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Postgraduate studies at Sussex


									                                                                                                            Environment and health	Enhancing	health	and	
Postgraduate studies

                                                                                                                                                                   Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex
                                                                                                            well-being	by	promoting	illness	prevention	and	
                                                                                                            disease	management

at Sussex                                                                                                   Global transformations	Rethinking	social	
                                                                                                            adaptation	in	the	context	of	changing	
                                                                                                            environments	and	the	global	economy
                                                                                                            Mind and brain	Unravelling	the	mind,	brain	and	
                                                                                                            consciousness:	from	cell	to	self	and	personal	
                                                                                                            For	more	information	about	the	exciting	and	
                                                                                                            innovative	research	activity	at	Sussex,	refer	to	
                                                                                                            pages	8-13	and	the	individual	subject	entries	on	

T   he University of Sussex is an internationally
    recognised research institution with award-winning
faculty. Postgraduate research students at all levels
                                                                                                            pages	39-160.
                                                                                                            Collaborative partnerships
                                                                                                            At	Sussex	we	recognise	the	importance	of	
                                                                                                            supporting	research	through	collaboration.		
work in a supportive environment and receive extensive                                                      We	have	important	academic	partnerships	with,	
research training. We attract a high level of funding,                                                      among	others,	American	Express	and	Rolls-
                                                                                                            Royce,	the	Royal	Botanic	Gardens,	Kew,	and		
and scholarships are also available to help you finance                                                     the	Victoria	and	Albert	Museum	(V&A)	in	the	UK,	
your studies.                                                                                               Renmin	and	Nanjing	Universities	in	China,	and	
                                                                                                            Yale	University	in	the	US.
                                                                                                            We	are	also	part	of	the	South	East	Physics	
                                                                                                            Network	(SEPNet),	funded	by	£12.5	million	of	
Research at Sussex                                    Distinguished faculty
                                                      Sussex’s	international	reputation	helps	to	
                                                                                                            Government	grants	to	support	vital	UK	science	
                                                                                                            research,	teaching	and	development	(also	refer	
Sussex	has	a	dynamic	and	thriving	research	           attract	leading	researchers.	We	are	proud	to	         to	the	Physics	subject	entry	on	pages	140-142).
culture.	Our	strengths	range	across	the	arts,	        have	counted	three	Nobel	Prize	winners,	15	
social	sciences,	science	and	medicine,	with	          Fellows	of	the	Royal	Society,	six	Fellows	of	the	     Superb resources
excellence	demonstrated	both	within	individual	       British	Academy	and	a	winner	of	the	prestigious	       From	the	excellent	newly	refurbished	University	
subjects	and	across	thematic	areas.	                  Crafoord	Prize	on	our	faculty.	                        Library,	which	is	home	to	the	globally	recognised	
                                                                                                             Mass	Observation	Archive	and	our	Careers	and	
In	the	2008	assessment	of	the	standards	               A pioneering approach to                              Employability	Centre,	to	cutting-edge	medical	
of	research	in	UK	universities,	the	Research	          interdisciplinarity                                   imaging	equipment,	the	resources	available	to	
Assessment	Exercise	(RAE),	over	90	per	cent	           A	refusal	to	be	confined	by	traditional	disciplinary	 postgraduate	students	at	Sussex	are	impressive.	
of	Sussex	research	activity	was	rated	as	world	        boundaries	characterises	some	of	the	most	
leading,	internationally	excellent	or	internationally	 distinctive	research	at	Sussex.	For	example,	the	 The	University	has	undertaken	significant	
recognised,	confirming	Sussex	among	the	leading	 Brighton	and	Sussex	Medical	School	(BSMS)	–		               development	of	buildings	on	campus	in	recent	
research	universities	in	the	UK.	One	in	six	of	the	                                                          years:	work	has	begun	on	our	£30-million	
                                                       a	partnership	between	the	Universities	of	Sussex	 innovative	academic	building.	Our	£100-million	
research	outputs	produced	by	staff	was	rated	as	       and	Brighton	–	provides	fruitful	opportunities	for	 investment	in	both	buildings	and	infrastructure	
world	leading,	with	over	90	per	cent	producing	        biomedical	research.	
work	that	is	internationally	recognised	or	better.                                                           will	continue	through	to	2015	and	beyond.
                                                       Sussex’s	six	interdisciplinary	research	themes	       Investment	also	includes	a	new	nuclear	magnetic	
In	the	latest	Times Higher Education Supplement –      mean	researchers	from	across	the	University	
World	University	Rankings	2009,	Sussex	is	in	the	 can	work	together	to	solve	the	major	issues	of	            resonance	facility	and	purpose-built	apparatus	
top	6	of	universities	in	the	UK	for	teaching	and	                                                            in	cryogenic	research	that	is	among	the	best	in	
                                                       the	day:                                              the	world.	The	University	has	received	millions	of	
learning,	and	the	top	200	universities	in		
the	world.                                             Citizenship and democratisation	Freedom,	             pounds	from	the	Science	Research	Investment	
                                                       violence	and	reconciling	conflict	in	an	insecure	     Fund	to	support	our	work	in	biological	sciences,	
Many	research	areas	have	seen	increased	               world                                                 particle	physics,	and	science	and	technology	
research	income,	particularly	from	national	                                                                 policy	research.	We	also	have	state-of-the-art	
research	councils	and	other	high-profile	funding	      Culture and heritage Constructing	identity	and	
                                                                                                             facilities	in	our	InQbate	space,	which	offers	
agencies.	Approximately	one-fifth	of	our	overall	      culture	through	notions	of	memory	and	place
                                                                                                             our	students	in	both	arts	and	science	subjects	
income	comes	from	our	research	activity.	              Digital and social media Applying	digital	media	 an	inspirational,	flexible,	technology-rich	
                                                       to	construct	and	communicate	across	space	and	 environment	that	fosters	collaborative,	self-
                                                       society                                               directed	and	experiential	learning.
                                                                                                            Funding research talent
Cross-disciplinary research at the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics is exploiting         Finding	funding	for	postgraduate	study	can	seem	
the interfaces between biological and computational sciences. By studying the navigation techniques of      daunting,	but	choosing	a	university	with	a	strong	
insects such as ants and bees, we are advancing biological knowledge as well as developing new kinds        reputation	for	graduate	education	can	make	your	
of robotic systems                                                                                          task	easier.	We	attract	a	high	level	of	funding	
                                                                                                            every	year,	which	is	enhanced	with	additional	
                                                                                                            schemes	in	order	to	provide	financial	help	to	both	
                                                                                                            UK	and	non-UK	students.	
                                                                                                            We	have	a	paid	graduate	assistantship	scheme	
                                                                                                            for	doctoral	students,	which	also	gives	valuable	
                                                                                                            experience	of	teaching,	as	well	as	a	range	
                                                                                                            of	scholarships	and	bursaries,	such	as	the	
                                                                                                            Chancellor’s	International	Scholarships.	For	more	
                                                                                                            information,	visit	
                                                                                                            and	refer	to	pages	17	and	173-180.

