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                  Total Points    0     play mode = ctrl G
Answer            Pts
clean toilet       32

wash/dry dishes   18

vacuuming         16

dusting            9

laundry            7

wash floors        4
          Question #      41                     Question #    42

    When a high school student goes to
                                             Name a word used in hockey?
     college, name something he has to
                 decide on?
which school                    48       goal                       42
major / courses                 9        puck                       38
finances                        9        icing                      12
living quarters                 7        0                          0
0                               0        0                          0
0                               0        0                          0

          Question #      43                     Question #    0

Name something you put whipped cream

pie                            30        0                          0
sundae / banana split          27        0                          0
strawberries                   18        0                          0
shortcake                      13        0                          0
0                              0         0                          0
0                              0         0                          0
          1              2              3             4              5                6
 1   Turnips        shoes          cherry       Padlock        C.S.I            gunpowder
 2   zucchini       apron          blueberry    House door     oprah            blush
 3   beets          shoes          coke         House door     oprah            blush
 4   beets          shoes          coke         House door     oprah            baby
 5   beets          Neck/bow tie   grape        tractor        oprah            talcum
 6   corn           shoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   7th Heaven       baby
 7   mushrooms shoes               Pepsi        House door                      Flour
                                                               Everybody Loves Raymond
 8   water chesnutsNeck/bow tie    pepsi        Ignition       Passions         baking
 9   broccoli       Neck/bow tie   Pepsi        mail box       M*A*S*H          Garlic
10   peas           shoes          strawberry   House door     Creepy Canada    baking
11   broccoli       shoes          pepsi        House door     Las Vegas        snow
12   brussel sproutsshoes          pepsi        House door                      b
                                                               A wedding Story aby
13   brussel sproutsshoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Joan of Arcadia  baby
14   peas           shoes          Pepsi        House door     O.C.             baby
15   squash         shoes                       Ignition       NYPD BLUE Cocaine
16   mushrooms shoes                            Padlock        Wheel of Fortune ashes
17   eggplant       shoes          Orange       House door     C.S.I            baby
18   brussel sproutsshoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Friends          baby
19   cauliflower    shoes          Pepsi        House door     C.S.I            Baby
20   beets          shoes                       Vehicle Door                    Jello
                                                               Everybody Loves Raymond
21   brussel sproutsapron          Orange       House door     Oprah            baby
22   turnips        shoes                       House door     Oprah            talcum
23   spinach        Neck/bow tie   Strawberry   Ignition       Capital Gang gunpowder
24   turnips        shoes          Coke         Vehicle Door   American Idol Baby
25   peas           Neck/bow tie   Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Boston Legal Baby
26   peppers        shoes          Pepsi        House door     C.S.I            Baby
27   zucchini       Rope           Cappuccino Vehicle Door     Star Trek        Potato Bug
28   brussel sproutsshoes          coke         House door                      Red
                                                               Clifford the Big baby Dog
29   celery         shoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   O.C.             gunpowder
30   brussel sproutsNeck/bow tie   Pepsi        Ignition       O.C.             snow
31   peas           shoes          Cherry       House door     7th Heaven       Baby
32   peppers        hair           Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Alias            Foundation
33   brussel sproutsknot           Strawberry   House door     O.C.             baby
34   celery         shoes          coke         House door                      Angel
                                                               Touched by an baby
35   corn           Neck/bow tie   Orange       Padlock        Overhaulin       gunpowder
36   broccoli       shoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Friends          Baking
37   brussel sproutsshoes                       mail box       West Wing        baby
38   brussel sproutsshoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   trading spaces baby
39   cooked carrots shoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   That 70's showbaby
40   green beans shoes             Pepsi        Vehicle Door                    baby
                                                               This hour has 22 minutes
