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               March 2010 Newsletter

Invite Your Friends and Neighbors!
                                    St. Patrick’s Day Blessing
       I wish you not a path devoid of clouds,
       Nor a life on a bed of roses.
       Nor that you should never feel pain.
       My wish for you is:
       That you might be brave in times of trial, when others lay crosses upon your shoulders.
       When mountains must be climbed and chasms crossed,
       When hope scarce shines through.
       When every gift God gave you might grow along with you,
       And let you give the gift of joy to all who care for you.
       That you might always have a friend who is worth that name,
       Who will defy the storms of life by your side.
       That in every hour of joy and pain, you may be close to God.
                                                       Author Unknown

                                  Worship Service Participants
March 7
Greeter:               Doug Holloway
Usher (8:30):          Bob Oeschger
Ushers (10:30):        Al Worrell, Linda Fraser, Julius Glinter, George Thomann
Counters:              Jim VanDeventer & Julia Cohea

March 14
Greeters:              Al Worrell & Linda Fraser
Ushers (8:30):         Arthur & Kelsey Shufflebarger
Ushers (10:30):        Doug Radeka, Ray Michaels, Jeff Motschenbacher, Chris Smith
Liturgist:             Bill Antrim
Counters:              Deb Bonnewell & Bette Knedgen

March 21
Greeter:               Joe or Betty Erwin
Usher (8:30):          John Moore
Ushers (10:30):        Cory Lupinacci, Bryan Craft, Carla Gorton, Ron Opfer
Liturgist:             Rev. Sherry Foster, Deacon
Counters:              Julius Glinter & Tom Gorton

March 28
Greeter:               Carol Hawkinson
Ushers (8:30):         John & Kris Heidt
Ushers (10:30):        John Olari, Regina Olari, Robert Olari, Larry Shaver
Liturgist:             Gregg Smith
Counters:              Larry & Carol Shaver

3—Wes Rice, 4-John Orr, 5-Karen Antrim, Judy Culbertson & Matthew Fraser, 7-Mitchell Craig & Doug
Radeka, 8-Mark Katchever, 9-Jessica Heidt, 12-Gary Herwick & Heather O’Brien, 13-Grant Marquardt,
14-Judy Clemens, Brendan Shove, Dana Shove & Reagan White, 15-Eric Smith, 19-Brooke Bruletti,
Jeana Marquardt, & Sue Tonello, 21-Josh Long, 24-Bill Antrim & Regina Olari, 25-Kevin Lupinacci, 26-
Megan Fraser & Hope Hamilton, 28-Katie Glinter, 29-Donna Caswell & Sarah Craft, 30-Danielle Dexter &
Helen McGee.
                                               Prayer List
                                                                             th .
Condolences: Margaret Fagan, George Rogers’ mother, died February 15 .

Continuing Prayers: Barry Adams, Norma Adams, Nicholas Addesso, Emma Besancon, Dorothy
Branch, Susan Brooks, Marge Brookshear, Debbie Brueckman, Mike Campbell, Christopher Caswell, Kim
Cerrudo, Pam (Bourns) Chester, Winnie Crawford, Nancy Cronk, Cummings Family, Jean Davis, Dianne
Douglas, Virginia Forbes, Rose Gibbs, Kimberly Golden, Jean Gregg, Mark Hazelton, Brenda Hercula, Ed
Hoard, Julie Lorenz, Mary Maten, Grace McCrea, Lisa McMaster, Betty Mayer, Nancy Noble, Heather
O’Brien, Dorothy Osborn, Jim Raffin, Sally Rehmann, Betty Rice, Phyllis Rogers, Colleen Rothfuss,
Phyllis Sayre, Becki & Nolan Sikina, Elaine Skarritt, Cheryl Takesian, Thompson Family, & Jonathan

Homebound & Nursing Home Residents: Ken Blanton, Grace McCrea, Marjorie Morris, Marjorie
Wesley & Kyoung Yim.