                                                                         Research at Sussex:                                    Our arts and humanities schools of                    The	Centre	for	Intellectual	History	was	
Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: arts and humanities

                                                                                                                                studies                                               established	to	continue	the	University’s	
                                                                         arts and humanities                                    As	a	postgraduate	student	you	will	be	based	in	
                                                                                                                                one	of	the	following	schools	of	studies:	
                                                                                                                                                                                      distinguished	tradition	in	intellectual	history	
                                                                                                                                                                                      while	widening	the	agenda	to	include	the	history	
                                                                                                                                                                                      of	philosophy	and	religious	thought	and	their	
                                                                          •	outstanding	rankings	in	the	2008	                   •	English                                             connections	with	science.
                                                                            Research	Assessment	Exercise	(RAE)	for	             •	History,	Art	History	and	Philosophy                 The	Centre	for	Life	History	and	Life	Writing		
                                                                            many	arts	and	humanities	subjects                                                                         Research	has	initiated	pioneering	training	
                                                                                                                                •	Media,	Film	and	Music.
                                                                          •	world-renowned	arts	research	centres	                                                                     courses.	A	key	asset	in	this	high	profile	is	the	
                                                                            offer	an	interdisciplinary	approach                 The	research	activity	within	and	across	the	          unique	Mass	Observation	Archive,	which	is	the	
                                                                                                                                schools	is	organised	into	a	number	of	research	       base	for	an	ongoing	research	project	involving	
                                                                          •	opportunities	to	study	abroad	at	one	of	            centres,	which	are	focal	points	for	faculty,	         autobiographical	writing.
                                                                            our	European	partner	institutions	as	part	          research	staff	and	postgraduate	students	with	
                                                                            of	your	degree                                      common	research	interests.                            The	Centre	for	Literature	and	Philosophy	builds	
                                                                                                                                                                                      on	Sussex’s	long	tradition	of	fruitful	collaboration	
                                                                                                                                Research centres in the arts and                      between	literature	and	philosophy	and	develops	
                                                                         Sussex	has	always	moved	beyond	the	
                                                                                                                                humanities                                            new	areas	of	enquiry	addressing	issues	that	arise	
                                                                         boundaries	of	single	disciplines,	questioning	
                                                                                                                                Sussex	supports	several	interdisciplinary	            at	the	intersection	of	the	two	disciplines.	
                                                                         and	challenging	received	ideas.	In	the	arts	
                                                                                                                                research	centres:
                                                                         and	humanities,	Sussex	has	pioneered	                                                                        The	Centre	for	Material	Digital	Culture	
                                                                         interdisciplinary	studies,	unifying	a	strong	focus	    The	Centre	for	Byzantine	Cultural	History	brings	     co-ordinates	research	into	the	cultural	impacts	of	
                                                                         on	historical	study	with	the	exploration	of	modern	    together	art	historians,	textual	scholars	and	        new	media	systems.	It	provides	a	platform	for	the	
                                                                         and	postmodern	theory.	                                archaeologists	from	the	Universities	of	Sussex,	      study	of	new	media	forms	within,	and	beyond,	
                                                                                                                                Newcastle,	and	Queen’s,	Belfast.                      the	boundaries	of	media	studies,	exploring	the	
                                                                         Excellence	in	the	arts	and	humanities	at	
                                                                                                                                The	Centre	for	Colonial	and	Postcolonial	Studies	     networked	digital	culture	in	which	we	live.
                                                                         Sussex	was	confirmed	by	the	2008	Research	
                                                                         Assessment	Exercise	(RAE).	All	our	subjects	in	        reflects	significant	interdisciplinary	interest	in	the	 The	Centre	for	Modernist	Studies	provides	a	
                                                                         arts	and	humanities	were	judged	as	having	at	          histories	and	cultures	of	colonialism,	and	in	post- focus	for	the	interdisciplinary	study	of	Anglo-
                                                                         least	90	per	cent	of	their	research	internationally	   colonial	studies.                                       American	and	European	traditions	in	literary	and	
                                                                         rated,	with	some	outstanding	results:	American	        The	Centre	for	Early	Modern	Studies	has	been	           cultural	modernism.	
                                                                         studies	at	Sussex	was	ranked	1st	in	the	UK,	and	       established	to	pursue	interdisciplinary	research	     The	Centre	for	Research	in	Opera	and	Music	
                                                                         art	history	3rd.	                                      in	all	areas	of	the	early	modern	period,	broadly	     Theatre	is	a	national	and	international	centre	
                                                                         European cooperation                                   1350-1800.	                                           for	research	and	development	in	the	practice,	
                                                                         From	its	inception,	the	University	of	Sussex	          The	Centre	for	Gender	Studies	brings	together	        theory	and	history	of	opera,	music	theatre	and	
                                                                         has	been	strongly	committed	to	European	               faculty	and	postgraduate	research	students	in	        multimedia	performance.
                                                                         cooperation,	and	Sussex	now	offers	one	of	             arts	and	humanities	and	social	sciences	in	a	         The	Centre	for	the	Study	of	Sexual	Dissidence	
                                                                         the	best-supported	European	study	abroad	              vibrant	interdiscipinary	research	culture	focused	    draws	together	and	promotes	new	work	on	
                                                                         programmes	in	Britain.	Sussex	has	long-                on	representations	and	social	relations	of	           lesbian,	gay,	bisexual,	queer,	transsexual	
                                                                         established	links	with	European	HE	institutions	       gender.                                               and	transgender	studies	from	a	wide	range	of	
                                                                         through	the	Commission’s	Lifelong	Learning	                                                                  disciplines	in	the	arts	and	humanities.	
                                                                         Programme.	Research	students,	if	eligible,	            The	Centre	for	German-Jewish	Studies	is	
                                                                         may	benefit	from	Erasmus	grants,	and	                  concerned	with	the	contribution	made	by	              The	Centre	for	Visual	Fields	is	designed	to	foster	
                                                                         undertake	research	abroad	at	one	of	our	partner	       German-speaking	Jewish	communities	to	                research	in	a	wide	range	of	interests	in	visual	
                                                                         institutions.	For	more	details,	contact		              modern	European	civilisation.	                        studies,	across	media,	disciplines	and	cultures.	
                                                                         E	                                                                                 The	Centre	for	War	and	Society	brings	together	
                                                                         A performance of the opera Knight Crew. Julian Philips, currently in his final year of a DPhil project as    a	number	of	Sussex	faculty	around	the	central	
                                                                         composer-in-residence at Glyndebourne Opera, under the supervision of Professor Nick Till in the Centre      idea	that	war	had	a	fundamental	effect	on	British	
                                                                         for Research in Opera and Music Theatre, was commissioned by Glyndebourne to write the score of the          society	in	the	long	20th	century.	
                                                                         legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in a contemporary urban setting. It was filmed
                                                                         for a new BBC Two programme called ‘Gareth Goes to Glyndebourne’, which follows the development of           The	Marcus	Cunliffe	Centre	for	the	Study	of	the	
                                                                         Knight Crew through rehearsals to performance                                                                American	South	facilitates	research	in	the	social,	
                                                                                                                                                                                      political,	economic	and	cultural	history	of	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                      American	South	from	the	colonial	period	to	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                      The	Sussex	Centre	for	Cultural	Studies	brings	
                                                                                                                                                                                      together	across	disciplines	our	distinctive	and	
                                                                                                                                                                                      internationally	renowned	research	on	popular	
                                                                                                                                                                                      cultural	identities,	practices,	texts	and	beliefs.
                                                                                                                                                                                      For	a	list	of	all	the	research	centres	and	groups	
                                                                                                                                                                                      at	Sussex,	visit
                                                                                                                                                                                      On	the	page	opposite	we	showcase	one	of	our	
                                                                                                                                                                                      ground-breaking	research	projects.	Find	out	
                                                                                                                                                                                      more	at

                                                                                                                                                                                      Further information
                                                                                                                                                                                      For further details of programmes and for specific
                                                                                                                                                                                      contact information, refer to the subject entries
                                                                                                                                                                                      dealing with the research area or subject of your
                                                                                                                                                                                      interests (pages 39-160).


                                                                                                                                                                         Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: arts and humanities
   The horrible gift                                                                                                     perspective
                                                                                                                ‘I have always had something of a schizophrenic life 
   of freedom                                                                                                   within the University, bouncing between being an 
                                                                                                                English academic, and a practising artist. Up until a 
                                                                                                                few years ago my two careers were fairly discrete, I 
   Through his academic writings and work                                                                       either wore my artist’s hat or my English professor’s 
   as an artist and filmmaker, Professor                                                                        hat. Yet as I moved from the study of English 
   Marcus Wood explores the inheritance of                                                                      Romanticism (the focus for my first book Radical
   colonialism, racism and Atlantic slavery,                                                                    Satire and Print Culture 1780-1830) to work more 
   and how, as a culture, we remember                                                                           exclusively on slavery and traumatic memory, I found 
   traumatic and violent experience.                                                                            my imaginative worlds as artist and scholar moving 
                                                                                                                closer together. The last three years, which I have 
                                                                                                                spent as a Senior Leverhulme Fellow, have seen this 
                                                                                                                synthesis become more or less complete. I see the 
                                                                                                                x x
                                                                                                                performance art and film I recently made in India as 
                                                                                                                addressing the very same questions of colonialism, 
                                                                                                                violence and subaltern agency that my academic 
                                                                                                                books tackle, albeit from a different angle. What 
                                                                                                                other university in the world would have supported 
                                                                                                                and understood the strange variety of my work? The 
                                                                                                                x x
                                                                                                                profound imaginative sympathy of senior colleagues 
                                                                                                                and mentors in Sussex English, especially Alan 
                                                                                                                Sinfield, Andrew Crozier, Lindsay Smith, Nic Royle 
                                                                                                                and Jenny Bourne Taylor, created a unique research 
                                                                                                                environment for me.’