41   cauliflower    shoes          Pepsi        Vehicle Door   Overhaulin       Gold Bond
42   brussel sproutsshoes          Mountain Dew Ignition                        baby
                                                               Desperate Housewives
43   brussel sproutsNeck/bow tie   Pepsi        Padlock                         Flea
                                                               Everybody Loves Raymond
44   Turnips        shoes          Pepsi        House door     C.S.I            gunpowder
45   spinach        games          Pepsi        House door     Corner Gas       Flour
46   brussel sproutsbelt                        House door     E.R.             talcum
47   Turnips        shoes          grape        Vehicle Door   C.S.I            baby
48   cauliflower    shoes          sprite       Vehicle Door                    baby
                                                               Battlestar Gallactica
49                  shoes                       House door     Joan of Arcadia  baby
50   squash         shoes          grape        House door                      Hot
                                                               Red Green Show Chocolate
51   zucchini       reef knot      none         Vehicle Door   Star Trek        gunpowder
 52 pickles       shoes   grape   Vehicle Door   M*A*S*H   Gold Bond
 53 green peppers shoes   Pepsi   Ignition       C.S.I     gunpowder
brussel sproutsshoes      66 pepsi      43 house door 40 C.S.I.        13 baby      43
turnips      9 neck tie   14 coke       11 vehicle door32 Oprah        11 gunpowder 13
beets        7 apron       4 grape                      11
                                         7 vehicle ignition O.C.        7 talcum     6
peas         7               orange      6 padlock                      5 baking
                                                          7 Everybody Loves Raymond 5
broccoli     5               strawberry 5 mailbox         4 Friends     4 gold bond 4
cauliflower 5
      7             8             9             10          11             12               13
bambi          kitchen       chicken noodlemonkey       beef           toaster        curling
my big fat greek wedding                   camel
                             cream of mushroom          cheese         microwave      swimming
sound of musicitchen         chicken noodlemonkey       cheese         stove          visiting
last of the mohicans         chicken noodlebear         cheese         stove          go to grandma's
titanic        kitchen       chicken noodlebear         green pepper   coffee maker   get mail
Emperor's New Groove         chicken noodlemonkey       Ham            Oven           eat / go for coffee
Passion of theLiving Room    chicken noodlelions        cheese         stove          eat / go for coffee
A walk to remember           chicken noodleelephant     mushrooms      stove          galavant
Wedding Singer Living Room   beef barley   monkey       pepperoni      microwave      eat / go for coffee
Shindler's Listbedroom                     zebra
                             Cabbage Borscht            Black Olives   toaster        work
Office Space Living Room     chicken noodletigers       pepperoni      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
               Living Room
Beauty and the Beast                       monkey
                             cream of mushroom          mushrooms      Refrigerator   watch hockey
sound of musicitchen         beef barley   monkey       Pepperoni      coffee maker   Shop
sound of musicitchen         chicken noodlebear         Pepperoni      coffee maker   shop
               kitchen       chicken noodlelions        Pepperoni      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
Friendly Persuasion          chicken noodlebear                        Range          Shop
It's a Wonderful Life        chicken noodlemonkey       Pineapple      Stove          walking
Lord of the Rings                          bear
                             Cabbage Borscht            mushrooms      stove          watch hockey
               Kitchen       Tomato        monkey       Bacon          stove          swimming
Shall we Dance kitchen       chicken noodlecamel        mushrooms      coffee maker   eat / go for coffee
Home Show kitchen            chicken noodlecamel        Pepperoni      microwave      Shop
sound of musicitchen         Carrot        monkey       All            Oven           curling
Blow UP        Family Room   Chicken noodlelions        pepperoni      toaster        swimming
The NotebookFamily Room                    monkey
                             Broccoli cheese            Pepperoni      Refrigerator   visiting
Forrest GumpFamily Room      Beef Vegetablemonkey       Pepperoni      microwave      visiting
The Notebookkitchen          Tomato        bear         Pineapple      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
Star Wars      kitchen       chicken noodletigers       Ham            coffee maker   shop
Sleepless in Seattle Room                  t
                             Zumma borschtigers         mushrooms      dishwasher     eat / go for coffee
               it anyways
Whose line is Dinning Room   chicken noodlemonkey       pepperoni      toaster        eat / go for coffee
Shall we Dance bedroom                     giraffe
                             Broccoli cheese            cheese         Refrigerator   Attend Church
Sweet Home Alabama           Mushroom      bear         Ham            microwave      swimming
Wedding Singer computer      chicken noodlezebra        Ham            microwave      eat / go for coffee