Those in the Military: Rick Beaty, Matt Cowell, Adam Davis, A. J. Dean, Staff Sgt. Sean Foster, Lt. Col.
Chris Garver, Maj Eric Harris USMC, Kelly Harvey, Sgt. Deacon Holton, Ryan Kidd, Michael Nick, Jeremy
Rudd, Jason Stutesman, Phillip Tesolin, Chris Thomas, Staff Sgt. Charles VanAcker III, Lt. Bryan Vaught
& Eric VanDeventer.

                        Adult Membership Preparation Seminar Scheduled
  If you have recently begun attending Milford UMC, have attended for some time but not yet officially
joined the church and/or just want to know more about Milford UMC and church membership, then be
sure to mark Saturday, March 6th (9 am-2 pm) on your calendar.
  On that day, we will discover and define our “spiritual gifts”, learn more about United Methodism in
general and the Milford UMC in particular and begin to consider how God might use YOU as an active
member of our Church Family. Child care and lunch will be provided.
  Please use the registration tear-off or from the bulletin insert, call the church office (248-684-2798) or
email the church at by March 1st so that adequate preparations can be
  Hope to see YOU there!

                            Adult Membership Seminar Registration Form

Name: _____________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________________

Childcare needed for:    Number of children: _________________            Ages:________________
                                           Thank-You Notes
  Thank you so much for your generous donation to the UMRC Heritage Foundation. This gift will
support our Benevolent Care Fund. Since 1906, we have provided a home for seniors, even if they
outlived their savings. Your generosity, and that of so many others, has made this possible. Thank you.
Your commitment to our mission is a very special gift.
                                          United Methodist Retirement Communities

  Dear Friends: This is to gratefully acknowledge your thoughtful donation made through the Detroit
Annual Conference as part of Golden Cross Sunday. We thank you for helping our children with special
needs. Your contribution truly makes a difference because all our programs for children depend on
charitable support. In fact, no fees are charged to a child’s family for services we provide. Thank you for
giving hope, opportunity and a brighter future to the children in our care.
                                          Methodist Children’s Home Society

                                           Save Your Blood!
  Since donors are only allowed to donate every 6-8 weeks, we ask that you save your blood for our
Blood Drive on April 9 . On the weekly attendance sheets, please place a check mark next to your
name if you can donate. That way, we can give the Red Cross an idea of the number of donors we
anticipate. Your blood could save a life!

                     Seniors Lunch Bunch Returns to Second Wednesday
  Please make a dish to share and join us at noon on Wednesday, March 10 in the Fellowship Hall. We
                  will enjoy a good lunch and each other’s company. Please join us!

                                          Wednesday Friends
  Thank you to all of our wonderful “Wednesday Friends” volunteers and parents! We finished a
fun session of “Veggie Tale Values”, our midweek program, at the end of February. Everyone really
enjoyed themselves and learned more about some great Bible stories! Special thanks to Danielle
Dexter, Donna Caswell and Phil Harris for taking on the kitchen duties. Thanks as well to faithful
leaders Karen Antrim, Barb Harris, Susanne Fraser, Lisa Butler, Jessica Allen, Regina Olari and
youth help provided by Katja Olari and Matt Fraser. You are VERY much appreciated! Watch the
newsletter this summer for information about our Fall 2010 program.

                            Mark Your Calendars: Prepare to Set Sail!
  Set Sail With Us! It’s official—our reservation is made for the week of August 2-6, 2010 for a “High
Seas Expedition”! Vacation Bible School materials have been ordered, planning has begun—but we
need YOU! Volunteer sign-up sheets will go up in Fellowship Hall soon, and registration for the kids will
begin SUNDAY, JUNE 6 . Remember preschool spaces fill up very fast! We also need some stuff you
may have lying around in your garage, basement or linen closet—like old soccer nets, blue or brown
camping tarps, rag-type (not sponge) mops, rope, barrels, burlap sacks, lanterns, white sheets you don’t
need anymore. If you have any of this type of item we could use for decorating, please let Karen J. Smith
know about it. Join us as we plunge through rugged waves and experience the deep, rolling waters of
God’s love!