                                                                                                                Marcus Wood
                                                                                                                Professor	of	English

Re-evaluating visual                                    Rome,	ceremonies	that	were	often	used	for	the	      Professor	Wood	also	trained	as	an	artist	at	the	
representations of Atlantic slavery                     self-glorification	and	propagandistic	promotion	    Royal	College	of	Art,	and	has	continued	to	work	
                                                        of	slave	owners.	The	argument	is	then	extended	     as	a	painter,	performance	artist	and	filmmaker	
and emancipation                                        through	the	era	of	Atlantic	slavery,	and	taken	     throughout	his	career.	Most	recently	this	led	
Why	does	imagery	showing	the	very	instant	              up	to	the	present	day	in	an	evaluation	of	the	      him	to	undertake	a	major	piece	of	performance	
of	the	birth	of	black	slave	freedom	invariably	         2007	bicentenary	celebrations	of	the	1807	Act	      art	in	collaboration	with	young	Indian	artists	at	
personify	Liberty	as	a	white	woman?	Where	              abolishing	the	British	slave	trade.	In	this	context,	
                                                                                                            the	School	of	Fine	Arts,	Maharaja	Sayaji	Rao	
does	the	image	of	the	enchained	kneeling	slave,	        a	provocative	mixture	of	material	is	analysed,	     University,	Baroda,	Gujarat.	The	work	focused	
ubiquitous	in	abolitionist	visual	culture	on	both	      ranging	from	commemorative	postage	stamps	to	       on	the	symbol	of	a	giant	hockey	stick,	a	dual	
sides	of	the	Atlantic,	come	from?	And	why	is	           museum	exhibits,	street	performances,	religious	    representation	of	India’s	national	sport	and	a	
freedom	always	depicted	as	a	gift	from	white	to	        ceremonies,	political	protests,	and	popular	film.   weapon	commonly	used	in	gangland	violence.	
black	people?	These	are	some	of	the	questions	                                                              The	hockey	stick	thus	mirrors	the	role	of	the	
addressed	in	The Horrible Gift of Freedom,	the	         Professor	Wood’s	latest	book,	Slavery Systrophe:
                                                                                                            baseball	bat	in	North	American	culture.	Professor	
most	recent	book	to	be	published	by	Marcus	             Brazil America Slavery and Art,	will	extend	his	
                                                                                                            Wood’s	academic	and	artistic	work	serves	both	
Wood,	Professor	of	English.	In	The Horrible Gift        research	into	a	comparative	analysis	of	the	visual	
                                                                                                            to	explore	the	inheritance	of	colonialism,	racism	
of Freedom	Professor	Wood	explores	the	visual	          archives	of	the	slave	cultures	of	Brazil	and	North	
                                                                                                            and	Atlantic	slavery,	and	asks	how,	as	a	culture,	
archives	and	iconography	associated	with	the	           America.	In	contrast	to	those	of	North	America,	
                                                                                                            we	remember	traumatic	and	violent	experience.
abolition	of	Atlantic	slavery,	and	discusses	how,	      the	Brazilian	archives	have	been	little	studied	
to	this	day,	our	visual	representations	of	slavery	     and	offer	a	wealth	of	new	perspectives	that,	in	
focus	on	celebratory	myths	that	function	to	            turn,	allow	for	a	radical	re-appraisal	of	the	more	
diminish	white	culpability	and	black	outrage.           familiar	American	slavery	materials.	The	work	
                                                        includes	an	intensive	study	of	photography	and	
So	much	of	both	our	historical	and	recent	              slavery	in	these	two	cultures	and	considers	how	
representation	of	the	abolition	of	slavery	focuses	     very	differently	the	museum	cultures	of	the	two	
on	the	white	heroes	of	abolition,	most	visibly	         regions	portray	slavery.	In	its	latter	stages,	the	
William	Wilberforce,	without	publicising	much	          book	moves	into	the	cutting-edge	discipline	of	
of	the	darker	and	horrifying	aspects	of	slavery,	       ‘intangible	heritage’,	exploring	such	neglected	
or	fully	discussing	the	philosophical	premise	          questions	as	the	importance	of	the	transfer	of	
that	you	cannot	give	someone	their	freedom.	            African	trade	beads	into	Afro-Brazilian	culture,	
If	we	are	all	born	free,	then	it	is	only	possible	to	   particularly	within	the	context	of	syncretic	
restore	that	which	has	been	stolen.	Rather	than	        religion.
celebrating	the	idea	of	granting	freedom	as	a	
great	cultural	landmark,	should	we	instead	be	
acknowledging	the	lies	on	which	such	myths	
are	built?	The Horrible Gift of Freedom	puts	
the	cultural	grandstanding	that	celebrates	the	
‘heroes	of	abolition’	into	historical	context.	The	
book	traces	the	roots	of	this	phenomenon	back	
to	the	emancipation	ceremonies	of	ancient	

                                                              Research at Sussex:
Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: sciences

                                                               •	research	in	all	scientific	areas	ranked	
                                                                 as	world	leading	in	the	2008	Research	
                                                                 Assessment	Exercise	(RAE)	
                                                               •	postgraduate	study	in	a	range	of	
                                                                 scientific	disciplines
                                                               •	internationally	recognised	sciences	
                                                               •	our	interdisciplinary	approach	crosses	
                                                                 traditional	subject	boundaries

