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					                   ISS, Rome                                                             Meeting Minutes
                                                                                          Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004

MEETING    MINUTES                           –        COHERENT                    (IST-FP6-510166)
Consortium Meeting
Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)         09/12/2004                        Time:      10AM-6PM

Location:                  Rome
Minutes Prepared By:       Tamas Forgacs (HOL), Zsuzsa Dobranyi (HOL)

    Table of Contents

MEETING MINUTES – COHERENT (IST-FP6-510166) CONSORTIUM MEETING                                           1
  Table of Contents                                                                                      1
  1.   Attendance at Meeting                                                                             1
  2.   Meeting Agenda                                                                                    2
  3.   List of presentations                                                                             2
  4.   Technical discussions                                                                             3
  5.   Dissemination activities                                                                          5
  6.   Project review                                                                                    5
  7.   Action Item Summary (add rows as necessary)                                                       5
  8.   Next Meetings                                                                                     6

    1. Attendance at Meeting
Name                              Department./Division/   E-mail                         Phone

Tibor Balogh                      Holografika   
Zsuzsa Dobranyi                   Holografika   
Tamas Forgacs                     Holografika   
Eric Bouvier                      CS SI         
Enrico Gobbetti                   ViC/CRS4      
Gianluigi Zanetti                 ViC/CRS4      
Dr. Martyn Horner                 GSA-DDS       
Daniel Collicott                  GSA-DDS       
Nicolas Tournier                  PSA           
Giuseppe D’Avenio                 ISS           

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                 ISS, Rome                                                                       Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                  Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004

   2. Meeting Agenda
10:00   Venue, introduction ISS
10:30   Project management issues, discussion, project review
11:00   Project activities up to now
12:30   3D interaction SDK (D11 - GSA-DDS) design process
14:00   Technical discussion, open issues, immediate activities
16:00   Technical activities and milestones, detailed work plan for the next 6 months, dissemination activities

   3. List of presentations
        GD introduced ISS
        MH presented the actual state of gesture recognition system
        FT presented the actual state of Scalable Holographic Station
        FT presented the high level SW and HW architecture of Scalable Holographic Station
        TB presented the optical system specification of the Large-scale Display

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               ISS, Rome                                                                         Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                  Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004

   4. Technical discussions
The gesture recognition system:

      NT, GD, MH and DC fixed the agreed set of gestures. GSA-DDS will send a summary of set of
       gestures to HOL. MH will create a revision of D11 that will contain the agreed set of gestures.
      GSA-DDS confirmed that the first release of D17 will include the final specification of the set of
       gestures and the high level API. It will contain the detailed specification of the IDL, events, other
       facilities. MH forecasted a tentative 3-month delay in delivering the 2 part, the software library.
       Partners confirmed that it will not impact their part of development work.

The gesture recognition system - hardware:
    There should not be any component (blocking the user/viewer) farther than 30-40cm in front of the
       display screen, step-proof design.
    HOL and GSA-DDS agreed that the camera FOV will be about 75 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees
    GSA-DDS discussed the advantages and the disadvantages of the two possible camera orientations;
       TB suggested the top side-, while MH and DC suggested the bottom side arrangement of the cameras,
       further the symmetrical 3 cameras arrangement was also suggested to be considered by TB. GSA-
       DDS will decide which arrangement/orientation will be used.

The gesture recognition system - software:
    EB declared that the real-time graphical feedback should have the gesture events immediately when
       recognition occurs.
    From the same reason the high level API of the recognition system should send events like “angle delta
       XYZ” or “translate delta XYZ”
    Partners agreed that the most important gesture commands, which have to be implemented are:
               o Select/highlight/deselect
               o Rotate
               o Pan
               o Zoom/scale
    NT suggested that the combination of select command with other commands like move or rotate in the
       form of a different gesture would be practical for the user, e.g. grab.
    NT, GD and TB suggested that the use of two-hands gestures would be practical for commands like
       scale or zoom; rotate; select a group of objects between hands.
    GD declared that some special gestures for the COMEDIA application would be useful e.g.: selection a
       range of slices, and laser pointer style selection.
    Partners agreed that there should be an easy gesture for undoing the last action.