The Notebookkitchen          chicken noodlemonkey       Ham            Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
The Lord of the Rings        french onion giraffe       mushrooms      stove          Attend Church
It's a Wonderful Life Room   Minestrone    bear         pepperoni      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
Pretty WomanFamily Room      Tomato        monkey       Bacon          microwave      Drive around
Pretty Womanstudy            hamburger     zebra        pineapple      microwave      visiting
Miss Congeniality            chicken noodlemonkey       cheese         toaster        Attend Church
Bullet         bathroom      chicken noodleMonkey       cheese         toaster        work
Lord of the Rings            chicken noodledeer         cheese         stove          walking
Predator       kitchen       Mushroom      monkey       pepperoni      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
Lion King      Living Room   chicken noodleelephant     pepperoni      Refrigerator   eat / go for coffee
A walk in the clouds                       tigers
                             Cream of Broccoli          cheese         microwave      eat / go for coffee
               kitchen       beef barley   polar bear   pepperoni      Refrigerator
Braveheart kitchen           chicken noodlemonkey       pepperoni      Refrigerator   Attend Church
The Notebookkitchen          Mushroom      lions        Black Olives   toaster        visit library
               Family Room   chicken noodlelions        Bacon          toaster
Bridge of the River Kwai     chicken noodlebear         ham            toaster        Shop
               kitchen                     polar bear   cheese         Refrigerator
The Green Mile Living Room   Vegetable     bear         cheese         stove          walking
Lord of the Rings            Zest          polar bear   pepperoni      stove          walking
Super Troopers                  giraffe      pepperoni   microwave   eat / go for coffee
Napoleon Dynamite      Tomato   polar bear   Bacon       Toaster     eat / go for coffee
             8 kitchen
Lord of the rings         47   chicken noodle monkey
                                          47             32 papperoni 31   oven/stove 25                31
                                                                                            eat/go for coffee
             7 living
Sound of music            13   tomato      7 bear/polar bearcheese
                                                         25           20               23
                                                                           refridgerator    shop        11
The notebook family       11   beef barley 6 lions        9 ham       11   microwave 18     attend church 7
             4 bathroom
It's a wonderful life      9   mushroom 5 tigers          7 mushrooms11    toaster     16   visit         6
Pretty woman bedroom       8                  giraffe     5 bacon      7   coffee maker9    walk          6
     14             15              16          17           18            19            20
car            go to movie     life                 12   genesis       dusting               10
truck          watch cartoonsl'oreal                 6   mark          cleaning windows    9:30
honda                          biolage
               hang out with friends               8.5   matthew       picking up toys       10
ford           play barbies biolage                  8   matthew       wash floors           10
4x4            dance           finesse             8.5   john          Dishes                11
Jeep           Be one again Herbal Essences          9   Matthew       Vacuuming             11
SUV            chase girls     Johnsons             11   John          Garbage            10:30
honda          go to St. Vital Physique             10   Matthew       Clean Toilets         10
sunbird        MNO Worship fructis                  12   Samuel        Dusting               10
Toyota         Galavant        infusium              9   James         Clean Toilets         10
corvette       grand prix      Head n Shoulders     11   John          Clean Toilets         12
Hyundai        MNO Worship Dove                      8   John          Sweeping              12
SUV            Crokinol Board Advance Techniques     9   Romans        Dishes                10
pick up        play hockey Avon anti dandruff       10   Hebrews       Dishes                11
SUV            Dance           Finesse           7 1/2   Matthew       Dishes                10
Ford           baseball        Johnsons             12   John          wash floors           10
Ford                           Suave
               hang out with friends                 7   Romans        Clean Toilets         12
honda                          tressaime
               go to hockey games                    5   Luke          Dishes                 1
van                            Fructis
               play outside with family              8   Genesis                              9
Truck          Sing            Paul Mitchell         8   Luke          dusting               12
Truck          go to movie     Finesse               9   Luke          Vacuuming             11
Pontiac        Dance           Finesse               8   Matthew       dusting               11
truck                          Pert
               hang out with friends                11   Galatians     Vacuuming             10
Ford           go to movie     Pert                  9   Genesis       Clean Toilets          9
SUV            Ride Motor CycleRevlon               10   Genesis       Clean Toilets         10