                                                              Sussex	offers	exciting	research	opportunities	
                                                              for	postgraduate	study	in	a	wide	variety	of	
                                                              related	scientific	disciplines.	The	University	
                                                              has	been	home	to	the	research	of	three	Nobel	
                                                              Prize	winners	in	science	and	the	winner	of	the	
                                                              prestigious	Crafoord	Prize	(in	biosciences).		
                                                              We	have	also	counted	15	Fellows	of	the	Royal	
                                                              Society	on	our	staff.
                                                              Sussex	offers	many	opportunities	for	research	
                                                              and	activity	that	cross	subject	boundaries	both	
                                                              within	the	sciences	and	across	the	University	
                                                              to	the	arts	and	social	sciences.	One	of	the	           Biochemistry                                         Informatics
                                                              driving	forces	in	our	current	research	is	the	         Structural	biology	•	gene	expression	and	cell	       Research	is	organised	into	four	groups:		
                                                              interdisciplinary	approach	to	the	pursuit	of	          signalling	and	genomics	•	genome	stability	and	      Cognitive	and	Language	Processing	Systems		
                                                              knowledge	at	the	important	interfaces	between	         cancer.	There	is	considerable	overlap	in	research	   •	Evolutionary	and	Adaptive	Systems	(EASy)	
                                                              subjects.                                              interests	between	these	areas	and	other	areas	       •	Foundations	of	Software	Systems	•	Interactive	
                                                              Our sciences schools of studies                        within	life	sciences,	such	as	the	Genome	            Systems.	Informatics	also	plays	a	central	role	in	
                                                              As	a	postgraduate	student	you	will	be	based	in	        Damage	and	Stability	Centre,	the	Brighton	and	       three	major	cross-disciplinary	research	centres:	
                                                              one	of	the	following	schools	of	studies:	              Sussex	Medical	School	(BSMS),	and	the	Centre	        Centre	for	Computational	Neuroscience	and	
                                                                                                                     for	Chemical	Biology.                                Robotics	(CCNR)	•	Centre	for	Research	in	
                                                              •	Engineering	and	Design                                                                                    Cognitive	Science	(COGS)	•	Sackler	Centre	for	
                                                              •	Informatics                                                                                               Consciousness	Science	(SCCS).
                                                                                                                     Genes	and	development	•	aspects	of	animal	
                                                              •	Mathematical	and	Physical	Sciences                   behaviour	•	plant	science	•	evolution	and	           Mathematics
                                                                                                                     natural	selection	(including	the	application	        Research	is	organised	into	four	groups:	Analysis	
                                                              •	Life	Sciences                                        of	mathematical	theory)	•	ecology	and	               and	Partial	Differential	Equations		
                                                              •	Psychology.                                          conservation.	There	is	also	a	considerable	          •	Mathematical	Biology	•	Numerical	Analysis	
                                                                                                                     overlap	in	research	interests	with	the	Genome	       and	Scientific	Computing	•	Topology	and	
                                                              The	research	activity	of	Sussex’s	sciences	            Damage	and	Stability	Centre,	and	the	                Geometry.
                                                              schools	and	departments	is	organised	into	             environmental	science,	biochemistry	and	
                                                              research	groups,	which	are	focal	points	for	           neuroscience	groups.                                 Neuroscience
                                                              faculty,	research	staff	and	graduate	students	with	                                                         Fundamental	studies	of	the	molecular,	
                                                              common	research	interests.	Research	at	Sussex	         Chemistry                                            cellular,	electrophysiological	and	behavioural	
                                                              is	flexible,	with	recognised	centres	of	excellence	    Chemical	biology	•	polymer	science		                 mechanisms	of	brain	function	including	sensory	
                                                              acting	as	focal	points	for	multidisciplinary	          •	nanotechnology	and	molecular	enzymology	           physiology,	hearing	research,	vision,	motor	
                                                              interests.                                             •	chemical	physics	and	spectroscopy	•	natural	       control,	learning	and	memory.	
                                                                                                                     product	synthesis	•	synthetic	methodology		
                                                              Research groups and centres                            •	organic	synthesis	and	reactions		                  Physics and astronomy
                                                              in sciences                                            •	organometallic	chemistry	•	materials	science	      Research	is	organised	into	four	groups:	
                                                              Membership	of	our	research	groups	and	centres	         •	transition	metal,	main	group	and	f-element	        Astronomy	Centre	•	Atomic,	Molecular	and	
                                                              of	excellence	can	be	quite	informal	and	it	is	not	     chemistry	•	cluster	science	•	theoretical	           Optical	Physics	•	Experimental	Particle	Physics		
                                                              unusual	for	faculty	and	their	research	students	       chemistry.                                           •	Theoretical	Particle	Physics.	
                                                              to	participate	in	the	activities	of	more	than	one	
                                                              of	them.	Many	research	groups	have	strong	             Engineering and design                               Psychology
                                                              links	with	particular	taught	Masters	degree	           Research	is	organised	into	ten	groups:	              Research	is	organised	into	four	groups:	
                                                              programmes.			                                         Biomedical	Engineering	Group	•	Centre	for	           Behavioural	and	Clinical	Neuroscience		
                                                                                                                     Physical	Electronics	and	Quantum	Technology		        •	Cognitive	Psychology	•	Developmental	
                                                              An	overview	of	the	research	activities	in	science	     •	Communications	•	Dynamics	and	Automotive	          and	Clinical	Psychology	•	Social	and	Applied	
                                                              is	provided	on	the	right.	For	more	detailed	           Engineering	(DAE)	Group	•	Electrical	and	            Psychology.	
                                                              information	on	subjects	of	particular	interest	and	    Electronic	Engineering	Group	•	Industrial	
                                                              the	work	of	specific	research	groups	and	centres	                                                           On	the	page	opposite	we	showcase	one	of	our	
                                                                                                                     Informatics	•	Mechanical	Engineering	Group	          ground-breaking	research	projects.	Find	out	
                                                              of	excellence,	refer	to	the	subject	entries	in	this	   •	Space	Science	Centre	•	Thermo-Fluid	
                                                              prospectus	starting	on	page	39,	or	visit		                                                                  more	at
                                                                                                                     Mechanics	Research	Centre	(TFMRC)		
                                                                                  •	Tribology.                                         	

                                                                                                                     Environmental science
                                                                                                                     Processes	controlling	the	mobility,	persistence	
                                                                                                                     and	availability	of	toxic	substances	in	soil	and	
                                                                                                                     aquatic	systems	•	environmental	hazards,	            Further information
                                                                                                                     sampling	and	uncertainty	•	endocrine	disruption	     For further details of programmes and for specific
                                                                                                                                                                          contact information, refer to the subject entries
                                                                                                                     •	genotoxicology.
                                                                                                                                                                          dealing with the research area or subject of your
                                                                                                                                                                          interests (pages 39-160).


                                                                                                                                                                        Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: sciences
  Unravelling                                                                                                      perspective
                                                                                                          ‘It’s really exciting to be involved in a field that draws 
  the mystery of                                                                                          on the expertise of so many disciplines. Everyone’s 
                                                                                                          background is so diverse that we can cover all bases 
  consciousness                                                                                           when addressing a scientific question. At the same 
                                                                                                          time I’ve come to recognise that developing and 
                                                                                                          defending my own perspective is essential, as no one 
  Understanding how consciousness arises                                                                  has had exactly the same experience as me. I also 
  from underlying physiology and brain                                                                    feel very privileged to be working in an area in which 
  activity stands out as one of the core                                                                  there is still so much to discover. It is testament to 
  scientific challenges of the 21st century.                                                              the researchers at Sussex that we are investigating 
  A unique new research centre at Sussex                                                                  under the heading of ‘Consciousness Science’, when 
  has brought together an interdisciplinary                                                               even 20 years ago it was a taboo topic.
  team to study the complex brain                                                                         ‘My own work in synaesthesia will give us an 
                                                                                                          x x
  mechanisms that give rise to                                                                            insight into what it’s like to have a conscious 
  conscious experience.                                                                                   experience that is very different from the norm. 
                                                                                                          Through a combination of philosophy, psychology, 
                                                                                            23            neuroscience and informatics, we’ll not only find 
                                                                                                          out what it is like to have synaesthesia but we will 

                                         9                                                                also try to understand what causes this amazing 
                                                                                                          x x
                                                                                                          experience. In the process I have the opportunity to 
                                                                                                          help develop a number of tools that can be applied 
                                                                                                          in many areas of research, so I’m convinced that our 
                                                                                                          contribution will extend into many fields.’

                                                                                               7          Cass Gould
                                                                                                          DPhil	student	

Taking a unique, integrated                        Many	recent	research	approaches	to	studying	           Clinically,	the	work	of	the	SCCS	focuses	on	
scientific approach to study                       consciousness	have	involved	identifying	neural	        the	pathology	behind	disturbances	in	normal	
                                                   correlates;	that	is,	changes	in	brain	activity	that	   consciousness	that	exist	in	neuropsychiatric	
conscious experience
                                                   occur	in	response	to	a	specific	stimulus.	Such	        conditions	such	as	schizophrenia,	and	the	
Unravelling	the	mystery	of	consciousness	          an	approach	does	not,	however,	necessarily	            neurological	deficits	that	occur	in	patients	
has	long	been	considered	to	lie	beyond	the	        explain	why	a	particular	conscious	experience	         with	severe	brain	injury.	In	one	project,	Dr	Nick	
realm	of	scientific	study.	However,	a	unique	      occurs.	Every	conscious	experience	that	we	have	       Medford,	working	with	Professor	Critchley,	is	
interdisciplinary	group	of	researchers	at	the	     is	unique,	and	each	is	a	very	precisely	integrated	    using	fMRI	to	test	the	idea	that	we	feel	less	
new	Sackler	Centre	for	Consciousness	Science	      whole	that	is	informed	by	a	multitude	of	sensory	      ‘real’	when	the	brain	fails	to	properly	integrate	
(SCCS)	are	taking	an	integrated	approach	to	the	 stimuli,	as	well	as	our	own	physiological	and	           external	sensations	with	perceptions	of	our	own	
study	of	consciousness,	hoping	to	shed	new	light	 emotional	responses.	To	begin	to	understand	            bodily	state.	Aside	from	its	own	considerable	
on	this	age-old	problem.	                          such	fundamental	yet	complex	properties	of	            clinical	value,	the	study	of	clinical	conditions	
Founded	with	the	help	of	a	generous	donation	      consciousness,	one	basic	science	approach	             characterised	by	altered	states	of	consciousness	
from	the	Dr	Mortimer	and	Theresa	Sackler	          being	taken	by	Dr	Seth	and	theoretical	physicist	      generates	data	that	can	feed	back	to	inform	and	
Foundation,	the	SCCS	brings	together	expertise	 Dr	Adam	Barrett	is	the	use	of	large-scale	                advance	basic	science.	Ultimately,	it	is	hoped	
in	neuroscience,	informatics,	psychology,	         computational	modelling	and	new	mathematics	           that	this	synergy	between	basic	science	and	
cognitive	science,	artificial	intelligence	and	    to	identify	the	distinct	neural	mechanisms	            clinical	research	will	allow	the	development	of	
neuropsychiatry.	The	Centre	is	co-directed	by	     that	account	for	such	complex	integration	of	          new	methods	of	diagnosis	and	treatment	for	
Dr	Anil	Seth	in	the	School	of	Informatics,	and	    information.	Another	approach	to	understanding	        clinical	conditions.
Professor	Hugo	Critchley,	the	Chair	of	Psychiatry	 conscious	experience	in	the	‘normal’	brain	is	
at	Brighton	and	Sussex	Medical	School	(BSMS).	 through	the	study	of	unusual	perceptual	states.	
Its	research	is	focused	on	two	complementary	      Synaesthesia	is	a	remarkable	condition	where	
areas:	using	a	basic	science	approach	to	          external	stimuli	such	as	letters	or	numbers	are	
understand	the	neural	mechanisms	that	             perceived	by	the	affected	individual	as	specific	
generate	consciousness,	and	studying	clinical	     and	consistent	conjunctions	of	colours.	Working	
applications	with	the	ultimate	goal	of	improving	  with	Dr	Seth	and	Dr	Jamie	Ward	from	the	School	
diagnosis	and	therapy.	                            of	Psychology,	DPhil	student	Cass	Gould	is	using	
                                                   fMRI	brain	imaging	and	a	novel	Granger	causality	
                                                   analysis	(originally	used	in	economics)	to	study	
                                                   the	neural	networks	that	underlie	this	unusual	
                                                   phenomenon	and	how	this	can	improve	our	
                                                   understanding	of	conscious	perception	in	normal	

