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					Festive Food Guides for Soup

As a society our culture has a lot to do with our food habits and
customs. This is true of almost every culture in America including the
African American culture. Ghanaians are one of the largest African
cultural groups in Newark metropolitan area composed of about 3
thousand people. Many historical and cultural factors influenced how
Ghanaians diet evolved into what it is to day. Foods constitute the
largest part of any occasion including Christmas and Easter
celebrations; and announcing the type of food you would be preparing
for the holidays would determine who would come to your house. This
guide is intended for any person who has little or no idea on how to
prepare peanut butter soup and its accompaniments rice balls or
fufu (favorites Ghanaian festive lunch). As a beginner please follow all
the steps provided in this guide to achieve a better result and taste.

The Following Ingredients are needed for 4-6
            4 chicken thighs or
            3 lb of any lean meat or fish
            3 medium size of tomatoes

  2 medium size onion
  2 fingers of carrot
  1 small size of green hot pepper
  1 cup of smooth peanut butter
  10 pieces of fresh Okra (optional)
  2 medium size of green squash (optional)
  6 cups of water
  2 -1/2 cups of rice or a pack of Fufu
  Half small size ginger
  A pinch of salt to taste
  3 pieces of garlic
  A pack of instant fufu flour

Step 1:
     1. Wash and combine the following: 3 tomatoes, 1
          onion, carrots and pepper in a small cooking
     2. Add a little water and steam on top of a stove till
          they are soft.
     3. Blend them in the food processor to a puree form.


Step 2:
  1. Clean and place the chicken or your choice of meat in a deep
     large saucepan.
  2. b. Blend 2/3 parts of the onion, all the garlic and half size fresh
     ginger in the food processor.
  3. Pour them over the Meat and bring to boil for 10 minutes adding
     a little water.

Step 3:

1. Next mix the peanut butter in a food processor with 2 cups of water
  and pour them over the boiling meat.
2. Add the remaining water making sure the soup is not too thick.

3. Allow to simmer for further 35 minutes or until traces of oil appear
   on top of the soup. Blend the remaining onion and ginger and add
   to the soup at this step.
4. You can now add the fresh okra and squash to the soup by cutting
   off the tails and head of the okra, also cut the squashes into two
   half and slice each half into four pieces. Add salt to taste.

Note:   Scratch off the excess oil on top of the soup

Warning:      Failure to allow the soup to cook well could result to

stomach upset.

Serve with either rice balls or fufu.
Methods of preparing rice balls:
                 a. Bring the 2-½ cups of rice to boiling adding one
                 extra cup of
                   water to make the rice soft; also add a little salt
                 b. Stir the rice with a wooden spoon until the texture
                    becomes soft, sticky and smooth.

                  c. Form the individual balls depending on the serving
                      size and serve with the soup.

Method of preparing Traditional fufu: fufu is a dumpling made from ground plantains
and cassava root. Traditionally the skins of the roots are peeled off and boil with a lot of
water. Once the tubers or plantains are cooked and while they are still warm, the clean
mortar is moistened with water; and the starchy vegetables are added, a few pieces at a
time into the mortar pounding and turning with a steady rhythm. Usually one person
would turn and another person pound. Though for a small amount of fufu one person
might both turn and pound. A little water would be added from a bowl to keep the fufu
from getting sticky, and lumps would be picked out as it became smooth.

The difficult traditional way of preparing fufu urged Ghanaian fufu eaters to come out
with the instant fufu flour which is very easy and quick to prepare. I could be found in
any international grocery store in America.

Method of preparing instant fufu flour:
Depending of your family size bring cups of water to a boil in a large pot. Add the instant
fufu slowly to the water, stirring constantly to avoid making lumps. Use a strong wooden
spoon to stir constantly for a few minutes, until the mixture begins to thicken. You may
need two people: one to hold the pot and one to stir. If the fufu seems thinner than
mashed potatoes, add more of the flour. Stir and cook for another ten minutes

There is an art to neatly breaking off a small amount of the fufu with the thumb and first
three fingers, making an indentation with the thumb to turn the portion into a kind of
spoon, dipping it into the soup, and tossing it into the mouth you can also eat with a
spoon. Fufu is not chewed, but swallowed whole, carried down the throat by a soothing
peristaltic motion. Eating it is a very sensual experience


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