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					              The 8th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo. 2011

                                            Invitation letter
              Aug.10-12, 2011          China International Exhibition Center (Beijing)
◆Welcome to participate in the int'l renowned metallurgy exhibition-CIMIE2011!
◆Meet face to face with Chinese and foreign customers, get infinite business opportunities!
◆Bring together int’l iron&steel industry cutting-edge technology, grasp real time information!
◆Best platform of global iron&steel trade!
  China Beijing Metal Material Circulation Association
  China Beijing Mechanical Engineering Society
  China Association of Plant Engineering
  China Cold Roll-Forming Steel Association
  Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd

  Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.

◎ Exhibition Schedule:
   ▼ Registration and booth preparation:Aug. 8-9, 2011(9:00-17:00)
   ▼ Opening:Aug. 10, 2011(9:30)
   ▼ Exhibition:Aug.10-12, 2011(9:00-16:30)
   ▼ Closing:Aug. 12, 2011(16:00)

◎ Review and Analyses:
    China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition is a brand exhibition which was built by
Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd and industry authoritative organizations through their 7-year’s great
effort. Over the years, under organizer's innovation and all section of society's supports, exhibition
continuously steps into perfect. Based on luxuriant marketing operation experience and matured exhibition
organizing system, it has become an irreplaceable platform for enterprises to promote new products and for
specialists to communicate. It gains powerful support and high recognition from numerous domestic and
foreign enterprises, and plays a key role in promoting buyers and sellers enter into contracts.
    With continuously increasing of international iron & steel industry market competition, general
metallurgy enterprises must enhance the ability of independent innovation and technology innovation,
strengthen the development of high added-value products, occupy high-end market, increase export, and
reduce import to face serious challenge of domestic and international market. CIMIE2011-the 8th China
(Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2011 takes over several years' organizing concept, views
new trend of industry development, widely expands channels, fully integrates resources, continuously
promotes service quality, commits itself to provide cutting-edge market information and extensive trade
cooperation platform, and overall builds metallurgy industry brand exhibition, in order to actively
contribute to promoting the development of China iron & steel industry! We believe that this exhibition
will create infinite business opportunities for general exhibitors.

◎Exhibition Scope:
    ◆Metallurgy(iron&steel, and non-ferrous metals): 1, technology and equipments: mining, smelting,
continuous casting, rolling mill, rolling, roller, drawing, finishing operation, galvanize, tinning, colored
coating, metallurgical furnace/kiln, heating equipment, casting, forging, weld, heat treatment, cooling
equipment, metallurgy auxiliary machinery equipment and products, metallurgy raw material handing(ores,
coke, and other auxiliary materials), plates(cold/hot coil, pickle sheet, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet,
medium plate, cold roll hard coil, tin plate, silicon iron, etc.), strips(hot strip, cold-rolled steel strip,
galvanized steel strip, precision strip steel), plate cutting/shearing equipment(cross cut , slitting shear),
steel products numbering equipment, metal marker, ferroalloy production equipment, metal processing
machines, metal structure manufacturing/processing/installation; 2, products, finished products and
auxiliary things, iron&steel products, non-ferrous products, metal products, metallic structure products and
kinds of applied materials, hardware products, carbon material and products, kinds of ferroalloy products,
coating metallic material, metallurgy chemical agent, industry lubricant, metal processing oil, and
lubricating materials, rust-resisting material, sealing material, kinds of metallurgy packaging and material
    ◆Metallurgy testing equipment and automation: temperature measure instrument, thickness tester,
width meter, speed tester, infrared analyzer, infrared radiation thermometer, nondestructive examination
equipment, hardometer, metallographic analysis, chemical analysis instrument, heat engineering checking
instrument, metallic material testing machine, sensor and speed changer, industrial computer, industrial
TV, automatic control system, radio testing and automatic control device, data handling technology;
    ◆Applied materials used for metallurgy thermal processing metallurgical, mechanical processing,
material handling, power transmission, metallurgy bearings, reducer, cutting, weighing, lubrication,
hydraulic, dust removal, surface treatment, lifting, electric, industrial furnace/kiln, burner, metal circular
sawing machine, chamfering machines, grinding, polishing equipment, metallurgy saw blade, cutting,
machinery, etc.;
    ◆Refractory materials: raw materials and handling equipments, production processing technology and
equipment, kinds of refractory material and refractory products;
    ◆Metallurgy industry environmental protection technology & equipment and design & consultancy

   ◆Cooperate with more than 200 medias to build information web, powerful promotion;
   ◆ thousand tickets and invitations will be sent to exhibitors at home and abroad;
   ◆Co-publicity with the same field and scale exhibitions;
   ◆Widely promote through industry institutions and trade organizations both at home and abroad.

    ◆Professional field and scope to be invited: iron & steel groups, metal enterprises, municipal
engineering enterprises, construction companies, automobile manufacturers, aerospace, power &water
engineering, railway traffic engineering, etc.
    ◆Industry elites like general managers of related industries, purchaser, new products researchers,
quality testing and certification persons, marketing specialist / staff, industry organizations and research
institutions specialists and scholars etc. that related to metallurgy industry will be invited by us to visit the
    ◆Through accumulated data of visitors, organizer cooperates with old and new customers, expands
more business opportunities.
    ◆Official website, special edition, professional magazine and newspaper will publish the latest
exhibition progress in time.

