; Balancing Equations Rules
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Balancing Equations Rules


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									Balancing Equations:
You MUST know how to balance an equation or you can not do the math problems!!

How to Balance Equations:

      Underneath the chemical equation draw a line straight down from the middle of
       the “yields” sign (the arrow).

      Now write each ELEMENT that you see on each side of the arrow in the same
       order and count them!

   Al 1                                      Al 1
   Sn 1                                      Sn 1
   Cl 2                                      Cl 3

      Now choose an easy one to start balancing, for example Chlorine doesn’t match
       so what number is common between 2 & 3??? 6! So what can you do to get 6
       Chlorine’s on each side of the arrow??
           a. Add a 3 in front of the SnCl2 on the reactant side and add a 2 in front of
              the AlCl3 on the product side! Remember every time you add a
              coefficient in front of a compound it affects the entire compound!
   Al 1                                       Al 2
   Sn 3                                       Sn 1
   Cl 6                                       Cl 6

      Check to see if the numbers on both sides match??? NO THEY DON’T! So how
       can you get them to be equal?? How about add a 2 in front of the Al on the
       reactant side and a 3 in front of the Sn on the product side???

   Al 2                                       Al 2
   Sn 3                                       Sn 3
   Cl 6                                       Cl 6

       The numbers on both sides MATCH YOU ARE DONE BALANCING!!!
           a. Your final answer should be:
                    i. 2Al + 3SnCl2  3Sn + 2AlCl3
Now remember: you can only add coefficients (big numbers) you can not change the
subscripts (little numbers) while balancing equations!
Also: there is not set rule for getting it right the first time every time, it is completely
trial and error so just keep trying! Start with numbers that will be easy to match
and go from there. If it gets a little hard find common numbers between the
elements to try and get them to match.

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