Toyota         Listen To Music Pert                  8   John          Vacuuming             11
truck          Ride Motor CycleRevlon                9   Genesis       Laundry               11
van            read            Head n Shoulders      8   Matthew       Dishes                10
GMC truck      play hockey Head n Shoulders          9   1 John        laundry               11
Yukon Denali   Watch TV        Fructis              10   Matthew       Clean Toilets          1
Honda          play hockey Quantum                   8   Mark          Vacuuming             11
Silverado      go for coffee Suave                   8   Matthew       Clean Toilets      11:30
SUV            go bowling      Pantene               7   Revelations   dusting               10
truck          read            Pantene               7   Matthew       Clean Toilets         10
truck          snowmobile Johnsons                  12   John          Clean Toilets         11
V.W. Bug       go to movie     Pantene               7   Matthew       Clean Toilets         11
SUV            basketball      Herbal Essences       7   John          Clean Toilets         11
Ford           break the rules Suave                 9   John          Vacuuming             10
Ford           break the rules Suave                 9   John          Clean Toilets         10
dodge          horseback ride Pantene                7   Genesis       Dishes                11
Chevy          Ride Motor CyclePert                  8   John          Dishes                12
Porsche                        Pantene
               hang out with friends                 7   Matthew       Vacuuming             11
Ford                           Pantene
               hang out with friends                 6   Matthew       Laundry               12
Truck          Fishing         Life              9 1/2   John          Dishes                12
car            music           Herbal Essences      10   Genesis       Dishes                11
van                            Pert
               hang out with friends                 8   Ephesians     Clean Toilets         10
honda          play tag        Head n Shoulders      8   Luke          Clean Toilets         10
van            sports          Pert                 10   Psalms        Vacuuming             10
van                            Dove                  7   Genesis       Cleaning Fish Tank    10
dodge          fishing         Pert                 10   Mark          Clean Toilets         10
van            sleep           Pert             10 1/2   Mark          Clean Toilets         11
Kenworth W900L for coffee   Herbal Essences    9   Luke     Clean Toilets   12
Toyota      go for Lunch    L'Oreal           13   Romans   Vacuuming       11
            11 pert
hang out with friends      14 size 8    22   matthew   23   clean toilet 32 10pm   38
go to movie 7 pantene      11 size 9    18   john      22                18 11pm
                                                            wash/dry dishes        31
dance        5 finesse      7 size 7    14   genesis   14   vacuuming 16 12pm      14
play hockey 5 suave         7 size 10   13   luke       9   dusting       9 1am     4
                            7 size
                head & shoulders 12      7   mark       7   laundry       7
                herbal essence               romans     5   wash floors 4
    21              22           23            24            25            26             27
burns          moses        blue          dollar store caramilk        crest         time
clooney        mary         blue          extra foods kit kat          colgate       wish
burns          jesus        red           a&h glass     cadbury        crest         o
burns          mary         blue          credit union coffee crisp    crest         in style
bush           moses        red                         coffee
                                          ledingham pontiac crisp      crest         popular mechanics
Washington     Ruth         Blue          Sobeys        Hershey        crest         Chatelaine
Bush           Jesus        Blue                        Mr.
                                          Loewen Windows Big           crest         Time
Bush           Ruth         Blue          Safeway       Mars           Sensodyne     Soap Opera Digest
Curious        Samuel       green         Tim Hortons caramilk         crest         J 14
Washington     Elizabeth    green         Echo Fitness Wonder Bar Sensodyne          Fit
Foreman        John         Blue          SCU           kit kat        Crest         Maxim
Curious        Noah         Pink          Biovail       Snickers       crest         cosmopolitan
Bush           John         red           Kal Tire      Crispie Crunch crest         Woman's World
Bush           Paul         red           Canadian Tirecoffee crisp    crest         Agriculture Trader
Clooney        Jesus        blue                        Oh Henry
                                          Tony's shoe repair           crest         Taste of Home
Washington     Moses        green         Fairway Ford Coconut         crest         Christian Current
Curious        Noah         blue          Safeway       Oh Henry       crest         Chatelaine
Curious        Delilah      blue                        coffee
                                          Shoppers Drug Mart crisp     crest         cosmopolitan
Curious        Noah         red           McDonalds Wonder Bar crest                 Outdoor Canada
Bush           Esther       red                         Reese