◎Same time activities:
    Technological exchange meetings, economic & trade fairs, industry forums, products promotion, etc
will be held at the same time.
    ◆Technological exchange → Latest technology interlinks with forefront market, promoting trade
    ◆Economic and trade fair → Help exhibitors grasp business opportunity and have close contact with
professional buyer at the scene;
    ◆ Industry forum → Industry experts state views altogether and grasp the pulse of industry
    ◆Product recommendation → Help buyers have a deep understanding of new technologies, new
products, and promote buyers and sellers enter into contracts;
   ※The fee for each seminar of two hours is ¥10,000 for domestic enterprises and $3,000 for
foreign ones.

◎Fee Scale:
   1、Standard Booth (9m2 3m×3m), provided with three exhibition boards of 2.5m high and the lintel
produced according to the requirement of the exhibitors, one desk & two chairs for meeting and discussion,
one 220v AC socket and two spotlights.
   2、 Raw Space (Minimum order 36 ㎡), provided with security service and public responsible insurance.
   3、Fees for the whole exhibition period are listed below:
   Nature of the Enterprise Specification        Domestic          Joint Venture             Foreign
                               (3×3)㎡            RMB 9800          RMB 13800             USD 3000
      Standard Stand
                               (3×4)㎡            RMB 12800         RMB 16800             USD 3800
      Raw Space                At least 36 ㎡ RMB 1000/㎡            RMB 1380/㎡            USD 300/㎡

   ※Note: 20% more fee shall be added for booth with two openings.
   Event fee (for exhibition information, lunch, souvenir, etc.) of each representative is 1,000RMB.
◎Exhibition catalogue and scene advertisement
    1. In order to help the exhibitors to make publicity and to help the customers to communicate with
exhibitors after the exhibition, the Organization Committee is going to make a publication, which supplies
a free advertising of company introduction within 200 words for each exhibitor.
    2. Exhibition catalogue advertisement cost
                 Publication Advertising                                 Scene Advertising
 Cover          ¥18,000     Inside     Back ¥8,000 Visiting Cards: ¥8,000/ 10,000 pieces
                            Cover                  210mm×90mm
 Back Cover     ¥15,000     Colored Insert     ¥5,000 AdmissionCards:          ¥20,000/10,000 pieces
 Inside         ¥10,000     Black & White ¥3,000 Carrier Bags                  ¥30,000/10,000 pieces
 Front                      Insert
 Page Size:210mm×285mm                                   Banner                ¥30,000/expo. period

◎Participation procedures
   1、To fill up the form of Application and Contract with the company seal, then fax or mail it to the
Organizing Committee;
   2、After the application has been confirmed by the Organizing Committee, send 50% or all of the
exhibition fee to the Organizing Committee by T/T within 10 days and fax the receipt to the Organizing
Committee for check.
   3、After receiving the exhibition fee, the Organizing Committee will send the invoice and the
Exhibition Manual to the exhibitor.
4、The distribution of the stands shall follow the principle of “First applied and paid, first arranged”.
◎Exhibition service:
    ◆To transact exhibit transportation and custom declaration, provide preferential accommodation and
travel, and order plane and train ticket;
    ◆To provide tickets to customers invited by the exhibitors for free;
    ◆Exhibitors should apply one month in advance if they need water, power and compressed air for the
exhibition on the spot.

The Secretary Office of the Organizing Committee:
Add.: No.1709 Block C, WanDa Plaza, B No.18 Yard,
Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Zip Code: 100040
Tel.: +86-10-6863 7413
Fax: +86-10-8868 0811
Contact: Lucy
    The 8th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2011
                              Application and Contract Form
      We decide to participate in The 8th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo
which will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from Aug.10-12, 2011. We
will ensure the overall image and effects of the exhibition and obey the unified arrangement of
the Organizing Committee.

Company Name

  State                                              Prefecture
Nature           of □ State-owned enterprise    □ Private enterprise
enterprise          □ Joint venture             □ Foreign-funded enterprise

Phone No.                              Fax                        Postal code

Website                                          E-mail:
Legal                             Contact                         Position
Renting booth                           No:                       Fee
                                        No.     of      Special Fee
Raw Space           Area:         M2    equipped:
Expo. Catalogue                   Fee                             Grade                □A□B□C
Other                             Fee                             Event Fee
Total Fee                                                         Payment date

Receiving           Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Bank Accounts       Beijing Huanglou Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

USD Account No.     0200 0420 0920 0022 656

Remarks:Maximum of Company introduction is within 200 words and fax or mail to organizing
        committee with this list.

The Secretary Office of the Organizing Committee:                 Seal of the participant:
Add.: No.1709 Block C, WanDa Plaza, B No.18 Yard,
      Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing (100040)
Tel.: +86-10-6863 7413                                            Signature:
Fax: +86-10-8868 0811
Contact: Lucy                                        Date:

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