                                           Update From Haiti
  Update on St. Urbain: St. Urbain Jefthe is the boy our children’s Sunday School classes support
through “Compassion International”. He lives in Haiti, and we have been very concerned about him since
the earthquakes there. We have learned that he does not live in the areas mainly affected by the
earthquake, but “Compassion” has been unable to reach him yet for news. He lives in Torbeck with his
father, mother and two siblings and is responsible for caring for animals. His birthday is October 12,
1998, so he is eleven years old now. Please join us in praying for this special boy and his family as their
lives are forever changed now by this event in their country. Thank you to all the children (and parents)
who have been faithfully bringing in their offering on Sunday mornings for St. Urbain—our commitment is
$38/month, and we have been able to meet that most months!
   Letter from St. Urbain: This is the most recent letter we have from him—September 2009: “Dear Mrs.
Karen J. Smith, Good morning. I greet you in the name of Jesus, the Almighty. How are you, your family
and all the children? My family and I are very well thanks to God. I succeeded in my school. I am now in
grade 6. My church is going very well. I go to church every Sunday to pray to God. My club is going
well. My family and I had a good vacation. I pray to protect you and all your family. Pray for me to
succeed in my school. I want to share Proverbs 11:4 with you (“Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath,
but righteousness delivers from death.”) May God bless you every day!”

                                   Mission Committee Invitation
What?           Potato Bar Luncheon with potatoes, lots of toppings, hot dogs, fruit salad & desserts!
When?           March 7, 2010
Where?          Fellowship Hall after the 10:30 worship service
Why?            To support and fulfill our pledge to Dan & Rachel Gabler, our missionaries who have
                given up so much to donate their lives spreading the Christian faith.
Cost?           $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children ages 12 and under, and $15.00 for a family

                                      What is a Global Village?
   There is one at the Howell Conference & Nature Center, which is owned and operated by the
Presbytery of Detroit. So close to home! Dick Grant, Executive Director, came to our United Methodist
Women meeting on February 11 and showed his Power Point presentation. We learned that
participants can be part of a two-hour tour, where one is introduced to Heifer International and the
HCNC’s missions. During the tour of the Global Village homes, world hunger and population issues are
highlighted. In their half-day program, a group experiences a more in-depth look at world cultures. The
focus on one site will include preparing a meal from that culture. Represented world sites are Nepal,
Appalachia, Africa, Barrios and Shanty town. The buildings are exact replicas! For an even more
interactive approach, there is an eight-hour overnight program. One is given first-hand experience with
global issues. The groups must trade to meet their basic needs, prepare their evening meal and settle in
for the night. Which one would you like to do? Basically, one learns to appreciate the benefits in our own
lives and how we can possibly help make a difference in others lives.

                       Upcoming United Methodist Women Opportunities
March 4         9:30 am         “Morning Glories Circle” at Tracy Bruletti’s house
March 11        10:00 am        UMW General Meeting—“Books to Read”,
                                Presenter is Donna Foster, District Program Resource Chairperson,
                                UMW 2010 Reading Program, Fellowship Hall
March 19        10:00 am        “Clara’s Helping Hands Circle”, Church Parlor
March 20        9 am-Noon       “Mom-To-Mom Sale”, Fellowship Hall
March 23        7:30 pm         “Mary Martha Circle: at Linda Sturgeon’s house

                                           Tables & Chairs
  Please remember that the tables and chairs in the Fellowship Hall are not to be removed from the
building. If you would like to borrow tables and chairs (the ones that are stored in the barn), you may
“sign them out” in the church office. If you happen to know the whereabouts of one of the tables from the
Fellowship Hall, please contact the Trustees. Thanks!
                                          Meals On Wheels
 A big “thank you” to the drivers for February. We finally had REAL winter driving conditions, and it can
be challenging delivering the hot meals! Our drivers were: Sue Trevas and Florence Campbell, Maureen
Bonhard and Laurie Tulk, and Dave Ebert. Jan Olari was ready and able, but a snow day in Huron Valley
Schools cancelled the deliveries. Thanks anyway, Jan!
                                  th   th
 Our dates for March are the 15 -19 .            In His Service, Virginia Orr, Coordinator