                                                                     Research at Sussex:                                     Research centres in the
Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: social sciences

                                                                                                                             social sciences
                                                                     social sciences                                         Sussex	is	home	to	a	number	of	leading	
                                                                                                                             interdisciplinary	centres	of	excellence,	which	
                                                                                                                             provide	an	unrivalled	interdisciplinary	context	
                                                                      •	in	the	2008	Research	Assessment	                     for	the	study	of	the	contemporary	world.	Many	
                                                                        Exercise	(RAE),	10	of	12	subjects	                   of	these	centres	host	weekly	research	seminars	
                                                                        we	submitted	ranked	in	the	top	15	                   that	attract	major	international	speakers,	as	well	
                                                                        nationally                                           as	providing	a	forum	for	discussion	of	work-in-
                                                                      •	one	of	the	largest	centres	of	social	                progress	undertaken	by	research	students	and	
                                                                        sciences	doctoral	training	in	the	UK,	with	          academic	faculty.
                                                                        over	230	permanent	academic	staff                    A	number	of	research	centres	at	Sussex	
                                                                      •	leading	research	centres	provide	a	forum	            are	actively	engaged	in	major	international	
                                                                        for	study	and	discussion                             collaborative	projects	with	researchers	in	Europe,	
                                                                                                                             North	America,	and	across	poorer	parts	of	the	
                                                                      •	distinctive,	interdisciplinary	Masters	              world.	Some	centres	provide	workspace	and	paid	
                                                                        programmes                                           research	opportunities	for	affiliated	research	
                                                                     Research	in	the	social	sciences	at	Sussex	covers	       All	centres	welcome	both	Masters	and	research	
                                                                     14	areas	recognised	by	the	UK’s	Economic	and	           students	to	participate	in	their	activities:
                                                                     Social	Research	Council	(ESRC),	including	all	the	
                                                                     major	social	science	disciplines,	and	a	number	           C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Colonial	and	Postcolonial	Studies
                                                                     of	specialist	interdisciplinary	areas	in	which	           C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Gender	Studies	
                                                                     Sussex	has	a	major	international	reputation,	             C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Global	Political	Economy
                                                                     such	as	development	studies,	European	studies,	           C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Higher	Education	and		
                                                                     migration	studies,	gender	studies,	international	         Equity	Research
                                                                     education	and	development,	and	science	and	
                                                                     technology	policy	research.                               C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Inquiry	and	Research	in	Cognition,	
                                                                                                                               Learning	and	Teaching
                                                                     In	the	2008	RAE,	10	of	12	social	science	                 C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	International	Education
                                                                     subjects	we	submitted	were	ranked	in	the		
                                                                     top	15	nationally,	with	the	work	of	over	130	staff	       C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Life	History	and	Life	Writing		
                                                                     judged	to	be	internationally	excellent	and	world	                                                             Lower-caste women at a water handpump in
                                                                     leading.	                                                 C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Research	in	Health	and	Medicine         Rajasthan, India. Limited access to water is
                                                                     Our	stimulating	and	accessible	postgraduate	              C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Responsibilities,	Rights	and	the	Law    detrimental to their reproductive health. One of
                                                                                                                                                                                   the areas of research at Sussex focuses on the
                                                                     programmes	are	informed	by	cutting-edge	                  C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	Social	and	Political	Thought
                                                                                                                                                                                   anthropology of gender, reproduction and health
                                                                     research,	and	are	taught	by	established	                  C
                                                                                                                             •		 entre	for	the	Study	of	Parties	and	
                                                                     academic	staff	whose	work	is	internationally	             Democracies	in	Europe
                                                                     recognised	in	their	field.	We	aim	to	use	research-        J
                                                                                                                             •		 ustice	and	Violence	Research	Centre	
                                                                     led	teaching	at	Masters	level	to	provide	you	
                                                                     either	with	a	route	into	the	policy	or	business	          S
                                                                                                                             •		 ussex	Centre	for	Migration	Research
                                                                     worlds,	equipped	with	insights	from	the	latest	           S
                                                                                                                             •		 ussex	European	Institute
                                                                     in	social	science	research,	or	with	a	route	to	a	         T
                                                                                                                             •		 he	Sussex	Energy	Group
                                                                     research	degree	to	explore	further	a	specialist	
                                                                     area	of	research.                                       For	a	list	of	all	the	research	centres	and	groups	
                                                                                                                             at	Sussex,	visit
                                                                     Sussex	research	in	the	social	sciences	is	              researchgroups
                                                                     particularly	recognised	for	its	high	level	of	impact	                                                         Further information
                                                                                                                             We	are	also	home	to	the	Institute	of	                 For details of degree programmes and for specific
                                                                     in	policy	fields	such	as	social	work,	education,	       Development	Studies	(IDS)	and	the	Department	         contact information, refer to the subject entries
                                                                     international	development,	international	               of	SPRU	–	Science	and	Technology	Policy	              dealing with the research area or subject of your
                                                                     migration,	and	law.	This	is	reflected	in	a	high	        Research.	                                            interests (pages 39-160).
                                                                     degree	of	interaction	with	UK	Government	
                                                                     departments	and	international	organisations	            On	the	page	opposite	we	showcase	one	of	our	
                                                                                                                             ground-breaking	research	projects.	Find	out	          Higher Education in Tanzania. Sussex staff
                                                                     in	these	fields,	including	two	major	research	                                                                engage in collaborative action research at two
                                                                     centres	funded	by	the	Department	for	                   more	at
                                                                                                                                                                                   case-study institutions in Tanzania and Ghana,
                                                                     International	Development	on	migration	and	                                                                   exploring factors that facilitate or impede access,
                                                                     poverty,	and	access	to	education.	We	also	                                                                    participation and achievement in Higher Education
                                                                     host	the	ESRC	Social,	Technological	and	
                                                                     Environmental	Pathways	to	Sustainability	
                                                                     (STEPS)	Centre.
                                                                     Our social sciences schools of
                                                                     As	a	postgraduate	student	you	will	be	based	in	
                                                                     one	of	the	following	schools	of	studies:	
                                                                     •	Business,	Management	and	Economics
                                                                     •	Education	and	Social	Work
                                                                     •	Global	Studies
                                                                     •	Law,	Politics	and	Sociology.
                                                                     The	research	activity	within	and	across	the	
                                                                     schools	is	organised	into	a	number	of	research	
                                                                     centres,	which	are	focal	points	for	faculty,	
                                                                     research	staff	and	postgraduate	students	with	
                                                                     common	research	interests.