                                          Gold-n-memories              Sensodyne     Farm & Ranch
               Mary         red           Tim Hortons coffee crisp     Sensodyne     MacLeans
Curious        Ruth         pink          Smittys       coffee crisp   crest         Martha Stewart
from the Beatlesesus        blue          T.D. Bank     coffee crisp   pepsident     MacLeans
Bush           Job          green         Sobeys        coffee crisp   crest         People
Curious        Solomon      blue                        Burnt
                                          Loewen Windows Almond crest                Car and Driver
Washington Esther           yellow        Waitress      Mars           crest         Breakaway
Washington Ezechial         blue          A&H glass     coffee crisp   crest         Wood
Curious        Sarah        red           A&H glass     kit kat        colgate       Parent
of the Jungle Noah          blue          Wash & Go Oh Henry           Sensodyne     Big Buck
Washington Jesus            purple                      Eatmore
                                          Sheridan Heuser Provis       crest         Time
Bush           Ruth         blue          Dry Cleaners Oh Henry        crest         Readers Digest
Jetson         Daniel       red           SCU           caramilk       crest         cosmopolitan
of the Jungle Noah          blue          Hull's        mirage         Aqua fresh    People
Bush                        blue          The
               The Sinful Woman (Luke 7:36-50) Carillon Wonder Bar crest             Chatelaine
of the Jungle Peter         blue                        Eatmore
                                          Derksen Printers             crest         Sports Illustrated
of the Jungle Noah          blue                        Mr. Big
                                          Shoppers Drug Mart           crest         Canadian Living
Bush           Jonah        blue          Tim Hortons coffee crisp     colgate       Travel scoops
Bush           Adam         White         Signex        coffee crisp   crest         cosmopolitan
Bush           James        Red                         Oh Henry
                                          Penner International         crest         Car Craft
Curious        Moses        Green         Pizza Hut     Mars           colgate       National Geographic
Burns          Jesus        Black                       Skor
                                          Shoppers Drug Mart           crest         Truckin'
Curious        Noah         Blue          SCU           coffee crisp   colgate       Scrapbooking
Curious        Job          red                         kit
                                          Derksen Printerskat          crest         Woman's Day
Curious        David        Blue                        mars
                                          Main Bread and Butter        crest         Motor Trend
Curious        Jesus        Blue                        Mars
                                          Derksen Printers             crest         People
Curious        Moses        Red                         Mars
                                          Linsay's Flower + More       crest         House and Home
Foreman        Jesus        Blue          McDonalds Oh Henry           crest         hockey news
curious        Moses        Blue                        Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
                                          Derksen Printers             crest         Readers Digest
curious                     Green         Vern's Pizza                 crest         Readers Digest
Burns          Peter        Brown         Pawn Shop kit kat            crest         Kids today
Curious        Paul         Blue          SCU           Hershey        Sensodyne     Chrisitanity Today
Curious   Noah      Orange   Co-op       Snickers   colgate   hockey news
Curious   Abraham   Blue     Pizza Hut   Twix       crest     Dirt Wheels
curious      34   Jesus   18   blue    49   S.C.U.     9 coffee crisp 22 crest                 7
                                                                                 70 cosmopolitan
bush         22   Noah    16   red     22              7 mars
                                            Derksen Printers          13 colgate 11 chatelaine 6
washington 11     Moses   11   green   11   A & H Glass5 oh henry 11 sensodyne 10 people       6
burns         9   Ruth     7   pink     4              5 kit kat
                                            Shoppers Drug Mart         9                       5
                                                                                    readers digest
of the jungle 7   Mary     5                           5
                                            Tim Horton's wonder bar 5               time       5
                                                         caramilk      5
     28           29             30             31                 32            33          34
hockey       tom cruise     julia roberts  joy to the worldpepsi            kurtis
baseball     leslie neilson halle berry                        story
                                           I love to tell the 7-up          jen
basketball   brad pitt      julia roberts  amazing grace pepsi              shawna
soccer       mel gibson     julia roberts  jesus loves me pepsi             josie
hockey       john wayne     dolly parton   so near to my hand orange crush ron
hockey       Mel Gibson     Julia Roberts How Great Thou Art  Pepsi         Teresa
hockey       Jim Carrey     angelina jolie amazing grace Pepsi              Roger