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                ISS, Rome                                                                       Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                 Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004
Holographic render cluster and user application:

       CS, CRS4 and HOL agreed that they all will have their own render cluster and single PC based render
       CS will suggest the network components (e.g. gigabit switch) of the system
       HOL will suggest the PC main board and the video card for the computer nodes of the cluster
       CS and CRS4 declared that the user application development will be under Linux (Gento distrib.) with
        gcc 3.4 and OpenGL 1.1 or 1.5
       EG will send to HOL the list of packages of Gento Linux CRS4 is using for development

Communication and Display SDK:

       CS and HOL agreed that the Communication SDK and the Display SDK will communicate via OpenGL
        calls: the communication SDK will draw the incoming graphics (OGL command and data stream from
        the User side communication SDK) with OpenGL and the Display SDK will catch these commands with
        an OpenGL wrapper and render the images for the 3D display. The incoming graphics are the result of
        the OGL command and data stream that are coming from the User side communication SDK.
       CS declared that the communication SDK with the OpenGL wrapper will work with some of the legacy
        OpenGL based applications.
       HOL will send an OpenGL wrapper with the Display SDK, which is capable of generating a 3D preview
        on a 2D display latest till end Febr. 2005.

Scalable holographic display:
    1 release of prototype version end Dec 2004

    HOL will provide the DVI hardware upgrade till the end of March 2005.

Collaborative working:

       CS and CRS4 agreed that the collaborative working test will be done on CRS4 10Gigabit intranet
       CS will choose and test the audio and video conferencing components also on CRS4 intranet
       CS will provide a detailed architecture incl. physical connections of a real collaborative working, which
        is between different locations in Europe
       CS confirmed that D14 is the software component needed for the networked part of the Collaborative
       CS confirmed that D15 is the finalized software version of collaborative services

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                 ISS, Rome                                                                          Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                    Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004

       5. Dissemination activities
Activities in 2004: Project web site set up, concertation events, IST event participation
Partners should send their inputs to Holografika on any type of further dissemination activities fulfilled in 2004.

Planned activities for 2005:
The partners accepted that public demonstration of the real-time interactive Holographic display (DVI version)
can not be earlier than June 2005.

–Eurographics conference (29 Aug-02 Sept, Dublin)
        Paper submission: 11-16 Febr. – joint publication of CRS4, CS and Holografika, EG will prepare a draft
paper, HOL will provide the DVI prototype operation and experimental data for the paper
–IEEE Visualization 2005
        Minneapolis, October 23 - 28, 2005, deadline: March 31st,
–IEEE VR 2005 (Bonn, March 12-16th) Paper deadline over, too early for exhibition
–IST Event, Q4 2005, exhibition of monitor type display with interactive application planned
–SIGGRAPH 2005, Emerging Technologies, July 31-Aug 4, deadline: 17th Jan, too early for the exhbition
–SIUG activities (ISS user event planned for June/July with 50 participants), medical demonstration
- MICAD 2005, NT will investigate opportunities for showing pre-recorded demos on Peugeot booth
 - MH will check the submission date for HCI and BMVC conferences
- Holografika will investigate issue of press releases in specialized forums e.g. Slashdot, Microdisplay Report,
Projection Monthly, etc.

All partners to send their inputs for dissemination and exploitation plan till 15th January 2005.

       6. Project review
24 February, Brussels, exact time TBC.
Partners agreed to send 1 representative per partner.

       7. Action Item Summary          (add rows as necessary)
Action                                                                        Assigned to   Due Date         Status
To send activity, cost budget and man month reports for the P1 project        ALL           15/01/2005       Pending
review to HOL, templates and guidelines can be found on

To send inputs for the dissemination/exploitation plan to HOL                 ALL           15/01/2005       Pending
Current dissemination action plan                                             ALL           Please check point 5
Agreed set of gestures informed on the project web site                       GSA-DDS       13/12/2004       Compl.
Last revision for D11 before project review                                   CS, GSA-      15/01/2005       Pending
Suggest preferred network components (e.g. gigabit switch) for the            CS            15/01/2005       Pending
render cluster to HOL
Suggest preferred main board and graphics card for the render cluster         HOL           15/01/2005       Pending
to CS, CRS4

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                 ISS, Rome                                                                                Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                            Rev. 1.0, 14/12/2004

Send list of packages of Gento Linux CRS4 is using for development to              CRS4           15/01/2005         Pending
To send OpenGL wrapper with Display SDK, capable of to generate a                  HOL            28/02/2005         Pending
3D preview on a 2D display to CS, CRS4
Inform HOL about preferred camera arrangement/orientation                          GSA-DDS        31/03/2005         Pending
D17 first release, specification of the set of gestures and the high level         GSA-DDS        31/03/2005         Pending
To send architecture design of collaborative working between different             CS             31/03/2005         Pending
locations to HOL
First release of prototype version DVI hardware                                    HOL            31/12/2004         Pending
DVI hardware upgrade completed and sent to partners                                HOL            End of             Pending

    8. Next Meetings
Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)     24/02/2005               Time:      TBD                 Location:       Brussels
Type:       Short meeting after project review, availability to be confirmed by participants
Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)     02/06/2005               Time:      TBD                 Location:       Paris, PSA
Type:       Project meeting

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