                                                                                                                                                                       Postgraduate studies at Sussex Research at Sussex: social sciences
  Adapting to                                                                                                         perspective
                                                                                                             ‘There can be few areas of science that directly 
  climate change                                                                                             inform policy to the extent that climate science 
                                                                                                             does today. When I started my climate research 
                                                                                                             career more than 20 years ago, climate science 
  Through interdisciplinary and                                                                              was a minority interest and climate change only 
  international collaboration, Sussex is                                                                     a peripheral issue. Now it is at the forefront of 
  committed to a new major climate change                                                                    scientific, social, economic and political agendas 
  initiative that integrates climate science                                                                 and has a prominent media profile. Since climate 
  with the study of the economics                                                                            change has moved out of the research labs and on 
  and policy dimensions of climate                                                                           to the front page, I felt I wanted to look outwards 
  change and its impact on society.                                                                          also. Coming to Sussex has enabled me to work 
                                                                                                             with leading groups that work directly on developing 
                                                                                                             policy on the shift from fossil fuels to low-carbon 
                                                                                                             x x
                                                                                                             energy and on the impact of climate change on 
                                                                                                             people in the developing world. It has highlighted the 
                                                                                                             magnitude of the challenge society faces and the 
                                                                                                             necessity for the multidisciplinary approach we are 
                                                                                                             developing at Sussex.’

                                                                                                             Martin Todd
                                                                                                             Chair	in	Climate	

An interdisciplinary initiative to                    The	Department	of	Geography	at	Sussex	has	a	           The	work	on	future	climate	change	at	Sussex	
tackle global climate change                          wide	portfolio	of	research	into	both	fundamental	      has	two	main	dimensions.	The	first	is	to	predict	
                                                      climate	science	and	applications	to	real-              the	long-term	impact	of	climate	change	on	
There	can	be	little	doubt	that	climate	change	is	
                                                      world	problems.	The	climate	research	group	            our	life-support	systems,	for	example,	water	
one	of	the	great	challenges	of	our	time.	Efforts	
                                                      investigates	past,	current	and	future	climates,	       resources,	ecosystems	and	agriculture,	and	
to	increase	our	understanding	of	the	climate	
                                                      using	a	combination	of	field	research,	historical	     the	associated	social	processes	such	as	mass	
system	and	appropriate	policy	responses	
                                                      data,	satellite	observations	and	state-of-the-         migration.	In	addition,	it	is	focused	on	how	to	use	
to	climate	change	in	the	21st	century	will	
                                                      art	climate	models.	The	aim	is	to	understand	          scientific	data	to	help	inform	policy	for	adaptive	
require	collaboration	across	disciplines	and	
                                                      the	major	drivers	of	climate,	and	to	improve	          responses	to	climate	change	from	national	to	
at	an	international	level.	Recent	initiatives	at	
                                                      our	ability	to	predict	both	short-	and	long-term	      community	levels.	Thus,	the	work	addresses	the	
Sussex	have	seen	major	investment	in	climate	
                                                      climate	change.	                                       big	challenges	of	providing	relevant	information	
change,	using	an	integrated	approach	that	
                                                                                                             on	future	climate	changes	and	impacts,	and	
brings	together	research	in	climate	science	          Research	into	paleoclimate	at	Sussex	aims	
                                                                                                             communicating	it	in	the	best	possible	way	to	
(in	collaboration	with	the	Department	of	             to	reconstruct	past	environments	and	explain	
                                                                                                             optimise	decision	making.
Geography),	the	impact	of	climate	change	on	          the	causes	of	climate	change	that	have	taken	
society	and	our	adaptive	responses	(the	Institute	    place	in	the	last	10,000	years,	such	as	the	           The	three	key	agendas	in	Sussex’s	climate	
of	Development	Studies),	and	the	economics	           desertification	of	the	Sahara.	Contemporary	           change	initiative,	the	science,	societal	impact	
and	policy	associated	with	the	transition	to	         climate	analysis	is	focused	on	studying	many	of	       and	economics	and	policy	dimensions	of	climate	
a	lower	carbon	economy	(in	collaboration	             the	key	processes	that	drive	climate	variability	      change,	are	exemplified	in	the	creation	of	two	
with	SPRU	–	Science	and	Technology	Policy	            and	change,	most	notably	the	determinants	             unique	new	Masters	programmes	in	Climate	
Research).	The	University	is	also	a	core	partner	     of	seasonal	tropical	rainfall,	and	the	role	of	        Change	and	Policy	and	Climate	Change	and	
in	the	world-leading	Tyndall	Centre	for	Climate	      mineral	dust	aerosols.	This	latter	phenomenon	         Development.	By	bringing	together	existing	
Change	Research.	Professor	Martin	Todd,	who	          exemplifies	the	complexity	of	the	challenge;	the	      expertise	within	the	University	and	fostering	
took	up	the	position	of	Chair	in	Climate	Change	      vast	dust	clouds	that	are	blown	from	the	Sahara	       international	research	collaborations	in	the	UK,	
in	September	2009,	has	been	appointed	to	             across	West	Africa,	the	Atlantic	and	South	            Europe	and	Africa,	the	aim	is	to	set	up	a	world-
coordinate	the	teaching	within	this	new	initiative.   America	have	a	substantial	direct	impact	on	           class	research	network	for	climate	change.
                                                      the	planet’s	energy	budgets	but	also	influence	
                                                      the	cycling	of	carbon	between	the	atmosphere,	
                                                      ocean	and	land	surface.	Contemporary	climate	
                                                      analysis	also	provides	information	for	real-life	
                                                      applications,	such	as	improving	the	prediction	of	
                                                      seasonal	tropical	rainfall	that	impacts	crop	yields	
                                                      and	water	resources.

                                                                        Routes to                                             Research training                                     Spring	term:	you	take	Research	Design	and	
Postgraduate studies at Sussex Routes to postgraduate study at Sussex

                                                                                                                              If	you’re	interested	in	studying	for	a	research	      Ethics	and	either	three	intermediate	methods	

                                                                        postgraduate                                          degree	in	the	social	sciences,	or	want	to	learn	
                                                                                                                              about	research	methods,	you	might	want	to	
                                                                                                                                                                                    courses	or	one	intermediate	methods	course	
                                                                                                                                                                                    and	a	subject-specific	course.	Intermediate	