football     brad pitt                     Everlasting Arm
                            Jennifer Aniston                  Coke          Maryanne
football     Adam Sandler Sandra Bullockamazing grace Pepsi                 Tom
Badminton    Vince Vaughn angelina jolie amazing grace Pepsi                Sue
hockey       Ben Stiller                   What               Pepsi
                            Rachel Leigh Cook a friend we have in Jesus     Troy
hockey                      Drew Barrymore hat a friend we have in Jesus
             Matthew McConneghy            W                  Pepsi         Courtney
baseball     John Ritter    Amber Tremblye                    Ginger
                                           How Great Thou Art Ale
hockey       Tom Cruise     Jennifer Lopez Take my Hand Pepsi
hockey       Dennis Franz Jennifer Lopez Blest be the Tie     Crush Cream Soda
baseball                                   Just
             Garry Cooper Dorothy McGuire as I am Pepsi                     John
hockey                                                        Pepsi
             Richard Gere Julia Roberts I the Lord of Sea and Sky
hockey                      Julia
             Sean Patric ThomasStiles                         Root Beer     curious George
hockey       Brad Pitt      Jennifer Aniston                  Pepsi         Meriena
Curling      Tom Hanks      Julia Roberts Amazing GracePepsi                Cheryl
Curling      Tom Cruise     Hailly Mich                       pepsi
                                           The Lords my Shepherd            Mary
hockey       Paul Neuman Julia Roberts Peace like a River     Orange        Mary
soccer                                                        Coke
             Robin WilliamsJennifer Lopez Joyful Joyful we adore thee Al
football     Tom Hanks                                        Coke
                            Julia Roberts What a friend we have in Jesus    Heather
football     Mel Gibson                    Just as I am Pepsi
                            Jennifer Aniston                                James
swimming     Johnny Depp Jennifer Aniston  Come Thou Fant     Pepsi         Stephanie
football                                   Sing               Coke
             John Wayne Katherine Hepburn We now in Joy and Gladness        Sheldon
soccer                                     Joy
             Richard Gere Susan Sarandon to the World prite   S             Nichole
hunting      Burt Reynolds Goldie Hawn Amazing GracePepsi                   John
skiing       Tom Cruise     Jennifer Lopez                    Dr. Pepper
hockey                      Julia                             Pepsi
             Denzel Washington Roberts This little light of mine            Cindi
football     Johnny Depp Julia Roberts How Great Thou Art     Pepsi         Erin
Curling                     Jennifer
             Matthew McConneghy Aniston    Amazing GracePepsi               Bev
hockey                                     Stand              Coke
             Keanu Reeves Sigourney Weaver Up Stand Up For Jesus Lisa
hockey                      C
             George Clooney harlize Theron Just as I am Pepsi
skiing       Richard Gere Julia Roberts                       Pepsi
basketball   Dirk Pitt                                        Coke
                            Julia Roberts What a friend we have in Jesus
hockey       Ben Affleck    Sandra BullockAmazing GracePepsi
hockey       Clint EastwoodSandra BullockOld Rugged Cross     7-UP
dressage     Mel Gibson                                       7-UP
                            Demi Moore Great is thy Faithfulness
Ringette     Robin WilliamsSandra BullockHow Great Thou Art   Pepsi
Ringette     Ray Ramono Ellen Degeneres                       Mug Root Beer
                                           What a friend we have in Jesus
Hockey       Tom Hanks      Meg Ryan       How Great Thou Art Pepsi         Susan
baseball     Richard Gere Jennifer Lopez How Great Thou Art   Pepsi
hockey       Adam Sandler Julia Roberts Seek Ye First Pepsi
soccer       Mel Gibson     Jennifer Garner                   Pepsi
                                           What a friend we have in Jesus   Diane
hockey       Harrison Ford                                    Pepsi         Rob
soccer       Keanu Reeves Jennifer Garner                     C-Plus
                                           Anything by Larry (vegetales) Curtis
soccer       Mel Gibson     Julia Roberts                     Sprite
hockey       Tom Hanks      Julie Andrews How Great Thou Art  Coke          Ted
hockey                                                        the Republic
             Harrison Ford Glenn Close Battle Hymn of Mike's Hard Lemonade
hockey       Will Farrel  Meg Ryan                Pepsi
                                     How Great Thou Art   Steven
                          Natalie    Day by Day
Snowboarding Napoleon Dynamite Portman            Pepsi   Dylan
hockey     41   mel gibson 11                                17
                                 julia roberts25 amazing grace pepsi        58
soccer     14   richard gere 7                 9             14 art
                                 jennifer anistonhow great thou coke        13
football   11   tom cruise 7                                 11 root beer    7
                                 jennifer lopez8 what a friend we have in jesus
baseball    7   tom hanks 6                    7
                                 sandra bullock just as I am 5 sprite        5
curling     5   brad pitt    5

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