent to
significant employment and investment          City’s commitment to cleantech business       the address below:
tax credits, permit expediting                 development is further evidenced in such
                                                                                             The Community Redevelopment Agency
assistance, workforce recruitment              investments as:
                                                                                             of the City of Los Angeles
and training and other programs. In
addition, occupants may qualify for
                                               •   The Los Angeles Department of
                                                                                             CleanTech Manufacturing Center
                                                   Water and Power’s $5 billion
favorable ground-lease terms, New                  projected investment in achieving         354 S. Spring Street,
Market Tax credits, infrastructure grants          20 percent of customers’ power from       Los Angeles, CA 90013
and low interest CRA/LA loans.                     renewable sources by 2010 and 35%         Questions should be directed to this
                                                   by 2030                                   email address:
Los Angeles and Cleantech
                                               •   The Port of Los Angeles’ $15 million
Companies located in the Center will also          Technology Advancement Program
have access to the region’s significant            as part of the 2006 Clean Air Action      Reponses should be received by
and advantageous high-tech business                Plan targeted at investing in clean       December 1, 2008.
resources. Los Angeles is known as the             technology related to improving air
capital of the worldwide entertainment                                                       Please Note
                                                   quality and meeting clean energy goals
industry, and is also an historical and                                                      The CRA/LA’s primary interest is to
innovative center for industrial growth        •   $46 million set aside by The              identify occupants for the Center
and emerging technologies.                         Los Angeles City Employees’               site who meet CRA/LA’s vision for
                                                   Retirement System (LACERS) funds          sustainable industrial development.
Los Angeles offers:                                in 2005 for cleantech investments         Extensive additional information such
• A growing pool of high-tech, skilled             over a ten-year period                    as illustrative site plans, annual reports
  workers engaged in technology                                                              and other details are not necessary at
  jobs within Los Angeles County -             Respond Now to Help Shape the Future
                                                                                             this time. Based upon the responses
  numbering nearly 226,000 -                   Interested firms are asked to complete an     received, the CRA/LA plans to issue a
  the fourth largest source of jobs            online Response Form (       Request for Proposals (RFP) in early
  in the County                                by December 1, 2008. Ideal tenants will be    2009, soliciting specific development
                                               firms with the following characteristics:
•   The largest manufacturing                                                                or occupancy proposals for all or a
    employment base in the country             •   Engaged in the manufacture,               portion of the site. This RFI process
    with 470,000 jobs                              fabrication or development of             is not a solicitation or procurement,
                                                   sustainable products using                and respondents to this RFI who
•   The largest number of Ph.Ds granted
                                                   sustainable processes                     submit proposals to any future formal
    in any region of the country
                                                                                             procurement will not be limited in any
•   World-class research facilities at         •   Compensate all employees at a
                                                                                             way by the content of their responses to
    UCLA, USC and the California                   salary level at or above the living
                                                                                             this RFI. Development companies who
    Institute of Technology, with a                wage standards established by
                                                                                             represent specific qualified industrial
    combined 42 Nobel Laureates and                the City of Los Angeles and offer
                                                                                             tenants may respond jointly with the
    opportunities for collaboration in             opportunities for career advancement
                                                                                             interested tenant. CRA/LA will not
    technology development                     •   Desire to be located in the               review responses proposing speculative
                                                   Los Angeles region among firms
•   Four of the nation’s top ten                                                             development without an identified
    engineering firms                                                                        cleantech tenant partner.
Cleantech Manufacturing Center                                An Ideal Location

Community Redevelopment Agency of the   CITY OF LOS ANGELES             

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