                                                                        study at Sussex                                       consider	our	innovative	MSc	in	Social	Research	
                                                                                                                                                                                    methods	courses	include	Action	Research		
                                                                                                                                                                                    •	Comparative	Method	•	Discourse	Analysis		
                                                                                                                                                                                    •	Ethnographic	Methods	•	Evidence	for	Policy	
                                                                                                                              If	you	want	to	study	for	a	DPhil	(which	is	the	       and	Practice	•	Geographical	Information	
                                                                         •	opportunity	for	postgraduate	study	at	a	           equivalent	of	a	PhD	at	other	universities),	and	are	 Systems	•	Participatory	Methods	•	Policy	and	
                                                                           number	of	different	levels                         seeking	Economic	and	Social	Research	Council	         Programme	Evaluation	Research.
                                                                         •	a	range	of	taught	postgraduate	                    (ESRC)	funding,	you	will	be	required	to	take	this	
                                                                           programmes	complements	the	many	                   programme,	unless	you	have	already	achieved	          Summer	term	and	vacation:	you	take	a	series	of	
                                                                           postgraduate	research	options	on	offer             a	similar	level	of	research	training	at	a	university	 advanced	methods	options,	offered	in	the	form	
                                                                                                                              elsewhere.	                                           of	short	workshops,	and	undertake	supervised	
                                                                         •	strong	links	between	taught	and	                                                                         work	on	a	dissertation	focused	on	research	
                                                                           research	programmes	encourage	cross-               At	the	end	of	your	first	year	you	graduate	with	a	    methods.	This	dissertation	can	be	the	full	
                                                                           pollination	of	ideas	between	students	             Masters	degree,	before	proceeding	to	the	DPhil	       research	outline	for	doctoral	study.	
                                                                           and	staff                                          (this	is	called	1+3	study).		
                                                                                                                              In	the	fields	of	economics,	psychology,	and	
                                                                                                                                                                                      Assessment of the MSc in Social
                                                                                                                              science,	technology	and	innovation,	our	                Research Methods
                                                                        We	have	structured	postgraduate	work	at	Sussex	                                                               Taught	courses	are	variously	assessed	by	term	
                                                                        to	enhance	postgraduate	education,	and	ensure	        specialist	Masters	programmes	are	recognised	
                                                                                                                              by	the	UK’s	Economic	and	Social	Research	               papers	of	3,000-5,000	words	or	equivalent	
                                                                        that	all	of	our	students	work	within	a	stimulating	                                                           coursework	portfolios.	The	research	elective	is	
                                                                        context	that	promotes	the	cross-pollination	          Council	(ESRC)	as	providing	research	training	
                                                                                                                              suitable	for	1+3	study.	Refer	to	individual	            assessed	by	a	dissertation	of	10,000	words.	
                                                                        essential	to	high-quality	research.	
                                                                                                                              subject	areas	for	details	of	these	programmes.          In	addition,	there	are	two	other	awards	available:
                                                                        So,	whichever	route	into	postgraduate	study	
                                                                        you	choose,	you	will	be	joining	a	postgraduate	       All	other	social	sciences	at	Sussex	are	part	of	           	
                                                                                                                                                                                      •	 a	Postgraduate	Diploma	in	Social	Research	
                                                                        community	that	draws	appropriate	subject	areas	       an	interdisciplinary	Social	Research	Training	             Methods,	which	comprises	120	credits	of	
                                                                        into	a	coherent	body,	provides	an	academic	and	       Consortium,	which	offers	ESRC-recognised	                  coursework	and	has	the	same	requirements	
                                                                        social	environment	in	which	students,	research	       research	training	in	research	methods,	                    as	the	MSc	minus	the	research	elective	and	
                                                                        staff	and	faculty	can	learn	from	each	other,	and	     through	our	innovative	MSc	in	Social	Research	             dissertation	component
                                                                        offers	facilities	that	encourage	both	intellectual	   Methods.	This	is	for	students	in	the	fields	
                                                                                                                              of	anthropology,	contemporary	European	                    	
                                                                                                                                                                                      •	 a	Postgraduate	Certificate	(as	above),	which	
                                                                        and	social	exchange.                                                                                             comprises	60	credits	of	coursework.
                                                                                                                              studies,	development	studies,	education,	
                                                                        Masters degrees and other taught                      human	geography,	international	development,	
                                                                        postgraduate programmes                               international	relations,	politics,	legal	studies,	
                                                                        Our	taught	postgraduate	programmes	offer	             migration	studies,	social	work	and	social	care,	
                                                                        you	the	opportunity	to	study	the	subject	of	your	     and	sociology.
                                                                        first	degree	at	an	advanced	level,	or	develop	        This	MSc	programme	is	specifically	designed	
                                                                        new	skills	and	knowledge	by	undertaking	a	            to	provide	1+3	training	for	those	intending	
                                                                        programme	in	a	different	subject.	They	can	           to	move	directly	to	doctoral	study	in	relevant	                  Paul’s
                                                                        enhance	your	career	prospects	by	developing	          disciplines	and	interdisciplinary	areas.	It	can	also	            perspective
                                                                        knowledge	and	skills	relevant	to	your	chosen	         be	taken	as	a	stand-alone	one-year	programme	
                                                                        career,	and	help	you	prepare	for	a	research	                                                                  ‘After spending three years in Sudan as a teacher 
                                                                                                                              by	those	who	wish	to	apply	advanced	research	           and coordinator of educational projects, I decided 
                                                                        degree	by	developing	your	subject	knowledge	          methodologies	to	an	area	of	academic	or	policy	         to return to university to deepen my professional 
                                                                        and	research	skills.                                  interest	without	continuing	to	a	doctorate.	            knowledge of the education sector. As the Centre  
                                                                        With	taught	Masters	programmes,	typically	                                                                    for International Education has research interests 
                                                                        between	half	and	three-quarters	of	your	time	is	
                                                                                                                              Programme structure of the MSc in                       that complement my own, and an excellent 
                                                                        devoted	to	taught	courses,	with	the	remainder	        Social Research Methods                                 international reputation, the University of Sussex 
                                                                        spent	researching	and	writing	up	a	supervised	        Our	MSc	programme	follows	a	standard	                   was my natural choice. 
                                                                        dissertation	or	project	on	a	topic	chosen	in	         model,	in	which	you	study	the	philosophical	            ‘Even before beginning my studies, I found the 
                                                                        conjunction	with	your	assigned	supervisor.		          underpinnings	of	research,	research	design,	            University friendly and supportive, with my supervisor 
                                                                                                                              research	ethics,	and	both	quantitative	and	             assisting with my successful application for an ESRC 
                                                                        Sussex	offers	a	range	of	taught	postgraduate	         qualitative	methods.	Following	on	from	these	           studentship.
                                                                        programmes	including:                                 core	elements,	you	undertake	a	series	of	options	       ‘In preparation for my DPhil I’m currently studying for 
                                                                                                                                                                                      x x
                                                                        •		 asters	in	Business	Administration	(MBA)           on	advanced	research	methods	providing	the	key	         an MSc in Social Research Methods. The programme 
                                                                                                                              skills	necessary	for	carrying	out	doctoral-level	       covers practical data collection and analysis, as well 
                                                                        •		 aster	of	Arts	(MA)                                                                                        as philosophy of social science and methodology. 
                                                                        •		 aster	of	Laws	(LLM)                                                                                       ‘As I came to Sussex without any previous 
                                                                                                                           Throughout	the	year,	you	also	undertake	a	                 research experience, the MSc has enabled the 
                                                                        •		 aster	of	Science	(MSc)                         research	elective	in	your	chosen	discipline	               gradual development of both my interest in, and 
                                                                                                                                                                                      x x
                                                                        •		 ostgraduate	diplomas	and	certificates.	        or	interdisciplinary	area,	which	comprises	                knowledge of, the possibilities and complexities 
                                                                        We	also	offer	professional	qualifications	such	as	 independent	reading,	attendance	at	research	               of social research. Both the teaching and the 
                                                                        the	Postgraduate	Certificate	in	Education	(PGCE)	 seminars,	and	regular	individual	supervisions	
                                                                                                                                                                                      assessment have helped me to develop the focus 
                                                                                                                           with	a	dedicated	member	of	academic	faculty.               of my doctoral research within sound theoretical 
                                                                        and	the	Common	Professional	Examination	
                                                                                                                                                                                      and methodological bases. The programme’s 
                                                                        (CPE)/Graduate	Diploma.	For	a	full	listing	of	our	 Autumn	term:	you	take	courses	in	introductory	             international and interdisciplinary nature also makes 
                                                                        taught	programmes,	refer	to	pages	39-160.          quantitative	and	qualitative	methods,	as	well	             for interesting and stimulating class discussions.’
                                                                                                                           as	Philosophy	of	Science	and	Social	Scientific	
                                                                                                                           Research	Practice	or a	theoretical	core	course	            Paul Fean 
                                                                                                                           within	your	chosen	discipline.                             MSc	in	Social	Research		