                                        World Thank Offering
  The United Methodist Women ask for your help with their World Thank Offering. The World Thank
Offering is an opportunity for individuals to respond to God’s abundance and grace with spontaneous gifts
of gratitude. God’s care is felt in many ways in life—in joy at a special event, in strength in times of
sorrow, in community, in God’s world, in God’s promises, in God’s gift of Jesus Christ. The World thank
Offering allows people to share a portion of God’s blessing with others.
  The funds collected are used in the total program of mission carried on through the United Methodist
Women—missions in the United States and around the world. Each person who wishes to participate in
the World Thank Offering will receive a small container in the next few weeks in which you may place
your offering for the many blessings God has given you. These are blessings and things we are thankful
for. These containers will be collected in September. A nickel or dime all adds up as a gift to God’s
blessing to us.
  The U.M.W. thanks you for your help in this project.

                    Lenten Feasting and Fasting (Rev. James A. Gillespie)
                                Fast from gossip; Feast on the Gospels.
                                Fast from junk foods; Feast on the Bread of Life.
                                Fast from bad news; Feast on “The Good News”.
                                Fast from darkness; Feast on the Light.
                                Fast from the secular; Feast on the sacred.
                                Fast from despair; Feast on hope.
                                Fast from revenge, Feast on forgiveness.
                                Fast from tears of sorrow; Feast on tears of joy.
                                Fast from getting; Feast on giving.
                                Fast from complexities; Feast on simplicities.
                                Fast from horror; Feast on humor.
                                Fast from listlessness; Feast on laughter.

                                             Games Night
  Looking for a low-cost, family-friendly way to spend a Saturday evening? People of all ages are invited
to come to the church with their decks of cards and their favorite board games. For a potluck, arrive at
5:00 pm, or just come for games from 5:30-8:00 pm, Saturday, March 20. This will be a great opportunity
for people who are new in the community or new to the church to get to know some other people, or for
members to spend some time with each other. Questions? Contact Ken Lawrence (248-889-2086 or
248-660-3181) or Phil and Barb Harris (248-685-0289).
                               Questions You Might Not Think to Ask

How come a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?
Why do people who know the least know it the loudest?
Do massage therapists ever rub people the wrong way?
Why is that people say they “slept like a baby” when babies wake up about every two hours?
Why do dentists ask you questions when they have their fingers in your mouth?
How come we choose from just two people for President and 50 for Miss America?
What kind of stuffing do taxidermists have for Thanksgiving?
Why aren’t there any Army beans?
Why are fruitcakes only served around Christmas time?
Why does seafood cost more the closer you get to the water?
Why don’t people say “We live in a cat-eat-cat world”?
Has anyone actually killed two birds with one stone?
Why do dogs stick their heads out of moving car windows and then get annoyed when you blow in their
Why don’t people take dog naps?
Why is it called a fast when it goes by so slowly?
Is it true that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?
                                                (Robert Bimler, Do Vegetarians Eat Animal Crackers?)


                                 Joyful Noise Bell Choir
                In Memory of or In Honor of Our Loves Ones and Friends
                                      Order Form
All orders need to be turned in to a Bell Choir member or the church office by March 21, 2010 (no orders
will be accepted after March 21). All flowers must be picked up on Easter Sunday. Please check off
or write the quantity in the space provided. If more than one color is available, circle the color you would
prefer. (All are 6” pots.) Please note that your phone number is required.

                                 Lily            Single plant              $12.00_____
                                 Hyacinth        Blue or Pink              $12.00_____

                                 Daffodil        Yellow                    $12.00_____
                                 Tulip           Red, Yellow, Purple $12.00_____
                                 Hydrangea       Pink or Blue              $12.00_____

In Memory
Of: __________________________________________________________________
In Honor
Of: __________________________________________________________________
By: __________________________________________________________________
Ordered by: __________________________________ Phone #: _________________
Please make your check payable to the “M.U.M. Bell Choir” and thank you again for your continued
1200 Atlantic Street
Milford, MI 48381

     Friday, March 5, 2010        Sunday, March 14, 2010

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