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									Mike Eremin – Web Developer – PHP/Python, MySQL, MongoDB
Personal Information
Address: Moscow, Russia
Skype: mike.eremin
Work experience since: 2000

Degree: Unfinished - Software engineer
University: Moscow State University of Railways
Major: Engineer

General Qualifications
Expert level skills in Web technologies
Experience with template engines
Hands-on experience with OOP concepts
Over 6 years of programming experience with PHP
Over 6 years of coding experience with XHTML, CSS
Strong problem solving skills and analytical mindset
Experience working with MySQL
Design specifications, database design, development and processes optimization
Broad experience in project management and team leading
Experience in high load systems developing, load-balancing

Core Strengths
OS: MS Windows, Linux(Readhat based), FreeBSD
RAD: Eclipse, PyCharm
RDBMS: MySQL, MongoDB (MapReduce technology)
Prog. Languages: PHP4, PHP5, T-SQL, Python, newbie skills in C, Objective C, C++ (gcc,
linux core programming)
Web Standards: HTML,AJAX, CSS, JavaScript
Frameworks: Zend Framework, Django, JQuery
Web-Servers: Apache, nginx (including developing third-party custom modules)
Other: Web analytics, Bulk email sending systems

Professional Activity

Web-master in Polaris,

Web-master in Belty systems,

Web-master/php-developer in iBox

February 2005 – Present
Company: Acronis inc, Moscow, Russia
Projects: – Developing Web analytics system for internal Marketing team
Job Position: Web analytics leader
Technology: PHP 5, MySQL 5, Python, Django, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Operating System: Linux, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
Developing internal bulk email sending system with API
Developing CDN (content delivery network) software based on web-server nginx with
custom modules for load-balancing, statistics gathering, private links and other options.
Developing internal statistycs system based on own counter (nginx module) engine with
on-demand reports. Working with big data and implementation with Sales Force,
Marketo, CleverBridge and other marketing tools.

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