                                                       MPhil or DPhil?                                         Collaborative research

                                                                                                                                                                          Postgraduate studies at Sussex Routes to postgraduate study at Sussex
Standard term dates 2011-2012
                                                       MPhil	and	DPhil	programmes	differ	in	the	               If	you	are	carrying	out	research	for	an	
Autumn term                                            length	of	the	programme	and	thus	in	the	extent	         organisation	outside	the	university	sector,	it	
3 October 2011 to 9 December 2012                      of	the	research	work	you	can	undertake	and	             may	be	possible	to	register	for	an	MPhil	or	DPhil	
Spring term                                            incorporate	in	your	thesis.	To	qualify	for	an	MPhil,	   at	Sussex	as	a	collaborative	distant	student.	
9 January 2012 to 16 March 2012                        a	thesis	must	either	make	an	adequate	original	         ‘Distant’	registration	would	allow	work	to	
Summer term                                            contribution	to	knowledge	or	understanding,	or	         continue	at	your	industry	base.
16 April 2012 to 22 June 2012                          be	a	valuable	presentation	or	interpretation	of	
Postgraduate students will normally                    material	put	together	in	an	original	manner.	A	         Distance learning
be registered from 1 October 2011 to                   DPhil	thesis	must	make	a	substantial	original	          If	you	are	a	research	degree	candidate	with	an	
30 September 2012.                                                                                             occupation	in	your	own	country	that	prevents	you	
                                                       contribution	to	knowledge	or	understanding.
                                                                                                               from	attending	full	time	in	the	UK	for	the	whole	
                                                        The	subject	entries	of	this	prospectus	(pages	         period	of	study,	it	may	be	possible	to	register	as	
Research degrees                                        39-160)	refer	to	subject	areas	in	which	MPhil	         an	independent	distant	student.	You	would	be	
A	research	degree	offers	you	the	opportunity	to	        and	DPhil	programmes	are	available.	However,	          required	to	spend	a	minimum	registration	period	
undertake	an	in-depth	study	of	a	particular	topic.	 please	note	that	the	final	MPhil	or	DPhil	award	           in	full-time	study	at	Sussex,	and	the	remainder	in	
You	carry	out	an	independent	and	original	piece	        is	not	specifically	linked	to	a	particular	subject.	   an	approved	distant	student	arrangement.	
of	work,	which	you	then	write	up	in	the	form	of	        For	example,	a	DPhil	student	whose	research	
a	thesis.	                                              focuses	on	physics	will	graduate	with	a	DPhil	and	     For	further	information	about	our	routes	to	
                                                        not	a	DPhil	in	Physics.	                               postgraduate	study,	contact:	
When	you	are	admitted	for	research,	you	
are	carefully	matched	with	two	supervisors	                                                                    Student	Recruitment	Services,		
                                                        New Route DPhil                                        Sussex	House,		
experienced	in	the	field	of	your	personal	              In	addition	to	traditional	DPhil	programmes,	we	
research	interests,	who	assist	you	in	formulating	 offer	an	alternative	route	into	doctoral	study:	the	        University	of	Sussex,	Falmer,		
a	research	proposal.	You	will	need	to	define	a	                                                                Brighton	BN1	9RH,	UK	
                                                        New	Route	DPhil.
programme	of	research	that	can	be	completed	                                                                   T	+44	(0)1273	876787
within	the	maximum	permitted	period	of	                 The	New	Route	DPhil	combines	a	specific	               E
registration.	The	support	of	your	main	supervisor	 research	project	with	a	coherent	programme	       
is	crucial	in	assisting	you	to	complete	your	           of	coursework.	This	seamless	programme	of	
degree	successfully.	Supervisors	can	offer	advice	 research	methods	training,	taught	subject-                           Aidan’s
and	guidance,	but	they	will	not	tell	you	exactly	       specific	modules	and	interdisciplinary	studies	                 perspective
what	to	read	or	how	to	design	and	carry	out	work	 aims	to	broaden	and	deepen	your	subject	
                                                        knowledge	and	extends	your	expertise	in	new	           ‘I loved studying here during my BSc and the decision 
on	your	thesis.
                                                        directions.	At	the	same	time,	tuition	and	support	     to stay on after I graduated wasn’t hard to make. 
In	the	arts	and	social	sciences	you	are	normally	       encourage	you	to	develop	a	range	of	professional	      ‘The whole application process was smoothly 
required	to	complete	a	research	proposal	during	 skills	that	employers	now	expect.	                            aided by both my supervisor and the Department’s 
the	first	year	of	registration,	providing	a	rationale,	                                                        administration process. I was fortunate enough to 
statement	of	the	research	problem,	discussion	          It	can	also	be	possible	for	you	to	obtain	             receive a fully funded placement. 
of	research	methods,	timetable	of	activities	and	 an	intermediate	award	such	as	an	MSc,	a	                     ‘I’m now midway through my second year, and so far 
indication	of	the	range	of	outcomes	anticipated.	 Postgraduate	Diploma	or	a	Postgraduate	                      it’s been a very enjoyable, if challenging, experience. 
You	then	work	to	develop	your	analytical	               Certificate	as	part	of	the	New	Route	DPhil.	           I’ve benefited from a helpful lab and a great social 
                                                                                                               environment, while the transition from taught studies 
frameworks,	review	relevant	literature,	develop	        Refer	to	individual	subject	entries	on	pages	          to independent research has been supported by my 
your	data	collection	methods	and	plan	any	              39-160	for	details	of	which	subjects	offer	the	        Department and the University’s doctoral research 
fieldwork	or	experimental	work	necessary.	Finally,	 New	Route	DPhil,	or	visit
                                                                                                               development programmes.’
you	write	up	your	research	as	a	thesis.                 pgstudy
In	some	cases	you	may	be	required	to	complete	                                                                 Aidan Maartens
                                                       Part-time study                                         DPhil	in	Biology	
graduate	coursework	before	proceeding	to	
                                                       At	Sussex	we	believe	that	the	experience	
research.	This	may	be	the	case	if	you	register	for	
                                                       of	part-time	study	is	enhanced	when	part-
a	research	degree	and	do	not	have	a	Masters	
                                                       time	programmes	are	integrated	with	the	
degree,	if	your	first	degree	and/or	Masters	degree	
                                                       corresponding	full-time	programmes.	This	
are	not	in	the	same	subject	as	your	proposed	
                                                       gives	you	greater	opportunities	for	studying	and	
research	topic,	or	if	faculty	at	Sussex	decide	
                                                       sharing	ideas	with	a	wide	range	of	students	and	
that	you	need	further	grounding	in	the	relevant	
subject.	The	graduate	coursework	will	give	
you	specialist	and	methodological	knowledge	           The	majority	of	our	taught	programmes	are	
that	will	provide	support	at	a	time	when	your	         available	part	time	(refer	to	the	relevant	subject	              Arly’s
research,	though	exciting,	may	be	full	of	             entry	for	details).	We	also	welcome	suitably	                    perspective
bewildering	possibilities.	                            qualified	research	students	who	wish	to	study	
                                                       part	time.                                              ‘Sometimes, when you have started a family or 
Scientists	and	engineers	are	registered	for	a	                                                                 you have been in work for some years, it’s difficult 
specific	research	project.	You	normally	choose	        Part-time	students	are	entitled	to	the	same	            to decide to study again but, thanks to Sussex, its 
an	individual	project,	which	may	be	part	of	a	         supervision	and	tuition	as	full-time	students,	         teachers and my classmates, my experience of 
team	project,	and	the	first	stage	of	your	work	        on	a	pro-rata	basis,	and	to	full	use	of	University	     postgraduate study has been wonderful. I really enjoy 
is	the	preparation	of	a	plan	of	research.	You	         facilities	and	social	amenities	(except	University-     the seminars, sharing different experiences and 
are	required	to	do	this	within	the	first	year	of	      managed	accommodation).	                                point of views and the rich knowledge of experienced 
registration.                                                                                                  tutors who are always willing to support you.
                                                       The	study	patterns	for	part-time	programmes	            ‘My Masters has given me a great opportunity to 
Sussex	offers	a	range	of	research	degrees	             vary,	but	are	normally	integrated	with	the	             update my knowledge, explore different areas of my 
including:	                                            corresponding	full-time	programmes	(refer	to	           career and enlarge my network of friends and digital 
                                                       individual	subject	entries	on	pages	39-160	for	         media contacts.’
•		 aster	of	Philosophy	(MPhil)
                                                       details).	This	means	that	teaching	is	generally	
•		 octor	of	Philosophy	(DPhil),	which	is	the	         carried	out	during	the	day	and	a	minimum	level	     Arly Faundes
  equivalent	of	a	PhD	at	other	universities            of	attendance	is	needed	during	term	time	to	fulfil	 MA	in	Digital	Media
                                                       the	requirements	of	the	programme.	Additionally,	
•		 ew	Route	DPhil
                                                       in	order	to	benefit	fully	from	the	range	of	taught	
•		 rofessional	Doctorate	in	Education	(EdD)           and	research	programmes	offered	at	Sussex,	
•		 rofessional	Doctorate	in	Social	Work	(DSW).
  P                                                    part-time	students	should	be	prepared	to	attend	
                                                       additional	seminars,	tutorials	and	workshops.


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