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					The Committee on Energy and Commerce
Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection

Name                                         Website
Cliff Stearns, Florida (Chairman)  
Fred Upton, Michigan               
Nathan Deal, Georgia               
Barbara Cubin, Wyoming             
George Radanovich, California      
Charles F. Bass, New Hampshire     
Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania      
Mary Bono, California              
Lee Terry, Nebraska                
Mike Ferguson, New Jersey          
Mike Rogers, Michigan              
C.L. "Butch" Otter, Idaho          
Sue Myrick, North Carolina         
Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania           
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee        
Joe Barton, Texas (Ex Officio)     
 Jan Schakowsky, Illinois (Ranking Member)
Mike Ross, Arkansas                
Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts    
Edolphus Towns, New York           
Sherrod Brown, Ohio                
Bobby L. Rush, Illinois            
Gene Green, Texas                  
Ted Strickland, Ohio               
Diana DeGette, Colorado            
Jim Davis, Florida                 
Charles A. Gonzalez, Texas         
Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin           
John D. Dingell, Michigan (Ex Officio)

Committee as a whole

The Committee on Energy and Commerce
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-2927

Things to remember

Phone calls and snail mail letters carry more weight than e-mail.
Your comments are more important if you live in their district. If you do, let them know.
I've included the phone numbers for their Washington offices. There is e-mail and snail mail contact info for a

Do be polite and respectful.
Don't focus too much on your team.
Congress doesn't care if your team won/lost/got screwed.
Congress isn't in the business of making sure that your team prospers.
Congress doesn't care what bowl game you think your team deserves.
Congress IS interested in making sure that there isn't a monolpolistic system that locks o
Do point out the unfairness of automatic qualifiers for some conferences but not others.
Do point out the financial inequity of the system
Do Illustrate with examples from past years, do not make stuff up.

Helpful ideas

Politicians need to work together to get anything done. It is difficult (and bad form) to badmouth other politic

The Senate looked into similar stuff in 2003. Reference Orin Hatch's comments from that hearing.

The committee's chairman (Congressman Joe Barton) has made public comments. Use them
(example: "College football is not just an exhilarating sport, but a billion-dollar business that Congress cannot

            (202) 225-5744
            (202) 225-3761
            (202) 225-5211
            (202) 225-2311
            (202) 225-4540
            (202) 225-5206
            (202) 225-2411
            (202) 225-5330
            (202) 225-4155
            (202) 225-5361
            (202) 225-4872
            (202) 225-6611
            (202) 225-1976
            (202) 225-2301
            (202) 225-2811
            (202) 225-2002
            (202) 225-2111
            (202) 225-2836
            (202) 225-5936
            (202) 225-3401
            (202) 225-4372
            (202) 225-1688
            (202) 225-5705
            (202) 225-4431
            (202) 225-3376
            (202) 225-3236
            (202) 225-2906
            (202) 225-4071

t them know.
ail and snail mail contact info for all of them on their websites.
olpolistic system that locks out certain teams or unfairly benefits others.
t not others.

ad form) to badmouth other politicians.

ents from that hearing.

ments. Use them
llar business that Congress cannot ignore" - Joe Barton)

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